Gaylord Entertainment Center
Nashville, Tennessee
May 19, 2002


Eddie Guerrero (WWE Intercontinental Champion) vs. Rob Van Dam

The opening bout of the Pay-Per-View pitted Rob Van Dam against Eddie Guerrero for Guerrero's Intercontinental Title. The crowd was clearly on RVD's side as the two men slugged it out to start. RVD faked Eddie out on a kick, and then nailed the champ with a split- legged moonsault. RVD used his educated feet to his advantage. A backbreaker by RVD scored two, as Van Dam focused on the kidneys and back. He locked Eddie in a surfboard submission maneuver to wear Latino Heat down, and then simply tossed Guerrero to the side. Eddie regained the advantage as the crowd chanted "Eddie sucks!" He choked Van Dam and raked the challenger's face. But RVD wouldn't stay down, as the two high-fliers exchanged the momentum on numerous occasions. RVD monkey-flipped Guerrero and nailed Rolling Thunder, but Eddie kicked out of a pinfall attempt at two. Soon after, he hit a heel kick and went up top, but Guerrero crotched him on the top rope, and powerbombed his challenger from the top! With RVD prone on the mat, Eddie went up top, but spent too much time posing, and when he went for the frog splash, but Van Dam moved out of the way! The "RVD" chants started up again as Van Dam went up for the Five-Star -- but Guerrero moved out of the way as well! The men stared each other down and RVD hit a cross- body for two. RVD went for a backslide, but Guerrero kicked out at two. Guerrero then hit a backslide, and with his feet on the ropes, he pinned RVD to retain his championship!



Stacy Keibler vs. Trish Stratus (WWE Women's Champion)

Mr. McMahon's leggy assistant challenged the Canadian bombshell for the WWE Women's Championship in this bout. D-Von and Deacon Bautista were at ringside to provide "protection" for Stacy in the bout -- and D-Von's half-brother Bubba Ray was in Trish's corner. The challenger went to work early, using her legs to her advantage. But the more experienced Trish assaulted Stacy with a Boston Crab and a neckbreaker, in addition to punches to the face. Stacy threw a tantrum on the outside, and Bubba simply laughed at her. But Stacy hit Bubba, enraging the former Hardcore Champion. As the ref separated them, Bautista got into the ring and slammed Trish. Stacy then went for the cover, but it was only good for two. Stacy went to work on Trish, choking her and pulling her hair. Moments later, Bautista went to interfere again, but Trish fought him off and bulldogged Stacy for the pinfall win! D-Von chased Trish from the ring as Trish celebrated her victory. In the ring, Bubba Ray and D-Von stared each other down. The two shook hands, and Bautista went to cheap-shot Bubba, but Bubba caught him and knocked him out of the ring. D-Von then cheap- shotted his own brother. Bautista went to attack Bubba, but D-Von called him off and helped Bubba up -- and then gave him a cheap- shot of his own. D-Von told Bautista to get the table, screaming that Bubba had to learn, and that he would make Bubba see the light. Bautista and D- Von set up the table, but Bubba fought the men off, yelling at D- Von until Bautista hit Bubba with the steel collection box. The holy men then drilled Bubba through the table!



Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman vs. Hardy Boyz

Jeff tried to leap on Brock as the match began, but Lesnar simply caught him. They went after Heyman, but the agent ran away and Brock saved him. Brock's power was on display as he went to work on the brothers from Cameron, N.C. Heyman screamed instructions at his man as the Hardys tried to knock Lesnar down, with little success. Lesnar tossed the Hardys around like rag dolls. Jeff downed the monster with a corkscrew moonsault and spinebuster, and Matt nailed a second-rope legdrop. The brothers hit Poetry in Motion and knocked him to the outside, and then focused their attention on Heyman. Jeff chased him into the ring, where Matt caught him and tossed off his hat, revealing the skullet! The brothers brutalized Paul until Brock caught Matt coming off the top, but Brock tripped over Paul and nearly scored the pin. Jeff soon knocked Matt from the apron by accident and got caught in the huge side slam from Brock. Paul Heyman screamed for the pin, and the agent then pinned Jeff to pick up the victory for his team. Heyman screamed "Me! Me!" as he and Brock celebrated the win.


Big Show & Ric Flair vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold went right for Flair as the match began, taking out his aggressions on the RAW owner. As the "What?" chants began, Austin then chopped down the 500-pound Big Show. Flair & Show tried to use the numbers game to their advantage early on, but Austin fought them both off. Austin locked Show in the figure four, but Flair saved Show -- and Austin locked Flair in the hold instead! Outside the ring, Austin grabbed a steel chair. Referee Charles Robinson screamed for him to put the chair down as Flair & Show refocused their strategy. Austin went outside the ring and grabbed another chair, and this time, he simply sat down, and gave Robinson a pair of middle fingers! The match officially got started with Flair & Austin squaring off, as Stone Cold cheap-shotted Show. Austin got the better of the owner, as Flair screamed he was going to leave the ringside area. Robinson convinced him to come back as Austin grabbed a couple of beers. The crowd chanted for Austin as he locked up with Flair, and the RAW owner gained the upper hand by sticking his thumb in Austin's eye. He then chopped away at the Rattlesnake, but Austin regained control and chopped back away at Flair. Austin vented weeks of aggression on the Nature Boy, who tagged in his 500-pound partner. Show used his power to his advantage, but Stone Cold would not stay down. Show downed Austin with a huge boot, and then tagged in Flair. He assaulted Austin with a low blow, but Austin battled back. He caught Flair up top and tossed him to the mat, and then stomped a mud hole in him and walked it dry. But Show fought back, dominating Austin with a Powerslam. Austin kicked out of a pinfall attempt at two, and Flair continued his assault. Flair went to work on Austin's leg, and then tagged in Show, instructing the monster to go to work on Austin's legs to soften the Rattlesnake up for the figure four. Austin screamed in pain as Show dropped his 500 pounds directly on his legs. Flair tagged back in and set Austin up for the figure four, but Austin rolled him in an inside cradle for two. Austin tried fighting back, but the attack on the Rattlesnake's leg continued. Flair then snared Austin in the figure-four leglock, as Stone Cold screamed in pain. Austin tried to turn it over, and finally reversed it -- until Big Show came in to break up the hold. An Austin backslide was good for two, and Stone Cold battled back valiantly. Austin downed Flair with a spinebuster, and then locked Flair in a figure-four of his own -- until Show again came into break things up. Flair tagged in Show, and Austin stunned the 500-pounder with boots to his face and a second-rope Lou Thesz Press! Austin then hit the move on Flair and a spinebuster, but Show broke up the pinfall. Show then grabbed Austin by the neck, but Austin hit a Stunner as X-Pac ran to ringside. Austin went for another Stunner as X-Pac went for a kick, but X-Pac hit Show by accident. Austin then Stunned X-Pac and Stunned Flair, pinning the RAW owner for the win!



Edge vs. Kurt Angle
Hair vs. Hair Match

A barber's chair was set up on the stage, where the loser of this match was to be shaved bald following the bout. The match started out quickly, as neither man wanted to become a cue ball. Outside the ring, Edge tossed Kurt into the barricade, smacking his head off of it. Back in the ring, he backdropped Angle. Kurt got trapped in the top ropes, and Edge speared him. He then ran after him again, but Kurt moved and Edge flew to the outside. Angle took control, wearing Edge down. He locked Edge in a sleeper, looking to put his foe to sleep. Edge fought it off, but Angle used Edge's hair to knock him back down. Kurt held onto a front facelock, but Edge fought out, and gave Angle a belly-to-belly suplex. Edge hit a flying forearm to knock Angle down, and then a spinning heel kick. Edge downed Kurt for a two-count, but moments later, Angle hit Edge with a belly-to-belly. Edge then knocked Kurt to the outside, and Edge nailed a plancha over the top rope to knock Kurt down! Edge went up top and Angle tried to catch him, but Edge tossed Angle from the top. Edge hit a missile dropkick for a two-count. Angle hit Edge with a German suplex. Edge hit a roll-up for two, and then hit a modified DDT. Edge climbed to the top rope, but this time Angle caught him, throwing him all the way across the ring! Still, Edge kicked out at two. Edge hit a savate kick and a second-rope DDT for a two- count. Edge then went for a spear, but Angle ducked and Edge hit the ref, knocking him out. Angle downed Edge, but there was no ref to count. Angle went to the outside and grabbed a chair and went to nail Edge, but Edge speared him -- but there was still no ref! Edge went to revive the ref, and then set Angle up for another spear, but Angle kicked him. Kurt went for the Angle slam, but Edge caught him with another spear, only for a two-count! After an offensive series, Angle hit Edge with a spear of his own! He then nailed the Angle slam, but shockingly, Edge kicked out at two! Angle threw a tantrum! Kurt got Edge in the ankle lock, but Edge hit an enziguri. Angle locked on the ankle lock again, and Edge reversed it, then stunning Angle with a roll-up for the win! After the bout, Angle attacked Edge, but Edge nailed him with the Edge-ecution. He then took Angle to the barber platform. But Angle kicked Edge away and ran from the platform.


Chris Jericho vs. Triple H
Hell in a Cell

There was a chill in the air as the most brutal and barbaric match in all of sports-entertainment began in Nashville. The Game was pitted against Y2J within the confines of more than two tons of steel -- Hell in a Cell. Referees locked the men inside the Cell as the match began. The men stared each other down, trying to gain the psychological advantage in the most intimidating match in all of WWE. Triple H gained the early advantage, taking it to Jericho and tossing him to the outside. Back in the ring, The Game continued his attack, but Y2J fought back. Jericho went for an elbow in the corner, but Triple H missed, and Y2J hit the post shoulder-first and flew to the outside. There, Triple H tossed him into the Cell repeatedly. Triple H continued his assault, suplexing Jericho and scoring a two-count. Jericho threw Triple H into the corner, and The Game flew to the outside, where it was now Y2J's turn to use the cage to his advantage. But Triple H reversed, throwing Jericho into the ring steps. Triple H used the steps as a platform, and tried to piledrive Jericho onto them, but Y2J fought out of it and slingshotted Triple H right into the Cell! Jericho's arm began bleeding profusely. Jericho grabbed a ladder from under the ring and drove it into The Game's face. Jericho raked Triple H's now-bloody face into the Cell, and then back in the ring, he again drove the ladder into Triple H's head. Jericho maintained the advantage, tossing The Game into the ladder and knocking him to the outside, where Triple H's head again hit the ring steps. From the ring, Jericho tossed the ladder to the outside and onto The Game. The Game tried to fight back, but Jericho tossed him into the Cell once again. Jericho grabbed the ladder, but Triple H grabbed a chair, and knocked the ladder right into Jericho! Jericho grabbed his knee and hand in pain, as The Game nailed him in the back with the chair. Jericho punched Triple H repeatedly and bulldogged The Game onto the ladder. Y2J brought the ring steps into the ring and was about to hit The Game, but Triple H caught him with a front toehold, and Y2J fell face-first into the steps! The Game followed up with a neckbreaker. Triple H hit a facebuster and then tossed the steps at Jericho, which bounced off Y2J's head and arm! Outside the ring, Triple H picked up Jericho and drove him into the cage like a javelin. He bounced Y2J's head off the ring steps. Jericho went after The Game in the ring, but Triple H moved, and Jericho ran full-force into referee Tim White, driving the ref into the cage and knocking him out cold. Jericho drove the chair over Triple H's head and went for the pin, but there was no ref to count it. Jericho went after Tim White and again drove him into the cage, busting White open. Referees ran down to help White, but couldn't get into the Cell, since White had the key! Triple H hit Jericho with a spinebuster, as the other refs used a bolt-cutter to get the lock off the Cell. After they did so, they ran into the cage to save White. Jericho went after Triple H with a chair, but The Game kicked the chair back into Y2J's face. Triple H looked under the ring for something, and finally pulled out his sledgehammer! He drove it right into Jericho's face and went for the cover, but the refs were too busy checking on White to count the fall. A bloody Jericho crawled out of the cage as Triple H stalked him. Jericho slammed the door into The Game's face. The two fought outside the Cell, and Jericho bounced Triple H's head off the announce table. Jericho then took the top off the Spanish announce table. The two ascended the table, and Jericho went for the Pedigree! Instead, Triple H battled out and DDT'd Jericho through the table! After he recovered, Triple H reached under the other announce table and took out a barb wire two-by-four! Jericho ran away from Triple H -- climbing up the Cell! The Game climbed up the cage after Jericho, bringing the bat with him. Y2J grabbed the bat and nailed The Game in the back with it. On top of the cage, Jericho held up the bat and again nailed Triple H with it. Jericho locked The Game in the Walls of Jericho on top of the cage, as a ref climbed the cage to ask Triple H if he gave up. Triple H held on, finally throwing Y2J off of him. Y2J again grabbed the bat, but as he went to hit The Game, Triple H nailed him with a low blow. The Game locked up Jericho for a Pedigree, but Jericho backdropped him. Triple H knocked Jericho in the head with the bat, but could only score a two-count from the ref, who was counting falls on top of the Cell! Still atop the Cell, Triple H went for the Pedigree and nailed it. The ref then counted Jericho down, as Triple H won the match!



Billy & Chuck (WWE Tag Team Champions) vs. Rikishi & Rico

Looking to gain revenge for a Stink Face he suffered back in December, Mr. McMahon named Rico as Rikishi's partner! Rikishi told Rico to get in the corner and stay there, clearly realizing that it was a set-up. Rikishi took control, downing Billy with a superkick. But Billy & Chuck double-teamed the Phat Man, taking him down and wearing him out. Billy hit a fame-asser, but Rikishi kicked out at two. The Phat Man fought valiantly, taking on both Billy & Chuck, and fighting off both champs for a time. He hit a sit-down splash on Chuck, but Billy broke up the pinfall. Chuck held RIkishi, and Rico went to kick Rikishi, but the Phat Man ducked and kicked Chuck by accident. Rikishi then nailed Chuck and pinned him to capture the Tag Team Championship for himself and Rico! Rikishi danced after the match to celebrate, as Billy & Chuck couldn't believe it!


Edge continued chasing Kurt Angle backstage, only to be met by a garbage can lid at the hands of Angle! The two fought towards the ringside area, and Kurt dragged Edge to the barber chair. Kurt grabbed a mic and screamed for the barber to get out there. He threw Edge from the stage onto the barber's platform and put Edge in the chair. He went to hit the Angle slam, but Edge reversed and locked on the sleeper. Once Kurt was asleep, Edge put him in the chair, and shaved the Olympic hero bald! Afterwards, Edge woke Angle up, and Kurt was irate! Edge said that from now on, instead of people chanting "You suck!" they would chant "You're bald!" Kurt's music then played, and the people chanted just that!



Hollywood Hulk Hogan (WWE World Champion) vs. Undertaker

Undertaker headed to ringside wearing a new T-shirt to new music -- and wearing Hogan's own weight belt, which he stole weeks ago on RAW. As soon as Hogan got into the ring, Taker beat the champion with his own belt. Hogan soon got the weight belt back and nailed the Undertaker with it. Hulk whipped Taker until the ref threw the belt to the outside and officially started the match. Hogan threw Taker from post to post and choked the Dead Man. He backdropped Taker and clotheslined him to the outside. The two legends battled it out on the floor, and Hogan threw Taker into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Taker fought back. He tried to go up top and go old-school on Hogan, but Hulk crotched him on the top rope. Hogan then super-plexed Taker from the top! Taker kicked out of a pinfall attempt at two. Hogan continued his assault, but Taker clipped Hogan's knee. The Dead Man went to work on Hollywood's leg, ramming it into the ringpost. He clamped Hogan's left leg in a painful submission hold, but Hogan used his free leg to power out. Hogan downed Taker with a double sledge, and then hit a bit boot. He went for the legdrop, but Taker countered into a half Boston Crab. Hogan went for the ropes, but Taker dragged him back to the middle of the ring. Still, Hulk fought it, and finally made it to the ropes. A busted-open Taker continued his attack on the champion, and went for a leg, but Hogan ducked and Taker crotched himself on the top rope. Hogan went for a clothesline on Taker, but Taker grabbed Hogan's neck and chokeslammed the Hulkster! Hogan kicked out at two and "Hulked up" -- much to the chagrin of the Undertaker! Hogan was impervious to pain as he nailed the big boot. He then nailed the legdrop, but as he went for the pin, Taker kicked out at two! Hogan went for a backdrop, but Taker gave him a DDT, scoring a two-count. Suddenly, Mr. McMahon strutted to ringside, as Taker grabbed a steel chair. Hogan kicked the chair into Taker's face and hit the legdrop, but Mr. McMahon distracted the ref when Hogan went for the pin. Hogan dragged McMahon into the ring and punched the WWE co- owner. He hit the legdrop on McMahon, and the ref shoved Vince to the outside. As the ref was doing so, Taker clobbered Hogan in the head with the chair. He then chokeslammed Hogan and pinned him to become WWE Champion!

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