The Mecca
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
June 23, 1996
Attendance: 13,000

At the Pay-Per-View
  Jake "The Snake" Roberts    
    Jake "The Snake" Roberts  
      Stonecold Steve Austin
  Stonecold Steve Austin    
    Stonecold Steve Austin  
  Wildman Marc Mero    



Wildman Marc Mero vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
Semi-Final Match

Stone Cold Steve Austin won



Jake "The Snake" Roberts vs. Vader
Semi-Final Match

Jake "The Snake" Roberts won because Vader was disqualified by throwing the referee



The Godwins with Hillbilly Jim and two goats vs. The Smoking Gunns (WWF Tag Team Champs) with Sunny

The Smoking Gunns won and kept the belts



Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. The Ultimate Warrior

Ultimate Warrior won, even though he was checked a lot



Mankind vs. The Undertaker with Paul Bearer

Mankind won using the Mandible Claw



Goldust (WWF Intercontinental Champion) with Marlena vs. Ahmed Johnson

Ahmed Johnson won to become the new champion



Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Jake "The Snake" Roberts
Final King of the Ring Match

Steve Austin won to become the new King of the Ring



Shawn Michaels (WWF Heavyweight Champion) vs. British Bulldog with Jim Cornette, Dianna, and Clarence Mason

Shawn Michaels won to remain being champion

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