June 24, 2001
East Ruthersford, New Jersey



King of the Ring Tournament

On RAW/Smackdown At Pay-Per-View
Kurt Angle        
June 7, 2001 Angle      
Hardcore Holly        
  June 18, 2001 Angle    
Matt Hardy        
June 4, 2001 J Hardy      
Jeff Hardy        
June 14, 2001 Big Show      
The Big Show        
  June 18, 2001 Christian    
June 11, 2001 Christian      
June 4, 2001 Rhyno      
  June 18, 2001 Rhyno    
June 14, 2001 Tajiri      
Perry Saturn        
June 11, 2001 Saturn      
Steve Blackman        
  June 18, 2001 Edge    
June 7, 2001 Edge      


Diamond Dallas Page starts off the show coming to the ring to talk about being the Stalker. He has a ticket for tonight and will be at Madison Square Garden tomorrow holding a sign that says "Make Me Famous" with an arrow pointing down.



Kurt Angle vs Christian
King ot the Ring Semi-FInal Match

During the match Shane McMahon comes out and Angle misses a Moonsault. Christian does his finishing move, but as the referee counts, Shane pulls Christian out of the ring. Angle then does an Olympic Slam to get the win and advance.



Diamond Dallas Page is interviewed by Paul Heyman, followed by footage of someone stalking him.



Edge vs Rhyno
King ot the Ring Semi-FInal Match

The match ends up on the outside for a while. Rhyno takes off the turnbuckle pad and Edge is thrown into it. Rhyno does a Big Splash off the top, but Rhyno does a Gore as Edge does a Spear at the same time! Rhyno misses a Gore and hits the bare turnbuckle. An Impaler by Edge then gives him the win.



The Dudley Boyz (WWF Tag Team Champions) vs Spike Dudley & A Mystery Partner

Spike's partner is Kane! During the match Kane throws Spike onto the Dudleys. Kane does a jump off the top rope, but Spike only gets the two count. Spike does a Dudley Dog on Buh Buh Ray, but only gets a two. A Whazzup Head Drop doesn't result in a pin, but a 3D on Spike does--by Buh Buh Ray. The Dudleys remain champions. After the match Kane Powerbombs D-Von and Chokeslams Buh Buh Ray through a table.



More stalker footage of Diamond Dallas Page was shown, but DDP is ready for the Undertaker.



Kurt Angle vs Edge
King ot the Ring FInal Match

Angle starts off by asking Edge to forfeit the match since they are friends and he has to wrestle Shane later on in the night. Edge objects by attacking Angle. Angle does a Belly to Belly Suplex to throw Edge out of the ring. Christian comes out and distracts the referee, but the referee soon gets knocked out. Angle does an Ankle Lock, but there is no referee. Shane comes out and Spears Angle and Edge does the Impaler and gets the win to become the 2001 King of the Ring.



Jeff Hardy (WWF Light Heavyweight Champion) vs X-Pac

X-Pac gets a three count but as the referee gets up, he sees Jeff's leg on the rope so the match continues. However, a Swanton Bomb by Jeff gives him the win to retain the championship.



More stalker footage is shown, followed by Diamond Dallas Page in the ring calling out The Undertaker. More footage is shown, which shows that Sara is stalking DDP. The Undertaker comes out and the two fight, while Sara comes out and videotapes them. DDP uses a chair and they fight to the commentator's table. DDP left in the middle of the fight through the crowd.



Kurt Angle vs Shane McMahon
Street Fight

Shane starts the match with a Spear and soon Angle is bleeding. Shane jumps off the guard rail onto Angle twice. Shane uses the Kendo Stick and then gets more weapons to use. He puts an Ankle Lock on Angle, followed by a Sharpshooter. Shane uses a trash can, but then misses a Shooing Star Press and lands on the trash can. They fight to the enterance way and Shane is Suplexed through a glass part of the set and then is thrown through another glass part of it. He ends up bleeding, as does Angle. Angle wheels Shane back to the ring. Shane manages a Low Blow and an Angle Slam on Angle. However, Angle uses a piece of wood to make a platform off the top turnbuckle to allow him to do an Angle Slam and get the win.



Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho vs Steve Austin (WWF Heavyweight Champion)
Triple Threat Match

Benoit and Jericho starts off fighting together against Austin, but it doens't last long. Austin takes off the turnbuckle cover. During the match, one man is knocked out so it ends up one on one. While Jericho is knocked out, Benoit Stunners Ausitn and hits him with the belt. Benoit gets knocked out and Jericho gets up. Steve Austin Superplexes Jericho off the top. Benoit does five German Suplexes. Both Chrises do the Walls of Jericho and the Crossface to make Austin submit, however, the referee says one man has to win, so the match continues. Benoit does a Crossface on Jericho. Booker T from WCW comes out of the crowd and throws Austin through the Spanish commentator's table. Jericho does the Walls of Jericho on Benoit. Benoit does a Headbutt of the Top Rope but as the referee counts, Jericho pulls him out of the ring. All three end up in the ring on their backs, while Austin crawls over to Benoit and gets the three count to retain his title.