Richfield Coliseum
Richfield, Ohio
November 25, 1992


Rev. Slick opened up the show to welcome us to Survivor Series and he prayed that no one would get hurt too badly.


High Energy (Koko B Ware & Owen Hart) vs. The Headshrinkers with Afa

Afa used his bamboo cane to whack Koko in the back. Fatu pinned Owen after the Headshrinkers did their finishing move.



Nailz vs. Big Boss Man
Nightstick Match

The Boss Man got the nightstick--he used it on Nailz. The Boss Man won with the Sidewalk Slam.



Rick Martell vs. Tatanka

Doink came out to watch and play with balloon animals. Tatanka won and he got back his eagle feathers.



Ric Flair and Razor Ramon vs. Mr. Perfect and Macho Man Randy Savage

Mr. Perfect almost left Randy Savage alone. The ref got knocked out and a second ref came out. Flair pushed the ref and got disqualified. He gives Mr. Perfect the Figure Four. Savage gets a chair and Mr. Perfect uses it on Ric Flair.



Yokozuna with Mr. Fuji and Geisha Girls vs. Virgil

Yokozuna won the match with a Bonzai Drop.



Beverly Brothers and Money Inc. with Jimmy Hart and the Genius vs. Natural Disasters and the Nasty Boys
Survivor Series Match

Earthquake pins one of the Beverly Brothers. IRS pins Typhoon and a Nasty Boy quickly pins IRS.



Kamala with Dr. Harvey Wimpleman and Kim Chee vs. The Undertaker with Paul Bearer
Coffin Match

The Undertaker pinned Kamala with a Tombstone and he put him in the coffin and nailed it shut.



Shawn Michaels (Intercontinental Champion) vs. Bret Hart (WWF Champion)
WWF Championship up for grabs

Bret Hart won with the Sharpshooter after he reversed a top rope move by Shawn Michaels

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