Royal Rumble 2016 2017
San Antonio, Texas
January 29, 2017

Attendance: 52,020
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"The Irish Lass Kicker" Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella and Naomi vs. Smackdown Women's Champion Alexa Bliss, Mickie James and "The Queen of Harts" Natalya

Natalya and Nikki start. Natalya taunts Nikki, who slaps her in response. Natalya quickly tags Bliss in. Nikki works over Bliss and gets 2. Naomi in, double dropkick by Naomi and Nikki to Bliss. Natalya in, Naomi blocks a snap suplex, but Bliss comes in. Lynch now in, then Mickie, then Nikki and the babyfaces hit a triple suplex! Team Bliss heads outside as Nikki and Lynch nail them with baseball slides, followed by Naomi wiping out everyone with a slingshot plancha!

– Commercial –

Back from commercial as Lynch with clotheslines and a dropkick to Natalya. Lynch begins to bring that straight fire to Natalya, hitting the springboard sidekick in the corner, followed by a forearm off the apron. Mickie then sends Lynch into the barricade, followed by Natalya hitting a snap suplex to Lynch on the outside!

Back in, Natalya works over Lynch, who gets free, but Natalya stops a tag and drives Lynch into her corner. Mickie in and unloads with shots to Lynch. Bliss in, does the same, continuing to work over Lynch. Bliss distracts the ref, allowing Mickie to get a cheap shot in from the apron. Bliss gets 2. Natalya in and she and Bliss drive down Lynch by the hair. Lynch then rolls up Natalya for 2. Natalya comes back with a clothesline for 2. Michinoku Driver by Natalya, then takes a shot at Naomi. Lynch blocks a German, but Bliss blind tags in. Lynch nails Bliss and goes to tag in Nikki, but Natalya pulls Nikki off the apron. Lynch with an inside cradle to Bliss for 2, followed by an enziguri.

Naomi in, springboard crossbody to Bliss, dropkick takes out Natalya and Mickie. Flip-Over Clothesline and a Sit-Out Facebuster by Naomi, followed by the Speedball Series and an enziguri for 2. Mickie breaks up the pin, Lynch with the Bex-Plex to Mickie, then Nikki with a Spear to Natalya. Naomi with a shot to Bliss from the apron, followed by a split-legged moonsault for the win.

Winners: "The Irish Lass Kicker" Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella and Naomi by pinfall (Split-Legged Moonsault)

Team Naomi celebrates their win after.

RAW Tag Team Titles (two referees assigned): "The Swiss Superman" Cesaro and "The Celtic Warrior" Sheamus (c's) vs. The Club ("Machine Gun" Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows)

Cesaro quickly with a shot to Anderson for 2. Deadlift Gutwrench Suplex by Cesaro for 2. Slingshot Shoulder Block by Sheamus for 2. Cesaro back in, Finlay Roll/Double Stomp combo by the champions for 2. Anderson comes back with a Step-Up Kick in the corner. Gallows in, but Sheamus regains control and hits a running knee drop for 2. Cesaro in, but Gallows hits him with a back body drop. The Club continues to take control.

– Commercial –

Back from commercial as Gallows keeps working over Cesaro. Cesaro comes back with a Muscle-Plex to Gallows. Gallows stops a tag, but Cesaro breaks free and tags in Sheamus. Sheamus makes a comeback, hitting Irish Hammers and a corner spin kick to the Club, followed by the Beats of the Bodhiran to Gallows. Top Rope Clothesline by Sheamus, followed by an assisted White Noise by the champions for 2. Gallows stops the Cesaro Swing, Anderson in, takes out Sheamus, then rolls up Cesaro with his feet on the ropes, but the second referee catches him. Cesaro hits Swiss Death on Anderson for a close 2. Anderson blocks the Neutralizer, but then Cesaro hits the Swiss-19 on Anderson, followed by a Top Rope Crossbody for 2. Anderson with a backslide for 2. They exchange uppercuts, then Anderson with a spinebuster for 2. The Club goes for the Magic Killer, but Sheamus stops it. Anderson avoids the Brogue Kick and Sheamus accidentally hits the first ref! Cesaro with the Cesaro Swing to Anderson as the second ref takes over the match. Sharpshooter applied by Cesaro, but Gallows breaks it up. Anderson covers, but Sheamus breaks it up. Sheamus and Gallows brawl as it begins to break down. Sheamus almost hits the second ref, but then the Club hits him with the Magic Killer. Cesaro gets rid of Gallows, but Anderson rolls him up, hooking the tights to steal the titles.

Winners and NEW RAW Tag Team Champions: The Club by pinfall (Roll-Up w/tights)

The Club celebrate their title win after as Cesaro can't believe what happened.

"The Boss" Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax

Nia quickly drives Sasha into the ropes. Sasha avoids a charge, hits Shotgun Knees in the corner. Sasha unloads with shots, but Nia catches Sasha off the ropes and drives her into the corner, followed by an avalanche. Nia with a biel, then mows down Sasha with a running body attack.

– Commercial –

Back from commercial as Nia continues to work over Sasha. Sasha goes for the Bank Statement, but Nia shoos her off. Nia then goes to work on the injured knee of Sasha. Sasha avoids a charge, sending Nia into the ringpost. Sasha hits Meteora for 2 as Nia powers out. Nia then hits a Pop-Up Samoan Drop for the win.

Winner: Nia Jax by pinfall (Pop-Up Samoan Drop)

Nia stands tall over the fallen Sasha after.

Segment where RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon bans Seth Rollins from the Royal Rumble for attempting to go after Triple H at NXT TakeOver, plus she will address Rollins' actions on RAW tomorrow night.

Segment where hometown boy, WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels, appears before the live San Antonio crowd.


A video package runs looking back at past Royal Rumble events including the 30 Man Royal Rumble match. The video also focuses on the championship matches tonight.

The Alamodome is packed tonight in San Antonio with over 52,000 in attendance.

Bayley is out first to a big reaction.

WWE RAW Women's Championship
Charlotte (c) vs. Bayley

We get ring introductions for the challenger Bayley and champion Charlotte.

Bayley with a head scissors takedown early on Charlotte through the ropes. Bayley caught Charlotte with a second rope cross body to the outside as well. Charlotte tossed Bayley head first into the side of the ring. Charlotte keeps Bayley grounded with a headlock back inside. Charlotte with chops to Bayley in the corner followed by a neckbreaker and big boot combo resulting in a two count. Charlotte with a Figure Four locked around the head of Bayley and proceeds to slam her around the ring repeatedly. Bayley and Charlotte exchange chops. Bayley with a springboard cross body from the corner catching Charlotte. Bayley fires up, kicks Charlotte in the face and drives her face first into the ring. Bayley connects with a top rope flying elbow over Charlotte for a two count. Charlotte gets the Figure Four applied. Bayley gets Charlotte turned over. Charlotte counters and uses the ropes to get the Figure Eight applied. The referee catches her and breaks it up. Charlotte goes for a moonsault. Bayley gets her knees up and Charlotte doesn't catch most of it. Charlotte with a big slap to Bayley from the corner and then dumps her out. As Bayley recovers, Charlotte hits Natural Selection on the ring apron and hooks the leg to get the pinfall to retain.

Winner and still WWE RAW Women's Champion: Charlotte

A video package airs hyping Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns tonight.

WWE Universal Championship – No DQ Rules
Chris Jericho is suspended above the ring in a shark cage
Kevin Owens (c) vs. Roman Reigns

Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho are out first. Jericho is not happy.

Loud mixed reaction for Roman Reigns inside the Alamodome.

We get introductions for the challenger Reigns and champion Owens. The shark cage is still in the middle of the ring and the referee displays the WWE Universal Championship. The referee tries to escort Jericho inside the cage, but Jericho and Owens attack Reigns. Reigns fights them off and throws Jericho into the cage repeatedly. Reigns launches Jericho inside the cage, the referee locks the door and it rises above the ring as Reigns smiles.

The bell officially rings and Owens quickly attacks Reigns. Reigns throws big rights to Owens early. They brawl into the crowd with Reigns throwing rights at Owens. Back at ringside, Owens throws the top of an announce table at Reigns. Reigns blocks it and throws it in the face of Owens. Owens sends Reigns shoulder first into the steel steps. Owens pulls out a ton of steel chairs and sets up four facing each other at ringside. Owens with a TV monitor to the ribs of Reigns and then sends him into the ring barricade. Owens connects with a running cannonball into Reigns right into the barricade! Owens sets up a fifth and sixth chair on top of the other four. Owens grabs another chair and hits Reigns in the ribs again. Owens has Reigns on the ring apron. Reigns counters. Owens counters an attempt by Reigns to suplex him over the top rope into the chairs. Owens with a stunner to Reigns over the top rope. Reigns with clotheslines on Owens to cut off any offense by Owens. Reigns grabs a table from under the ring and slides it in. Owens with a backstabber to Reigns. Owens tosses the table out. Reigns cuts off another cannonball attempt with a boot and sitdown powerbomb for a two count. Owens bails when Reigns gets ready for a Superman. Reigns connects with his drive by dropkick to Owens on the outside. Reigns sets up a table at ringside and Owens catches him with a few superkicks. Owens gets Reigns over the table, goes up to the top turnbuckle, jumps and Owens connects on Reigns crashing through the table! Owens tosses Reigns back in and gets a two count. Owens hits Reigns on the side of the head with the edge of a steel chair. Owens then cracks the chair over the back of Reigns. Owens with a superkick and sending Reigns into a chair combo for another two count. Jericho has brass knuckles and drops them down for Owens to catch. Reigns avoids a Superman from Owens. Reigns is trying to take the brass knuckles away. Owens breaks free and connects with a Superman using them. Reigns kicks out during a pinfall attempt. Owens has a chair setup. Reigns with a samoan drop on Owens over the chair! Owens kicks out. Reigns sets a table up in the corner. Reigns catches Owens with a Superman. Owens gets a shoulder up. Owens blocks a spear with a kick and stunner on Reigns for a two count. Owens with stomps and another cannonball to Reigns in the corner. Owens is up on the top turnbuckle trying to pull Reigns up. Reigns breaks free, hits a Superman and Owens falls backwards into the chairs he setup earlier in the match! Reigns starts clearing off the main announce table. Reigns picks up Owens, gets him on his shoulders and powerbombs him through the announce table! Reigns tosses Owens back inside. Owens is up near the table in the corner. Braun Strowman is at ringside and he pulls Reigns out of the ring! Strowman gives Reigns a chokeslam over the other announce table at ringside! The table doesn't break. Strowman tosses Reigns in and gives him a running powerslam through the table in the corner! Jericho is yelling at Owens to get up. Owens crawls over and gets the pinfall.

Winner and still WWE Universal Champion: Kevin Owens

After the match, the shark cage lowers and Chris Jericho celebrates with Kevin Owens.

A video package looking at the history of the Royal Rumble airs.

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon is talking with Mick Foley about how ineffective the shark cage was in the earlier match. Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan walk in. Sami Zayn joins them to find out his number in the Rumble tonight. Zayn grabs a ball when WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose walks in. Ambrose picks a ball. Zayn draws 8. Ambrose doesn't want to open his right now because it will ruin the surprise.

A video package airs hyping Swann vs. Neville tonight.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Rich Swann (c) vs. Neville

Austin Aries has joined Mauro Ranallo and Corey Graves on commentary.

Early lock ups between both early. Neville avoids a dropkick, but Swann catches him during a second attempt. Neville bails and Swann launches himself over the top rope over him. Back inside, Neville with stomps to Swann in the corner. Neville with a huge missile dropkick catching Swann off the top turnbuckle for a two count. Swann avoids a crossface armbar submission attempt by Neville. Neville drops elbows to the top of Swann's head. Neville drops a quick knee over the head of Swann and goes back to modified headlock. Neville bails, Swann follows and Neville tosses him head first into the ring barricade. Neville tosses Swann a second time into another part of the ring barricade at ringside. Neville tosses Swann back in, Neville goes up top and eats a superkick from Swann on the way down! Swann with a kick and huricanrana combo on Neville off the top turnbuckle! Swann then springboards off the corner and connects with a twisting 450 splash to Neville on the outside! Back inside, Swann trips up Neville and gets in some rights. Swann catches Neville with a big kick to the head and Neville kicks out. Swann catches Neville with a quick frog splash off the ropes. Aries says that was only a tadpole splash. Neville crotches Swann up top. Neville flips off the corner landing on his feet. Swann with a kick to the gut. Neville with a kick to Swann. Swann with a roll up for a close two count. Swann catches Neville with a kick to the head and Neville gets his boot on the bottom rope to break up the pinfall. Neville with a superplex to Swann off the top turnbuckle. Swann kicks out. Neville immediately gets his crossface armbar submission applied. Swann taps out.

Winner and new WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Neville

After the match, Neville grabs the WWE Cruiserweight Championship and holds it up high in the corner. We see a replay of the submission finish.

WrestleMania is 63 days away.

A video package airs hyping AJ Styles vs. John Cena tonight.

WWE Championship
AJ Styles (c) vs. John Cena

We get ring introductions for the challenger John Cena and champion AJ Styles. Loud reactions for both guys inside the Alamodome.

Cena with a big clothesline early on Styles. Styles with an elbow to Cena and follows dropping a knee over the head. Styles drops a second knee. Cena goes for an AA early. Styles counters and kicks Cena in the head. Cena with his jumping shoulder tackles, but Styles counters the twisting powerbomb into a huricanrana that he follows up with a forearm to the face. Styles avoids the Five Knuckle Shuffle and plants Cena down in a facebuster. Cena with a big clothesline that levels Styles. Cena connects with the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Styles with a torture rack on Cena into a twisting powerbomb for a two count. Cena with an AA on Styles after Styles missed his springboard flying forearm. Styles kicks out. Cena is firing up in the corner. Cena levels Styles again with a clothesline. Styles avoids another attempt by Cena and eats a Pele Kick! Styles connects with his springboard flying forearm and gets a two count. Cena gets Styles up on his shoulders in an electric chair and then drops Styles down face first over the mat. Styles and Cena exchange right hands. Styles counters an AA attempt by Cena into a Calf Crusher submission! Cena powers out and gets the STF applied on Styles. Cena breaks up the STF, pulls Styles out and applies the STF again. Styles counters into a pinfall, gets a two count and then applies an STF on Cena! Cena powers to his feet, gets Styles on his shoulders, Styles counters, Cena drops Styles down and locks on a Figure Four! Styles breaks free and gets an armbar applied on Cena! Cena breaks free lifting Styles up and powerbombing him back on the mat. Cena goes up top, jumps, Styles gets him down, Cena counters and Styles recovers hitting the Styles Clash on Cena. Styles rolls Cena over to his back and Cena kicks out. Cena gets his knees up during a springboard 450 splash attempt by Styles from the ring apron. Cena with his jumping sunset flip pinfall on Styles for another two count. Styles with a modified AA on Cena over his knee! Cena kicks out. Cena catapults Styles to the corner and connects with a cutter for another two count. Cena with an AA on Styles from the second rope! Cena hooks the leg and Styles kicks out. Cena can't believe it. Huge reaction in the Alamodome to that kick out by Styles. Styles counters another AA attempt by Cena into a Styles Clash. Styles springboards up, Cena grabs him and connects with an AA. Cena rolls through avoiding a pinfall and hits another AA. Cena gets the pinfall.

Winner and new WWE Champion: John Cena

John Cena is now a 16-time World Champion in WWE. After the match, Cena puts the WWE Championship on the shoulder of a Make-A-Wish kid in the crowd.

A promo for the WWE Elimination Chamber PPV in two weeks airs. John Cena will defend the WWE Championship inside the Chamber.

Footage of Seth Rollins interrupting NXT TakeOver: San Antonio last night on the WWE Network and calling out Triple H is shown. WWE announces that Rollins will go face-to-face with Stephanie McMahon tomorrow night on RAW.

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler joins Cole and Graves on commentary.

Entrance Elimination
1 Big Cass 1 Gallagher (Henry)
2 Chris Jericho 2 Rawley (Strowman)
3 Calisto 3 Cass (Strowman)
4 Mojo Rawley 4 Calisto (Strowman)
5 Jack Gallagher 5 Henry (Strowman)
6 Mark Henry 6 Big Show (Strowman)
7 Braun Strowman 7 Ellsworth (Strowman)
8 Sami Zayn 8 Dillinger (Strowman)
9 The Big Show 9 Strowman (Corbin)
10 Tye Dillinger 10 The New Day (Sheamus)
11 James Ellsworth 11 --
12 Dean Ambrose 12 --
13 Baron Corbin 13 Sheamus & Cesaro (Jericho)
14 Kofi Kingston 14 --
15 The Miz 15 Crews (Harper)
16 Sheamus 16 Ambrose (Lesnar)
17 Big E 17 Ziggler (Lesnar)
18 Rusev 18 Lesnar (Goldberg)
19 Cesaro 19 Corbin (Undertaker)
20 Xavier Woods 20 Harper (Goldberg)
21 Bray Wyatt 21 Amare (Undertaker)
22 Apollo Crews 22 Goldberg (Undertaker)
23 Randy Orton 23 The Miz (Undertaker)
24 Dolph Ziggler 24 Zayn (Undertaker)
25 Luke Harper 25 Undertaker (Reigns)
26 Brock Lesnar 26 Jericho (Reigns)
27 Enzo Amore 27 Wyatt (Reigns)
28 Goldberg 28 Reigns (Orton)
29 Undertaker 29  
30 Roman Reigns 30

Randy Orton wins by last eliminating Roman Reigns

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