Wachovia Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
January 19, 2004
Attendance: 17,289

From Heat:

Molly Holly (WWE Women's Champion) vs. Victoria

Victoria wins with a widows peak and a pin.



The Dudley Boys  vs.  Batista and Ric Flair (WWE World Tag Team Champions)

The match starts on the outside.  The Dudleys go to suplex Flair through a table but Batista knocks out table over.  the Dudleys 3-D Batista.  Coach runs from the announce table to save Flair but is attacked by the Dudleys.  Batista gives D-Von a Rock Bottom through the table for the win.  The champs leave with Jonathon Coachman.


Rey Mysterio (WWE Cruiserweight Champion) vs. Jamie Noble with Nidia

Noble comes out with his blind girlfriend Nidia.  Lots of high-flying moves by both men, with Rey dominating early.  Nidia accidentally trips Jamie, which allows Rey to do a 619 and another move off the ropes and then gets the pin to remain champion in this very quick match. 


Eddie Guerrero vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. with Chavo Guerrero Sr.

Lots of collar and elbow tie-ups.  Eddie flips them both to the outside.  Eddie gets an arm bar on Chavo for quite a while.  Eddie gives Chavo three rolling Suplexes. Frogsplash on Chavo for the win. Eddie then goes to attack Chavo Sr.  Chavo Jr gets beaten by Eddie. Eddie ties Chavo Sr.'s toe to the bottom rope to beat on him some more.  Chavo Jr. continues to be beaten and bludgeoned


Hardcore Holly vs. Brock Lesnar (WWE Champion)

The action starts on the outside. then the bell rings and the match makes it to the ring. Brock uses a bear hug  on Holly. Lots of submission moves.  Holly hits the Alabama slam and then a full nelson.  Lesnar hits the F-5 than the pin and the win.


Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H (WWE World Champion)

Both men throw chops back and forth.  Shawn Michaels applies a figure four leg lock on Triple H in the middle of the ring. Triple H exposes both the Spanish announce table and the Smackdown! Table.  Shawn Michaels counters a suplex on the table. Michaels springboards off the top rope to the outside and ends up going through the Spanish announce table because Triple H Moved.  Triple H gets a chair and whacks the heck out of Shawn Michaels. The referee gets up to a nine count but triple H distracts him giving Shawn a chance to get up.  Michaels does a nip-up to get up at an eight count.  Triple H hits the pedigree and another count on both men. Michaels hits sweet chin music and yet another count for both men Michaels tries to get up and triple H is lifeless. There is a TEN COUNT! BOTH MEN STAY DOWN FOR THE COUNT! The ruling is Triple H retains his title. Both men leave on stretchers, Michaels gets off and walks out with Earl Hebner's help.


Eric Bischoff comes out an interrupts Howard Finkel and puts down Paul Haymen.  Haymen comes out.  Haymen tackles Bischoff and Austin drives out in his ATV.  Austin stuns Bischoff, Austin tosses Haymen a beer and stuns him.

The Royal Rumble

Entrance   Elimination
1   Chris Benoit   1   Bradshaw by Benoit
2   Randy Orton   2   Tajiri by Rhyno
3   Mark Henry   3   Mark Henry by Benoit
4   Tajiri   4   Hurricane by Morgan
5   Bradshaw   5   Scott Steiner by Booker T
6   Rhyno   6   Kane by Booker T
7   Matt Hardy   7   Spike  Dudley never entered
8   Scott Steiner   8   Rhyno by Benoit
9   Matt Morgan   9   Jeff Hardy by Dupree
10   The Hurricane   10   Rene Dupree by Rikishi
11   Booker T   11   Matt Morgan by Benoit
12   Kane   12   Rikishi by Orton
13   Spike Dudley   13   Booker T by Orton
14   Rikishi   14   A-Train by Benoit
15   Rene Dupree   15   Shelton Benjamin by Orton
16   A-Train   16   Ernest Miller by Orton
17   Shelton Benjamin   17   Rico by Orton
18   Ernest "The Cat" Miller   18   Randy Orton by Foley
19   Kurt Angle   19   Mick Foley by Orton
20   Rico   20   Christian by Jericho
21   Test Mick Foley   21   Charlie Haas by Goldberg
22   Christian   22   Billy Gunn by Goldberg
23   Nunzio   23   Nunzio by Goldberg
24 The Big Show 24 Goldberg by Angle
25   Chris Jericho   25   John Cena by Big Show
26   Charlie Haas   26   Rob Van Dam by Big Show
27   Billy Gunn   27   Chris Jericho by Big Show
28   John Cena   28   Kurt Angle by Big Show
29   Rob Van Dam   29   The Big Show by Benoit
30   Goldberg        

Before Spike Dudley came out the Undertaker's Gong sounded

Test gets knocked out before entering and Austin adds new entrant Mick Foley

Foley and Orton battle on the outside after eliminating each other.

Brock Lesnar gives the F-5 to Goldberg.

Chris Benoit wins! He gets a title shot against the WWE Champion at WrestleMania XX

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