Toronto, Ontario, Canada
April 1, 1990
Attendance: 67,678



The Model Rick Martell vs. Koko B Ware

Martell got Koko to submit to win the opening match at WrestleMania VI


Demolition vs. The Colossal Connection (Haku and Andre the Giant) (WWF Tag Team Champions) with Bobby Heenan

Andre was kicked accidently by Haku, which got him stuck in the ropes.  Ax pinned Haku after a Demolition Decapitation to win the Tag Team Titles.  Heenan belittled Andre and he got mad, attacked Heenan and Haku and left ringside alone.


Earthquake with Jimmy Hart vs. Hercules

Earthquake got the win after Hercules missed a Backbreaker


Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake vs. Mr. Perfect with The Genius

Even though Perfect dominated the match, Beefcake managed to Slingshot Perfect into the corner and pin him.


Roddy Piper vs. Bad News Brown

Roddy Piper came to ringside with half of his body painted black.  The match ended in a double countout.


The Hart Foundation (Jim Neidhart and Bret Hart) vs. The Bolsheviks (Nikolai Volkoff and Boris Zhukov)

The Bolsheviks started to sing the Soviet National Anthem, but the Hart Foundation attacked them during it.  Bret Hart pinned Boris for the win in only 19 seconds!


Tito Santana vs. The Barbarian with Bobby Heenan

The Barbarian got the win over Santana.


"The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire with Miss Elizabeth vs. "The Macho King" Randy Savage and Queen Sherri
Mixed Tag Match

Sapphire managed to pin Sherri with the help of Elizabeth.


The Orient Express (Tanaka and Sato) with Mr. Fuji vs. The Rockers (Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty)

Jannetty went after Mr. Fuji on the outside and was doused with the ceremonial salt in his face.  The allowed the referee to count him out. 


Dino Bravo with Jimmy Hart and Earthquake vs. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan

Duggan got the 2 x 4 from Hart and used it on Bravo, getting the win.  Earthquake then destroyed Duggan for that.


"Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase with Virgil vs. Jake "The Snake" Roberts

DiBiase got the win with a countout from Roberts, which allowed DiBiase to get his Million Dollar Championship Belt back.


The Big Boss Man vs. Akeem with Slick

Akeem lost by pinfall, even though the Boss Man was attacked before the match began by DiBiase.


Rhythm and Blues (The Honky Tonk Man and Greg "The Hammer" Valentine) sang their new single "Honky Love" after being driven out to the ring in a pink Cadillac.  Before they could finish the song, the Bushwhackers attacked them.


"Ravishing" Rick Rude with Bobby Heenan vs. "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka

Rude got the quick win with a pinfall


The Ultimate Warrior (WWF Intercontinental Champion) vs. Hulk Hogan (WWF Heavyweight Champion)
Title for Title Match

As Hogan went for his Legdrop, the Warrior moved out of the way and then got the pin!  He won both championships.

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