Royal Rumble 2007
AT&T Arena
San Antonio, Texas
Attendance: 16,118
January 28, 2007


MNM vs. The Hardys

MNM work Matt's jaw.  Jeff gets tagged in and with a mule kick of the top tope on Nitro gets in on the action. Matt gets tagged again and MNM continue to work on his injured jaw. Jeff hits the whisper in the wind on Nitro but Mercury breaks the count. The Hardys go for a double team move of the top ropes only Matt's half was successful as Nitro put his knees up to block Jeff's jump.  Jeff makes a tag but Mercury had the referee distracted and didn't see the tag! Matt twist the twist of fait tags Jeff he hits the swanton-bomb and get the pin on Nitro.



Bobby Lashley (ECW World Champion) vs. Test

Lashley spears Test. Test takes his boots to Lashley's back. Lashley gets test with a t-bone suplex. Test puts Lashley in an arm bar. Test continues to work on the left arm. Test gets knocked to the outside. The referee counts to eight Test gets up and stays on the outside he is counted out. Lashley is still the World Champion.


Mr. Kennedy vs. Batista (WWE World Champion)

The fight goes to the outside.  Kennedy focuses on Batista's knee.  Kennedy gets a bloody nose as he puts on a 1/2 Boston Crab.  Batista went for a move Mr. Kennedy pushed Batista into the referee , the referee gets knocked out. Kennedy goes for the pin but gets a two count. Batista hits the Batista Bomb and wins the match.


John Cena (WWE Champion) vs. Umaga
Last Man Standing Match

The fight goes to the outside. Umaga goes towards the back and Cena puches him back to ringside. Umaga throws the stairs into the ring. Cena throws them back outside at Umaga and the referee starts his count.  Umaga puts Cena in a bear hug. Cena hits Umaga in the head with the stairs! The referee gets to seven. Cena slams Umaga down on the stairs. Cena goes for an F-U on the stairs, Umaga drops and Cena plants his face into the stairs. Cena is BLEEDING! Umaga gets Cena good with a Samoan drop. Cena is laid out on one of the announce tables. Umaga goes for a belly splash and Cena moves! Umaga goes through the table.  Umaga got up and NINE! ! ! Estrada took of the top rope off! Umaga grabs it as a weapon. Cena hits the F-U Cena uses the turnbuckle for a weapon. Cena wraps the rope around Umaga's throat. Umaga gets a ten count!! !  John Cena wins!




Royal Rumble Match:
Wrestlers enter every 90 seconds

  Entrance   Elimination
1 Ric Flair (RAW)   Flair (Dykstra & Edge)
2 Finlay (SD!)   Dykstra (Edge)
3 Kenny Dykstra (RAW)   Dreamer (Kane)
4 Matt Hardy (SD!)   Sabu (Kane)
5 Edge (RAW)   Helms (Booker)
6 Tommy Dreamer (ECW)   Sandman (Booker)
7 Sabu (ECW)   Super Crazy (Edge & Orton)
8 Gregory Helms (SD!)   Jeff Hardy (Edge & Orton)
9 Shelton Benjamin (RAW)   Matt Hardy (Edge & Orton)
10   Kane (SD!)   Booker (Kane)
11 C M Punk (ECW)   Kane (Booker)
12 King Booker (SD!)   Finlay (Michaels)
13 Super Crazy (RAW)   Viscera (Everyone)
14 Jeff Hardy (RAW)   Benjamin (Michaels)
15 Sandman (ECW)   Nitro (Benoit)
16 Randy Orton (RAW)   Thorn
17 Chris Benoit (RAW)   Masters (RVD)
18 Rob Van Dam (ECW)   Holly (Khali)
19 Viscera (RAW)   Benoit (Khali)
20 Johnny Nitro (RAW)   Miz (Khali)
21 Kevin Thorn (ECW)   RVD (Khali)
22 Hardcore Holly (ECW)   Punk (Khali)
23 Shawn Michaels (RAW)   Carlito (Khali)
24 Chris Masters (RAW)   Guerrero (Khali)
25 Chavo Guerrero (SD!)   Khali (Undertaker)
26 MVP (SD!)   MVP (Undertaker)
27 Carlito (RAW)   Orton (Michaels)
28 Great Khali (RAW)   Edge (Michaels)
29 The Miz (SD!)   Michaels (Undertaker)
30 The Undertaker (SD!)   WINNER: The Undertaker

Flair goes to get a chair to use, but it was not used.  Sabu sets up a table outside the ring before he enters.  Sabu was eliminated with a Chokeslam by Kane through the table!  The Sandman comes in with a Singapore Cane and then is eliminated in about 10 seconds.  After Booker is eliminated, he gets back in the ring and attacks Kane and eliminates him.  Khali quickly eliminates seven men in a row. After MVP is eliminated, he gets a chair and Orton uses it on the Undertaker. 

With the last four men in the ring. . . Michaels is RKO'd and rolls out of the ring.  Edge uses chair on the Undertaker.  Michaels enter the ring again and quickly eliminates both Orton and Edge.  Michaels does a flying elbow drop.  Reverses Sweet Chin Music into a Chokeslam!  Gets Sweet Chin Music on the Undertaker!  Michaels goes for another Sweet Chin Music, but the Undertaker moves and throws him over the ropes for the win!

Theme song: "Drones" by Rise Against.  Buy this song from Rise Against - The Sufferer & the Witness - Drones

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