Survivor Series 2007

American Airlines Arena
Miami, Florida
November 18, 2007

CM Punk (ECW Champion) vs. The Miz vs. John Morrison

Miz and Morrison start off double teaming Punk. Punk goes for a couple of fast pins but only two counts. The two continue to double team Punk. Miz gets Punk in a submission hold.  Morrison goes for a split leg corkscrew on Miz and for a pin but Punk saves the title in the nick of time.  Punk pins the Miz after his finishing move.


Beth Phoenix, Layla, Jillian Hall, Victoria & Melina vs. Torrie Wilson, Michelle McCool, Kelly Kelly, Maria & Mickie James

Victoria and Layla cut off the ring so they can double team Torrie.  Phoenix slams Maria hard down on the mat. Melina and Jillian double team Maria. Mickie James makes the save and takes it to Melina.  Mickie James gets Melina with a round house kick followed by a three count.


Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch (WWE World tag Team Champions)

Rhodes and Cade start out with a tie up and slam each other. Both men tag out. Holly gets Cade hanging on the ropes and kicks him in the crotch. Cade and Murdoch go for a double team leg drop but they miss when Holly rolls out of the way.  Murdoch gets the pin on Rhodes.


Mr. Kennedy, Finlay, Big Daddy V,  MVP & Umaga vs. Triple H, Kane, Jeff Hardy & Rey Mysterio

Mysterio & Kennedy start out the match. Kane goes to the top and sends Big Daddy V off his feet.  Big Daddy V sends Kane packing after a Samoan Drop and an elbow. Rey almost eliminates Umaga but in Umaga barely saves himself. Rey gets pinned after a Samoan swipe. Hardy gets man handled by MVP. Hardy pins MVP.  Big Daddy V comes in and splashed Kennedy by mistake and Triple H pins him.  Hardy and Triple H double Team Big Daddy V  and Triple H pins him.   Umaga kicks Hardy off the ring apron. Triple H gets Finlay with the Pedigree and the pin. Triple H hits the Pedigree followed by a Swanton bomb and pin on Umaga.


Hornswoggle vs. The Great Kahli

The two stare at each other in the ring. Hornswoggle kicks Kahli in the shin multiple times. Hornswoggle spits mist at Kahli's handler. Kahli slaps Hornswoggle and he is out cold. Finlay comes to Hornswoggle's rescue. Kahli wins via disqualification.


Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Orton (WWE Champion)

Michaels starts out with Orton in a neck vise and gets a couple of near falls. The match goes to the outside. Michaels locks on the sharpshooter. Orton gets Michaels in a headlock.  Michaels hits Orton with a barrage of chops. Michaels goes to the top rope and hits him with an flying elbow. Michaels motions for sweet chin music. Michaels puts Orton in a crossface. Orton crawls to the ropes to break the hold. Orton goes to kick Michaels and he reverses that in to an ankle lock. Orton hits the RKO and gets the pin and the win.
After the match, Orton sits Michaels in the corner and yells at him. Michaels counters that barrage with sweet chin music.


Batista (WWE World Champion) vs. The Undertaker
Hell in the Cell

Batista starts with a headlock followed by a clothes line. The Undertaker gets a chair from under the ring. Batista gets the Undertaker in the corner and goes to hit him with the chair but the Undertaker kicks it in his face. The Undertaker grinds Batista's face into the side of the cage. The Undertaker goes back to using the chair.  Batista counters "Old School" by the Undertaker and reversed it into a spinebuster. Batista is thrown head first into the side of the cage. Batista is bleeding! ! ! The Undertaker is superplexed off the top rope. The Undertaker grabs the stairs. The Undertaker sends Batista for the "last ride" but Batista kicks out of the pin that followed. Batista looks under the ring for. . . a table. BATISTA BOMB through the TABLE! ! ! Undertaker kicks out of the pin! Tombstone and only a two count. Tombstone on the stairs! The referee gets to two and is pulled from the ring by EDGE!!!!! Edge sets the Undertaker on thestairs face down and wacks him with the chair. Edge pulls Batista onto the Undertaker and Batista wins!

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