Royal Rumble 2009
Joe Louis Arena
Detroit, Michigan
January 25, 2009
Theme Song: "Let It Rock" by Kevin Rudolph

Attendance:  16,685


ECW : Todd Grisham & Matt Striker +++ Smackdown! Jim Ross & Tazz +++ RAW: Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler


Matt Hardy vs. Jack Swagger (ECW Champion)

The two start the match in a tie up. Hardy hits Swagger with a barrage of fists. The fight goes to the outside but quickly back in. Swagger works on Hardy's left arm. Hardy fights back a bit. Swagger continues to work the arm. Hardy goes for a few near falls. Hardy hits an elbow off the second rope and only gets a two count. Swagger gets a belly to belly followed by only a two count. Hardy goes for a swanton off the second rope and it looks like a three count buy alas only two. Swagger hits his powerbomb and finally gets the three count and retains his title.



Melina  vs. Beth Phoenix (WWE Women's Champion) w/ Santino Marella

Melina gets Phoenix in a headlock, Phoenix powers out with a slam. Phoenix goes for a bear hug. Melina manages to get an arm bar on Phoenix, who manages to pick Melina up and throw her into the corner. Phoenix goes for a sort of a half Boston crab in the middle of the ring. Phoenix manages to use Melinas leg to kicker herself in the head. Melina manages to break out of a gorilla press slam. Melina manages to get Phoenix in a roll-up and gets a three count.



John "Bradshaw" Layfield w/ Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena (WWE Heavyweight Champion)

Cena starts the match with a headlock. JBL kicks out and puts Cena in one of his own. Cena drives JBL face first into the may and it leads to a two count. The fight goes to the outside. They go back inside. JBL hits Cena with a short closeline and only gets two. Cena powers out of a cross face. Cena gets thrown to the outside. The referee starts to count. JBL throws Cena into the stairs. The two get back in the ring and JBL goes for the pin and only two. Cena punches JBL off the top rope followed by a flying leg drop to the back. Cena hits the five knuckle shuffle.  Cena locks on the STF right in front of HBK. JBL hits the closeline from hell followed by a two count. JBL shakes out of a Cena move and kicks the referee out of the ring. HBK comes in. HBK gives JBL some sweet chin music. HBK then lays Cena out with some sweet chin music. HBK drags JBL and puts him on top of Cena. out comes another referee, goes fort the three count and Cena some how manages to get his arm up. Cena hits the F-U and pins JBL and wins!



Edge w/ Chavo Guerrero vs. Jeff Hardy (WWE Champion)

Hardy starts out spearing Edge into the corner and pummeling him. Hardy goes for a chair but doesn't use it. The fight goes to the outside. Hardy flies off the apron onto Edge. Hardy gets kicked back on to the floor. The fight goes to the announce tables. The fight goes back inside.  Jeff goes for a cross body from the top rope but Edge counters  with a drop kick.  Edge grabs two chairs. Edge gets a twist of fait on the ring apron. Hardy sets up a ladder, climbs it and Chavo comes to distract him. Hardy climbs the ladder and hits Chavo with a frog splash on the announce table. Edge removes a turnbuckle pad.  Hardy goes face first into the exposed corner. Vickie comes out and tries to knock Hardy off the ropes. Vickie gets up and pulls the referee and the count stops. Matt Hardy comes out and whacks Jeff with a chair. Edge gets up and pins Jeff.



Royal Rumble Match

Order of:
Entrance   Elimination
1 Rey Mysterio   1 Khali (by Kozlov)
2 John Morrison   2 MVP (by Kozlov)
3 Carlito   3 Carlito (by Kozlov)
4 M V P   4 Kozlov (by Triple H)
5 The Great Khali   5 Morrison (by Triple H)
6 Vladimir Kozlov   6 The Miz (by Triple H)
7 Triple H   7 JTG (by 'Taker)
8 Randy Orton   8 Goldust (by Rhodes)
9 J T G   9 Henry (by Mysterio)
10 Ted DiBiase   10 Benjamin (by 'Taker)
11 Chris Jericho   11 Regal (by Punk)
12 Mike Knox   12 Kingston (by Kendrick)
13 The Miz   13 Kendrick (by Triple H)
14 Finlay   14 Ziggler (by Kane)
15 Cody Rhodes   15 Marella (by Kane)
16 The Undertaker   16 Duggan (by Big Show)
17 Goldust   17 R Truth (by Big Show)
18 C M Punk   18 Punk (by Big Show)
19 Mark Henry   19 Mysterio (by Big Show)
20 Shelton Benjamin   20 Knox (by Big Show)
21 William Regal 21 Finlay (by Kane)
22 Kofi Kingston   22 RVD (by Jericho)
23 Kane   23 Jericho (by 'Taker)
24 R Truth   24 Kane (by Rhodes, DiBiase and Orton)
25 Rob Van Dam   25 'Big Show (by Orton)
26 The Brian Kendrick   26 Taker (by Big Show)
27 Dolph Ziggler   27 DiBiase (by Triple H)
28 Santino Marella   28 Rodes (by Triple H)
29 Hacksaw Jim Duggan   29 Triple H  (by Orton)
30 The Big Show      

Santino Marella was eliminated in less than two seconds of entering.  During most of the match, there were lots of wrestlers still in, mostly over 10.  Winner: Randy Orton

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