Freedom Hall
Louisville, Kentucky
May 21, 2000


Kurt Angle, Edge, and Christian vs. Too Cool and Rikishi

Scotty did a Moonwalk. Grandmaster's pants fell off. Edge goes for the Worm, but Scotty puts it on Kurt Angle. Rikishi was attacked with a bell. Grandmaster did the Hip Hop Drop on Edge and got the pin. They then dance for us.



Eddy Guerrero (WWF European Champion) with Chyna vs. Perry Saturn vs. Dean Malenko

Chyna trips Malenko, with his head landing on her flowers. Guerrero gets the pin to remain champion. A lead pipe was found inside the flowers.



Shane McMahon vs. The Big Show
Falls Count Anywhere

The Big Bossman came out and hit the Big Show with his nightstick. T & A come out and hit the Big Show with chairs, but he knocks them out. Trish Stratus low blows the Show. He throws her to the outside. Shane was thrown into the entranceway by the Big Show. The Big Show pulls a part of the entranceway, but he is hit by it. Bull Buchanan comes out, but is knocked out. Shane hits The Big Show's leg with one of the large speakers, and then he breaks a cinder block over the head of the Big Show. He gets the win.



Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit (WWF Intercontinental Champion)
Submission Match

The turnbuckle pad was taken off. Jericho took Benoit's metal brace off, and hit Benoit with it. Benoit applies the Crippler Crossface on Jericho. Jericho is turning blue, and finally the bell is rung, giving the win to Benoit; he retained his championship. Apparently he passed out.



Road Dogg and X-Pac with Tori vs. Dudley Boyz
Tag Team Table Elimination Match

DX goes to leave the arena, but the Dudleyz bring them back to the ring. X-Pac does a Broncobuster on D-Von. D-Von was put through a table by Road Dogg. He is eliminated. Buh Buh Ray Powerbombs X-Pac through a table. The referee was put through a table. Gerry Briscoe comes out. A 3D on Road Dogg through a table, but the referee is knocked out. Buh Buh Ray gets Tori but keeps the Dudley's from putting her through a table. An X-Factor puts Buh Buh Ray, with the referee waking up, giving the win to the Road Dogg and X-Pac. D-Von attacks Briscoe, and a table is brought into the ring. They 3D him through a table.



Triple H vs. The Rock (WWF Heavyweight Champion)
Sixty Minute Iron Man Match--Referee: Shawn Michaels

Shane, Vince and Stephanie come out with Triple H but Triple H has them leave ringside. The Rock got a Rock Bottom and a pin at 10:39. The Rock puts on a Figure Four Leg Lock on Triple H. Triple H Bodydrops The Rock onto the announcers table. The Rock pushes Triple H's knees into the steel stairs. Triple H counters a Figure Four Leg Lock into a Pedigree. He then gets a pin at 25:20. An Inside Cradle at 26:20 gives Triple H his second pinfall (the Rock has one). Triple H does a Piledriver on The Rock. He gets a pin at 32:10. (Triple H--3; Rock--1). The Rock DDT's Triple H and gets a pin at 40:20 (Triple H--3; Rock 2). Triple H goes to use a chair, but Shawn Michaels stops him. Triple H uses a chair and is disqualified at 43:20 (Triple H--3; Rock--3). Triple H quickly pins The Rock for his fourth pinfall at 43:56. Triple H gets a submission at 47:19 by having Shawn Michaels ring the bell for The Rock. (Triple H--5; Rock--3). The Rock does a Superplex off the top rope but he only gets a two count. They get up on the announcer's table and The Rock does a Pedigree on top! Triple H is bleeding and is counted out at 55:56. (Tripe H--5; Rock--4). The McMahons come out. A countout count starts, but Triple H gets into the ring. Shane and Vince are knocked out trying to help Triple H. DX comes out. A People's Elbow by The Rock gives him his fifth pinfall. Shane pulls Shawn out of the ring; Shawn attacks both Shane and Vince. The weird promo music comes on. The Undertaker comes out! He goes after everyone, especially Vince McMahon! Triple H saves Stephanie, but is Chokeslammed by Triple H. The Rock wins the match with a tie. Shawn Michaels says that The Rock was disqualified for the Undertaker's interference, giving Triple H a sixth pinfall; the Rock had five. Triple H is the new WWF Heavyweight Champion!

The times above are not the official times from the WWF.

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