SaveMart Center
Fresno, California
January 30, 2005

From Heat:

Rhyno vs. Maven
Maven pins Rhyno


Edge vs. Shawn Michaels

Michaels clothes lines Edge to the outside. Edge hits Michaels with a series of right hands. Michaels goes with a Thesz press on Edge. The fight goes to the outside. Edge hooks Michaels in a body scissors. Edge mocks Michaels with one of Michaels patented poses. Michaels catapults Edge into the corner.  Edge heads towards the back. But, Michaels goes for him. Edge SPEARS Michaels on the outside. The referee goes for the 10 count, Michaels barely makes it in. Edge motions for Sweet chin music but goes for the SPEAR! Michaels kicks out of the count! Flying elbow off the top rope onto Edge. The referee starts the count. Michaels motions for Sweet chin music Edge counters! ! ! Michaels kicks out! Edge outs Michaels in a submission move, Michaels refuses to tap out. Edge counters a rollup and holds on to the ropes for the win!


The Undertaker vs. Heidenreich  
Casket Match

The Taker starts out with a headlock. The Taker has Heidenreich in a head scissors. Snitsky comes out and pummels the undertaker. Double suplex on the Taker. Kane comes out of the casket and takes out Snitsky. The Taker is thrown into the stairs. Heidenreich  wheels the casket into the Taker. Heidenreich rolls the Taker into the casket and closes it but the Taker puts his arm up to stop the win. Tombstone! ! ! Heidenreich goes in the casket and the Undertaker wins!


Kurt Angle vs. The Big Show vs. John "Bradshaw" Layfield (WWE Champion)

JBL & The Big show start on the inside, Angle watches on the outside. JBL and the big show fight on the outside. Big Show goes through the announce table. Angle has a top wrist lock on JBL.  Double clothes line by Big Show. JBL goes for the pin but Angle counters with a German suplex. Big Show spears JBL through the barricade. Mark Jindrak  comes to Angles defense. JBL with a clothesline from Hell on Angle and gets the win.


Randy Orton vs. Triple H (WWE World Champion)

Orton slaps Triple H when he goes to show the belt. Orton goes for the RKO but is thrown to the outside. Orton goes for a slam package. Triple H locks on a figure four. Orton counters the figure four. Triple H is shoved into the Spanish announce table. Orton jumps off the top rope. Orton counters a Pedigree. Orton slams into Triple H and into the referee. Triple H goes for a sledge hammer. Triple H pins Orton.


Royal Rumble Match
Every 90 seconds, a new wrestler comes out.


Order of Entrance
(followed by TV show)


Order of

1 Eddie Guerrero - SD   1 Puder
2 Chris Benoit - RAW   2 Holly
3 Daniel Puder - SD   3 Hurricane
4 Hardcore Holly - SD   4 Suzuki
5 Hurricane - RAW   5 Hassan
6 Kenzo Suzuki - SD   6 Reigns
7 Edge - RAW   7 Jordan
8 Rey Mysterio - SD   8 Booker T
9 Shelton Benjamin - RAW   9 Benjamin
10 Booker T - SD   10 Guerrero
11 Chris Jericho - RAW   11 Dean
12 Luther Reigns - SD   12 Haas
13 Muhammad Hassan - RAW   13 Angle
14 Orlando Jordan - SD   14 Michaels
15 Scotty 2 Hotty - SD *SEE BELOW   15   Dupree
16 Charlie Haas - SD   16 Viscera
17 Rene Dupree - SD   17 London
18 Simon Dean - RAW   18 Jindrak
19 Shawn Michaels - RAW   19 Snitsky
20 Kurt Angle - SD   20 Jericho
21 Jonathan Coachman - RAW   21 Kane
22 Mark Jindrak - SD   22 Coachman
23 Viscera - RAW   23 Christian
24 Paul London - SD   24 Benoit
25 John Cena - SD   25 Flair
26   Gene Snitsky - RAW   26 Mysterio
27 Kane - RAW   27 Edge
28 Batista - RAW   28 SEE BELOW
29 Christian - RAW   29  
30 Ric Flair - RAW      


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