Los Angeles Sports Arena
Los Angeles, California
March 24, 1991
Attendance: 15,500


Hulk Hogan vs. Sgt. Slaughter (WWF Champion) with General Adnon

Hulk Hogan won the WWF Heavyweight Belt for the third time



The Macho King Randy Savage with Sensational Sherry vs. The Ultimate Warrior
Career Ending Match

The Macho King lost and was forced to end his career. Then Sherry was beating up the king until Miss Elizabeth came in and helped him out



The Hart Foundation (WWF Tag Team Champions) vs. The Nasty Boys with Jimmy Hart

The Nasty Boys won and became new WWF Tag Team Champs with the help of Jimmy Hart's motorcycle helmet



Virgil vs. Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase

Virgil won by a count out. Then DiBiase beat up Virgil with a crutch, and Roddy Piper came to help Virgil, while Sherry came to help Ted



Mr. Perfect (Intercontinental Champion) with Bobby Heenan vs. The Big Boss Man

Perfect was disqualified when Haku and the Barbarian came to the ring. Andre the Giant was at ringside during the match



Jake "The Snake" Roberts vs. Rick "The Model" Martel
Blindfold Match

Jake Roberts won this match with a DDT



Superfly Jimmy Snuka vs. The Undertaker with Paul Bearer

The Undertaker won with a Tombstone Piledriver



Tito Santana vs. The Mountie

The Mountie used the Cattle prod illegally to win



Greg "The Hammer" Valentine vs. Earthquake with Jimmy Hart

Earthquake won with the vertical splash



Texas Tornado vs. Dino Bravo

Texas Tornado won with the Spinning Tornado Punch



Tenryu & Kitao with Mr. Fuji vs. Demolition (Smash and Crush)

Demolition lost after Smash was Power Bombed



The British Bulldog vs. The Warlord

The British Bulldog beat the Warlord with a Powerslam



The Rockers vs. Barbarian & Haku

The Rockers won with a Cross-Body Block



Legion of Doom vs. Power & Glory

The Legion of Doom pinned Paul Roma after a Doomsday Device



Celebrities Included:

Willie Nelson--Sang "America the Beautiful"
Alex Trebek--Special Ring Announcer
Marla Maples
Regis Philbin
Donald Trump
Henry Winkler
Chuck Norris
Lou Ferrigno

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