American Airlines Arena
Miami, Florida
January 29, 2006

Attendance: 16,178

From Heat:

Kendrick vs. Finley

Finley wins with a crucifix slam.


Kid Kash (WWE Cruiserweight Champion) vs. Funaki vs. Jamie Noble vs. Nunzio vs. Paul London vs. Gregory Helms
Texas Tornado Match

 The match starts off with a couple of quick pin attempts. Everyone goes after Helms except for Kash.  Nunzio hits the Sicilian slice on Helms but he kicks out. Noble gets a leg lariat on Kash but Funaki breaks up the pin. Kash knocks Funaki to the floor on all the guys. London gets the shooting star off the top to the floor.  Helms gets a swinging neck breaker off the top rope on London. Kash nails his finisher on London but Funaki & Nunzio break the pin. Helms pins Funaki! NEW CHAMPION!!



Mickie James vs. Ashley
Trish Stratus as special referee

The two get a tie-up and roll to the outside. Mickie James gets a arm bar to a rollup and a two count.  Mickie James is on the outside and goes for a ten count. Mickie James puts Ashley in  a single le crab maneuver. Ashley throws Mickie James around the ring by the hair three times.  Mickie James wins after she powers Ashley off the top rope



JBL with Jillian Hall vs. Boogie Man

The Boogie Man starts by eating the worm that was in the ring. JBL holds Jillian Hall as a shield. The Boogie Man spews worms on Jillian. JBL starts off with a series of rights. The fights goes to the outside. JBL gives the Boogie Man a thumb in the eye. JBL misses a Clothesline from hell and goes into the corner. The Boogie Man pins JBL after a pump-handle slam and then celebrates with a mouthful of worms.



Royal Rumble Match

    Entrance       Elimination
1   Triple H (RAW)   1   Simon Dean
2   Rey Mysterio (Smackdown!)   2   Psicosis
3   Simon Dean (Smackdown!)   3   Ric Flair
4 Psicosis (Smackdown!) 4 The Coach
5   Ric Flair (RAW)   5   Sylvan
6   Big Show (RAW)   6   Lashley
7   The Coach (RAW)   7   Kane
8   Lashley (Smackdown!)   8   Big Show
9   Kane (RAW)   9   Booker T
10   Sylvan (Smackdown!)   10   Animal
11   Carlito (RAW)   11   Chavo Guerrero
12   Chris Benoit (Smackdown!)   12   Tatanka
13   Booker T (Smackdown!)   13   Trevor Murdoch
14   Joey Mercury (Smackdown!)   14   Matt Hardy
15   Tatanka   15   Eugene
16   Nitro (Smackdown!)   16   Chris Benoit
17   Trevor Murdoch (RAW)   17   Viscera
18   Eugene (RAW)   18   Chris Masters
19   Animal (Smackdown!)   19   Goldust
20   Rob Van Dam (RAW)   20   Orlando Jordan
21   Orlando Jordan (Smackdown!)   21   Joey Mercury
22   Chavo Guerrero (RAW)   22   Nitro
23   Matt Hardy (Smackdown!)   23   Shelton Benjamin
24   Super Crazy (Smackdown!)   24   Super Crazy
25   Shawn Michaels (RAW)   25   Shawn Michaels*
26   Chris Masters (RAW)   26   Carlito
27   Viscera (RAW)   27   Rob Van Dam
28   Shelton Benjamin (RAW)   28   Triple H
29   Goldust   29   Randy Orton
30   Randy Orton (Smackdown!)        

 After Shelton Benjamin is eliminated Mr. McMahon comes out.

*Shane McMahon eliminates Michaels. Michaels comes back in a beats on Triple H.

Rey Mysterio wins the Royal Rumble and receives a title shot at WrestleMania 22



Edge (WWE Champion) with Lita vs. John Cena

The match starts out with a tie-up and into the ropes. The match goes to the outside.  Edge spears Cena into the stairs. Cena barely makes is back before a ten count.  Edge gets Cena with a spinning heal kick and a two count. Edge again uses the stairs. Cena counters a top rope move with a top rope leg drop and misses, Edge gets a two count. Cena goes for an F-U but Edge rakes him in the eyes. Edge gets Cena in a submission maneuver. Cena hits the five knuckle shuffle but Lita distracts the referee. Cena gets Edge in a STF and Edge Taps out! ! ! NEW CHAMPION! ! !



Kurt Angle (WWE World Champion) vs. Mark Henry with Davari

Henry grabs Angles fists in a test of strength. Angle is thrown to the outside and Davari attacks him. Henry lays Angle out on the ropes. Henry splashes Angle but only a two count.  Angle breaks a bear hug with a hip toss. Angle counters a move into a ankle lock but Henry shakes him off.  Angle somehow gets a German suplex on Henry. ANGLE SLAM! ! ! Henry kicks out at two. Angle goes for the Ankle lock again. Angle knocks out referee after Henry powers out of ankle lock. Angle goes for a chair and bends it in half on Henry. Angle lays him out with two chair shots but Henry kicks out. Angle exposes a turnbuckle, Henry gets it in the face. Angle rolls up Henry and retains the title.

The Undertakers music plays! ! ! !  He slowly makes his was out to the ring. The undertaker sends lightning bolts to the ring and it collapses.


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