Providence Civic Center
Providence, Rhode Island
June 8, 1997
Attendance: 9,312


Hunter Hearst-Helmsley    
Ahmed Johnson    
    Hunter Hearst-Helmsley
Jerry Lawler    


The Headbangers vs. Bart Gunn and Jesse James
Free-For-All Match
Bart Gunn gets pinned after a stage dive, giving the Headbangers the victory.



Hunter Hearst-Helmsley with Chyna vs. Ahmed Johnson
King of the Ring Semi-Final Match
Thanks to distraction from Chyna, Triple H hits Ahmed with the pedigree to advance to the finals of the KOTR tournament.



Mankind vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler
King of the Ring Semi-Final Match
A lot of fighting on the outside in this match. Mankind reverses a Piledriver from The King, and puts on the mandible claw to score a submission victory.



Crush vs. Goldust with Marlena
D'Lo Brown comes out to attack Goldust, but is thwarted off. Goldust wins with a DDT.



Owen Hart, Jim Neidhart, and British Bulldog vs. Legion of Doom and Sid
Sid tries to Powerbomb the Bulldog, but Owen Hart comes off the top with a sunset flip, pinning the big man for an upset victory.



Hunter Hearst-Helmsley with Chyna vs. Mankind
King of the Ring Tournament Final
Triple H pedigrees Mankind through the table, and then Chyna hits him with the scepter. HHH hits another pedigree to win the King of the Ring. Afterwards, Triple H is coordinated, but breaks his crown by smashing it across Mankind's back.



"Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs. Shawn Michaels
These two men are the tag team champions, going against one another. After these two fight all over the place, knocking out two referees in the process, a third referee comes out to disqualify both men. That doesn't stop them, though, as Michaels and Austin continue to brawl.



The Undertaker (WWF Champion) vs. Faarooq with the Nation of Domination
Savio Vega and Crush argue outside the ring, which gets Faarooq distracted. Undertaker tombstones Faarooq, and retains the title

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