Over the Edge

Milwaukee Arena
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
May 31, 1998


Stonecold Steve Austin (WWF Champion) vs. Dude Love
Referee: Vince McMahon, Time Keeper: Gerald Briscoe, Ring Announcer: Pat Patterson

The match became a falls count anywhere match. Steve Austin won with a Stunner. The Undertaker was in Austin's corner. The Undertaker and Austin attacked all of them, on the commentator's tables and the cars that were at the entrance.



Owen Hart, D-Lo Brown, and Kama Mustafa vs. Billy Gunn, The Road Dogg, and Triple H

The Nation defeated Degeneration-X when Owen Hart pinned Triple H after a Pedigree.



Rocky Maivia (WWF Intercontinental Champion) vs. Faarooq
The Nation is barred from being at ringside

The Rock, with his feet on the rope, pinned Faarooq, then everyone got into the ring.



Jeff Jarrett (with Tennessee Lee) vs. Steve Blackman

Jeff Jarrett defeated Steve Blackman after Tennessee Lee hit Blackman with one of his sticks that he used before the match



Kane (with Paul Bearer) vs. Vader
The loser will loose their mask

Kane defeated Vader with a tombstone and Vader took off his mask. In a ringside interview, Vader says that he is "a big piece of s**t," and that "Vader time may be over."



LOD 2000 (with Sunny) vs. 8-Ball and Skull

Puke hit one of LOD 2000's opponents and Hawk used a Powerslam to win.


Marc Mero vs. An Opponent that Sable Chose
If Mero wins, then Sable will leave the WWF forever

Marc Mero defeated Sable's person, which was herself, Sable. She went for a pin, but he turned it over and pinned her. Is she out of the WWF?



Taka Mitchinoku and Bradshaw vs. Kaientai
Handicap Match

Kaientai won with Dick Togo pinning Taka with a Senton Bomb

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