Phillips Arena
Atlanta, Georgia
January 20, 2002


The Dudley Boyz with Stacey Keibler vs. Tazz and Spike Dudley (WWF Tag Team Champions)

Tazz does a Tazzmission on Stacey, then on D-Von and gets him to submit.



William Regal vs. Edge (WWF Intercontinental champion)

Regal does the Regal Stretch on Edge, then Edge does it on him. Edge accidentally spears the referee. While the ref is down, Regal uses brass knuckles and hits Edge. He pins Edge and wins the Intercontinental Championship.



Jazz vs. Trish Stratus (WWF Woman's Champion)
Referee: Jacqueline

Jacqueline and Jazz start to fight during the match and Jacqui doesn't count for Jazz. Later on Trish does a Stratusfaction and gets the pin to retain the championship.



Ric Flair vs. Vince McMahon
Street Fight

The match starts off all Vince. Ric Flair ends up bleeding. Vince applies a Figure Four Leglock on Ric. Vince gets a metal pipe but doesn't use it. They fight to the Spanish announcer's table and Ric hits Vince with a monitor. Vince starts to bleed. Ric bites Vince's bleeding face in front of Ric's son and daughter. Ric hits Vince with the pipe in the head and applies a Figure Four Leglock on Vince and gets him to submit to win.



The Rock vs. Chris Jericho (World Champion)

Jericho takes off a turnbuckle pad. The Rock does a Sharpshooter on Jericho, but he gets to the ropes. Lance Storm and Christian come out to help Jericho, but is quickly eliminated by The Rock. Jericho does a Rock Bottom on the Rock! Later, The Rock does a Rock Bottom on Jericho on the English announcer's table. Back in the ring, Jericho does the Walls of Jericho, but The Rock gets to the ropes. The referee then accidentally gets knocked out. Nick Patrick comes out to referee. Jericho gets a two count. Then The Rock tries to pin, but Nick doesn't count for him. The Rock then does a Rock Bottom on Nick and then Jericho! He does a People's Elbow, but both referees are knocked out. Jericho then quickly low blows The Rock and throws him into the unpadded turnbuckle. Jericho pins The Rock with his feet on the ropes to retain the championship.



Royal Rumble Match

Entrance   Elimination (By who)
1   Rikishi   1   Boss Man (Rikishi)
2   Goldust   2   Storm (Bradshaw)
3   Boss Man   3   Bradshaw (Billy)
4   Bradshaw   4   Goldust (Undertaker)
5   Lance Storm   5   Snow (Undertaker)
6   Al Snow   6   Rikishi (Undertaker)
7   Billy   7   Billy (Undertaker)
8   Undertaker   8   Jeff Hardy (Undertaker
9   Matt Hardy   9   Matt Hardy (Undertaker)
10   Jeff Hardy   10   Undertaker (Maven)
11   Maven   11   Maven (See below)
12   Scotty 2 Hottie   12   Scotty 2 Hottie (DDP)
13   Christian   13   DDP (Chuck & Christian)
14   Diamond Dallas Page   14   Albert (Chuck & Christian)
15   Chuck   15   Godfather (Chuck & Christian)
16   Godfather   16   Christian (Austin)
17   Albert   17   Chuck (Austin)
18   Saturn   18   Saturn (Austin)
19   Steve Austin   19   Venis (Austin)
20   Val Venis   20   Test (Austin)
21   Test   21   Hurricane (Austin & Triple H)
22   Triple H   22   Faarooq (Triple H)
23   Hurricane   23   Big Show (Kane)
24   Faarooq   24   Kane (Angle)
25   Mr. Perfect   25   RVD (Booker T)
26   Kurt Angle   26   Booker T (Austin)
27   Big Show   27   Austin (Angle)
28   Kane   28   Mr. Perfect (Triple H)
29   Rob Van Dam   29   Kurt Angle (Triple H)
30   Booker T   30    

After Maven eliminated The Undertaker, 'Taker chased Maven up to the concession stand and threw him into a popcorn maker. Maven was never officially eliminated by being thrown over the top rope.

When both Hardy Boyz were facing The Undertaker, Lita came in to help her boys out!

The winner is Triple H, who will be going to WrestleMania!

Theme Song: "Cocky" by Kid Rock

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