Charlotte Coliseum
Charlotte, North Carolina
May 18, 2003


John Cena & The FBI with Nunzio vs. Rhyno, Brian Kendrick & Chris Benoit

Benoit hit two release German suplexes and then hit the diving headbutt on Palumbo. Cena then grabbed Benoit and ran him into the corner. He got the blind tag on Spanky and he came in and took out Cena, but then got the finisher from the FBI and Palumbo pinned him to get the 1-2-3.


La Resistance vs. Scott Steiner & Test with Stacey Keibler

After Rene pushed Test into Stacey and knocked her down, Test went for the Spear, but missed and hit Steiner!  La Resistance then did a Double Flapjack on Steiner and pinned him for the win.


Team Angle (WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champions) vs. Eddie Guerrero & Tajiri
Ladder Match

A lot of high flying moves took place on and around the ladder, but it was Tajiri who managed to grab the belts from the ceiling after he sprayed green mist in the eyes of Shelton.


Intercontinental Battle Royal
Winner gets the WWE Intercontinental Champion

Participants are: Val Venis, Chris Jericho, Goldust, Lance Storm, Rob Van Dam, Christian, Test, Kane & Booker T.

Lance Storm was eliminated first; Test was gone next; followed by Val Venis; Van Dam was eliminated by Jericho; Goldust was eliminated by his partner Booker T; Jericho was eliminated by Christian; Booker T threw Christian out, but only one foot hit the floor.  Booker's music was put on and Pat Patterson, the first Intercontinental Champion, came to give him the title, but Christian knocked him out, took the belt and knocked out Booker T from the ring to win the match and become the new WWE Intercontinental Champion!


Sable vs. Torrie Wilson
Bikini Contest

Sable showed off a thong bikini first.  Torrie showed us a regular style bikini with a Playboy logo on it.  The crowd voted, but it was a tie, so they went again. Sable got a great reaction, but Torrie took off her regular bikini to a thong bikini and easily won.  Then Sable kissed Torrie before the two left.


Mr. America vs. Roddy Piper with Sean O'Haire

Mr. America brought out the man who was attacked by Piper on Smackdown!.  Mr. America used his back support belt on both Piper and O'Haire.  Piper applied the Sleeper Hold, but the referee only got a two count.  America then America'd up and did the Big Boot on Piper.  Vince McMahon came out and Low Blowed Mr. America.  O'Haire took out a pipe to hit America with, but missed and knocked out Piper.  McMahon tried to stop the three count, but that man from Smackdown! stopped Vince.  Mr. America got the three count and the win.


Triple H with Ric Flair (WWE RAW Heavyweight Champion) vs. Kevin Nash with Shawn Michaels

Triple H removed the turnbuckle pad from the turnbuckle and was later able to hit Nash's head into it.  Triple H took out a sledgehammer from under the ring, which the referee was hit in the head with when he tried to stop Triple H from using it.  The bell rung because Triple H was disqualified and Nash won, but the action was far from over.  Nash did a Big Boot to Triple H, threw him into the exposed turnbuckle, and then Powerbombed him.


Trish Stratus vs. Jazz (WWE Women's Champion) vs. Jacqueline vs. Victoria
Fatal Four Way Match

Jazz retained her title by pinning Jacqueline after a big splash.  There were many two-on-one and three-on-one moves in this match.


Brock Lesnar (WWE Smackdown! Heavyweight Champion) vs. The Big Show
Stretcher Match

Several times both men were put on the stretcher but were only moved a couple of feet before they got up and attacked the other man.  During the match Rey Mysterio, Jr. came out but was easily beaten up by the Big Show.  Brock had left the ringside area and returned on top of a forklift!  He jumped off and Clotheslined the Big Show.  He then did an F5, which knocked out The Big Show.  He put the Big Show on a stretcher and moved it with the forklift to the end of the aisle for the win and retention of the championship!

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