US Airways Arena
Phoenix, Arizona
May 21, 2006

results thanks to wrestleview.com


WWE Tag Team Championship Match
MNM (c's) vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick

The match starts with Johnny Nitro and Paul London. Both lock up and Nitro backs London into the corner. Nitro then shoves London and London shoves Nitro right back. They lock up again, Nitro goes behind and applies a side headlock on London. Nitro then takes out London with a quick clothesline. Nitro then kicks London in the gut and applies another side headlock. Nitro takes out London with a quick shoulder block, but London trips of Nitro and Nitro lands right on his face. Nitro grabs his nose in pain when Kendrick gets the tag and leaps from the top rope taking out Nitro. London gets the tag and he does the same to Nitro from the top. Another quick tag to Kendrick and both London and Kendrick take out Nitro with a double-clothesline. Kendrick covers, but only gets a two count. Nitro backs Kendrick into the opposite corner and tags in Mercury. Kendrick takes out Mercury with a hip toss and dropkick. Kendrick covers Mercury, but only gets a two count. Kendrick with an arm drag on Mercury and then tags in London. Kendrick and London hit a double-hip toss followed by a double-elbow drop. Kendrick and London take out Nitro on the ring apron. Mercury rolls out and Kendrick jumps over the top rope taking out both Nitro and Mercury on the outside.

When Mercury gets tossed back in, London attempts a cross-body, but Mercury moves. Nitro gets the tag and he comes in kicking London on the ground. Nitro isolates London near Mercury, tagging him in and MNM hit a double-knee gut buster. Melina lets out a scream at ringside to the booing of fans. Mercury distracts the referee and Melina puts a head scissors on London. Tazz jokes that he wouldn't mind being put in a head scissors by Melina. Michael Cole agrees. Tazz then says, "Okay and we are back." Both laugh and we see both London and Mercury collide in the middle of the ring. They both tag in Kendrick and Nitro. Kendrick takes out MNM with a few clotheslines. Kendrick splashes Mercury in the corner, but Nitro jumps and drops Kendrick off the top rope. MNM then hit the Snapshot on Kendrick. Nitro covers Kendrick...1...2...London breaks up the pinfall. London gets tossed out by Nitro, covers Kendrick again, but Kendrick kicks out his time after two. Nitro tosses Kendrick outside of the ring. Nitro distracts the referee allowing Mercury to jump down and drop Kendrick off the ring apron face first. Nitro comes back out, throws Kendrick back in the ring, covers, but only gets a two count. Nitro then applies a headlock on London near Mercury.

Kendrick attempts a comeback, knocks Mercury off the ring apron, rolls up Nitro, but Mercury distracts the referee so he can't count the pinfall. MNM then drop two legs on Kendrick and Mercury is now the legal man. Mercury then hits a big vertical suplex on Kendrick. Mercury covers Kendrick, but Kendrick gets a shoulder up after two. Mercury covers Kendrick two more times and Kendrick continues to kick out each time. Mercury throws Kendrick out of the ring and both Nitro and Melina get in some cheap shots. Mercury then goes to work on the neck of Kendrick near the corner by Nitro. Mercury breaks the hold and drops an elbow to the back of Kendrick. Mercury nails Kendrick face first off the corner, tags in Nitro and Nitro does a cocky cover on Kendrick that results in a two count. Nitro lands a few rights on Kendrick, covers again and gets another two count. Nitro throws the head of Kendrick into the boot of Mercury and Mercury gets the legal tag. Mercury hits a snapmare on Kendrick and then locks in a headlock. Kendrick starts fighting his way back to his feet. Kendrick hits a few elbows on Mercury and then throws Mercury into the boot of Nitro's as Nitro wasn't looking. London gets the tag and he takes out MNM with some stiff forearms. London takes out Nitro with a spinning elbow. London hits a clothesline in the corner on Nitro, but Mercury catches London with a boot in the opposite corner. London fights back giving MNM a double clothesline. London covers Mercury, but only gets a two count.

London dropkicks Nitro off the ring apron and then flips backwards hitting a moonsault on Mercury all at once! London covers, but Melina pulls the referee out screaming. MNM then both take out London when Kendrick gets involved. Nitro gets tossed out. Kendrick leaps over the top rope, but Melina trips him up. Nitro then jumps back up and holds London for Mercury against the ropes. Mercury takes out Nitro instead when London ducks and London rolls up Mercury to get the pinfall!

Winners & NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: Paul London & Brian Kendrick

After the match, Paul London and Brian Kendrick celebrate with the WWE Tag Team Titles as they head up the ramp. MNM all look on in disbelief at London and Kendrick as they head to the back. Johnny Nitro starts yelling at Joey Mercury. Melina yells at Mercury as well. Melina starts pointing her finger into Mercury. Nitro tries to break it up. Melina shoves Mercury away. Melina then slaps Mercury. Mercury grabs Melina by the arm and starts twisting it when Nitro takes out Mercury. Nitro starts landing right hands on Mercury. Melina kicks Mercury right in the face and Nitro continues to hit Mercury on the ground. Both Johnny Nitro and Melina leave the ring when Mercury comes back out and attacks Nitro. WWE officials and referees come out and break up the fight between Nitro and Mercury. SmackDown GM Teddy Long also comes out and gets throw down. We see a shot of Mercury spitting at Nitro and Melina as he heads up the ramp to the back.

- Michael Cole and Tazz then hype the King of the Ring Tournament Final tonight between Booker T and Bobby Lashley tonight. We then go to a "Classic Crowning" moment from the 1993 King of the Ring when Bret Hart defeated Bam Bam Bigelow to become the King of the Ring.

- Back live, we see a shot of the thrown of the King of the Ring when the music of Chris Benoit hits.

Chris Benoit vs. Finlay
The bell rings, both circle the ring and then lock up. Finlay backs Benoit up into the corner and then backs off. Both lock up again and Finlay once again backs Benoit into the corner. Benoit turns it around and backs Finlay into another corner. They then leave the ring still locked up showing a test of strength. They break the hold, roll back in the ring and get in each others face. Benoit gets into the face of Finlay even more. Benoit then quickly trips up Finlay, tries to go for the Sharpshooter, but Finlay counters and throws Benoit on his chest. Finlay attempts a submission when Benoit reaches back and applies a side headlock. Benoit gets in a quick takedown on Finlay while still applying a side headlock. Finlay grabs the trucks of Benoit, flips him over into a pinfall, but Benoit quickly rolls back onto Finlay to break the count. Finlay does this a second time, Benoit kicks out and Finlay backs up as Benoit approaches him. When Benoit gets close, Finlay grabs the referee and tells him something is in his eye. The referee goes to check and when he backs off, Finlay quickly charges Benoit. Finlay hits a quick drop toe hold on Benoit and locks in a stiff headlock.

Benoit eventually gets back to his feet, but Finlay hits him on the back, hits a snapmare and quickly covers Benoit. Finlay only gets a two count. Finlay covers Benoit again and again Benoit kicks out. Benoit slaps Finlay quickly and then drives his knees into his body numerous times. Benoit hits more knees on Finlay and adds in some chest chops near the corner. Benoit drops Finlay's back over his knee, covers, but only gets a two count. Benoit then jumps on Finlay, locking his body around him and then applies a headlock. Benoit keeps it locked in with pressure as the referee checks on Finlay. Benoit puts the arm of Finlay toward his knees and then flips him over into a pinfall. The referee stops the count when Finlay puts his feet on the bottom rope. Finlay then hits a thumb to the eye on Benoit and follows that up with a clothesline. Finlay covers Benoit, but only gets a two count. Finlay drives his knee into Benoit, covers and gets another two count. Finlay then pulls back on the arms of Benoit and puts his boot on his head pulling back. Finlay keeps this submission locked in as Benoit starts to turn over. Benoit gets on one knee, breaks the submission, but Finlay goes into a crisscross choke.

Benoit breaks the submission, takes Finlay down, but Finlay comes back with a quick attack and covers Benoit. Finlay gets yet another quick two count on Benoit. Finlay goes for a clothesline, but Benoit ducks and hits one German suplex, a second and a third with a release. Benoit cuts the throat and signals for the end. Benoit goes up to the top rope, jumps, but Finlay moves and Benoit misses the diving headbutt. Finlay attempts a boot in the corner, but Benoit flips Finlay out of it. Finlay gets tossed out and grabs a steel chair. When Finlay gets near the bottom rope, Benoit hits a baseball slide right into the steel chair Finlay is holding. Benoit throws Finlay back in the ring, goes up to the top, jumps and connects with the diving headbutt. Benoit covers...1...2...Finlay kicks out. Benoit then comes back with a few chest chops, but Finlay counters sending Benoit with force into the corner. Benoit bounces off and Finlay catches him with a lariat. Finlay covers Benoit, but Benoit gets his hands on the bottom rope to break the count. Finlay goes to the outside of the ring and drives his elbow into the throat of Benoit. Finlay comes back in and kicks Benoit on the ground. Finlay continues his assault on Benoit with a splash.

Finlay then drops an elbow on Benoit twice and then applies a modified hammerlock. Finlay then goes into a dragon sleeper submission on Benoit. Finlay lifts up Benoit with it locked in still and hits a forearm shot to the back. Finlay then hits another lariat to the back of Benoit's neck knocking him down. Finlay lifts up Benoit and does this a second time. Benoit attempts a comeback, but Finlay prevents it by driving his elbow into his shoulder. Finlay drops his knee onto Benoit on the mat a few times near the corner. Finlay props Benoit up in the corner and hits a big charging shoulder block. Finlay calls Benoit to get up. When Benoit gets up, Finlay hits a big clothesline, covers, but only gets a two count. Finlay attempts a scoop slam on Benoit, but Benoit floats over and hits one German suplex, a second, attempts a third, but Finlay breaks it up with some headbutts. Benoit fights back with a quick kick to the back of the head. Finlay goes out of the ring after the kick. When Benoit follows out, Finlay tries to hit him with the shillelagh. Benoit ducks and hits Finlay with a German suplex on the mat outside of the ring! Both men are down and the referee starts the count. Benoit gets in the ring by six. Finlay gets up on the ring apron by eight. Benoit Suplexes Finlay back in the ring and does the three amigos Suplexes in a tribute to Eddie Guerrero. Benoit goes through the ropes when Finlay jumps up and hits Benoit sending him flying into the ring barricade.

Finlay drives Benoit into the ring barricade yet again and throws him back in the ring. Finlay drives Benoit shoulder first into the steel ring post in the corner. Finlay grabs Benoit, but Benoit trips him up going into an armbar attempting the Crossface. Benoit gets Finlay down, locks the armbar and applies the Crossface. Finlay taps out a short time later.

Winner: Chris Benoit

After the match, the fans in Phoenix give Benoit a standing ovation and cheer loudly as Benoit celebrates his victory over Finlay. Both Benoit and Finlay have a stare down as Finlay heads to the back.

- A commercial for the WrestleMania 22 DVD airs.

- We see a shot of Jillian Hall warming up backstage. They show a clip from last month on SmackDown when Melina and Jillan Hall fought after Jillian was fired by JBL.

Melina vs. Jillian Hall
Before the match begins, Johnny Nitro gets into the face of Jillian Hall. Nitro then gets into the face of the referee and the referee kicks him out to the back. The match starts with Jillian going after Melina with some right hands. Jillian flips over Melina and drops her weight over her head. Melina quickly rolls out of the ring and Jillian jumps out dropping her face first off the guard railing. Melina then sends Jillian into the steel steps and throws her back in the ring. Melina then stands on the head of Jillian using the ropes for leverage. Melina grabs Jillian and throws her back down hard on the mat. Melina continues to put pressure on the head of Jillian with her boot. Melina then locks her legs around Jillian and applies a headlock. Melina breaks that, puts the arm of Jillian over her head and drives her forearms into the chest of Jillian. Jillian flips over onto Melina, but Melina breaks it up quickly before a pinfall. Melina goes off the ropes, grabs Jillian by the head and drops her face first on the mat. Melina kicks Jillian in the ribs and chokes her against the ropes. Melina grabs Jillian and sets her across the middle ropes. Melina drops her legs over Jillian knocking her off. Melina then goes up to the top, jumps, but Jillian gets her feet up. Jillian fights back with a cross-body on Melina followed by throwing Melina face first into the corner a few times. Jillian then backs up into the corner, Melina charges, Jillian jumps up and rolls up Melina for the pinfall.

Winner: Jillian Hall

After the match, we see a replay of the pinfall and see that Melina got her hand on the bottom rope during the pinfall, but the referee didn't see it. Melina goes after the referee and yells at him about his mistake. SmackDown's Kristal Marshall comes down with a mic and says she has a question for Melina. Kristal says tonight hasn't been a good one for her. Melina calls her a bitch and attacks her. Kristal fights back with some elbows and knees. The referee breaks it up and Melina heads up the ramp to the back.

- Backstage, WWE United States Champion JBL is shown and asks what is up to the fans in Phoenix. JBL says the tonight the feel good story of 2006 comes to a finish. He said Mysterio talked about how he would take on all comes like Mark Henry, The Great Khali and Kane. JBL says tonight is his time where the fans will see a true American hero, the United States Champion...JBL stops talking. He says, "What the hell are you doing here?" The camera turns and we see Chavo Guerrero. JBL says Chavo must be here to see him kick Rey Mysterio's ass for the World Heavyweight Championship, just like he did to his uncle Eddie Guerrero for the WWE Championship. Chavo says that might happen, but that JBL needs to live for today. Chavo lets out a "VIVA LA RAZA" and leaves.

- We go to another "Classic Crowning" Moment in 1996 when Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Jake "The Snake" Roberts to become the King of the Ring. We then go live to the arena where we see another shot of the King of the Ring thrown, cape and crown.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match
Gregory Helms (c) vs. Super Crazy

The bell rings and Super Crazy quickly rolls up Helms for a two count. Helms charges again and another roll up by Super Crazy for a second two count. Helms grabs Super Crazy, tries to throw him out, but Super Crazy flips back in. Super Crazy rolls up Helms yet again, but gets another two count. Helms launches Super Crazy to the ring apron. Super Crazy leaps up, flips over Helms and then sends Helms to the outside. Super Crazy gets stopped from flipping over the top rope by the referee. Super Crazy backs up angry. Super Crazy then flips over the referee and takes out Helms. A loud "ECW" chant starts up. Back in the ring, Super Crazy hits a few rights on Helms in the corner. Helms breaks it up and drops Super Crazy over the top rope. Helms then hits a running swinging neckbreaker, covers, but only gets a two count. Helms then hits another neckbreaker, covers and Super Crazy kicks out after two. Helms applies a choke submission with his weight on top of Super Crazy. Super Crazy fights back up, gets in a few rights and lefts on Helms, but Helms takes down Super Crazy to prevent anything more. Helms drags Super Crazy under the bottom rope, hits a few elbows, jumps back in, covers Super Crazy, but only gets a two count.

Helms attempts a suplex on Super Crazy, but Super Crazy blocks it and hits a suplex of his own. Helms then locks the arms of Super Crazy, hits a few knees to the face, rolls him over, covers, but only gets a two count. Helms keeps a side headlock applied on Super Crazy. Super Crazy fights back up to his feet, Helms attempts another headlock, but Super Crazy wiggles out and goes for a rollup that results in a two count. Helms comes back with a knee to the head, goes up to the top, jumps, Super Crazy gets a boot up, Helms stops it with his hand, but misses an elbow drop on Super Crazy. Super Crazy hits a few rights on Helms and Helms catches him with a big elbow in the corner. Super Crazy comes back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and a dropkick. Super Crazy follows it up with a standing moonsault, covers, but only gets a two count. Super Crazy then hits a huge dropkick from the top, hooks the leg of Helms, but Helms kicks out after two. Super Crazy goes back up to the top, goes for a moonsault, but Helms moves. Helms goes for the Shining Wizard, Super Crazy ducks and then takes out Helms. Helms comes back with yet another neckbreaker on Super Crazy. Helms gets Super Crazy up, misses a splash in the corner, Super Crazy attempts one of his own, Helms moves and gets a rollup for two.

Super Crazy then drives Helms into the corner. Helms quickly leaps up though, jumps and catches Super Crazy with a leaping neckbreaker! Helms covers, but Super Crazy gets a shoulder up after two. Super Crazy launches Helms face first into the corner. Super Crazy jumps at Helms, but Helms catches Super Crazy and hits a big Powerbomb. Helms then pins Super Crazy and puts his legs on the ropes for help to get the pinfall.

Winner & STILL WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Gregory Helms

After the match, Gregory Helms celebrates with the WWE Cruiserweight Title on the ramp smiling.

- Backstage, Johnny Nitro and Melina complain to SmackDown GM about the referees screwing them over tonight with MNM losing the WWE Tag Team Titles and Melina grabbing the bottom rope during her match with Jillian Hall. Teddy Long says he has nothing in mind to fix what happened. Melina slaps Long. Long thanks Melina for that and tells her she is fired. Johnny Nitro argues with Long and says he can't do that to them. Long tells Nitro he is fired as well.

- We go to another "Classic Crowning" Moment in 2000 when Kurt Angle defeated Rikishi to become the King of the Ring.

- Anthony Robles, 2-time Arizona wrestling champion, is shown at ringside. Robles did all of that with just one leg.

- Mark Henry is on his way out to the ring for the next match of the night.

Kurt Angle vs. Mark Henry
Before the match, Mark Henry cleared the objects on the announce table. Henry asked for a microphone and got into the ring. Henry asks Kurt Angle when he will realize that he hurts people. He said Batista got hurt and where is he? Gone. Henry says he knows Angle isn't 100%, so tonight it ends in front of the "people" in Phoenix. The match starts with Angle attacking Henry right away with forearms and kicks to the body. Henry launches Angle into the corner, but Angle catches him with a boot when he approaches. Angle flips at Henry taking him down, covers, but only gets a two count. Angle applies a front facelock on Henry. Henry flips Angle up, Angle goes over and down. Henry is above Angle, jumps up, but Angle moves and Henry hits the mat with force. Angle kicks Henry in the face that drives him out of the ring under the bottom rope. On the outside, Angle grabs Henry and tries to give him a German suplex into the announce table. Henry blocks it and hits Angle with an elbow. Henry throws Angle into the ring, but Angle trips him up and drops an elbow. Angle goes to work on the left foot of Henry, wrenching back on it.

Henry eventually powers Angle away with force and then takes him out with a big clothesline. Henry picks up Angle and gives him a big headbutt. Henry continues to hit Angle over the head each time he tries to get up. Henry kicks Angle right in the ribs and Angle grabs them in pain. Henry then stands on the ribs of Angle and Angle screams out in pain. Henry then applies a modified camel clutch on Angle. We see a shot of Angle's mouthpiece that says "REVENGE" on it. Henry breaks the submission and drops his weight over the back of Angle with force. Angle fights his way back to his feet, hitting a few rights and then a big kick to the face. Angle then leaps at Henry, Henry catches Angle and Angle comes down hitting a DDT on Henry. Angle covers Henry, but only gets a two count. Angle tries a comeback on Henry, but Henry gets in another headbutt. Somehow Angle is able to hit Henry with a big German suplex right away. Angle drops the straps and hits the Angle Slam on Henry. Angle covers...1...2...Henry kicks out. Henry then quickly takes out Angle with a huge clothesline. Henry then picks up Angle and slams him with force into the ring.

Henry picks up Angle, hits a right hand, goes for a scoop slam, but Angle wiggles out and applies the Ankle Lock on Henry! Henry then counters and flips out of it sending Angle through the ropes to the outside. Henry throws Angle face first off the ring apron and then puts him on top of the announcers table. Henry stands on top of the Spanish Announce Table, gets closer to Angle, but Angle sees it and jumps off. Henry jumps down and hits a forearm shot to the back of Angle. Henry then clotheslines Angle against the steel ring post. Angle falls to the mat in pain. The referee is still counting. Henry gets into the ring by the count of eight. The referee continues counting and gets to ten. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner via countout: Mark Henry

After the match, Mark Henry celebrates and then leaves the ring grabbing Kurt Angle. Henry puts Angle on the announcers table again. Henry hits a few chest shots, but Angle comes back with a rake to the eyes. Angle grabs a steel chair and hits Henry over the legs and back a few times. Angle throws the chair away and applies the Ankle Lock on Henry. Henry taps out on the mat. WWE officials and referees come to the ringside area and pull Angle off Henry. Angle breaks away from the WWE officials and referees, grabs Henry and hits an Angle Slam on top of the announcers table! Henry simply bounces off the table though as it doesn't break. Angle then grabs a steel chair and cracks it over the head of Henry. When Henry falls, he crashes through the announcers table and Angle lets out a scream as the fans cheer. Michael Cole & Tazz say Kurt Angle has snapped.

- A promo for ECW One Night Stand on June 11 is shown.

- We go backstage and see Sharmell walking up to see Booker T warming up. She says tonight he will show the world who he is, the 5-time WCW Champion and the next King of the Ring. Sharmell says he will be better than any other King in the history of the world such as King Kong, King Arthur, King Tut, etc, you get the point. The segment ends with Booker screaming out "KING BOOKER" and kissing Sharmell.

- We see a shot of the King of the Ring Tournament graphic showing how we got to Booker T and Bobby Lashley tonight. Following this, a highlight package runs highlighting past winners of the King of the Ring and how the tournament was brought back exclusively to SmacKDown this year. We see Kurt Angle defeating Randy Orton (First Round), Booker T defeating Matt Hardy (First Round), Bobby Lashley defeated Mark Henry (First Round) and Finlay defeating Chris Benoit (First Round). We then see how Kurt Angle was forced to forfeit his spot in the King of the Ring and as a result Booker T advanced. It then came down to Finlay and Bobby Lashley in the Semi-Finals that saw Lashley win and advance to the finals tonight against Booker T.

- Back live, we see another shot of the King of the Ring thrown, cape and crown. The music of Booker T hits to get the finals started.

King of the Ring Tournament Final
Booker T vs. Bobby Lashley

The match starts with Bobby Lashley throwing Booker T down when Booker got in his face. They both lock up and Lashley backs Booker into the corner. They lock up again and this time Booker gets the advantage sending Lashley into the corner. Lashley fights back with some rights and hits a huge running clothesline in the corner on Booker. Lashley hits a quick suplex on Booker, covers, but only gets a two count. Lashley takes Booker off his feet with a huge clothesline, covers again and gets yet another two count. Lashley goes to work on the left arm of Booker. Booker gets back to his feet, chops Lashley, goes for a back suplex, but Lashley counters and takes Booker off his feet instead. Lashley covers Booker quickly and Booker kicks out after two. Booker comes back with a few kicks to the gut on Lashley. Booker hits Lashley with a few rights and chops in the corner. Booker sends Lashley into the corner. Lashley bounces off and connects with a big clothesline on Booker. Lashley lifts up Booker, throws him into the corner, backs up, charges and Booker moves allowing Lashley to hit the corner with force. Lashley rolls out when Booker comes near him and sends him face first into the steel steps.

Booker rolls back into the ring and tells the referee to start counting. Lashley rolls in a short time later to break the count and Booker catches him with a few kicks. Booker kicks Lashley in the gut and lifts his leg high to drop it over the shoulder of Lashley. Booker covers Lashley and Lashley kicks out after two. Booker goes back to work on the left arm of Lashley. When Lashley attempts a comeback, Booker kicks him in the gut, looks to go for the Axe Kick when Lashley explodes and hits a big spinning elbow taking Booker off of his feet! Lashley hits a few elbows on Booker, two takedowns and then a big inverted atomic drop. Lashley follows it up with a clothesline and calls for The Dominator when Sharmell jumps up and distracts the referee. This allows Booker to kick Lashley in the face. Booker goes for the Book End, but Lashley counters into an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Sharmell then grabs the leg of Lashley to distract him. This allows Booker to hit a big superkick and Book End. Booker covers Lashley...1...2...Lashley kicks out and Booker can't believe it. Booker chops Lashley, sends him into the corner, Lashley puts Booker on his shoulder and hits a huge running Powerslam!

Lashley covers, but only gets a two count. Lashley hits a big charge on Booker in the corner. Booker comes back with another superkick and follows that up with a big Axe Kick. Booker smiles, covers Lashley, but Lashley once again kicks out after two. Booker has a frustrated look on his face. Booker misses a jumping knee and Lashley hits a big Spear! Sharmell then distracts the referee and Finlay hits the ring. Finlay hits Lashley with the shillelagh and leaves the ring. Sharmell leaves, Booker gets back in, hits the Axe Kick and covers Lashley to get the pinfall.

Winner & 2006 King of the Ring: Booker T

After the match, Booker T holds his arms up in the air smiling. Booker and Sharmell walk up the ramp and Booker puts the robe and crown on his head. Bobby Lashley then runs up the ramp and spears Booker into the chair flipping back. Sharmell freaks out and attends to Booker. Booker eventually gets back to his feet with the crown and cape still on as the fans boo loudly.

- A shot of The Great Khali making his way to the arena with Daivari is shown. Following this, a highlight package rolls showing The Great Khali's debut in WWE attacking The Undertaker.

The Undertaker vs. The Great Khali w/ Daivari
The match starts with The Undertaker dodging lefts and rights from The Great Khali. Khali then grabs Taker and tosses him through the ropes with force to the outside. Taker looks back up at Khali with a shocked look on his face. Taker comes back into the ring and Taker kicks Khali. Taker gets in a few right hands, tries to Irish whip Khali, but Khali stops this and sends Taker over the top rope. Taker gets up to the ring apron, Khali grabs him and Taker drops the head of Khali off the top rope. Taker slides back in, dodges two right hands and strikes Khali with a few rights, lefts and headbutts. Taker wrenches the arm of Khali, backs up, goes to scale the top rope, but Khali grabs Taker and sends him over his head to the ring below with force. Khali then drives a right hand into Taker in the corner and starts choking him out with his boot. Taker gets up and Khali hits him with another right hand. Khali sends Taker into the other corner with authority and follows that up with a big clothesline. Taker rolls out and Khali follows. Khali stalks Taker on the outside and hits him with a few forearms. Taker fights back by catching Khali with a few right hands. Khali then grabs Taker and sends him into the steel steps with force.

Still on the outside, Khali distracts the referee allowing Daivari to get in a few cheap shot kicks on Taker. Taker gets back into the ring and Khali plants him with a big scoop slam. Khali then grabs his right hand calling for the chop. Taker stands up and Khali catches him with a big chop. Khali puts his foot on top of Taker, the referee counts...1...2...Taker kicks out. Taker sits up and catches Khali with more right hands. Khali responds with a few of his own. Each time Taker backs into the ropes and comes back for more. Taker leaps up and headbutts Khali. Taker grabs Khali by his left arm, goes up to the top, scales the top rope, jumps and hits Khali over the shoulder. Khali still stands up though after this takes place. Both Taker and Khali exchange lefts and rights. Taker runs and charges at Khali. Taker catches Khali twice with charges, but Khali won't go down. After a third attempt, Khali falls back and gets tied up into the top and middle rope. Taker hits Khali with a few rights and then chokes Daivari on the ring apron. Taker brings Daivari into the ring and then goes after the referee who tried to break it up. Taker goes for a chokeslam, but Khali breaks it up and catches Taker with a big boot that sends him to the ring with force.

When Taker sits back up, Khali catches him with a chop and a big knee to the head. Khali pauses, puts his foot on the chest of Taker and the referee counts the pinfall...1...2...3.

Winner: The Great Khali

After the match, Daivari comes into the ring and celebrates The Great Khali's victory over The Undertaker. The crowd is dead silent. Tazz says the fans in Phoenix can't believe what they just saw.

- A promo highlighting "See No Evil" is shown.

- A video package rolls highlighting Rey Mysterio's World Heavyweight Title win at WrestleMania 22 and how JBL tried to ruin his victory party in the weeks that followed on SmackDown.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Rey Mysterio (c) vs. WWE United States Champion JBL

The match starts with JBL pushing Mysterio down. Mysterio goes down and gets back in the face of JBL. JBL does this a second time and Mysterio goes right after him. JBL pushes Mysterio down yet again and backs up telling the referee to keep him back. Mysterio then kicks JBL a few times on the leg, throws on a side headlock and JBL lifts him up onto the top turnbuckle. JBL talks trash to Mysterio and Mysterio slaps him. Mysterio jumps down and JBL kicks him in the gut. JBL throws Mysterio face first into the corner and then pounds Mysterio with some right hands. JBL grabs Mysterio and slaps a forearm over his back. Mysterio counters an Irish whip holding onto the ropes and then hitting JBL with a drop toe hold. When Mysterio goes for the 619, JBL quickly bolts and goes to the outside. Mysterio then catches JBL with a baseball slide that sends JBL flying. Mysterio goes onto the ring apron, runs and leaps on JBL. Mysterio goes back into the ring, celebrates on the top of the corner, JBL comes in, Mysterio jumps off and hits a big cross-body! Mysterio covers, but only gets a two count. Mysterio then catches JBL with a huge dropkick to the face, covers again, but gets another two count. Mysterio then gets ten right hands on JBL in the corner and follows that up by choking JBL with his boot.

JBL, who is sitting in the corner, then gets a baseball slide to the groin when Mysterio backs up and charges at him! JBL grabs his crotch and screams out in pain. Mysterio then dropkicks JBL over the top rope to the outside. When Mysterio comes out, JBL catches him with a big boot and then sends him face first into the steel steps. JBL picks up Mysterio, catches him with a right hand and throws him back in the ring. JBL catches Mysterio with a boot to the face, throws him back in the ring and hits another boot that sends Mysterio to the outside again. JBL sends Mysterio back into the steel steps, taunts at Mysterio's wife at ringside, throws Mysterio back in, covers, but only gets a two count. JBL then gives Mysterio the three amigos Suplexes mocking Eddie Guerrero. JBL throws Mysterio stomach first over the top rope. Mysterio hands on the top rope and JBL kicks him off. Mysterio is now busted open at this point and JBL takes a bloody Mysterio and puts him in the face of his wife. JBL scares Mysterio's wife, grabs Mysterio and hits a big fallaway slam. JBL throws Mysterio back into the ring, covers, but only gets a two count. JBL starts slapping Mysterio who is on the ground in the corner. They continue to go back to shots of Mysterio's wife in the crowd looking on. In the ring, JBL catches Mysterio with a few clotheslines.

JBL backs up and tells the referee to count Mysterio who is down and bloody. The referee counts...1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9...a bloody Mysterio barely gets up and JBL catches him with a big boot. JBL covers...1...2...Mysterio kicks out! Mysterio gets in a few rights on JBL, but grabs his face trying to clear the blood from his eyes. JBL then grabs Mysterio, applies a sleeper hold, hits a few rights and goes back to applying pressure with the sleeper. Blood continues to flow inside Mysterio's mask as they go down to the mat and JBL applies the sleeper with more pressure. The referee lifts Mysterio's arm once, twice and JBL breaks the sleeper before the third. JBL hooks the leg of Mysterio...1...2...Mysterio kicks out and JBL can't believe it. JBL puts Mysterio up on the top turnbuckle. JBL attempts a Superplex, but Mysterio fights back and JBL knocks him off. Mysterio stands up and hits a huge moonsault on JBL. Mysterio covers, but only gets a two count. Mysterio catches JBL with a big cross-body, kick to the head, hooks the leg...1...2...JBL kicks out. JBL is laying down in the corner when Mysterio charges, but JBL gets his leg up and Mysterio catches it with force. JBL grabs Mysterio, goes for a Powerbomb, but Mysterio flips out of it and gets JBL down for the 619. Mysterio backs up, runs and hits the 619 on JBL. Mysterio springboards off the top rope looking to hit the West Coast Pop, but JBL grabs the referee and puts him in front of Mysterio. The referee is out. JBL Powerbombs Mysterio and calls for a referee. JBL covers, but Mysterio kicks out. JBL then knocks out the second referee. JBL leaves the ring and gets a steel chair. Mysterio kicks it into the face of JBL. Mysterio follows that up with the 619 and then hits a Frog Splash off the top rope. Mysterio hooks the leg of JBL...1...2...3!

Winner & STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Rey Mysterio

Judgment Day 2005
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