Money in
        the Bank2020

WWE Performance Center
Orlando, Florida
May 10, 2020

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

A video kicks off the show highlighting the Money in the Bank Ladder Matches taking place simultaneously at the WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.

We go to the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida where the majority of the show will take place.

SmackDown Tag Team Championship – Fatal 4-Way
The New Day (c’s) vs. Lucha House Party vs. The Miz and John Morrison vs. The Forgotten Sons
Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake will represent The Forgotten Sons.

Kofi Kingston will start against Gran Metalik. They trade some arm wrenches before Kingston takes him down and drops a knee. They lock up, and Kingston wrenches the arm again. Metalik flips out of it, takes Kingston down, and kips up. Metalik applies a side headlock, but Kingston whips him off, goes up and over before hitting a back elbow. Kingston sends him into the ropes, but Metalik hits a hurricanrana. Metalik kicks him before hitting the ropes, but Kingston kicks him in the midsection. Wesley Blake blind tags in on Kingston and throws him out of the ring. Blake knocks Lince Dorado off the apron and attacks Metalik. Steve Cutler tags in, and they double-team Metalik. Metalik quickly takes them down, and John Morrison tags in on Cutler. Morrison attacks him, but Metalik dropkicks him down. Metalik goes to the top rope and boots Miz off the apron. Morrison cuts him off and climbs the the top rope before hitting a Spanish Fly off the top rope to the floor on top of the other competitors!

Back in the ring, Metalik nearly pins Morrison with a two count. Cutler tags in on Morrison. Metalik goes to the top rope, but Jaxson Ryker crotches him. Cutler viciously attacks Metalik and uppercuts him for a two count. Blake tags in and attacks Metalik for a near fall. Blake applies a chin lock, but Metalik fights up. Blake elbows him in the neck to take him down. They knock New Day off the apron. They go for a double-team, but Metalik hits Blake with a hurricanrana before hitting Cutler with a tornado DDT.

Dorado tags in and takes out Morrison with a cross-body block. Dorado attacks Miz and splashes Morrison for a two count. Dorado kicks Morrison back and hits a springboard hurricanrana, but Blake breaks up the pin. Kingston tags in on Dorado, but Morrison hits him with a springboard kick. Miz tags in. They go for a double-team, but Kingston gets out and hits them with a (sort of) double stomp for a two count. Kingston takes Miz down and hits a Boom Drop. Kingston sets up for the end and goes for Trouble in Paradise, but Miz counters into a Figure Four Leglock attempt. Cutler blind tags in on Miz. Big E also tags in. Cutler attacks Big E… and the WWE Network feed temporarily cuts out. The Forgotten Sons take Big E down, but Miz and Morrison attack. Morrison hits Big E with Starship Pain, but Lucha House Party breaks up the pin. Dorado tags in and hits Morrison with a springboard stunner. Metalik hits Morrison with a super hurricanrana.

Dorado tags in and attacks Big E with kicks, stunning him. Metalik tags in. Dorado splashes Big E before Metalik walks the top rope and drops an elbow, but Blake breaks it up. The Forgotten Sons knock Metalik out of the ring. The Forgotten Sons send Big E into the ropes, but he holds on and sends them out of the ring. Kingston planchas Blake, but Cutler sends him into the ring post. Big E hits the ropes, but Ryker pulls the top rope down to get him out of the ring. The referee ejects Ryker from ringside. Ryker is furious.

The Lucha House Party hit stereo planchas at ringside. Metalik hits a springboard cross-body on Big E, but he rolls through. Kingston hits Dorado with Trouble in Paradise. Big E hits Metalik with a Big Ending for the win.

Winners by Pinfall and still SmackDown Tag Team Champions: The New Day

The Undertaker’s documentary trailer is shown.

Lacey Evans talks about this being her first Money in the Bank Ladder Match, but she’s done her research and is prepared.

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is interviewed by Charly Caruso about being an underdog in his match against Seth Rollins tonight. McIntyre wishes all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day and says he’s taking Rollins to Claymore Country tonight.

R-Truth made his entrance believing there was a crowd out there and never seemed to realize they weren’t there. MVP isn’t happy with R-Truth acting like a fool. R-Truth says MVP can’t ball and they go back and forth about basketball. Bobby Lashley comes out and tells MVP he has this. MVP agrees and walks off. R-Truth asks how come MVP gets the night off and he doesn’t. R-Truth puts his hands out and accidentally slaps Lashley. Lashley shoves him.

R-Truth vs. Bobby Lashley
R-Truth tries to run away, but Lashley catches him and viciously shoulders him in the corner. Lashley throws R-Truth across the ring. R-Truth soon boots him back and charges, but Lashley hits a spinebuster. Lashley goes for a delayed vertical suplex, but R-Truth gets out. R-Truth goes for a Scissor Kick, but Lashley avoids it and spears him down for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Bobby Lashley

WWE joins other sports leagues for “The Real Heroes Project.”

King Corbin brags about his accomplishments such as taking out Elias and Drew Gulak. Corbin will claim his second victory in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match. This one is like none other. They’ll be fighting for a briefcase for a contract for a World Title match at any time. Corbin doesn’t know what to expect, but the risk will be worth the reward when everyone refers to him as King Money in the Bank.

SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley is shown walking backstage with Sasha Banks. Kayla Braxton stops her for an interview. Bayley refuses to talk about Tamina. Kayla asks about Banks accidentally causing Bayley to lose to Tamina on Friday. She asks Banks if Bayley blamed her. Bayley says she didn’t blame her. She’s the most dominant Women’s Champion this company has seen.

SmackDown Women’s Championship
Bayley (c) w/ Sasha Bank vs. Tamina
Bayley pie faces and shoves Tamina while talking trash. Tamina quickly takes her down and kicks her in the corner. Tamina sends her to the corner, but Bayley slingshots over and applies a sleeper hold. Tamina quickly backs her into the corner to break the hold before hitting a suplex for a two count. Tamina powers her onto the top rope and backs up to let her down. Bayley gets down, so Tamina kicks and scoop slams her. Bayley rolls out of the ring to recover.

Bayley soon sweeps the feet and drags her over to the corner before slamming the knee off the ring post. Bayley continue to attack the knee while Sasha Banks happily looks on. Bayley continues to attack the leg, but Tamina eventually fights back with an uppercut and a head-butt. Bayley retreats to the corner, so Tamina avalanches her. Tamina backs up and hobbles into Bayley with a hip attack. Tamina goes for a superkick, but Bayley counters into a knee bar. Tamina screams in pain, but she rolls to the bottom rope to get a rope break. Bayley lets go and continues to attack the knee. Bayley punches away at her, but Tamina shoves her off. Bayley quickly comes back with a knee to the face and lifts her, but the weight of Tamina causes her to collapse. Bayley quickly rolls out of the ring to recover.

Sasha Banks comes over to check on her. Bayley quickly blindsides Tamina and elbows her in the back of the head. Banks takes water from the commentators before throwing it in Tamina’s face. Tamina then grabs Bayley and clotheslines her on the floor. Tamina sends her into the barricade before putting her in the ring. Tamina goes for a Samoan Drop, but Bayley grabs the ropes. Tamina then superkicks her off the apron. Tamina goes outside and throws Bayley over the commentary table. Tamina gets her in the ring after a few moments and goes to the top rope. Tamina goes for a splash, but she lands on her feet when Bayley puts the boots up. Tamina superkicks her and hits a Samoan Drop, but Banks motions to get in the ring. Tamina chases her before getting back in the ring. Tamina goes for a Samoan Drop, but Bayley counters into a crucifix pin for the win.

Winner by Pinfall and still SmackDown Women’s Champion: Bayley

Tamina powers Bayley up and goes for a Samoan Drop, but Banks chop blocks the knee and superkicks Tamina. Banks then slaps Tamina in the face. Bayley and Banks celebrate in the ring.

Seth Rollins talks about how he admires the courage of Drew McIntyre for stepping in the ring with him. Rollins will give McIntyre the favor of his life by unburdening him from the title. This is not the industry or show for McIntyre to lead. That is Rollins’ cross to bear. When he beats McIntyre tonight it won’t be for just his own good. It’ll be for the greater good. The people need Rollins as the WWE Champion. Rollins needs to be the Monday Night Messiah.

Video Package: WWE Universal Championship

WWE Universal Championship
Bray Wyatt vs. Braun Strowman (c)
Bray Wyatt will be competing as himself, not as The Fiend.

Wyatt smiles and walks up to Strowman, but Strowman grabs him and throws him to the corner. Wyatt mentions it looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Strowman attacks him and hits a shoulder block. Wyatt laughs and says, “My goodness, you are strong!” Strowman says he’s not the same boy he used to be. Wyatt pulls himself up and winces. They circle the ring, and Wyatt kicks and punches him. Wyatt applies a side headlock, but Strowman whips him off and hits another shoulder block. Strowman goes outside and punches Wyatt before sending him into the barricade. Strowman then sends him headfirst into the ring post. Strowman sends him into the ring and avalanches him in the corner. Wyatt falls out of the ring to recover. Strowman goes outside and charges for a shoulder block, but Wyatt sidesteps him and sends him over the commentary table.

Wyatt gets in the ring and casually lays down looking quite pleased with himself. Huskus the Pig appears behind the barricade and roots Wyatt on. Wyatt DDTs Strowman on the floor before putting him in the ring and hitting a clothesline. Wyatt connects with a senton splash, and Strowman rolls out of the ring to recover. Wyatt avalanches him outside before sending Strowman headfirst into the ring steps. Wyatt looks conflicted. Wyatt gets him in the ring and arcs his back. Wyatt approaches him, but Strowman clubs him back. Wyatt boots him and hits a tornado DDT off the second rope. Wyatt hits Sister Abigail, but Strowman kicks out. Wyatt is stunned and starts talking to himself. Wyatt goes for a second Sister Abigail, but Strowman grabs the throat and hits a vicious chokeslam.

Strowman avalanches Wyatt a few times in the corner before Wyatt gets out of the ring. Strowman follows him out and annihilates him with a shoulder block into the barricade. Strowman gets Wyatt in the ring. Wyatt kicks Strowman in the face as he gets in the ring, causing him to fall to the floor. Wyatt catches his breath in the ring.

Strowman all of a sudden rises up wearing the Black Sheep mask. Wyatt laughs and begins to cry saying, “It’s you! It’s you!” They kneel and pose before embracing. The puppets all celebrate Strowman coming home. Strowman then pushes Wyatt back and removes the mask. Strowman drops the mask and stomps on it. Wyatt tries to talk sense into him. Strowman scoops him up and hits a Running Powerslam for the win.

Winner by Pinfall and still WWE Universal Champion: Braun Strowman

The mysterious hacker taking over SmackDown broadcasts appears on the screen. The hacker says no one is safe and presses a button. Behind the scenes interviews with WWE Superstars are shown on a wall of screens. The truth will be heard soon…

Video Package: WWE Championship

WWE Championship
Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre (c)
They lock up, and McIntyre quickly powers him to the corner. McIntyre gives a clean break. They lock up again, and McIntyre shoulder blocks him down. Rollins rolls out of the ring to recover and is smiling. Rollins gets in the ring, but McIntyre soon takes him down with a pair of clotheslines and a clothesline over the top rope. McIntyre tells him to take his time recovering because he’s enjoying himself.

Rollins gets back in the ring and circles around him. McIntyre quickly gets the better of him and chops the chest before taking him down. McIntyre viciously whips him into the corner twice before chopping him down. McIntyre connects with a suplex for a one count. McIntyre chops the chest and goes to lift him, but Rollins gets out and dropkicks him in the knee. Rollins ducks a clothesline and dropkicks him in the knee again. Rollins then sends him shoulder-first into the ring post, and McIntyre falls out of the ring. Rollins catches McIntyre with a suicide dive. Rollins gets him in the ring and hits a Sling Blade for a two count. Rollins applies a single leg crab, and McIntyre screams in pain. Rollins then drops down and applies the STF. Rollins transitions to a crossface, but McIntyre gets to the bottom rope to break the hold.

McIntyre rolls out of the ring to recover. Rollins hits a big suicide dive and shouts about his destiny. Rollins gets on the apron as McIntyre pulls himself up. Rollins hits a flying knee to the head and gets in the ring to reset the count. Rollins gets on the barricade and hits another flying knee to the head. Rollins gets in the ring to reset the count again before going outside and clearing off the commentary table. Rollins hits a third flying knee to the head. Rollins gets in the ring and shouts at McIntyre. Rollins goes for a suicide dive, but McIntyre catches him and hits a belly-to-belly overhead suplex on the commentary table!

McIntyre gets him in the ring and hits a pair of belly-to-belly overhead suplexes before booting him in the head. McIntyre goes to the top rope for a diving axe handle. McIntyre kips up and wills himself on. McIntyre sets up for a Claymore Kick, but Rollins escapes to the apron. Rollins snaps him off the top rope and kicks him before going for a springboard knee. McIntyre avoids it and hits a spinebuster for a near fall. McIntyre sets up for a Future Shock DDT, but Rollins kicks at the knee and connects with an enzuigiri. Rollins follows up with a superkick for a one count. Rollins goes to the top rope and hits a frog splash for another one count. The commentators are marveling at McIntyre kicking out at one.

Rollins goes outside and grabs a chair. The referee warns him. Rollins then throws the chair out of the ring and goes for a Stomp, but McIntyre moves. McIntyre hits a Glasgow Kiss and attacks. McIntyre goes to the top rope, but Rollins crotches him up there. Rollins sets up for a superplex, but McIntyre head-butts him down. Rollins quickly scales the ropes and hits a superplex before rolling into a falcon arrow for a near fall. McIntyre soon takes him down, but Rollins fights back and gets him in the tree of woe. McIntyre sits up and hits an inverted back-to-belly off the top rope. McIntyre sets up for a Claymore Kick, but Rollins superkicks him followed by a Stomp for a near fall. Rollins sizes him up again for a Stomp, but McIntyre hits a Glasgow Kiss. Rollins superkicks him back, and McIntyre floors him with a Claymore Kick for the win.

Winner by Pinfall and still WWE Champion: Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre gets back in the ring and goes for a handshake. Rollins thinks about it and shakes it. McIntyre then walks off. Rollins looks surprised.

R-Truth is confused about what happened tonight and thinks he beat MVP, but he has no one to celebrate with. R-Truth wants his 24/7 Championship back and is going to sack Tom Brady for it. Charly Caruso mentions he meant Rob Gronkowski.

The Money in the Bank Ladder Matches will be happening simultaneously in the WWE Headquarters. The women are in the main lobby, while the men are in the locker room.

Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match
AJ Styles vs. Otis vs. Aleister Black vs. King Corbin vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Daniel Bryan
Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Lacey Evans vs. Nia Jax vs. Carmella vs. Shayna Baszler vs. Dana Brooke vs. Asuka
The competitors all wonder what’s going on. Asuka is standing on the balcony on the second floor and taunting the other five on the floor. The bell rings (from somewhere), and the men begin brawling. Asuka then hits a cross-body onto all the women on the marble floor. Asuka looks fired up and starts going for the elevator. She runs on and starts shouting. The women crawl to it, but they can’t get to the closing doors. They run for the stairs.

In the locker room, Mysterio knocks Black away from a weight machine. Black quickly kicks him in the face. Corbin punches Bryan back. They’re playing ominous music. Corbin throws a metal plate at Bryan, but it crashes into the mirror. Brawling continues in the locker room. Otis slams Styles into a paper towel dispenser a few times before placing a heavy squat bar on him to trap him. Bryan runs out of the room, and everyone chases him. Mysterio runs by a bathroom and stops when he hears a toilet flush. Out steps Brother Love with his music playing. Love says, “I LOOVE YOUUU!” Mysterio loves him too and runs off.

The men continue to brawl in the hallway and into an elevator. The women brawl up the stairs and wind up on the same landing as the men. A wild brawl breaks out, and Asuka sneaks away. Baszler notices and chases after her. Black runs away as well. Bryan ties Corbin up in the ring rope decorations and kicks away at his chest. Otis is enjoying it, so Bryan kicks away at him. Bryan runs off trying to get to the roof. A Doink the Clown impersonators appears behind a chair.

Carmella slaps Nia Jax, so Jax slams her through a door into a conference room. Baszler brawls with Brooke into the same room and throws her over a conference table. Jax and Baszler go face-to-face, and Jax takes her down. Brooke hits Jax with a chair and sees a Money in the Bank briefcase above the table. Brooke retrieves it, but Stephanie McMahon shows up and says this is the Money in the Bank conference room. The briefcase is on the roof. Carmella hits Brooke with a poster, and Evans hits Carmella with a Woman’s Right.

Styles finally gets out of the weight room and is angrily looking for Mysterio. Styles opens a bunch of doors looking for him. There are posters all over the hallway and Styles stops while angrily looking at a picture of The Undertaker making his entrance at WrestleMania. Styles opens a room and sees a room with a blue light. There’s a casket inside. Flashbacks of the Boneyard Match from WrestleMania flash on the screen. Styles says, “No way!” Black then kicks Styles into the room and closes the door. Styles screams in terror.

Paul Heyman is seen enjoying himself at a lavish buffet. The men and women all converge in front of him. Otis flips out and demolishes a turkey leg. Brooke still has the poster over his head and hits into Heyman. Otis throws a tray into Heyman’s face and shouts, “FOOD FIGHT!!” Heyman is stunned. A giant food fight breaks out. Baszler applies a choke to Mysterio. Jax throws Brooke into a vending machine and powerbombs Carmella through a table. Ominous music plays as Jax goes face-to-face with Otis. Otis is wildly eating. Jax and Otis walk in separate directions. Otis winds up in the cafeteria. John Laurinaitis drives up in his scooter and says, “People Power!” Otis throws a pie in his face and runs off.

A janitor is cleaning the floor when Asuka runs up and shouts at him. He doesn’t understand. She takes his mop and hits the women behind her with it before running off. Brooke comes trailing from behind and slips on the wet floor. Asuka kicks Baszler back and runs off. Jax takes everyone down and continues the pursuit. Evans finds her way to a stairwell and runs up. Black appears brawling with Bryan and throws him into a wall. Styles comes from out of nowhere and punches Black down. Styles then takes Bryan down. Bryan fights back. They’re in Vince McMahon’s office! The Chairman is there, and he shouts, “OUT!” They sheepishly walk away, but stop to fix the chairs. McMahon then takes some Purell and washes his hands.

Styles laughs and says Bryan acted like a coward in there. Bryan says he told him to fix the chairs. Styles admits he did that… and the brawl continues! Corbin comes up and takes them both down before knocking Black away. They fight into a conference room. Corbin throws Bryan over the table and sends Styles into a wall. Corbin then says, “I’m going to the roof!”

An aerial view is shown of the roof with a ring on top and the two Money in the Bank briefcases hanging above. Jax and Asuka are the first to brawl up there. Jax gets Asuka in the ring, but Asuka kicks her back. Evans then clotheslines Asuka. Jax attacks Evans and press slams her. Jax sends Evans out of the ring and grabs a ladder. Asuka stops Jax from climbing, and Evans takes Asuka down. Evans climbs the ladder, but Asuka pulls her down. Asuka slowly starts to climb the ladder, but gets down and knocks it over. Asuka sets it up dead in the middle and starts to climb, but Evans bounces her face off the ladder a few times. Evans gets her away, but Asuka pulls her down again. Asuka climbs, but Evans climbs behind her and grabs at her. Asuka punches Evans off, and she falls into Jax! Asuka looks down at the carnage and starts to climb again. Corbin all of a sudden appears on the roof and starts to climb the ladder. He goes for the men’s briefcase, but Asuka kicks him in the head to knock him off to the canvas. Asuka retrieves the briefcase!

Winner of the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Asuka

The Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match continues. Otis gets on the roof and gets on the bottom rung of the ladder before Corbin attacks. Corbin drives the ladder into Otis’ midsection. Otis soon takes him down and hits the Caterpillar Elbow Drop. Black takes Oits out and grabs a ladder. Mysterio hits Otis with a flying seated senton. Mysterio and Black set up the ladder and start climbing opposite sides. Styles gets on the roof, into the ring, and knocks over the ladder. Corbin grabs Mysterio and throws him off the set! Corbin then throws Black off the set! It’s implied they’ve been thrown off the roof.

In the ring, Styles sets up a ladder and climbs. Bryan appears and begins climbing. Corbin pulls Bryan down while Otis grabs Styles. Corbin sends Bryan shoulder-first into the ring post. Otis drops Styles on the apron, but Styles knocks him back and hits a Phenomenal Forearm. Styles starts to climb the ladder on the roof of the WWE Headquarters and grabs at the briefcase. Corbin cuts him off, and they start to brawl. They both unhook the briefcase and won’t let go. Elias all of a sudden appears and hits Corbin in the back with the guitar. Styles fumbles the briefcase, and Otis catches it! Otis has won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match!

Winner of the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Otis
Otis celebrates big time with the briefcase and shouts, “Yo Mandy, I did it!”


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