Money in the Bank 2012

US Airways Arena
Phoenix, Arizona
July 15, 2012

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A video package runs highlighting various WWE stars cashing in the "Money in the Bank" briefcase successfully.

A graphic opening hits welcoming us to Money in the Bank. We go live to the U.S. Airways Center in Phoenix where a huge display of pyro goes off.

Up first is the "Money in the Bank" Ladder match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship contract.

"Money in the Bank" Ladder Match for the WWE World Title Contract
Dolph Ziggler vs. Santino Marella vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow vs. Tyson Kidd vs. Sin Cara vs. Tensai vs. Christian

Tons of brawling to kick off the show. Tensai goes after Tyson Kidd in the corner. Tensai catches Christian with an uppercut and then tosses Santino out of the ring. Tensai grabs a ladder, sets it up in the corner and catapults Kidd into it face first. Kidd hits Tensai with a ladder and Christian hits him as well with another ladder. Christian and Kidd drive a ladder into Tensai. Christian and Santino on top of a ladder exchanging blows. Kidd jumps up with them. Damien Sandow pushes it over dumping everyone down to the mat. Dolph Ziggler dropkicks Sandow off the ladder. Cody Rhodes and Ziggler brawl. Ziggler tosses Rhodes into a ladder, but Rhodes with a low blow kick to Ziggler. Sin Cara with a head scissors takedown on Rhodes. Sin Cara and Ziggler with a botched nasty fall from the top turnbuckle. Christian frog splashes over a ladder when Kidd moves out of the way. Rhodes with a kick to the face of Sandow. Kidd with big kicks to the face of Rhodes and follows with a springboard dropkick. Kidd sets up a large ladder under the briefcase.

Tensai pulls him off. Santino tries to climb up, but Tensai pulls him off. Kidd and Tensai go over the top rope when Kidd counters a powerbomb attempt into a huricanrana. Sandow is now climbing up the big ladder. Sin Cara with kicks to knock him off. Christian with an inverted DDT on Sandow. Sandow with knees to Christian, misses a clothesline and Christian spears him over a ladder set up in the corner. Rhodes and Ziggler are brawling at the top of the large ladder. Tensai pulls Ziggler off and then hits big rights on Rhodes. Tensai ties up the left leg of Rhodes into the ladder and pulls him back with force. Kidd leaps on the ladder. Tensai takes him out. Tensai headbutts Sin Cara off. Christian hits Tensai with a ladder to the lower back. Christian and Santino double team Tensai with a small ladder. Santino with a diving headbutt to Ziggler. Santino with a Corba to Ziggler. Santino starts climbing the ladder and he appears to be afraid of heights. He gets close when Sandow climbs up. Santino with a Cobra to Sandow to knock him off to the mat.

Rhodes takes out Santino with a big dropkick sending the ladder into the ropes. Rhodes sets up a ladder and Vickie Guerrero jumps up to distract him. This allows Ziggler to pull Rhodes off the ladder. Ziggler has the briefcase when Christian cuts him off. Kidd has a ladder and is standing on the top rope. Kidd drops the ladder over the ladder Christian and Ziggler are on. Kidd then grabs Ziggler in mid-air and takes him out with a sunset flip powerbomb. Christian with a clothesline sending Sandow over the top rope. Tensai sets up a ladder across the ring apron and announce table. Tensai gives Sin Cara a powerbomb over the ladder like last year when Sheamus did the same to Sin Cara. Tensai literally launches Ziggler over the announce table. That looked crazy. Rhodes with kicks to Tensai. Christian with a spear to Rhodes off the top of the ladder! Christian has his hand on the briefcase. Ziggler tosses Christian off. Ziggler has it. Ziggler is the winner.

Winner of a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Dolph Ziggler

After the match, we see various highlights from the match. Back live, Dolph Ziggler is celebrating his win with Vickie Guerrero.

Backstage, Josh Mathews is with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus. Mathews wants his plan against Alberto Del Rio tonight. Sheamus said Del Rio can attack him with nice cars, but all he needs is a nice title belt.

The Miz makes his way out to the arena. He asks if the fans missed him. Miz talks about filming a new movie during his time away. He said while filming this movie he received loads of respect. Miz said he isn't going to yell or scream tonight and instead present facts. He said he is sick of being overlooked. Miz announces he is adding himself to the "Money in the Bank" Ladder match for the WWE Championship contract. He promises to win tonight and to go to win back the WWE Championship. Why? "Because I'm The Miz...I'm a movie star...and I'm awesome."

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Sheamus (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez

Rodriguez handled the ring introduction of the challenger Alberto Del Rio. Lilian Garcia did the introduction for the champion Sheamus. Del Rio with a slap early to Sheamus. Lots of wild brawling between the two. Sheamus catches Del Rio with a big elbow. Sheamus with a big suplex on Del Rio from the ring apron over the top rope. Sheamus immediately goes up top and catches Del Rio with a big shoulder block. Del Rio catches Sheamus with a kick to the head as he is getting up on the ring apron. Del Rio works over the left arm of Sheamus sending him into the steel ring steps. Del Rio tosses Sheamus back inside, goes up top and catches him with a quick splash. Del Rio continues working over the left arm of Sheamus with kicks and stomps. Del Rio with a kick to the back of the head of Sheamus standing and then another kick to the head when he goes down. Sheamus with rights for a comeback, but Del Rio fires back with a headbutt. Sheamus fires back with a big boot and swinging neckbreaker combo. Sheamus now with a series of clotheslines on Del Rio.

Del Rio sends Sheamus' bad shoulder into the steel ring post. Del Rio jumps out and gets in a few shots on Sheamus to add more. Sheamus counters an armbar attempt, Del Rio sends him over the top rope, Sheamus hangs on and then launches himself into Del Rio. Del Rio counters in mid-air dropping Sheamus left arm over his knees. Sheamus launches Del Rio into the corner, connects witha knee lift and big powerslam combo. Sheamus with big forearm shots to Del Rio over the ropes. Del Rio then drops the arm of Sheamus over the top rope. Sheamus with an Irish Curse backbreaker. Del Rio misses a big boot when Sheamus moves him out of the way. Sheamus misses a Brogue Kick and Del Rio connects with a backcracker. Sheamus fires back with a few shots and connects with White Noise. Sheamus is calling for the Brogue Kick. Sheamus charges and connects. Sheamus hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Winner and still WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Sheamus

After the match, Del Rio begins attacking Sheamus. Sheamus is out. Dolph Ziggler's music hits and he is going to cash in his briefcase tonight. Sheamus then catches Dolph Ziggler with a Brouge Kick. Ziggler is out. Michael Cole reminds us that the bell never officially rang so the match and briefcase cashing in was not official. Sheamus heads up the ramp and celebrates his successful title defense.

We see video of Josh Mathews talking with Daniel Bryan about his match tonight with CM Punk during the YouTube pre-show. AJ is referred to as his ex-girlfriend. Bryan corrects Mathews saying she will be his future wife and that AJ will make a tough decision tonight. He promises to emerge tonight as WWE Champion and with AJ's heart.

WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and R-Truth come out to the arena and take a sit at ringside with Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and Booker T on commentary.

The Primetime Players (Darren Young and Titus O'Neil) w/ Abraham Washington vs. Epico and Primo w/ Rose Mendes

We start with Epico and Titus O'Neil. Epico with a series of kicks and chops. Titus with big rights and a tag to Primo. Titus charges Primo in the corner and tags in Darren Young. Young with big forearms in the corner. Primo with a head scissors takedown from a headstand in the corner. Tag to Epico with a huricanrana takedown on Young. Primo with a dive to take out Young. Titus goes over the top rope when Primo holds the rope down. Epico with a dive over the top rope taking out Titus and Young. Epico tosses Young back in and then connects with a springboard dive. Tag to Titus who hits a big forearm to the back of Epico. Titus throws Epico out with force. AW has a live mic at ringside and calls for some applause to his team. Tag to Young who is suplexed over Epico. Young brings Epico to the ring apron and AW "freshens up his fro" noting this on the mic. The fans boo and AW responds, "Hey, don't hate." Tag to Titus with a fallaway slam to Epico. AW with Taco Bell insults towards Rosa. Titus dances mocking Rosa. Tag to Young and tag to Primo. Primo takes out Titus and comes off the top taking out Young. Primo with a trip and leg drop combo. Primo with a springboard splash over Young. Primo sends Young into the ropes, hits the ropes and splashes over him. Primo springboards off the top rope, but Young catches him with knees. AW tells Young to wrap it up. Primo with a rollup.

Winners: Epico and Primo

After the match, Abraham Washington says it doesn't matter and notes that The Primetime Players are still the #1 contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championships. They leave and get in the face of Kofi Kingston and R-Truth at ringside. Kingston throws water over AW. AW freaks out and is held back by Darren Young and Titus O'Neil.

A video package runs hyping CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan.

WWE Championship - No DQ Match
Special guest referee: AJ
CM Punk (c) vs. Daniel Bryan

Justin Roberts handled ring introductions for the challenger Daniel Bryan and champion CM Punk. Bryan with a few kicks and Punk with a dragon screw to counter. Punk tosses Bryan out of the ring and connects with a series of chops. Bryan sends Punk with force into the padded guard railing and gets in a few chops of his own. Back in the ring, Punk with a quick rollup for a two count. Chop exchanges between the two. Now kick exchanges between the two. Punk breaks it up with a big uppercut. Bryan keeps it grounded applying a headlock and pulling back on the head of Punk. Punk fights out, Bryan bails and Punk with a suicide dive through the ropes taking out Bryan. They brawl up the aisle, Punk blocks a suplex attempt and dumps Bryan off the steel guard railing. Punk tosses Bryan back in, AJ gets up on the ring apron and Bryan sends Punk into AJ who goes flying off the ring apron to the floor. Punk checks on AJ and Bryan drives his fists over the head of Punk from the ring apron. Bryan sends Punk into the steel ring steps and then checks on AJ.

WWE officials are taking AJ to the back. Bryan with a series of kicks, goes up on the ring apron, charges and catches Punk with a big flying knee. Bryan with more kicks to Punk up against the steel steps. Punk is sent into the wall near the timekeepers area. Punk launches Bryan over it and then crotches Bryan over the top wall. Punk with a flying clothesline taking out Bryan. The crowd in Phoenix wants tables. Punk smiles and pulls out a table from under the ring. Bryan on the attack with a suplex on Punk over the floor. Bryan has a kendo stick, misses a shot, misses a second and Punk rolls back in the ring. Bryan is in, Punk gets the kendo stick, Bryan knocks it away, Punk lands on the ring apron being launched up, goes up top, jumps and Bryan catches him in the ribs with the kendo stick. Bryan with a shot over the back of Punk repeatedly with the kendo stick. Bryan looks to back off, but gets in another big shot. Bryan with kicks to Punk in the corner. Bryan with a snap suplex on Punk. Bryan up top and misses a diving headbutt when Punk rolls out of the way.

Punk with some big elbows and a flying clothesline. Punk with a swinging neckbreaker. Punk with big knees to Bryan, sends him to the corner and connects with his high knee. Bryan counters out of a bulldog, but Punk catches Bryan with a quick snap powerslam. Punk calls for GTS. Bryan counters a GTS into a huricanrana into a cover for a close two count. Bryan then catches Punk with a big kick to the head. Bryan with a surfboard submission on Punk. Punk breaks free, has the kendo stick and starts cracking it over the back of Bryan repeatedly. Punk goes up top, Bryan cuts him off and connects with big superplex. AJ is walking back to the ring and tells the referee to leave. AJ skips around the ring and then grabs a steel chair from under the ring. Bryan is extending his hand. Punk is confused. AJ throws the chair down between them. Both grab it. Bryan with a shot to the gut of Punk and then a shot over the back repeatedly. Bryan covers Punk and Punk gets a shoulder up after two. Bryan stares down AJ and says that was a three count, not two.

Punk with a rollup and Bryan kicks out after two. Bryan with kicks to the chest of Punk when he gets up on his knees. Bryan with more kicks to Punk in the corner. Bryan backs up, charges and Punk explodes out of the corner catching Bryan with a big clothesline. Punk grabs the chair and cracks it over the back of Bryan repeatedly. Punk puts the chair between the top and middle turnbuckle. Punk grabs Bryan and AJ stands in front of the chair in the corner. Bryan then connects with a charging dropkick. AJ is now standing on the kendo stick preventing Bryan from grabbing it. Punk catches Bryan with a huge kick to the head. Punk then suplexes Bryan over a steel chair, goes up top, attempts his flying elbow and Bryan moves. Punk dropped right over the steel chair. Bryan with the Yes Lock applied. Bryan grabs the kendo stick and pulls back on the face of Punk with it. Bryan is yelling at Punk to tap. AJ is down staring at the face of Punk in pain. Punk breaks free, grabs the kendo stick, hits Bryan in the foot with it and then catapults Bryan to the corner.

Punk has Bryan up and connects with the GTS. Punk hooks the leg of Bryan...and Bryan gets a shoulder up after two. Punk gets in the face of AJ upset. Punk leaves the ring and grabs the table. Punk tosses it inside and sets it up. Punk puts Bryan over the table and gets in a few forearm shots to the chest. Punk is up top, Bryan gets off the table and crotches Punk. Bryan with big right hands to Punk, gets up on top over Punk, Punk counters and crotches Bryan on the corner. Punk drives elbows into the neck of Bryan. Punk with a back suplex on Bryan and they both fall back crashing through the table! Punk covers Bryan, AJ counts the pinfall and Punk gets the win.

Winner and still WWE Champion: CM Punk

After the match, AJ hands CM Punk the WWE Championship and he jumps up on the corner celebrating his win. Punk continues to salute the fans on the corners of the ring.

Ryback vs. Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks

Curt Hawkins starts first and is immediately face planted by Ryback during a lock up. Ryback drops Hawkins down face first launching him in the air. Tag to Tyler Reks as he drops Ryback off the top rope. Reks with a quick clothesline to Ryback. Reks with some big stomps and kicks keeping Ryback grounded. Tag back to Hawkins. Hawkins with some big knees and then a big stomp over the chest of Ryback. Reks with a few more shots, tag back to Hawkins and Reks scoop slams Hawkins over Ryback. Hawkins with more kicks and tag back to Reks. Reks with shots and quick tag to Hawkins. Reks and Hawkins with a front face slam on Ryback. Tag to Reks and Ryback with a few shoulder charges in the corner. Ryback with a spinebuster to Hawkins. Ryback grabs Hawkins and lifts him up and back down in a big powerbomb. Ryback sends Hawkins over the top rope and then takes out Reks with a huge clothesline. Ryback puts Reks on his shoulders, marches around and then drops Reks back with force. Ryback with the cover on Reks for the win.

Winner: Ryback

After the match, Ryback screams, "!" The crowd in Phoenix chants along.

Layla, Kaitlyn and Tamina Snuka vs. Beth Phoenix, Natalya and Eve Torres

Tamina and Natalya start things off. Tamina with a quick hip toss and chest chop. Tag to Kaitlyn who hits a quick backbreaker on Natalya. Tag to Beth Phoenix. Beth slaps Kaitlyn and Kaitlyn slaps her back. Beth tags in Eve who takes a slap from Kaitlyn as well. Kaitlyn with a cross-body on Eve. Eve with a kick from the second rope on Kaitlyn. Tag to Beth who chokes Kaitlyn on the middle rope. Beth misses a splash and tag to Layla. Layla drops Beth down face first, hits a clothesline and big kick to the face. Layla with a cross-body from the corner on Beth. Layla misses a big swinging kick, Beth lifts up Layla, Layla escapes down and goes into a pinfall that gets broken up. All the girls jump in the ring and we have a big brawl. Tamina with a kick to Beth. Layla with a neckbreaker and gets the cover.

Winners: WWE Divas Champion Layla, Kaitlyn and Tamina Snuka

A promo for WWE Summerslam on August 19 airs.

"Money in the Bank" Ladder Match for the WWE Title Contract
Kane vs. Chris Jericho vs. The Miz vs. Big Show vs. John Cena

We start with John Cena going after Big Show and Chris Jericho going after Kane. Cena is able to toss Big Show over the top rope quickly. Big Show then tosses Cena into the steel ring steps and then sends Jericho into a ladder in the entrance aisle. In the ring, Miz is setting up a ladder under the briefcase. Cena cuts him off and Big Show jumps in taking out both. Big Show then knocks Jericho off the ring apron. Kane is back in and he exchanges shots with Big Show. Big Show with a big scoop slam on Kane. Miz comes off the top rope and Big Show swats him away with ease. Jericho in with a ladder and Big Show swats that away as well. Jericho with a Codebreaker on Big Show, Miz with a DDT on Big Show and Kane big boots Big Show over the top rope to the outside. Cena sees Big Show topple over the top rope at ringside and starts clearing off the Spanish announce table. Cena gets Big Show up on his shoulders and gives him an FU through the Spanish announce table! Big Show is then covered in a mountain of ladders by Cena, Kane and Miz.

Jericho then walks up and catches Kane and Miz with a ladder. Jericho tosses his ladder over Big Show. Jericho sets up a ladder under the briefcase, Miz gets Jericho on his shoulders, Jericho counters out and applies the Walls of Jericho on Miz. Jericho then kicks a ladder in the face of Kane. Jericho with a quick suplex on Miz. Jericho puts a ladder on top of a corner and uses it to get in a shot on Cena. Miz is climbing up the ladder and Jericho cuts him off. Jericho sends Miz face first into the top of the ladder. Jericho is climbing up, reaches, Cena cuts him off and throws him face first into the top of the ladder. Jericho falls off. Cena remains at the top. Miz pulls Cena down and connects with a big DDT. Miz climbs up, gets his hand on the briefcase and Kane launches a ladder at Miz. Miz falls off. Kane is climbing up and Jericho cuts him off. Kane grabs Miz as well. Miz and Jericho with a double suplex on Kane over a ladder. Cena with shoulder blocks to Miz and Jericho. Cena scoop slams Miz over a ladder and then does the same to Jericho over a ladder as well.

Cena with Five Knuckle Shuffles on Miz and Jericho. Cena with an FU on Kane over Miz on the ladder. Jericho then launches a ladder into the face of Cena who goes flying out of the ring. Jericho drops a ladder over Cena at ringside and returns to the ring. Jericho is setting up a ladder when we see the giant Big Show emerge from under the ladders he was buried under. Big Show rips the brace off a ladder and pushes Jericho over. Big Show puts Jericho inside a ladder and closes it a few times over his back. Big Show tears the ladder off the hinge and then drops it over the back of Jericho. Big Show tosses another ladder in the face of Kane and then tosses it on Kane at ringside. Big Show with a huge chop to Miz sending him back out through the ropes. Big Show drops a ladder over Miz. Cena is back in with a ladder. Big Show cuts him off and executes a big body shot. Big Show then brings in a huge reinforced ladder that he puts under the briefcase in the ring. Kane is climbing up the other side. Big Show with a knockout punch to Kane sending him flying off.

Cena jumps up and connects with right hands. Big Show with a headbutt to send Cena off. Jericho with a steel chair shot to the back of Big Show. Jericho with a few more shots to send Big Show off the huge ladder. Cena and Jericho are now climbing up the ladder. Jericho with rights to Cena. Cena has Jericho up on his shoulders at the top of the ladder. Jericho takes Cena's back and gets a sleeper applied. Cena tries to fight the sleeper reaching up, but Jericho keeps it locked in and Cena is out. Miz jumps up and Jericho fights him off. Cena falls off the ladder. Jericho reaches up and nearly has the briefcase. Miz jumps up and has the briefcase as well. Jericho and Miz are fighting over the briefcase. Jericho is holding the cable. Miz headbutts him away and Jericho holds on to the cable dangling above the ring. Jericho grabs the ladder and Miz tries to suplex him off. Jericho with right hands to Miz. Big Show is now climbing up and gives Jericho a big knockout punch. Big Show tosses Miz off. Cena jumps up. Cena uses the briefcase to block a knockout punch from Big Show. The briefcase breaks free and Cena has it. Cena hits Big Show over the head to send him flying and gets the win.

Winner of a shot at the WWE Championship: John Cena

After the match, John Cena stands on top of the ladder holding up the briefcase. We see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Cena is continuing to celebrate as we see shots of Jericho and Miz in pain at ringside. The PPV goes off the air with Cena walking off with the "Money in the Bank" briefcase.


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