Arco Arena
Sacramento, California
May 20, 2001



William Regal vs. Rikishi

Rikishi does an extra long Stinkface on Regal, but Regal manages to knock Rikishi on the mat and get the win.



Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit
2 out of 3 Falls--1st: wrestling, 2nd:submission, 3rd ladder

Chris Benoit gets the quick first fall with an Olympic Slam. It is 1-0, Benoit. Later on Benoit applies a Figure Four Leg Lock, but it is reversed. Angle does an Ankle Lock Submission Hold, which Benoit submits to. It is 1-1. During the ladder match, both men get knocked off the ladder as they try to reach for the gold medals. Angle Snap Suplexes Benoit onto the folded up ladder. Edge and Christian come out to attack Benoit, allowing Angle to climb up the ladder and get the medals to win the match.



Test vs. The Big Show vs. Rhyno (WWF Hardcore Champion)

The fight goes to the back of the arena. The Big Show is knocked out on a pile of wood pallets by the other two men. They both end up back at ringside. Rhyno does a DDT on Test on a trash can lid. The Big Show comes back to the ring and is greeted by a Boot the Face by Test. With the stairs in the ring, Rhyno throws a trash can to the Big Show and jumps off the stairs to Gore The Big Show for the win to retain the Hardcore Championship.



Lita vs. Chyna (WWF Women's Champion)

Chyna does three clotheslines. Lita applies a Cross Armbreaker on Chyna, but she reverses it after a while. Eddie Guerrero comes out to watch the match without interfering. Lita reverses a Powerbomb attempt to a pin, but only gets a two count. Chyna the manages a Powerbomb and the pin to retain her championship.



Triple H (WWF Intercontinental Champion) with Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley vs. Kane
Chain Match

The match starts off without the two men being chained up, but they both do shortly after the bell rings. Kane manages to make Triple H bleed. They end up outside the ring at the guard railing. Kane does a Chokeslam on the champion, but Steve Austin comes out. He gets a chair and hits. . . Triple H by accident! Kane then pins him to win the Intercontinental Championship.



APA vs. Saturn & Dean Malenko vs. The Dudley Boyz vs. X-Factor vs. The Hardy Boyz vs. Chris Jericho & Mystery Partner vs. Edge & Christian
Tag Team Turmoil Match for the Number One Contendership

A Dominator on Saturn by Faarooq gives the APA the win. During the next match with the APA and Malenko & Saturn, Crash and Hardcore come out and put D-Von through a table, meanwhile the APA pin Buh Buh Ray to advance. With X-Pac and Justin Credible wrestling, Albert helps them out by interfering several times, including holding Bradshaw's leg while X-Pac pins him to advance. X-Pac pins Matt Hardy to advance further. Chris Jericho comes out and brings . . .Chris Benoit as his partner. Albert attacks Jericho, but the referee gets knocked out. After the referee wakes up, Jericho and Benoit both do their submission moves on X-Factor to get them to submit. Chris Benoit does the Crippler Crossface on Christian to win the match and become the number one contenders of the Tag Team Championships.



The Undertaker vs. Steve Austin (WWF Heavyweight Champion)
No Holds Barred Match

Vince McMahon comes out to do commentary on the match. The match starts at the entranceway just as Steve Austin enters the arena. Austin hits The Undertaker with a fire extinguisher. Back at ringside, The Undertaker Chokeslams Austin through the English commentator's table. Austin hits the Undertaker with a monitor. In the ring, Austin Stunners The Undertaker, but Austin is Chokeslammed. Austin is hit with a chair several times. Triple H comes out with his sledgehammer. The Undertaker goes for the pin, but Vince McMahon stops it. He is then attacked by the Undertaker. Steve Austin hits Vince with a chair and the Undertaker is hit with the sledgehammer. As Kane comes out, Austin pins The Undertaker to remain champion.

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