The Target Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota
May 22, 2005

results thanks to: wrestleview.com

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
MNM (c's) vs. Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas

The match starts with Johnny Nitro and Charlie Haas. Both lock up and Haas rolls Nitro over quickly. Nitro gets in a quick kick to the gut and throws Haas down into a keylock submission. Haas bridges himself up, flips over using the ropes and tries to arm drag Nitro out of the ring, but Nitro hits the ropes and then falls out. Nitro jumps back up to the ring apron and Haas flips him back inside. Haas picks up Nitro and slams him back down with one arm. Haas tags in Holly and Nitro runs away quickly, tagging in Joey Mercury. Both lock up, Holly goes off the ropes and takes out Mercury with a shoulder block. Holly then takes out Mercury with a big dropkick and follows that up with a low blow kick. Holly takes out Nitro on the ring apron, but Mercury grabs him and slaps him across the chest. Holly then follows that up with a few chops of his own. Holly then attempts an Alabama Slam from the corner on Mercury, but Nitro comes in and kicks Holly in the face to break it up. Nitro gets the tag and he gives Holly a quick knee in the corner. Mercury gets the tag and then hits a neckbreaker on Holly for a two count.

Nitro gets the tag and applies a neck submission on Holly. The fans get behind Holly as he gives Nitro a snapmare followed by planting him in the middle in the ring with a full-nelson slam. Mercury and Haas both get the tag. Haas takes out Mercury with a clothesline and back body drop. Haas follows that up with a dropkick on Mercury and a spear on Nitro who comes in. Haas clotheslines Mercury over the top rope and then tosses Nitro over. Haas then goes off the ropes and leaps over the top rope taking out both Nitro and Mercury. Melina then grabs the legs of Haas from under the bottom rope. Mercury almost takes her out when Haas breaks out of it, Haas rolls him up and gets a close two count. Haas rolls him up again for another close two. Haas takes out Mercury with a quick suplex, but Nitro takes out Holly distracting the referee. The referee finally counts the pin, but Haas only gets a two count because of the delay. Nitro then gets in a few cheap shots on Haas with the referees back turned. Nitro then runs in and they hit a double-team move on Haas while Holly is still knocked out from the shot in the corner from Nitro. Mercury covers and gets the pinfall.

Winners & STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: MNM

After the match, MNM celebrate their victory with the WWE Tag Team Titles. Mercury helps Melina out of the ring and Nitro follows from behind. All three lift their arms in the air as they back up in the entrance way.

- Highlights from SmackDown two weeks ago is shown of Big Show confronting Carlito during a Cabana segment. It turns out the apple that Big Show ate caused him to collapse. Next week, Big Show confronts Carlito again despite Matt Morgan being Carlito's new bodyguard. Big Show takes out Matt Morgan and does the same to Carlito. Morgan ends up taking out Big Show with a steel chair shot.

Big Show vs. Carlito w/ Matt Morgan
Before the match, Carlito got on the mic and said he was talking to his good friend Randy Moss not long ago and that he warned him about Minnesota. Moss said he left Minnesota because the people weren't cool. Carlito said they weren't cool because they don't appreciate good talent like Matt Morgan. He said people laugh at him because he is different. Carlito said he is tougher than everyone combined and that he would sit back and watch him destroy the Big Show tonight.."and that, that's cool." Big Show comes, the bell rings and here we go. Carlito backs up to the corner, telling the referee to keep Big Show back. When Carlito gets in, he quickly rolls out. Carlito comes back in and Big Show grabs him, tossing him with one hand into the corner. Big Show chops Carlito and then gives him a headbutt. Matt Morgan distracts Big Show and Carlito cracks him across the back with his forearm. Big Show quickly turns around and chops Carlito followed by giving him a huge arm drag. Big Show quiets the crowd down and chops Carlito, allowing it to echo throughout the arena. Big Show gives Carlito a big scoop slam and then goes off the ropes, but Morgan pulls down the top rope allowing Big Show to fall to the outside.

Matt Morgan gets in a few cheap shots on Big Show and rolls him back into the ring. Carlito covers, but only gets a two count. Carlito then goes after Big Show with some kicks and punches followed by a minor dropkick. Each time, Big Show swats him away. Big Show takes out Carlito with a headbutt followed by a quick clothesline. Big Show bounces Carlito off one corner and splashes him in another. Carlito slumps over after the splash and Big Show throws him back to the corner, but this time Carlito takes out the referee. Big Show goes for a Chokeslam on Carlito, but Carlito gives him a low blow. Big Show quickly recovers, lifts Carlito up for a Chokeslam, but Morgan comes in and kicks him in the face. Matt Morgan then picks up Big Show and gives him an F-5! Morgan revives the referee on the outside, throwing him back in. Carlito then quickly covers Big Show and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Carlito

After the match, Carlito celebrates his victory with Matt Morgan on the outside. They show a replay of Morgan giving Big Show an F-5.

- The promo for ECW One Night Stand on June 12 airs.

- A video package airs highlighting some of Kurt Angle's recent victories in WWE, including his win over Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 21. This goes into the Fatal Four Way Match on SmackDown with it coming down to Angle and JBL, but Booker T knocks out Angle costing him the win and a shot at the WWE Championship. Footage of Angle challenging Booker T for a match at Judgment Day is shown, with Angle involving Booker's wife Sharmell into the situation.

- Backstage, Sharmell is telling Booker T that he needs to take out Kurt Angle tonight. Booker walks away and someone comes to the door, giving Sharmell a gift. Sharmell goes through the bag and it has some panties and handcuffs inside from Kurt Angle. Booker is enraged after seeing this and leaves the room.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match
Paul London (c) vs. Chavo Guerrero

The bell rings and here we go. London stomps around the ring as both circle each other. London goes for a kick and Chavo dodges it. Chavo attempts some kicks and London dodges those. London takes down Chavo, but Chavo gets in a few kicks and forearms. Chavo gets in a few more kicks on London's back, London comes off the ropes and Chavo gives him a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Chavo follows that up with some kicks to the gut and slams London face first off two corners. Chavo gives London some elbows to the ribs, gives him a quick snapmare and applies a submission to London's shoulder. London tries to fight back, but Chavo breaks it up with a knee to the gut. London then explodes off the ropes with a clothesline on Chavo. London gets a quick hurricanrana on Chavo, covers, but only gets a two count. London is up on the top rope, Chavo charges at him, London leapfrogs over and kicks Chavo backwards into the corner. London then goes up to the top, hits a 450 Splash, but Chavo counters getting his knees up. Chavo quickly gets back up and gets in a few right hands on London. London fights back, but Chavo cuts him off with a big back suplex. Chavo covers, but only gets a two count.

Chavo then continues to go after London's ribs with a few stiff kicks. Chavo chokes London on the second rope until the referee breaks it up. Chavo sets up London over across the top rope. Chavo gets a running start, dropkicking London in the ribs. London flips off and hits the mat. Chavo covers, but only gets a two count. Chavo then applies an abdominal stretch to work on the ribs more. London screams in pain as the referee looks on. London somehow counters, falling down on the chest of Chavo. Chavo quickly kicks out and goes back to work on London's ribs. Chavo sends London chest first into the corner. Chavo charges at London, but London counters into a belly-to-belly suplex. Chavo responds with a kick to the back on London. London responds with an elbow to the face and kick to the gut. London chops Chavo, London flips over his back and hits a quick side dropkick. London covers, but only gets a two count. London misses a charge in the corner when Chavo moves, Chavo tries to go after London, but London kicks him in the back of the head. London covers, but Chavo puts his leg on the bottom rope to break the count. Chavo gets a quick rollup pin on London for a close two count. London springboards off the corner with a moonsault, Chavo moves and attempts a Gory Bomb, but London counters into a spin kick knocking out Chavo.

London goes up to the top with Chavo down. Chavo sees this and rolls out of the ring. London then turns his body and jumps at Chavo on the outside, taking him out in the process. Chavo takes out London with hard right, gets back in the ring and then jumps through the ropes taking out London. Chavo then puts London back in the ring and goes up to the top rope. London trips up Chavo on the top and chops him a few times. London climbs up with Chavo, but Chavo gives him some hard chops to the back. Chavo grabs London, but London counters into a back body drop on Chavo. London jumps and connects with the 450 splash, gaining the pinfall.

Winner & STILL WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Paul London

After the match, London celebrates in the corners with the WWE Cruiserweight Title. They show a few replays from the match, finishing with London's 450 Splash on Chavo to give him the win.

- Backstage, Booker T is looking for Kurt Angle. He goes into a room, but no one is inside. He continues down the hall and goes into the medical room asking Funaki if he saw Angle. Funaki says he hasn't. Booker finds Billy Kidman and Kidman said he hasn't seen Angle. He also confronts Shannon Moore, Hardcore Holly and Charlie Haas, with none of them knowing where he is. Booker said if anyone sees Angle, they should tell him that Booker T is looking for him.

- A shot of Sharmell alone is shown. Kurt Angle comes from behind, throwing her down saying he would dominate her husband and then he would dominate her later tonight. Angle's music hits in the arena and he takes off.

Kurt Angle vs. Booker T
When Booker hits the ring, Angle goes after him but Booker takes out Angle with some hard rights and kicks to the gut. Booker picks up Angle and takes him down with a big right hand. Booker does the same again and then follows that up with a big sidekick. Booker then chokes Angle using the top rope until the referee breaks it up. Angle then gets in a kick on Booker, but Booker backs Angle into the ropes and gets in some shoulder charges. Booker nails Angle off the corner head first and then gets in some chops. Angle is already bleeding from the mouth at this point. Angle fights back, giving Booker some shoulder charges in the corner followed by a stiff European uppercut. Angle gets in a few kicks on Booker as he rolls on the mat. Angle takes down Booker with a snapmare and applies a side headlock. Booker fights back sending Angle into the ropes, but Angle takes him down with a shoulder charge. Booker responds with a quick hip toss and then gets in a few kicks in the corner. Booker grabs Angle by the head and drops down off the ring apron, allowing Angle to bounce back in the ring. Booker then dropkicks Angle right in the jaw.

Angle then tries to apply the Ankle Lock, but Booker counters out of it kicking Angle down. Booker gets in a jumping kick on Angle and follows that up with a few right hands. Booker lifts Angle up onto the top rope, Booker goes outside to the ring apron and executes a big axe kick on Angle! Angle flops to the outside of the ring after getting this. Booker picks up Angle and gives him a big chop. The referee gets to 8 and Booker rolls in and out, breaking the count. When he comes back out, Angle grabs him and sends him face first into the steel post. Angle throws Booker back inside and gives him two high knees to the head. Angle gives Booker a third high knee, executes a quick suplex, covers, but only gets a two count. Angle then applies a body scissors submission on Booker. Angle talks some trash to Booker as he applies it. Booker then gets back up on his feet, takes out Angle with a few chops and punches, but misses a sidekick getting caught up in the top rope when Angle moved out of the way. Angle then gives Booker a modified Angle Slam, covers, but only gets a two count. Angle throws Booker to the corner and gets in a few hard right hands to the gut. Angle follows this up with three big uppercuts to the jaw.

Angle picks up Booker and gives him a slight backbreaker for a two count. Angle applies another body scissors submission to wear Booker down. Angle then jumps over and covers Booker, but only gets a two count. Booker eventually gets back on his feet and elbows Angle in the face two times. Booker takes out Angle with a big sidekick and Angle grabs his nose in pain. The referee starts the count as both men are down. Angle is first to his feet at 7. Booker takes him out with a few punches and chops to the chest. Booker takes out Angle with a clothesline and quick snap suplex for a two count. Angle attempts a takedown, but Booker dodges and takes out Angle with a superkick. Booker kicks Angle in the gut, goes for the Axe Kick, Angle moves, Angle goes for the Angle Slam, Booker counters that into a Book End! Booker covers, but only gets a two count! Booker then stares at the crowd and does the Spinarooni Booker attempts another Axe Kick, but Angle counters taking out Booker with a clothesline. Angle then fights back giving Booker two German Suplexes, Booker counters out of a third, but Angle catches him executing a big belly-to-belly suplex for a close two count. Angle takes off his straps and looks to put on the Ankle Lock when Booker counters into a quick rollup for a three count!

Winner: Booker T

After the match, Kurt Angle argues with the referee that it wasn't a three count. Sharmell runs down, but Angle starts to attack Booker T. Angle throws Booker through the ropes to the outside. Sharmell attends to Booker when Angle comes out and puts her inside the ring. Angle grabs some handcuffs, picking up Sharmell and handcuffing her to the top rope. Booker then attacks Angle from behind, hitting a big superkick. Booker then handcuffs Angle to the top rope and attends to Sharmell. She yells at him to attack Angle. Booker starts attacking Angle, hitting some hard rights and kicks. Booker then allows Sharmell to slap Angle in the corner a few times. She then kicks Angle in the groin as Angle screams out in pain. Booker's music hits and he celebrates with Sharmell. Both leave the ring as Angle holds his groin in pain in the corner.

- A promo runs hyping the WrestleMania 21 DVD.

- Back live, Kurt Angle is released from the handcuffs in the corner by WWE referees. He leaves the arena with the crowd in Minneapolis chanting "YOU SUCK" at him. Roberto Duran is shown in the crowd at the event tonight. Duran is a former 5-time boxing champion. "Tazz's Keys to Victory" is shown on a graphic regarding the I Quit Match later tonight.

WWE United States Championship Match
Orlando Jordan (c) vs. Heidenreich

Before the match, Heidenreich gets on the mic and said there was one thing he has to do...that being finding a new friend in Minneapolis. He asks who wants to be his friend and the crowd cheers loudly. Heidenreich leaves the ring and takes a girl out from the crowd. He asks her name and it is Alex and she is from Minneapolis. Heidenreich asks her if she wants to hear one of his poems. She agrees and goes over and sits in a "special chair" near the ring bell. Heidenreich says a poem regarding being in Minneapolis tonight for a championship fight. He also mocks Orlando's hair. The bell rings and Jordan takes out Orlando with a modified dropkick through the ropes. Jordan throws Heidenreich back inside and starts to kick him in the gut in the corner. Jordan clotheslines Heidenreich in the corner and then gets in a quick boot to the face. Jordan goes off the ropes and Heidenreich counters into a quick suplex for a two count. Jordan mocks the girl at ringside and Heidenreich fights back with a few right hands. Jordan quickly knocks Heidenreich with an elbow and follows that up with a back suplex. Jordan covers, but only gets a two count.

Jordan works on Heidenreich's neck as the crowd chants "BUCKWHEAT SUCKS" at Orlando. Jordan tries to get in some offense on Heidenreich, but Heidenreich powers up and tosses him in the corner getting in some lefts and rights. Heidenreich takes out Jordan with two clotheslines and a huge back body drop. Heidenreich follows that up with a big boot, covers, but only gets a two count. Jordan fights back giving Heidenreich a quick swinging neckbreaker, covers, but only gets a two count. Jordan taunts to the crowd, spelling the letters "OJ" in the air. Heidenreich gets in a quick rollup for a two count. Jordan then drop toe holds Heidenreich onto the second rope. Heidenreich gets back up and Jordan grabs him, hitting a big DDT. Jordan covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner & STILL WWE U.S. Champion: Orlando Jordan

After the match, Jordan leaves the ring celebrating his win. The little girl that watched the match from ringside comes in the ring and tries to cheer up Heidenreich, doing his little dance around the ring.

- A promo runs for Viva Las Divas on PPV.

- Backstage, Josh Mathews is with JBL and talks about his I Quit Match later tonight against John Cena. JBL said you are no longer a man when you have to utter the words I Quit. He said the people can have John Cena all they want because they will experience his pain tonight when he quits. JBL said he is going to bust Cena wide open tonight, saying he should go back to rap or even run for Gov. of Minnesota since "these idiots will elect anybody." He said he will prove that he is a wrestling god after tonight when he makes Cena say the words I quit.

- A video package runs highlighting the tag team of Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio earlier this year when they captured the WWE Tag Team Titles. This then goes into Guerrero costing Mysterio a shot at the WWE Title and getting beat down by MNM during their debut. Guerrero then allowing MNM to attack Mysterio on SmackDown a few weeks ago is shown followed by Guerrero destroying Mysterio. Highlights of Guerrero telling Mysterio to avoid coming back at Judgment Day is shown.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio
After Eddie Guerrero hit the ring, a taped up Rey Mysterio made his way to the ring. The bell rings and here we go. They both exchange slaps to the face and Mysterio gets in the most offense backing Guerrero to the corner. Guerrero kicks Mysterio in the gut and chops him a few times against the ropes. Guerrero drives his knee into the ribs of Mysterio a few times, but Mysterio explodes off the ropes taking him out. Mysterio kicks Guerrero in the ribs and follows it up with a few more kicks to the body. Guerrero rolls out of the ring to the outside trying to recover. Mysterio follows, but Guerrero kicks him in the gut and launches him into the steel steps. Guerrero breaks the count, putting Mysterio inside and pulling him back out. Guerrero throws Mysterio against the steel post and then drops him back over the top of the announcers table. Guerrero puts Mysterio back inside and drops an elbow on his neck. Guerrero pulls Mysterio back out again and puts him on top of the announcers table. Guerrero tries to jump up, but the referee prevents it from taking place. Guerrero then puts Mysterio back inside and starts to kick him in the ribs in the corner.

Guerrero pulls Mysterio to the middle of the ring, gets in a few hard rights and follows that up with a quick dropkick to the face. Guerrero covers, but only gets a two count. Guerrero taunts at Mysterio to get on his feet, kicking him in the head a few times while doing this. Guerrero then executes a big back suplex on Mysterio for a two count. Guerrero drives a forearm into Mysterio's face, then picks him up and applies an abdominal stretch. Mysterio screams out in pain as Guerrero continues to lock it in. Mysterio eventually counters out, attempting a hurricanrana but Guerrero pulls him back and Mysterio lands on the mat face first! Great spot. Mysterio nails Guerrero in the ribs with a few elbows, but Guerrero stops anymore offense knocking him down quickly. Guerrero then applies a single leg Boston crabs on Mysterio. Mysterio tries to fight back, landing a few kicks to Guerrero's face. Mysterio lands a big kick to the back of the head on Guerrero. The referee starts the count as both men are still down. Both get up at 9, but Guerrero falls back down a bit. Guerrero charges and Mysterio gives him a monkey flip. Guerrero launches Mysterio over the top rope when he charges at him, but Mysterio lands on the ring apron, springboards off the top rope and lands a flying headbutt. Mysterio then gets in a few lefts and rights on Guerrero, but Guerrero cuts it off with a dropkick to the knees.

Guerrero then applies a half Boston crabs on Mysterio and then turns that into a full Boston. Mysterio screams out in pain as he reaches for the ropes. Guerrero then jumps down on Mysterio's back and applies an STF. Mysterio some how gets the bottom rope and the referee breaks it up. Guerrero then picks up Mysterio and launches him under the bottom rope to the outside. Guerrero takes off the top of the steel steps against the ring and breaks the count as the referee counted from the ring. Guerrero grabs Mysterio by the head and starts climbing up the steel steps, but moves back down quickly to avoid anything. Guerrero then kicks and punches Mysterio with great force, walks back up the steps, attempts a suplex, but Mysterio backs him into the steel post three times to break it up. Mysterio then hits a modified 619 on Guerrero as he was trying to get up on the ring apron. Mysterio throws Guerrero back inside and Mysterio crawls back in as well. Guerrero gives Mysterio a right hand, Mysterio responds with one of his own. Mysterio takes out Guerrero with a big boot and numerous clotheslines. Mysterio hits a springboard cross-body, but only gets a two count. Mysterio hits Guerrero with a spinkick to the face and rolls to the ring apron. Mysterio jumps up onto the top rope and hits the splash for a two count. Mysterio backs Guerrero into the corner, jumps up and hits numerous rights and lefts. Mysterio Irish whips Guerrero into the other corner, charges, but Guerrero moves out of the way and Mysterio hits the ring post with force.

Guerrero then puts Mysterio up on the top rope, gets him in a suplex position, comes down and hits a big Superplex! Guerrero covers, but only gets a two count. Guerrero covers two more times and gets a two count during each. Guerrero argues with the referee as this takes place. Mysterio starts to stand up, Guerrero kicks him in the gut and hits two Suplexes, but Mysterio counters a third into a body scissors into the second rope. Guerrero is down against the second rope when Chavo Guerrero comes out. He distracts the referee as Eddie rolls out and gets a steel chair. Guerrero tries to use it, but Mysterio dropkicks him in the knees. Mysterio drop toe holds Guerrero onto the second ropes and dropkicks Chavo off the ring apron. Mysterio connects with the 619 on Guerrero. Mysterio jumps up on the top rope, jumps off and as he comes down Guerrero nails him in the head with the steel chair. The referee calls for the bell right away.

Winner via DQ: Rey Mysterio

After the match, Eddie Guerrero smiles after what he just did with the steel chair. Guerrero goes to leave the ring with the steel chair in hand, but comes back and starts to beat Mysterio over the back with the chair. Guerrero smiles even more, setting up the chair and glaring at the fans. Numerous WWE officials hit the ring and attend to Mysterio as Guerrero leaves the ring. Guerrero turns around glaring at Mysterio in the ring as he heads to the back. They show a replay of Guerrero nailing Mysterio with the chair at the end of the match and the post-match beatdown that followed it. WWE officials help Mysterio out of the ring as we come back live to the arena.

- The promo for ECW One Night Stand on June 12 airs again.

- A video package airs showing John Cena's win over JBL at WrestleMania 21 to become the new WWE Champion. This then goes into the feud that developed between Cena and JBL, with Cena proposing an I Quit Match at Judgment Day to settle it between them.

WWE Championship - I Quit Match
John Cena (c) vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

Before the match started, John Cena came out to the arena on the flatbed of a semi truck with a DJ on a turntable mixing the song. A display of pyro went off behind Cena when he lifted the WWE Championship over his head. Cena also stepped on top of JBL's limo and kicked off the bullhorns on the top. The bell rings and here we go. Michael Cole mentions this is the first I Quit Match in six years (the last was The Rock vs. Mankind). Both lock up and Cena applies a side headlock. Cena takes out JBL with a quick shoulder block and arm drag into another headlock on the ground. JBL reverses into a headlock of his own. JBL takes out Cena with a shoulder block and Cena responds with another arm drag. JBL rolls out of the ring as Cena looks on. JBL jumps up on the ring apron and Cena Suplexes him back inside. Cena chokes JBL, but JBL fights back giving Cena some chops and punches. JBL executes a quick DDT on Cena, covers, but the referee reminds JBL that this match does not involve pinfalls. JBL puts Cena in the corner and gets in a few punches. Cena fights back giving JBL a big back body drop and a clothesline to the outside. Cena drops his fist on JBL's head as he jumped off the ring apron. Cena also nails JBL's face off the steel steps two times. JBL Irish whips Cena into the ring barricade, who flies over in the process. JBL jumps over and gives Cena a quick neckbreaker on the concrete floor of the arena in the crowd. JBL gives Cena a sharp forearm to the back and both exchange some punches.

JBL tosses Cena over the barricade back around the ring. JBL removes the top of the Spanish announce table and the TV monitors as well. JBL gets on the mic and tells Cena to say I QUIT. Cena refuses and starts to take out JBL with a few punches. JBL then takes Cena and launches him into the steel steps shoulder first. JBL takes the belt off the timekeeper and starts to slap it across the back of Cena. JBL puts the belt around the neck of Cena around the ring post. JBL orders the referee to put the mic in his face so he can quit. Cena counters, pulling the strap forward allowing JBL to hit the ring post. JBL removes the top of the other announce table and grabs the mic. He said Cena's career is over if he doesn't quit right now. Cena tells JBL to kiss his ass on the mic and back body drops him on the Spanish announce table, allowing JBL to crash through it! They show two replays of this and back live, Cena knocks out JBL with one of the TV monitors. Cena throws JBL up on the other announce table and he slides off. Cena walks over and JBL grabs a steel chair, nailing it over the head of Cena when he walks over. Cena is busted open at this point. JBL then grabs one of the steel steps and nails it off the head of Cena when he stands up covered in blood. JBL grabs the mic and tells Cena to quit. JBL kicks him a few times and even uses the mic to hit him in the face. Cena has even more blood pouring down his face onto his chest. JBL throws Cena back in the ring and mocks him, doing the "you can't see me" taunt and kicks him in the face a few times.

JBL then pick up Cena and gives him a big Clothesline from Hell. JBL gives him two more Clotheslines from Hell and then grabs Cena's chain, choking him with it. Cena is still covered in blood at this point as JBL yells at him to quit. Cena fights back attempting some shots to the ribs, but JBL stops anything more with a low blow. JBL gets on the mic and orders Cena to quit. JBL hits him in the face with the mic a few times, saying he told him this would happen. JBL calls Cena a punk ass bitch and Cena responds hitting JBL with a few right hands, a headbutt and two big clotheslines. Cena gives JBL a quick hip toss and a big spinning side slam. The crowd starts to get behind Cena at this point as he drops the five knuckle shuffle on JBL off the ropes. Cena lifts JBL up onto his shoulders and connects with the FU. JBL then rolls out of the ring and flips off Cena. Cena follows JBL, nailing his head off the limo. Cena dodges a clotheslines from JBL, giving him a back suplex on top of the limo. Cena jumps up on the limo with JBL. JBL counters Cena, executing a quick swinging neckbreaker leaving a bit dent in the limo. JBL kicks Cena in the head and follows that up with a few punches. JBL pulls a cord from a TV monitor near the Judgment Day set and starts to choke Cena with it. The referee asks Cena if he quits and Cena yells out "HELL NO." Cena then puts JBL face first through the TV screen.

JBL is busted open at this point. Cena grabs JBL and sends him head first into the window of the limo, crashing through it. Cena throws JBL on the limo and JBL crawls up to the top. Cena follows, JBL gives him a thumb to the eye, attempts a suplex, Cena blocks it and gives JBL a big suplex on the roof of the limo! JBL then rolled off, opened the door of the limo, but Cena cut him off and threw him against the door with force. Cena throws JBL against the door a second time. Cena breaks off the door, lifts it above his head and throws it down in the front of the limo. Cena then drags JBL up onto the back of the semi truck he arrived on, throwing JBL face first into a fire extinguisher like pipe that caused air to pour out of it. JBL gives Cena a DDT on the truck and gets on the mic, telling him to quit. JBL clears the table that had the turntable equipment on it and climbs up on top of a speaker, choking Cena with a cord. Cena grabs the mic and nails JBL in the head with it a few times, causing JBL to fall off the speaker and crash through the table! JBL starts to roll down the ramp and gets on his feet near the limo. Cena then tears off the exhaust pipe from the semi truck and approaches JBL when JBL grabs the mic and says, "I Quit, I Quit" very fast.

Winner & STILL WWE Champion: John Cena

After this takes place, JBL taunts that he was smart to give up at this point as he stands up. John Cena then charges at him with the exhaust pipe in hand and crashes him through part of the set that was made of a glass-like substance. JBL falls back crashing through it covered in blood. A bloody John Cena then heads to the ring and raises the WWE Championship high in the air as pyro goes off in the entrance way as the PPV comes to a close...

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