Boston, Massachusetts
June 25, 2000

King of the Ring Tournament

Kurt Angle          
June 1, 2000 Angle        
  June 19, 2000 Angle      
Buh Buh Ray Dudley          
June 11, 2000 B Dudley        
The Big Boss Man          
Chris Jericho          
June 8, 2000 Jericho        
  June 19, 2000 Jericho      
Grandmaster Sexay          
June 15, 2000 Edge        
Crash Holly          
June 1, 2000 C Holly        
  June 19, 2000 C Holly      
Hardcore Holly          
June 5, 2000 H Holly        
      C Holly    
Bull Buchanan          
May 29, 2000 Buchanan        
Steve Blackman          
  June 18, 2000 Buchanan      
June 11, 2000 Saturn        
D'Von Dudley          
Shane McMahon          
May 29, 2000 Rikishi        
  June 19, 2000 Rikishi      
Scotty 2 Hotty          
June 15, 2000 2 Hotty        
D'Lo Brown          
The Road Dogg          
June 5, 2000 Benoit        
Chris Benoit          
  June 19, 2000 Benoit      
June 12, 2000 X-Pac        
Dean Malenko          
Val Venis          
June 4, 2000 Venis        
Al Snow          
  June 18, 2000 Venis      
Jeff Hardy          
June 12, 2000 J Hardy        
Eddy Guerrero          
June 8, 2000 Guerrero        
Matt Hardy          
  June 19, 2000 Guerrero      
June 4, 2000 Chyna        
The Godfather          



Too Cool (WWF Tag Team Champions) vs. T & A vs. The Hardy Boyz vs. Edge & Christian
Elimination Match

Jeff Hardy opened the match up with Albert. Albert picked up Jeff and gorilla press slammed him. Jeff ran to the outside, Albert followed, and Jeff got back in and tagged Matt. Albert knocked down Matt and tagged Test. T&A picked up Matt and dropped him face first to the mat. Test went for a pump handle, but Matt countered. He went for the Twist of Fate, but Trish distracted him. Matt took a shot at Trish, then Lita took Trish down. T&A went after Lita. Jeff hit the Swan Ton Bomb on Test and Matt pinned him to eliminate T&A. Matt Hardy was in the ring with Christian, when Matt nailed Christian with a right hand and leg drop off the second rope. Matt tagged Jeff. Jeff kicked Christian in the face. Edge came in and got taken down by The Hardy Boyz. Edge and Jeff took each other down with clotheslines. Lita took Edge down with a head scissors takeover. Moments later, Matt gave Christian the Twist of Fate, but Edge pulled him out of the ring. Jeff went for the Swan Ton Bomb, but Edge pulled him off the top rope and dropped his throat across it. Christian executed his finishing move on Matt, and then pinned him to eliminate The Hardy Boyz. Too Cool double-clotheslined Christian. Christian took Scotty down with a Russian leg sweep soon after. Edge and Christian then splashed Scotty. Scotty gave Christian an elbow and then a clothesline. Scotty tagged Grandmaster Sexay and Christian tagged Edge. Grandmaster sent Edge into the corner and sent Christian into him. Edge's head feel into Christian's testicles, and Grandmaster powerbombed Edge. Edge and Christian went for a double Worm on Grandmaster, but Scotty came in and took both of them down and gave Edge The Worm. Grandmaster nailed Edge with a leg drop, but Christian hit Grandmaster with a tag belt while the referee had his back turned.



Pat Patterson (WWF Hardcore Champion) vs. Gerald Brisco
Hardcore Evening Gown Match

Patterson kissed ring announcer Howard Finkel and then got on the mic and told Brisco that he looks like an old drag queen. Patterson then said he'd lie down for Brisco and let him win. Patterson then kicked Brisco and the match started. Patterson put Brisco in the corner and put a maxi pad in his face. Brisco then gave Patterson a low blow. Brisco then gave Patterson the Bronco Buster and then Crash Holly came in and stripped Brisco and Patterson down to their bra and panties. Crash then pinned Patterson to regain the Hardcore Title. After the match, Brisco and Patterson wrestled in the aisle.



The Dudley Boyz vs. X-Pac, The Road Dogg and Tori
Handicap Table / Dumpster Match

The Dudleys quickly ran in the ring and DX quickly ran out of the ring. The Road Dogg and Buh Buh Ray opened the match. Buh Buh went after Tori, but Road Dogg stopped him and punched him in the corner. Seconds later, Road Dogg took a superkick from Buh Buh, and then a clothesline from the middle rope. Buh Buh then tagged D'Von. Road Dogg tagged X-Pac. D'Von took X-Pac down with a clothesline, but X-Pac slammed D'Von's face into the dumpster and then tagged Tori. Tori kicked D'Von and then tagged Road Dogg, who got in a few shots and then tagged X-Pac back in. D'Von took both Road Dogg and X-Pac down. D'Von then tagged Buh Buh. Buh Buh took X-Pac down with his Full Nelson Slam. D'Von gave all three all three members of DX head butts to the balls, except for Tori, he gave her a head butt to the groin. The referee was attending to Tori as Road Dogg and X-Pac put Buh Buh and D'Von in the dumpster. The match should've been over, but the Dudleys got out of the dumpster before the referee could see they were in it. Moments later, the Dudley's stacked up two tables on the outside and Buh Buh powerbombed Road Dogg through them to eliminate him. D'Von superplexed X-Pac through a table, leaving Tori to be eliminated. Tori got in the dumpster to hide. The Dudleys went after her. Road Dogg and X-Pac hit the Dudleys with chairs, knocking them in the dumpster and ending the match. Road Dogg and X-Pac didn't realize that Tori was still in the dumpster. They tried to save her, but got the 3D. Buh Buh then gave Tori the Powerbomb, off the top rope, through the table.


Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon and Triple H vs. Kane, The Undertaker and The Rock
If Vince, Shane, or Triple H Wins, the King of the Ring Winner Gets a Title Shot, if The Rock, Undertaker or Kane win, the pinner gets the championship from Triple H

Shane started things off with a cheap shot on Kane. Kane stood and looked at Shane and challenged him. Kane gave Shane a free shot on him. Shane hit a right hand and did not stagger Kane. Shane popped a few left hands, but Kane grabbed him and held him over his head by his neck. Kane threw Shane into the corner. Shane slipped to the outside, but the Undertaker threw him back into the ring. Shane came off the ropes, avoided Kane once, but the second time was caught him a clothesline. Kane the military pressed Shane over his head. Kane went for a Chokeslam, but Vince hit him in the back. Kane caught both of them. HHH came in, but him and the Rock had a stare down. The Rock told HHH to "Just Bring It." Shane came in and shoved the Rock into HHH who hit a clothesline. Shane drove his shoulder into The Rock's ribs and followed with bodyshots in the corner. The Rock got pissed off and started nailing Shane. The Rock threw Shane over the top to the outside. The Undertaker tagged in. The Undertaker pummeled Shane in the corner. The Undertaker hit a Chokeslam on Shane, but the Rock came in and pulled the Undertaker off of Shane. HHH came in and went to work on the Undertaker. The Undertaker fought back with body shots and then the Undertaker hit a big back bodydrop. The Undertaker whipped HHH off the ropes and hit him with a boot to the face. The Undertaker hit a DDT on HHH and went for the cover, however, Kane pulled off the Undertaker. The Undertaker got in Kane's face, but the Rock tagged himself in. The Rock pulled Shane back into the ring. The Rock took Shane down and then knocked HHH and Vince off the apron. The Rock went off the ropes, but HHH pulled down the rope and The Rock fell to the outside. The Faction went to work on the Rock. All six men now fought on the outside. The Rock cleared off the US announce table. Kane beat on Shane in the entrance way. HHH and The Rock got back in the ring. HHH hit a Pedigree on the Rock. HHH went for the cover, but The Undertaker broke it up. HHH and the Undertaker fought on the outside. The Undertaker threw HHH into the ring post. The Undertaker rolled HHH back into the ring. They both got to their feet, but HHH hit the Rock with a clothesline. HHH stomped on The Rock in the corner. Vince choked the Rock in the corner. Shane tagged in and stomped on the Rock in the corner. He whipped the Rock off the ropes and hit a spinning back elbow. Shane hit dancing left hands. Shane went for a right, but the Rock blocked. HHH cheap shotted the Rock. Vince tagged in and stomped on the Rock a few times. HHH tagged back in and suplexed the Rock. HHH came out of the corner and dropped the knee on the Rock's head. HHH went to the top rope, but the Rock caught him with a right hand. The Rock came off the ropes, but missed a clothesline and HHH hit a neckbreaker. HHH went for a cover, but Kane broke it up. Vince tagged back in. Vince went over and slapped Kane in the face. The Rock started to fight back and hit both Shane and HHH, but Vince low blowed the Rock. HHH tagged back in and Vince instructed him to finish him off. The Rock went to work with a series of right hands to take HHH down. The Rock followed with a Samoan Drop. Shane and Vince got in, but The Undertaker and Kane took them to the outside. Undertaker worked on Shane, while Kane worked on Vince. HHH came off the ropes, and hit a face buster on the Rock. HHH came off the ropes again, but The Rock caught him with a spine buster. The Rock went for the People's Elbow, but Kane grabbed the Rock and chokeslammed him! HHH went to congratulate Kane, however, Kane grabbed HHH and Tombstoned Him, but The Undertaker pulled Kane out of the ring. The Undertaker got a chair and knocked out Kane. Shane went to the top rope, but the Undertaker got up on the apron. The Undertaker chokeslammed Shane off the top rope through the Spanish Announce Table! In the ring, Vince went for the People's Elbow on the Rock. However, The Rock got up and Rock Bottomed Vince McMahon. The Rock made the cover and got the pin. The Rock is the new WWF Champion. On the outside, HHH went crazy as he lost the WWF title and wasn't involved in the pinfall. The Rock celebrated in the ring as the Undertaker and Kane looked on in anger.

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