Survivor Series 2011

Madison Square Garden
New York City, New York
November 20, 2011

 Attendance: 16,749


John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler (WWE US Champion) w/Vickie Guerrero

The match starts with a tie up and the two trade moves. The crowd starts out with a "We Want Ryder" chant. Ziggler takes control of the match and keeps Morrison down on the mat. Morrison sling shots Ziggler in the corner and throws him to the outside.  Ziggler continues to dominate the match. Morrison picks up the pace in the match and hits a barrage of moves and comes out with only a two count. Ziggler and Morrison trade sleeper holds. Morrison hits a DDT and goes for a pin, Vickie grabs Ziggler's leg the referee sees and throws her out of ringside. The two trade a series of near falls. Ziggler wins with the zig zag.

after the match Ziggler and Guerrero get on the mic and bad mouth Zack Ryder. Ryder comes out and beats up Ziggler



Eve Torres vs. Beth Phoenix (WWE Divas Champion) w/Natalya
Lumberjill Match

Phoenix sling shots Torres into the bottom rope. Torres gets Phoenix in a submission hold. Torres kicks Phoenix hard and goes to the top rope for a moonsault but Phoenix counters with a glam slam off the rope. Phoenix retains the title.



Sheamus, Sin Cara, Mason Ryan, Kofi Kingston & Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, Hunico,  Wade Barrett & Jack Swagger

Order of Elimination:
Orton pins Ziggler
Kingston pins Sin Cara
Cody Rhodes pins Ryan
Barrett pins Kingston
Sheamus is Disqualified
Orton pins Swagger
Orton pins Hunico
Barrett pins Orton

Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett are your survivors!



The Big Show vs. Mark Henry (WWE Heavyweight Champion)

The two spend time shoving each other around. Henry goes after the Big Show's Ankle and knee. Henry gets several pin attempts. Henry elbows Big Show through the announce table.  The Big Show goes for an elbow off the top rope. Henry kicks out of the count. Henry gets intentionally disqualified.

after the match Henry gets a chair and goes after the Big Show. Big Show moves. The Big Show then puts the chair on Henry's leg and stomps on it.




CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio (WWE Champion)  w/Ricardo Rodriguez

The two get each other in a series of tie-ups. Del Rio goes to the floor and Punk flies over the top rope onto Del Rio. Rodriguez distracts Punk and a chase happens and Del Rio drop kicks Punk. Del Rio goes for a drop kick, CM Punk moves out of the way and slips out of the ring. The two trade boots to the guts. Punk goes to the top rope, imitating the macho man, hits the flying elbow. Del Rio gets Punk in an cross arm breaker. Punk breaks the hold by getting to the ropes.  Del Rip gets Punk in a small package and holding tights he kicks out. Punk then gets Del Rio in the Anaconda Vice, Del Rio taps out! Punk wins the title!



John Cena & The Rock vs. The Miz & R-Truth

    The Rock Starts out with a head lock. The Rock goes for a fisherman's suplex but Cena had the referee distracted so R-Truth kicked out. Cena monkey flips The Miz out of the corner. R-Truth has Cena in a head scissors. The fight goes to the out side. R-Truth and The Miz keep cutting the ring in half and won't allow Cena to tag in the Rock. The Miz takes out the Rock so Cena has no one to tag.  The Rock is FINALLY tagged in! The Rock gets The Miz in a Sharpshooter. R-Truth comes in a breaks the hold. Cena comes in and takes R-Truth out. The Rock hits the People's Elbow on the Miz and gets the 3 count and the win for his team.



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