Scottrade Center
St. Louis, Missouri
May 20, 2007


The WWE promo hits.

A video package airs highlighting tonight's scheduled matches involving John Cena vs. The Great Khali for the WWE Title, Edge vs. Batista for the World Heavyweight Title and Vince McMahon putting up the ECW Title in a 3 on 1 Handicap Match along with Shane McMahon & Umaga against Bobby Lashley.

A graphic opening then hits welcoming us to Judgment Day. We go live to St. Louis where a series pyro goes off inside the Scottrade Center. Jim Ross is the first on the mic to kick off the PPV. JR and Jerry Lawler pass it on to Smackdown's Michael Cole and JBL and then they pass it on to ECW's Joey Styles and Tazz.

Ric Flair's music hit to kick off the show.

Ric Flair defeated Carlito.
Carlito took it to Ric Flair right away, landing numerous kicks to Flair on the ground. The referee eventually pushed Carlito back to break it up. Carlito sent Flair shoulder first into the ring post. Carlito continued to work on the shoulder of Flair, dropkicking him into the post when the brawl spilled to the outside. Back in the ring, Carlito applied an armbar on Flair, working on Flair's shoulder even more. They are playing up Flair's history of rotator cuff surgery with the continued punishment by Carlito causing more damage. Each time Flair attempted a comeback, Carlito would knock him back to the mat and apply another armbar. Flair started making another comeback with some stiff chest chops to Carlito. Crowd in St. Louis is really behind Flair. Flair worked on Carlito in the corner with some chest chops and right hands. Carlito attempted the Backcracker on Flair, but Flair countered with a big stomp to Carlito. Flair then got the Figure Four locked on. Carlito taps out to give Flair the win. The crowd in St. Louis gave Flair a standing ovation as Flair let out a few "WOOOOOO's" to the crowd.

Backstage, Todd Grisham is with Shawn Michaels. They go to a video package of Michaels defeated Edge on Monday Night Raw last week and then Randy Orton attacking Michaels after the match. Back live, HBK goes to speak when Orton appears and attacks HBK.

A video package airs showing highlights from Backlash last month when Vince McMahon become the new ECW Champion. We also see highlights over the last few weeks of the feud between McMahon and Bobby Lashley also involving Shane McMahon and Umaga.

Bobby Lashley defeated ECW Champion Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon & Umaga in a 3 on 1 Handicap Match.
Well, this was a quick one (or so we think). The match started with Lashley going after Vince, but Shane stepped in. Umaga then hit the ring and Lashley took him out with a Spear. Lashley then grabbed Shane and hit him with a big powerslam to get the pinfall to become the NEW ECW World Champion. Well, that is what we thought. After the match, Umaga took out Lashley with a Samoan Spike. Vince then got on the mic and said since he wasn't pinned, there wasn't a title change tonight.

Backstage, Shawn Michaels was informed by a doctor that he couldn't wrestle tonight against Randy Orton.

CM Punk defeated Elijah Burke.
CM Punk has his ribs taped up as he came to the ring. The match kicked off with Punk applying a headlock on Burke towards the ropes and then bringing him to the middle of the ring. Burke eventually fought out if it, but Punk followed that up with knees to the gut backing Burke into the corner. Burke fought back driving Punk into the corner with force. Punk responds with a scoop slam and a kick to the back. Burke again responds with some offense of his own on Punk. Punk gives Burke a big hanging vertical suplex for a good 10 seconds and then drops him hard on the mat. Burke with a big charge on Punk in the corner working on his "injured" ribs. Burke tosses Punk to the outside after Punk attempted a splash on Burke against the ropes. Punk came back with a dropkick on Burke that sent Burke to the outside. Burke then locked on leg scissors on Punk on the mat. Punk came back with a big superplex on Burke. Burke blocked a bulldog from Punk and then sends Punk into the corner. Punk then gets the win with the Go To Sleep.

Backstage, Kristal Marshall is with World Heavyweight Champion Edge. Edge said he has had a great two weeks and that the Rated R Era was just beginning.

Randy Orton defeated Shawn Michaels via referee stoppage.
Before the match started, Randy Orton came out and wanted ring announcer Justin Roberts to declare him the winner. HBK's music then hit. HBK came down and the referee told him he didn't have to compete tonight. HBK demanded the bell to be rung and here we go. Orton pulls HBK in through the ropes, covers it, but HBK gets a shoulder up. Orton with a quick DDT on HBK, another pinfall and HBK again kicks out. HBK dodges an RKO attempt by Orton. HBK somehow gets up on the top rope and connects with an elbow drop on Orton. HBK then attempts the Sweet Chin Music, stomping in the corner, but he falls down. The referee then stops the mask saying HBK could not continue. Randy Orton is declared the winner due to referee stoppage. After the match, Orton gives HBK the RKO. We then see HBK's wife Rebecca (former Nitro Girl Whisper) hit the ring and attend to an injured HBK. HBK was taken out on a stretcher. We then go back to highlights of the match that barely lasted five minutes.

Backstage, Todd Grisham was with The Great Khali. Khali still had the WWE Title with him. Khali spoke and his translator said that John Cena doesn't stand a chance tonight and that if Cena wants some, come get some. Pretty much the same promo from last Monday night.

The Hardys defeated Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch to retain the World Tag Team Titles.
Smackdown's Michael Cole and JBL are calling this match even though these tag titles are on the Raw brand. Jeff attempted a spot flipping over the top rope, but he ended up missing and hitting the mat back first with huge impact. Cade and Murdoch tagged each other in and out numerous times working on Jeff. Murdoch slammed Jeff into the corner as Cade got the tag again working on Jeff. They are teasing the crowd with a hot tag from Matt. Murdoch hit a modified Canadian Destroyer on Jeff. Matt finally got the hot tag and cleaned house. Cade with a big spinebuster on Matt. Matt then comes back with a Side Effect on Cade. Jeff then hits the Swanton Bomb on Cade giving The Hardys the win to retain the titles. After the match, all four shook hands.

A promo for WWE Presents: One Night Stand on PPV on June 3 airs.

A "Rated R" video package focusing on Edge airs.

Edge defeated Batista to retain the World Heavyweight Title.
Edge got a decent reaction from the crowd in St. Louis, showing off the World Title. The match kicked off Edge sending Batista into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Batista hit the shoulder post after missing a charge on Edge. Edge then started working on Batista's shoulder. Edge went for a Spear, but Batista charged at him hitting a Spear of his own. Edge was able to kick out of this. Batista then gives Edge a huge spinebuster. Batista pumped himself up Ultimate Warrior style, went for the Batista Bomb, but Edge counters it into a rollup to get the pinfall to retain the World Title. After the match, Edge walked up the ramp and celebrated his successful title defense.

A promo for the WrestleMania 23 DVD aired.

Backstage, WWE Divas such as Candice Michelle, Jillian Hall, Maria, Kelly Kelly and Kristal gave their predictions for John Cena vs. Great Khali tonight for the WWE Title. Maria picked Batista.

MVP defeated Chris Benoit in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match 2-0 to become the NEW WWE United States Champion.
The match kicked off with Chris Benoit chasing MVP out of the ring and then back in. This went to some ground offense with Benoit trying to apply a submission on MVP. A few hip tosses by Benoit on MVP and then an attempted Crossface. MVP was able to fight out of this attempted Crossface. MVP then started going to work on Benoit's knee. Benoit then dodged more attacks to his knee from MVP and was able to lock in a Sharpshooter. MVP made it to the ropes to break it up. MVP gets the first pinfall after a Playmaker on Benoit when Benoit's knee gave out attempting an electric chair. MVP is up 1-0. MVP went back to work again on Benoit's knee following the first pinfall. MVP tried to apply a leg submission, but Benoit hit the ropes to break it up. Benoit tried to take MVP down to lock on the Crossface again, but MVP fought out of it. MVP rolled up Benoit and got the second pinfall. MVP won the contest 2-0 in two straight falls. MVP is the new WWE United States Champion. After the match, MVP celebrated with the U.S. Title as Benoit favored his knee walking to the back.

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler plug the One Night Stand PPV on June 3 in two weeks.

A video package airs highlighting the feud between John Cena and The Great Khali leading into tonight's WWE Title Match.

They did a "tale of the tape" looking at Cena and Khali.

John Cena defeated The Great Khali to retain the WWE Title.
John Cena was out first, with The Great Khali out second with the WWE Title still in his possession. The match kicks off with Cena running at Khali and working on his mid-section. Khali responded with a huge clothesline taking out Cena. The action spilled to the outside and Khali sent Cena into the steel steps. Khali then threw Cena back in the ring and placed one foot over him for the pinfall. Cena kicks out to a big reaction from the St. Louis crowd. Khali then followed that up with a big leg drop on Cena. Khali levels Cena with another clothesline, but missed a second leg drop attempt. They brawl back to the outside and Khali sends Cena into the announce table. They get back in the ring and Cena fights back hitting Khali with a jumping clothesline sending Khali into the ropes and gets tied up. Cena starts hitting Khali with some right hands as he is against the ropes. Khali then fights back and the action goes the outside yet again. Cena then dropkicks the steel steps into Khali's knee. The finish then saw Cena connect with a leg drop off the top rope on Khali. Cena then locked on the STFU and Khali taps out. Cena retains the WWE Title. The referee hands Cena back his title that Khali had taken from him and Cena celebrates his win. We then go to highlights of the match. Back live, the PPV goes off the air with Cena celebrating in the middle of the ring with the WWE Title back in his possession.

Theme song: "I Don't Wanna Stop" by Ozzy Osbourne.  Buy this song from Ozzy Osbourne - Black Rain - I Don't Wanna Stop

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