Royal Rumble 2013
US Airways Center
Phoenix, Arizona
January 27, 2013


Commentators: Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole, JBL


Youtube Pre-show

Antonio Cesaro (WWE US Champion) vs. The Miz

 Antonio Cesaro wins the match and retains the title



The Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio (WWE World Champion) with Ricardo Rodriguez
Last Man Stsanding

Del Rio starts off against Show with a few stiff kicks to the upper body. The fight goes to the outside. Show goes for a chair from ringside.  Del Rio dropkicks Show to stop him from using the chair. Del Rio uses the chair to his advantage. Del Rio goes for a chair shot off the second rope, but Show counters with a choke slam. The referee starts the 10 count, Del Rio gets up at 8. The fight goes to the entrance way. Show uses the set to his advantage. Show gets a table. The two climb on the set, Show choke slams Del Rio through the table. Referee goes for the 10 count . . . DEL RIO GETS UP! ! ! The fight heads back to the ring.  Show rips up the stairs, Del Rio ducks the stair shot. Show takes out Rodriguez. Show spears himself through the ringside barricade. He manages to get up at a 9 count. Del Rio puts Show in a cross arm breaker, meanwhile Rodriguez duct tapes Shows leg to the bottom rope. The referee makes to count, Show can not get up. Alberto Del Rio gets the win and retains his title.



Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow vs. Daniel Bryan & Kane (WWE Tag Team Champions)

Bryan gets Sandow to tapout and retain their titles.



The Rock vs. CM Punk (WWE Champion) with Paul Haymen

The fight goes to the outside. The Rock starts to take apart the Spanish announce table. Punk throws him in the ring and puts the table back together. Punk puts The Rock in a submission move. Punk jumps off the top rope on to The Rock on the floor. Punk seems to have re-hurt his left knee. Punk goes for the go to sleep, The Rock counters with a sharpshooter. The fight goes back to the outside.  The Rock clears the Spanish announce table. Punk sets up for the go to sleep on the table. The Rock goes for the Rock Bottom but the table table collapsed under them. The Rock hits the Rock Bottom on the floor. The two trade hard blows. The Rock goes for the People's Elbow and the lights go out. The Rock got attacked by "Someone". Michael Cole says it was The Shield. CM Punk pulls The Rock back in the ring gets the pin and retains the title.


Mr. McMahon's Music hits and he says that CM Punk is stripped of the title. The Rock grabs a mic and wants the match restarted. MR. McMahon restarts the match.

Punk goes for a go to sleep, but The ROck counters with a spine buster, a peoples elbow and pins CM Punk and wins the Title.




The Royal Rumble Match

Entrance Elimination
1 Dolph Ziggler 1 Santino Marella (Jericho)
2 Chris Jericho 2 Drew McINtyre (Jericho)
3 Cody Rhodes 3 Titus O'Neil (Sheamus)
4 Kofi Kingston 4 David Otunga (Sheamus)
5 Santino Marela 5 Goldust (Cody Rhodes)
6 Drew McIntyre 6 Brodus Clay (Everyone)
7 Titus O'Neil 7 Tensai (Kofi Kingston)
8 Goldust 8 Darren Young (Kofi Kingston)
9 David Otunga 9 Kofi Kingston (Cody Rhodes)
10 Heath Slater 10 The Godfather (Dolph Ziggler)
11 Sheamus 11 Heath Slater (John Cena)
12 Tensai 12 Cody Rhodes (John Cena)
13 Brodus Clay 13 Rey Mysterio (Wade Barrett)
14 Rey Mysterio 14 The Great Kahli (Kane)
15 Darren Young 15 Kane (Daniel Bryan)
16 Bo Dallas 16 Daniel Bryan (Kane)
17 The Godfather 17 Zack Ryder (Randy Orton)
18 Wade Barrett 18 Antonio Cesaro (John Cena)
19 John Cena 19 Jinder Mahal (Sheamus)
20 Damien Sandow 20 Wade Barrett (Bo Dallas)
21 Daniel Bryan 21 Bo Dallas (Wade Barrett)
22 Antonio Cesaro 22 Damien Sandow (Ryback)
23 The Great Kahli 23 Sin Cara (Ryback)
24 Kane 24 The Miz (Ryback)
25 Zack Ryder 25 Chris Jericho (Dolph Ziggler)
26 Randy Orton 26 Randy Orton (Ryback)
27 Jinder Mahal 27 Dolph Ziggler (Sheamus)
28 The Miz 28 Sheamus (John Cena)
29 Sin Cara 29 Ryback (John Cena)
30 Ryback 30

John Cena wins the 2013 Royal Rumble

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