Rosemont Horizon
Chicago, Illinois
March 23, 1997
Attendance: 18,197


Flash Funk with Funkettes (Tracy and Nadine) vs. Billy Gunn
Free For All Match

Billy Gunn won after a Tornado DDT


The Godwins vs. The Headbangers vs. Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon vs. New Blackjacks
Four Corners Elimination Match

The New Blackjacks were disqualified when Blackjack Bradshaw pushed the referee. Furnas and Lafon were counted out just after the disqualification. One of the Headbangers pinned Phineas Godwin. The Headbangers won and won a chance to face the tag champs on Raw the next day.



The Sultan with Bob Backlund and the Iron Sheik vs. Rocky Maivia (Intercontinental Champion)

Rocky pinned the Sultan. He was then attacked with his belt. Backlund and the Sheik were attacking, then Rocky's father, Rocky Johnson, came out to save his son.



Hunter Hearst-Helmsley with Chyna vs. Goldust with Marlena

As Marlena is up on the ring apron, she is knocked into Chyna's arms where she is bearhugged and her bones are almost broken. Hunter then Pedigrees Goldust to win.



Vader and Mankind vs. The British Bulldog and Owen Hart (WWF Tag Team Champions)

Both Mankind and the British Bulldog end up being counted out. The Bulldog and Owen Hart retain their championship belts.



Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart
Submission Match--Referee: Ken Shamrock

Bret Hart throws Austin into the barricade and Austin gets busted open. Bret puts Austin into a Figure Four Leg Lock on the ring post. As Steve Austin is bleeding heavily, he is put into the Sharpshooter and he passes out. The referee ends the match.



The Nation (Faarooq, Savio Vega, and Crush) vs. Legion of Doom and Ahmed Johnson
Chicago Street Fight

This is a brutal battle with many weapons and every member of the Nation attacking. They use a rope with a noose to strangle people. Animal pins Crush for the win. Then he does a Double-Doomsday Device on the two rappers.



The Undertaker vs. Sid (WWF Heavyweight Champion)

Shawn Michaels is commentating during the match. Before the match begins, Bret Hart comes out. He talks a little bit and then Sid Powerbombs him. They make the match into a No Disqualification Match. Bret Hart comes out again later and uses a chair on Sid. After Hart attacks him again, The Undertaker does a Tombstone on him for the pin to become the new WWF Heavyweight Champion.



Lou Albano
Tony Atlas
Honky Tonk Man
Arnold Skaaland
Rocky Johnson

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