Survivor Series

Wachovia Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
November 26, 2006

Attendance: 17,893


Spirit Squad vs. Ric Flair, Roddy Piper Ron Simmons, Sgt. Slaughter and Dusty Rhodes with Arn Anderson

The action goes to the outside and Arn gets in on the action sending Mitch into the ring post. Mitch and Simmons get counted out? The referee throws out Arn because he interfered in the match. Flair goes for a series of Chops on Mickey. Slaughter hooks on the Cobra Clutch. Slaughter gets pinned after the squad knock him out. Rhodes hits the bionic elbow for a pin.  Kenny gets Rhodes on a roll up and the pin. Flair now faces three guys. Flair pins Mickey with his legs on the ropes. Flair pins Kenny with an inside cradle. Flair gets Johnny with the Figure Four! FLAIR WINS! ! !  The spirit squad comes back out and attacks Flair.


Chris Benoit (WWE US Champion) vs. Chavo Guerrero with Vickie

Benoit goes for the Cross face but Vickie pulls Chavos leg and gets it to the ropes to break the hold. Chavo puts Benoit in an arm bar.  Benoit counters with a Samoan drop. Benoit hits the hat trick. He then goes for a flying head butt. Chavo hits the frog splash but only gets a two count.  Benoit goes for a sharpshooter, Vickie climbs up on the apron and gets knocked out. Benoit hits the Cross Face and Chavo taps out.


Mickie James vs. Lita (WWE Women's Champion)

Lita dominates Mickie in the match. Mickie hits a fisherman's suplex and gets a two count. Lita goes for a moon Sault that results in a two count. Mickie James hits a DDT and gets the THREE! ! !  NEW WWE WOMEN'S CHAMPION!


Team X-Treme , CM Pumk & D-X vs. Edge, Randy Orton, Johnny Nitro, Gregory Helms & Mike Knox

Michaels super kicks Mike Knox and gets the pin. Punk locks the Anaconda vice on Nitro and he submits. Orton gets the RKO on CM Punk but Michaels breaks the pin. triple H goes for the pedigree on Helms but Edge breaks the hold. Matt gets the Swanton bomb on Helms.  Orton and Edge go to leave the arena. But the Hardys run to get them. Michaels super kicks Edge and gets the three count. Orton goes into the crowd. Triple H pedigrees Orton and gets the pin.


Mr. Kennedy vs. The Undertaker
First Blood Match

The fight goes to the outside. The two fight behind the table. The fight goes into the crowd. The undertaker sends Kennedy flying with a top rope suplex. Kennedy rolls to the outside. Kennedy is bleeding internally. MVP comes out to clean up the blood . The two start to leave and MVP throws Kennedy in the ring. MVP comes in with a chair. the referee stops him but he knocks out the referee and the undertaker. The undertaker is bleeding! The referee awakens and the referee sees the Undertaker is Bleeding! Mr. Kennedy wins!


MVP, Test, Umaga, Finlay & The Big Show vs. Kane, Sabu, RVD, Lashley & John Cena


Umaga uses a TV Monitor on most of the opponents and gets DQ'ed. RVD hits the five star splash on MVP. Test gets RVD with a big boot for a pin. Sabu hits the tilt awhirl DDT on Test for the win. Sabu  The midget brings in a shelaileigh Finlay uses it, and The Big Show choke slams Kane for the pin. Lashley spears Finley for the pin. John Cena hits the F-U on the Big Show for the win!


King Booker (WWE Heavyweight Champion) with Sharmel vs. Batista

Teddy Long comes out and says that if King Booker gets DQ'ed or counted out that he loses the title
King Booker Nearly gets counted out.  The two men battle on the apron. The fight goes to the out side and King Booker gets kicked into the stairs. Booker ets Batista with the book end but only a two count. Batista hits a Batista bomb but Booker can get to the ropes. Sharmel gets in the ring Batista goes for the Batista bomb Booker saves her with the title. Batista uses the title and gets the pin, the win and the title!




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