Royal Rumble 2008
Madison Square Garden
New York, New York
January 27, 2008


Ric Flair vs. MVP (WWE United States Champion)
If Flair loses he must retire

Flair starts out working on MVP's left arm. MVP goes for a few quick pin attempts. Flair tries for a figure four but MVP turns it into a small package and only a two count.  MVP knocks out Flair and goes for a pin, Flair gets the foot on the rope, but the referee counts to three. After the count the referee notices that his leg is on the rope and restarts the match. Flair gets MVP in the Figure Four, MVP TAPS OUT! ! !


Chris Jericho vs. JBL

The mach starts with a collar and elbow tie up in the corner. Jericho locks JBL in the walls of Jericho. JBL gets to the ropes and slides out of the ring. Jericho quickly follows him. Jericho gets whipped into the stairs. JBL strangles Jericho with the ring ropes. The referee constantly stops him with a four count. JBL throws Jericho into the ropes and follows that up with a sleeper hold. Jericho fights out of it and then a clothes line. The referee goes for a ten count. They get up at about five. JBL throws Jericho into the ring post. Jericho is bleeding on the outside.  Jericho gets the Lionsault off but it amounts t nothing. The fight goes out to the announce table. JBL gets a chair to the face! ! !  The referee stops the match. The two continue to fight back to the ring. Jericho gets some camera cable as retribution for what JBL did to him weeks ago. After the match Lillian Garcia announces JBL has won via DQ.


Edge (WWE World Heavyweight Champion) vs. Rey Mysterio

Edge and Rey start out with a test of strength. Edge sends Rey to the outside. Team Rated R are ejected by the referee. Rey goes for the 619 but Edge rolls to the floor. Rey tries for a high flying move but Edge kicks him in the knee before he could do it. Edge continues to work on Rey's injured knee. Rey does some high flying moves.  He goes for a pin, but Vicki pulls the referee out.  Rey goes for a 619 but accidentally hits Vicki.  Edge Spears Rey in midair and gets a pin to retain the title.


Randy Orton (WWE Champion) vs. Jeff Hardy

The two start out in a tie up anf roll along the rope around the ropes The fight goes to the outside. Orton is knocked out on the outside and the referee gets close to ten and Hardy goes and gets him. Orton has hardy in a body scissors. then into a choke hold. Hardy goes for a high risk move and only gets a two count. Orton gets an RKO out of nowhere and gets the three count.


Royal Rumble Match

Order of:
Entrance   Elimination
1 The Undertaker   1 Marella
2 Shawn Michaels   2 Khani
3 Santino Marella   3 Dreamer
4 The Great Kahli   4 Noble
5 Hardcore Holly   5 Palumbo
6 John Morrison   6 Holly
7 Tommy Dreamer   7 Benjmin
8 Batista   8 Piper
9 Hornswoggle   9 Snuka
10 Chuck Palumbo   10 Snitsky
11 Jamie Noble   11 Undertaker
12  CM Punk   12 Michaels
13 Cody Rhodes   13 The Miz
14 Umaga   14 Morrison
15 Snitsky   15 Finlay (?)
16 The Miz   16 Hornswoggle (?)
17 Shelton Benjamin   17 Punk
18 Jimmy Superfly Snuka   18 Rhodes
19 Rowdy Roddy Pper   19 V
20 Kane   20 Foley
21 Carlito   21 Burke
22 Mick Foley   22 Carlito
23 Mr. Kennedy   23 Guerrero
24 Big Daddy V   24 Henry
25 Mark Henry   25 Kennedy
26 Chavo Guerrero   26 Umaga
27 Fit Finlay   27 Kane
28 Elijah Burke   28 Batista
29 Triple H   29 Triple H
30 John Cena      

Winner: John Cena

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