Kansas City, Missouri
Attendance: 18,244
May 23, 1999



X-Pac and Kane (WWF Tag Team Champions) vs. D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry with Ivory

Kane pinned Mark Henry after a Chokeslam.



Bob Holly vs. Al Snow (WWF Hardcore Champion) with Head and Pierre

Al uses a fire extinguisher on Bob. They end up in the women's restroom. Al Snow managed to win his match and retain his championship.



The Blue Blazer vs. The Godfather (WWF Intercontinental Champion)

The Blue Blazer was going to make an entrance from the rafters. When the show came to the ring, he was down, and the EMT's are checking him. His harness may have broken or some other technical difficulty occurred. The EMT's took him away. It was later revealed that Owen Hart had died as a result of the fall.



Val Venis and Nicole Bass vs. Jeff Jarrett and Debra (WWF Women's Champion)

Val Venis won with the Money Shot.



Billy Gunn vs. Road Dogg

Billy Gunn used the Time Keeper's hammer on the Road Dogg. Billy Gunn did the Fame-Ass-Her and held the tights for the win.



The Corporate Ministry (Big Bossman, Viscera, Acolytes) vs. The Union (Mankind, Big Show, Test, Ken Shamrock)
8-Man Elimination Tag Match

Bradshaw pinned Test. Bradshaw tapped out to Ken Shamrock's Leg Lock. The Big Show pinned the Faarooq after the Showstopper. Ken Shamrock was disqualified. The Big Show and Viscera were counted out. Mankind ends up as the sole survivor



The Rock vs. Triple H with Chyna

The Rock was assaulted just moments before the match began. Triple H busts off the Rock's cast. Chyna attacks The Rock. The referee disqualified Triple H for brutally attacking the Rock. Chyna and Triple H continue to attack the Rock, but he manages to Rock Bottom Triple H and give the People's Elbow with a chair on Triple H.



The Undertaker vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin (WWF Heavyweight Champion)
Special Referee: Shane McMahon

Vince McMahon was attacked during a match on Heat, so he couldn't be the referee, but Pat Patterson came out to take his place. The Undertaker chokeslammed Pat before the match began. Paul Bearer took off his shoe and hit Steve Austin. Shane didn't count the three for the pin for Austin. Austin threw the Undertaker into Shane. Gerald Briscoe came out to count. Austin only got a two! Vince McMahon comes out limping! Shane fast-counted The Undertaker to let him become the new champion!


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