Royal Rumble 2012
Scottrade Center
St. Louis, Missouri
January 29, 2012


Attendance: 18,121
Commentators: Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole, Booker T


Daniel Bryan (WWE Heavyweight Champion) vs. Mark Henry vs. The Big Show
Triple Threat Cage Match

The Big Show starts out going after Mark Henry.  Bryan goes to climb out of the cage, but The Big Show grabs him and pulls him down.  Bryan manages to get both big men down then calls for the door to be open so he can leave the cage but Henry manages to stop him.  Big Show motions for a choke slam on Bryan but he counters with a tornado DDT.  Bryan puts Big Show in a submission move. Henry makes the save.  Bryan tries to climb the cage, The Big show stops him. The Big Show holds Bryan by the neck dangling over the floor. Bryan ends up being held up by The Big Show, Bryan slips loose to the floor and wins the match and retains the title.



The Bella Twins, Beth Phoenix & Natalya  vs. Tamina, Alicia Fox, Eve Torres & Kelly Kelly

Tamina and Natalya start the match off.  The Bells Twins make a switch without the referee noticing. Kelly Kelly gets one of the Bella Twins in a spinning head scissors then tries for a pin.  All the Divas end up on the outside and Kelly Kelly jumps from the corner on to them.  Phoenix hits the Glam Slam on Kelly Kelly for the win.



John Cena vs. Kane

Cena hits Kane with a barrage of punches then clotheslines Kane to the outside.  Cena tries for the attitude adjustment but fails.  Kane lays out Cena with a hard upper cut.  Cena gets Kane in STF.  Cena goes for the You Can't See Me but Kane counters by grabbing Cena's throat.  The fight goes to the outside.  The two are apparently counted out.  But they continue to fight through out the arena.  Kane kicks down Zack Ryders door and wheels him to the ring to beat him up. John Cena comes out to rescue Ryder but gets choke slammed.



Drew McIntyre vs.  Brodus Clay

Quick uneventful match where Clay hit his finisher to win.



Dolph Ziggler with Vicki Guerrero vs. CM Punk (WWE Champion)
Guest Referee: John Laurinaitis

John Laurinaitis sends Guerrero to the locker room.  Ziggler puts Punk in a choke maneuver. Ziggler puts Punk in a sleeper hold. Punk catches Ziggler in mid air and power bombs him into a pin but only gets two.  The referee gets knocked out. Raw GM checks on the referee. Punk puts Ziggler in his submission, Ziggler taps, no referee. Punks goes for the go to sleep and knocks Raw GM out of the ring. He hits the maneuver goes for the pin but the referee still wasn't ready. Punk slings Ziggler into the corner, he then hits the go to sleep and gets the pin and win.




The Royal Rumble Match

Entrance Elimination
1   The Miz   1   Riley (Miz)
2   Alex Riley   2   R Truth (Miz)
3   R Truth   3   Primo (Foley)
4   Cody Rhodes   4   Gabriel (Foley/Rodriguez)
5   Justin Gabriel   5   Rodriguez (Marella)
6   Primo   6   Epico (Foley)
7   Mick Foley   7   Marella (Rhodes)
8   Ricardo Rodriguez   8   Foley (Rhodes)
9   Santino Marella   9   Lawler (Rhodes)
10   Epico   10   Mahal (Khali)
11   Kofi Kingston   11   Jackson (Khali)
12   Jerry Lawler   12   Duggan (Rhodes)
13   Ezekiel Jackson   13   Booker T (Group)
14   Jinder Mahal   14   Kahli (Group)
15   Great Khali   15   Cole (himself)
16   Hunico   16   Hunico (Kharma)
17   Booker T   17   Kharma (Ziggler0
18   Dolph Ziggler   18   Kingston (Sheamus)
19   Hacksaw Jim Duggan   19   Dogg (Barrett)
20   Michael Cole   20   Uso (Orton)
21   Kharma   21   Barrett (Orton)
22   Sheamus   22   Otunga (Jericho)
23   The Road Dogg   23   Swagger (Sheaums)
24   Jey Uso   24   Rhodes (Big Show)
25   Jack Swagger   25   Miz (Big Show)
26   Wade Barrett   26   Ziggler (Big Show)
27   David Otunga   27   Big Show (Orton)
28   Randy Orton   28   Orton (Jericho)
29   Chris Jericho   29    Jericho (Sheamus)
30   The Big Show   30    


The winner of the 2012 Royal Rumble is Sheamus

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