Coliseo de Puerto Rico
San Juan, Puerto Rico
January 9, 2005

World Tag Team Championship Match
Referee: Chad Patton

Christian and Tyson Tomko vs. William Regal and Eugene

The music of Christian hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring with Tyson Tomko, and they are set for a shot at the World Tag Team Titles against William Regal and Eugene! Eugene had Hogan clothes on, which said Eugene instead of Hogan.

The start:

William Regal and Christian started out with a lock up. Regal wrenched the arm of Christian but Christian reversed into an arm drag. Regal fights back with a shoulder tackle, and then another. Regal with a side headlock takedown but Christian reversed into a rollup for two. Christian backed Regal to the corner and then drove his shoulder into Regal’s mid section. Regal fights back with a hip toss and tagged in Eugene. Eugene gave Christian a wedgie but Christian took control with a side headlock.

Mid-match notes:

Eugene rolled himself into a ball and Christian went for an elbow but Eugene moved and then gave Christian some JYD headbutt. Christian tagged in Tomko and he scored with a right hand and then mauled Eugene on the canvas. Tag back to Christian but Eugene slid outside when they went for a double team clothesline, and Eugene talked to some fans and then hid under the ring. Tomko and Christian thought he was coming out the other side, but he came from behind with a rollup on Christian for two. Eugene with an airplane spin but then walked into a side walk slam by Tomko. Christian with stomps on Eugene and then a tag to Tomko who choked Eugene in the corner. Reverse elbow shots by Tomko and then a Powerslam for two. Tomko raked at the face of Eugene and then tagged in Christian. Christian scored with a shot to the ribs and then a straight right hand.

Eugene started to Hulk up and gave Christian a back body drop and tagged in Regal. Regal with a knockdown and a dropkick on Tomko. Regal went to bring Christian in, but Tomko hit a clothesline from behind and then scored with some mounted punches. Tomko gouged the face of Regal and tagged in Christian. Christian scored with some kicks and punches in the corner and made the cover for two. Christian raked at the eyes of Regal, and Regal’s nose is busted. Christian had the referee distracted while Tomko scored with a cheap shot on Regal. Christian tagged in Tomko and he choked Regal in the corner. Tyson with a big hip toss as the fans chanted “Tomko Sucks”. Tyson with some shoulder thrusts in the corner but Regal came back with some knee’s. Christian with a cheap shot on Regal on the outside and then Tyson locked in a front face lock.

The Finish:

Regal tried to fight to his corner but Christian snuck up behind Eugene and pulled him off the apron. Regal made it to the corner but Eugene was not there. Eugene then tried to come inside, but Christian and Tomko double teamed Regal with the referee’s back turned. Regal and Tyson collided in the middle of the ring and Regal crawled to the wrong corner. Tyson splashed Regal in the corner and then dropped a knee into the face of Regal. Tyson with a charge in the corner, but Regal moved and made the tag. Eugene went to work with right hands on Tyson, and then a big clothesline. Eugene caught Christian off the top and have Tyson a dropkick. Eugene looks to have hurt his left knee and this looks legit as both Christian and Tyson looked lost. Christian and Tomko sent Regal outside, and then Eugene rolled Tyson up from behind for the win, but he is badly hurt.

Winners and still Tag Team Champions, William Regal and Eugene

Earlier Today:

Christy Hemme was shown at poolside earlier today. Fun.


Tyson and Christian were shown backstage and they came across Edge. Edge asked Christian how he was feeling. Edge said he had an idea and it involves him, and he can trust him. Christian told Tyson to kick Edge’s ass but Edge said if Christian doesn’t want to be World Champion, then fine. Christian decided to listen and the three walked off.

Women’s Championship Match
Referee: Jack Doan

Trish Stratus vs. Lita (c)

The music of Trish Stratus hit in the arena as she made her way to the ring for her shot at the Women’s Title. Lita then made her way out as the Women’s Champion, and these two have quite a history.

The Match:

Trish and Lita locked up and Lita was backed to the corner and the referee got a clean break. They locked up again and Lita took Trish down and they rolled around on the mat for a while. Trish with a kick to the gut and some forearm shots but Lita sent Trish to the outside. Lita followed out and hit a Thesz Press off the apron and Lita may have blown her knee as well! Trish sent Lita back inside and scored a two. Trish with a right hand and then some mounted punches on the canvas. Trish worked over the other knee in the corner and Lita is hurt for real. Trish stomped on Lita’s knee in the corner as we are shown another replay, and things don’t look good for Lita. Lita went for her DDT, but Trish threw her off. Trish scored with the Chick Kick and made the quick cover, and this one is over already!

Winner and new Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus

The Aftermath:

The referee’s and trainer helped Lita to the back, and this is not a good start as we have had two injuries in two matches!


Chris Jericho was shown backstage and he is ready for his shot at the World Championship tonight!

Earlier Today:

Maria was shown relaxing in a bikini at the pool earlier today.


Edge was shown with Eric Bischoff and Eric said that Edge wants to be taken out of the Elimination Chamber. Edge said he wants the title, but HBK is the referee and he won’t let it happen! Why should Edge go through that! Edge said Christian will take his spot in the Chamber, and then the winner will face Edge tomorrow night on RAW! Eric said the show has already started and he has sponsors and advertisers. Edge said he doesn’t care, all he cares about is him! Eric said there is no way he is making any changes for the match tonight, and he should deal with it. Edge screamed that it wasn’t fair and left. He then walked into HBK and Michaels said he has two responsibilities, count the pinfall and call for the submission. Shawn said he will call it down the middle but if anyone puts their hands on him, he will retaliate physically. Michaels said if the opportunity arises, he will enjoy counting Edge’s shoulders to the mat. Uno, Dos, Tres!

Intercontinental Championship Match
Referee: Michael Chioda

Maven vs. Shelton Benjamin (c)

The music of Shelton Benjamin hit in the arena as he made his way down as the Intercontinental Champion and he will be going head to head with Maven, who holds a pinfall victory over the champion!

The Match:

Shelton and Maven went to lock up, but Maven backed off into the ropes. JR informed us that Eugene has a dislocated knee cap. Maven and Shelton locked up and Shelton backed Maven to the corner and got a clean break. Maven went to the outside and he is getting a ton of heat from the crowd here in San Juan. Maven got back into the ring and then back out again and he took the mic and told the referee not to start counting yet as he has something to say. He stood on a chair and said he doesn’t know what the crowd are chanting. He said he isn’t sure how many of them speak English, so he is going to talk real slow. Maven blew out the mic when he screamed at the fans. Man, this PPV is going smoothly. He said in order for him to become the new Intercontinental Champion, he needs to concentrate, and he can’t while they are talking all this gibberish. He asked for one favor, and said something in Spanish. Benjamin then walked around the ring and Maven said he is out of here, and he will take on Shelton in the USA. Maven started to walk up the aisle but stopped half way and ran into the ring. Maven went for a right on Shelton, and Shelton rolled him up for the win!

Winner and still Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin

Maven screamed for the music to be cut and he told Shelton to get back here, and that did not count. He said he wants a rematch right now! He said that there is one Woman’s Champion, but it appears now that they have two. Benjamin walked back to the ring with a look of anger. Maven said Benjamin and Trish have one thing in common, they have no balls! Benjamin charged to the ring and hit the T Bone and made the cover and he has beat Maven AGAIN!

Winner and still Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin

Earlier Today:

Candace was shown putting sun tan lotion on Christy near the pool.


Chris Benoit was shown backstage doing push ups, and he is getting ready for the Elimination Chamber. Jim said that King has gone to get ready for his match and he will be in his corner tonight.


Todd Grisham was backstage with Muhammad Hassan and Daivari. Hassan said the footage from last week is typical of the American Media, and it was biased. It only showed the physicality but not JR and King calling them jackasses and telling them to leave their country. He said JR and King got what they deserved. Todd asked if he was nervous. Daivari said Hassan is not nervous. Hassan said he was excited. He said that Puerto Rico isn’t even good enough to be called a state, and the people of this island are second class citizens, so they must feel what Hassan and Daivari go through. Last night flying in, they were detained at the airport for three hours. Khosrow had his wallet stolen in a restaurant. Muhammad said Lawler will be used as an example for what people will except from them. Khosrow said something in Arabic and they made their way to the ring.

Referee: Jack Doan
Muhammad Hassan vs. Jerry The King Lawler

The music of Muhammad Hassan hit in the arena as he made to the ring with Daivari and he will be going one on one with Jerry Lawler who will be accompanied by Jim Ross.

The start:

Hassan mouthed off to Lawler as the fans chanted for the King. They locked up and Hassan hit a body slam and then taunted the crowd, and we have no commentators in this match. They locked up again and King then hit a body slam on Hassan. Another tie up as the fans chanted “Jerry” and Hassan scored with another body slam, followed by another and then a third. Hassan hit another two body slams and Jerry rolled to the outside. Another tie up, and Hassan backed King to the corner and then whipped him to the other corner and charged in but King hit a boot and then a clothesline and Hassan retreated to the outside.

Mid-match notes:

JR got in the face of Hassan on the outside and King attacked Hassan from behind and sent him back in, but Hassan soon got the advantage with a back elbow. Hassan took off the middle turnbuckle pad and the King rolled him up but the referee was distracted with the pad. Hassan sent Lawler into the exposed turnbuckle and stomped on him a few times and made the cover for two. Hassan locked in a Camel Clutch on Lawler but Lawler broke it. Hassan got Lawler in a front face lock and Lawler fought out with right hands to the gut. Hassan then got Lawler in the Camel Clutch again, this time in the middle of the ring. Hassan broke the hold and then stomped Lawler and kicked him in the head and made the cover for two. Hassan hit some right hands and then scored with a suplex for two.

The Finish:

Hassan locked in a Million Dollar Dream on King but Lawler fought out. Lawler was knocked down with a knee to the gut for two. Hassan sent Lawler to the buckle and gave him some right hands. King started to get fired up and the blows had no effect. Lawler unloaded with some big rights of his own to knock Hassan down and then scored with a dropkick. Lawler went to the middle rope and hit the fist drop for two. Lawler hit a sick DDT on Hassan and made the cover but Daivari put Hassan’s foot on the rope. Lawler went out and chased Daivari around the ruing and Daivari went right into JR. Daivari got inside and Lawler grabbed him but he escaped. Hassan then hit an STO for the win.

Winner - Muhammad Hassan


Todd was backstage with Batista and he asked him his chances. Batista said his chances are great, but the Orton came in. Orton asked Batista if he is going to go after the title, or is he going to be Triple H’s stooge? Orton said Triple H doesn’t give a damn about him. All he cares about is the World Title and that is why he created Evolution in the first place. Orton said he is going to put him on the spot. Is he going to kick his ass or is he going to kiss it? Batista said if he sees a shot to become champion, he is taking it!

In the arena:

The music of the Coach hit in the arena and he made his way to the announce table, and he will be joining JR for commentary.

Referee: Earl Hebner
Kane vs. Gene Snitsky

The music of Snitsky hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring and he will be facing Kane here tonight. This will be Kane’s first match back, and he will be out for big time revenge!

The start:

Kane and Snitsky got face to face and Snitsky hit a knee to the gut and unloaded with right hands. Snitsky sent Kane to the corner but Kane came back with a clothesline and then scored with an uppercut and went to work on Snitsky in the corner. Kane hit a big body slam and then hit a series of elbows and a big leg drop. Kane choked Snitsky on the canvas but Snitsky fought back with right hands. Kane blocked a boot from Snitsky and hit a power slam for two. Kane with a straight right hand but Snitsky hit a side walk slam. Snitsky sent Kane to the corner and charged in with a clothesline. Snitsky with another clothesline to knock Kane down and he then went to the outside and removed the padding from the floor.

Mid-match notes:

Kane hit a baseball slide on Snitsky but Snitsky went downstairs and went for a Powerbomb on the exposed concrete, but Kane back dropped out of it, sending Snitsky onto the concrete. Kane sent Snitsky back inside and went up top and came off with a flying clothesline, but Snitsky got his boot up. Snitsky stomped Kane on the canvas and then sent him to the buckle and hit a boot to the head. Snitsky used the ring post to wrench the back of Kane. Snitsky gave Kane a big body slam and covered for two. Snitsky then locked in a bear hug on Kane but Kane escaped with some big right hands. Kane went for the Chokeslam but Snitsky countered into a body slam. Kane sat up but Snitsky kicked him in the face but Kane kept sitting up. Snitsky dragged Kane to the outside and sent him into the ring steps.

The Finish:

Snitsky grabbed a chair and went to hit Kane, but Kane hit a boot to the face. Kane sent Snitsky back inside but Snitsky hit a kick to the gut. Kane came back and sent Snitsky to the corner and unloaded with right hands and reverse elbows. Kane sent Snitsky to the corner and charged in with a clothesline. He then hit a side walk slam and a big boot to the face. Kane went up top and came off with a flying clothesline. Snitsky fought back with knee’s to the gut and then hot shotted Kane on the ropes. Snitsky with a big clothesline on Kane and both men are down. Kane scored with a big uppercut on Kane and then grabbed him by the throat, but Snitsky then grabbed Kane by the throat. Kane fought Snitsky’s hand off and then Snitsky started to bit Kane’s ear! Kane then signaled for the end and hit the Tombstone for the win!

Winner - Kane

Earlier Today:

We go poolside and Stacy is shown. Maria is then shown undressing and Candace is shown putting lotion on Christy. Simon Dean is then shown drinking out of a pineapple. He comes across some fat guy, and pushes him into the pool. Stacy is shown playing with Val Venis in the water. He picks her up on his shoulders and they are going to have a Chicken Fight. Rosey and Hurricane are there as well as Rob Conway. Christy and Maria were the final two and Christy undid Maria’s bikini and then pushed her over for the win. Lawler has joined both Coach and JR on commentary for those keeping score.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Elimination Chamber
Referee: Shawn Michaels

Edge vs. Randy Orton vs. Batista vs. Triple H vs. Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho

The Elimination Chamber began to lower around the ring for only the third time in the history of this business. Batista is shown backstage and Triple H comes up to him. Triple H asks him if he heard him right earlier. Batista told the Game to relax and he learned a lot from him and Ric, and you never let your opponent know what you are thinking. Batista said first and foremost, he is a member of Evolution. If the watch each others back, it’s all good. Triple H liked what he heard, until Batista said he will take the title if Triple H is eliminated before he gets in the match. The music of Eric Bischoff then hit, and he made his way out. He got on the mic and introduced us to his greatest creation, the Elimination Chamber. Over ten tons of steel and chain, and where one of six RAW Superstars will become the next Heavyweight Champion of the World! Bischoff welcomed us to New Year’s Revolution. Lillian ran us through the rules and then introduced Shawn Michaels to the ring as the Special Guest Referee. Edge then made his entrance, followed by Triple H and they both got into chambers. Orton made his entrance next, and he will be in a chamber and so will Batista, so we will be starting out with Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho!

The start:

Benoit and Jericho locked up and Benoit backed Jericho into the corner and broke clean. They locked up again and Jericho with a go behind takedown. Benoit reversed into a hammerlock but Jericho grabbed a side headlock. Benoit with a back heel trip and the two had a stand off. Another tie up and Jericho backed Benoit into the ropes and gave him a knee to the gut and club to the back. Benoit fought back with a big chop, followed by another. Benoit with a knockdown on Jericho and then sent him head first to the buckle. Jericho fought back with some chops of his own but Benoit took Jericho down and went for the Sharpshooter, but Jericho reversed and went for the Walls. Benoit escaped and hit a German and then went for the Crossface but Jericho countered and went for the Walls again. Benoit countered and went to work with some right hands and knees to the gut. Jericho with a big sleeper slam takedown for two. Jericho with a back suplex for two and then a kick to the ribs. Jericho went up top but Benoit cut him off and went to work with some more chops and hit a Superplex from the top.

Mid-match notes:

The first person to enter was Triple H! He went to work on Benoit with right hands in the corner and stomped away at him. Triple H sent Benoit hard into the corner and then hit a high knee on Jericho. Triple H sent Benoit hard into the buckle again for two. Jericho with some chops in the corner on Triple H but H came back with a big time clothesline. Triple H sent Benoit out onto the steel and then tossed him face first into the chamber wall. Jericho was then sent to the steel by Triple H and Benoit is busted open. Triple H hit some right hands into the wound of Benoit and then sends him into the chains again. Benoit was sent back into the ring and Triple H made the cover for two. Triple H went for the Pedigree on Benoit but Jericho knocked him down and then went to work with right hands. Triple H then went for the Pedigree on Jericho, but Jericho back dropped him onto the steel!

Jericho slammed Triple H onto the steel again and then taunted Batista in his chamber. Jericho suplexed H back into the ring and covered for two. Benoit with a big chop on Jericho and then a quick elbow drop followed by a neck breaker as we count down to the next participant, and it’s Edge! Edge went to work on both Benoit and Jericho and he scored with a Spear in the corner on the Game and then hit the Edgecution on H for two. Edge sent Benoit to the ropes and gave him a over head belly to belly. Edge went back to work on the Game and gave him a high back body drop. Jericho scored with a kick on Edge out of nowhere and then covered the Game for two. Edge was sent into the steel by Jericho and then Benoit was given a hard knee by Jericho. Jericho went out to the steel where Edge was, but Edge gave him an eye rake and then catapulted Jericho into the chain. Triple H is back up and hit a running knee on Edge and then went into the steel and went for the Pedigree but Edge reversed and then catapulted the Game into the steel beam!

Edge went up top and hit a clothesline on Benoit for two. Jericho is busted wide open but Benoit is going for the cross face on Edge, but Edge escapes. Edge hit a baseball side dropkick on Benoit but then Jericho hit a running enziguri on Edge and made the cover for two! Triple H is back up and Jericho went to work on him with right hands but H came back with a spinebuster and Triple H is bleeding on the nose. H made the cover for two. Benoit gave Edge and Northern Lights for two while Triple H hit the Pedigree on Jericho and all four men are down. Edge then crawled over to Jericho and Orton was released from his chamber. Orton went straight for Edge and hit a cross body on the Game and then unloaded with right hands on him in the corner. Orton then stomped away at the Game and sent him into the steel. Orton sent Triple H into the chains and then threw him back inside the ring. Orton hit more right hands on Triple H and he again sent him into the chains.

Orton sent Triple H back inside the ring and Batista is starting to look restless. Orton hit the RKO on Jericho in the middle of the ring and then went for it on Benoit but Benoit countered into the crossface! Triple H crawled over and taunted Orton as Benoit had him in the crossface but then Benoit broke it and locked the sharp shooter on the Game! Orton then hit the RKO on Benoit and everyone is down! Edge was measuring Orton for the Spear, but Orton moved and HBK got nailed with it! Edge then hit the Spear on Orton and made the cover but HBK is down and out. Edge slapped HBK in the corner, and HBK then hit him with Sweet Chin Music! Jericho then hit the Lionsault and made the cover and Edge is gone! Triple H then went for the Pedigree on Jericho but Benoit hit him with three German Suplexes and headed up top, right onto the top of a chamber and flew off with the headbutt on the Game! Jericho then locked in the Walls on Triple H and Benoit grabbed the Sharpshooter at the same time as we counted down to Batista’s entrance! Batista couldn’t get out of his chamber and Triple H is writing in pain. Batista saved the Game and went to work on both Benoit and Jericho!

Batista hit the huge Spinebuster on Orton and Benoit and Jericho were both sent into the steel. Batista then stared at the Game and this is intense! Benoit then attacked Batista and Jericho attacked the Game. Batista hit a double clothesline on Benoit and Orton and then threw Jericho into the cameraman! Batista hit a power slam on Benoit and he now has a hold of Orton! He choked away at Orton but Benoit hit a chop block on Batista and Orton went to work with right hands. Orton and Benoit worked over Batista and the cameraman is down and out. Jericho got a near fall on Orton as Benoit continued to work on Batista. Triple H started to work over Orton and sent him to the steel. Orton was sent face first into the chain but the Jericho hit a bulldog on the Game on the steel! Batista sent Benoit into the steel on the other side but Batista was then sent into the steel by Benoit and everyone is down!

Batista is the only man standing and he stomps Benoit in the corner. Benoit fought back with chops but Batista hit his Spinebuster and then hit Jericho with the spinebuster onto Benoit and then pinned Benoit and we are down to four! Triple H sent Orton out to the steel while Jericho went for a cross body on Batista inside but Batista caught him and hit a power slam. Batista then hit the Batista Bomb on Jericho and he is out of there! Orton backdropped Triple H into the steel and Batista then went to work on Orton, sending him into the chains. Triple H then catapulted Orton into the chains and he is busted open. Triple H clotheslined Orton back inside and he is a bloody mess. Batista held Orton for Triple H and the Game slapped him around and then went to work with punches. Batista stomped Orton and the pace has slowed down here. Batista hit a power slam on Orton for two. Triple H hit a big spinebuster on Orton for two. Triple H hit a sickening clothesline on Orton and then covered but Orton again kicked up!

Triple H is a bloody mess as Batista takes over on Orton with right hands. Orton fought back with right hands on both men and went for the RKO on the Game but Triple H shoved him off into Batista. Batista went for the Batista Bomb but Orton hit the RKO and made the cover and Triple H didn’t save Batista! Triple H sent Orton to the steel but Orton took over, sending the Game into the chains and then back into the ring. Orton called for the RKO and scored with it in the middle of the ring but Batista and Flair had HBK distracted and Batista hit Orton with a clothesline. HBK took Flair down and stomped on him and Orton and H are both down! Triple H then went for the Pedigree on Orton and Orton is knocked out. Triple H then hit the Pedigree and made the cover and the Game has won the World Title!

Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H

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