Royal Rumble 2010
Phillips Arena
Atlanta, Georgia
January 31, 2010
Theme Songs: "Martyr No More" by Fozzy and "Hero" by Skillet

Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler & Matt Striker



Christian (ECW Champion) vs. Ezekiel Jackson with William Regal

Jackson powers out of a reverse bear hug. Jackson chases Jackson outside the ring. Jackson pummels Christian. Christian tries for the kill switch but could not pull it out. Regal went after Christian and the Referee throws him out, he goes to the locker room. The action goes back inside. Christian tries for a sunset flip off the ropes, but Jackson counters with a double hand choke slam.  Jackson has a couple of near falls. Jackson tries for a superplex and Christian stops it by punching Jackson off the ropes. Jackson stops yet another attempt for a kill switch. Christian puts Jackson in a sleeper but Jackson counters by ramming Christian into the corner. Christian finally hits the Kill Switch and pins Jackson!



The Miz (WWE United States Champion) vs. MVP

The two jump around the ring and  Miz keeps going behind the Referee. MVP whips Miz into the corner, MVP runs at him but gets a boot to the face. The fight goes to the out side and the Miz tastes the barricade. MVP gets thrown outside and hits the announce table and Miz goes out after him. Miz puts MVP in a submission hold. Miz goes for a skull crushing finally MVP counters it with a small package. The fight goes outside, when they re enter Miz some how finds a quick way to win. After the match MVP attacks Miz.



Sheamus (WWE Champion) vs. Randy Orton

The fight goes to the outside. Orton works on Sheamus' leg. Orton pulls Sheamus to the ring apron and works on Sheamus leg. Sheamus goes after Orton's left arm. The two trade blows.  They go back outside. Cody Rhodes comes out. Orton hits the RKO and goes for the pin. the Bell Rings. Justin Roberts gets on the mic and says Sheamus wins via DQ. Ted DiBiase Jr. Come out and Orton attacks him.



Michelle McCool (WWE Womens Champion)  vs. Mickie James

Michelle calls out "Piggie" James. Out comes Mickie James, she takes out "piggy". James hits the DDT and wins the Title! The other Divas come out with a cake. James pushes it into the faces of Michelle and "Piggy".



The Undertaker (WWE Heavyweight Champion) vs. Rey Mysterio

Rey jumps away from the Takers advances. The Taker throws Rey over the top rope and outside. Rey gets caught in the ropes and the Taker leg drops on Rey's neck. The taker gets caught on the ring post and Rey baseball slides into the corner.  The Taker slams Rey into the barricade.  Rey goes for a series of 619's. Rey goes for the Last ride. Taker retains his title.



The Royal Rumble Match

Entrance Elimination
1   Dolph Ziggler (SD)   1   Bourne (Punk)
2   Evan Bourne (RAW)   2   Ziggler (Punk)
3   CM Punk (SD)   3   JTG (Punk)
4   JTG (RAW)   4   Khali (Phoenix)
5   Great Khali (SD)   5   Phoenix (Punk)
6   Beth Phoenix (RAW)   6   Ryder (Punk)
7   Zack Ryder (ECW)   7   Punk (HHH)
8   Triple H (RAW)   8   MVP (himself)
9   Drew McIntyre (SD)   9   The Miz (MVP)
10   Ted DiBiase (RAW)   10   Hardy (Kane)
11   John Morrison (SD)   11   Kane (HHH)
12   Kane (SD)   12   Carlito (HHH)
13   Cody Rhodes (RAW)   13   Rhodes (HBK)
14   MVP (RAW)   14   DiBiase (HBK)
15   Carlito (SD)   15   Morrison (HBK)
16   The Miz (RAW)   16   McIntyre (DX)
17   Matt Hardy (SD)   17   Triple H (HBK)
18   Shawn Michaels (RAW)   18   Benjamin (Cena)
19   John Cena (RAW)   19   Tatsu (Cena)
20   Shelton Benjamin (SD)   20   Masters (Big Show)
21   Yoshi Tatsu (ECW)   21   Henry (R-Truth)
22   The Big Show (RAW)   22   Big Show (R-Truth)
23   Mark Henry (RAW)   23   Swagger (Kingston)
24   Chris Master (RAW)   24   R-Truth (Kingston)
25   R-Truth (SD)   25   Kingston (Cena)
26   Jack Swagger (RAW)   26   Jericho (Edge)
27   Kofi Kingston (RAW)   27   Michaels (Batista)
28   Chris Jericho (SD)   28   Batista (Cena)
29   Edge (N/A)   29   Cena (Edge)
30   Batista (SD)   30    

As MVP entered the ringside, The Miz attacked him from behind and he didn't enter the match until after the Miz came in.  Edge made his return to WWE from his injury in the Rumble match.  Michaels is eliminated and then goes on a rampage on the referees.  Edge throws out Cena to win the match.  Edge gets a title shot at WrestleMania XXVI


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