WWE Taboo Tuesday 2005

iPAYONE Center
San Diego, California
November 1, 2005

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Preshow match: Matt Striker and Kerwin White defeated Shelton Benjamin and Val Venis

- The new WWE promo hit. Following this, a promo highlighting power, domination, authority and control airs. It highlights how the power and control is in the WWE fans hands tonight where they get to choose how the WWE superstars battle tonight via the internet. They highlight the WWE Championship Main Event, Ric Flair vs. Triple H, Mick Foley vs. Carlito and Batista vs. The Coach.

- The opening graphic for Taboo Tuesday hits. We then go live to San Diego where Edge's music hits. He appearance in the entrance way with Lita at his side and Chris Masters behind him to start the first match of the night.

- Jerry Lawler and Joey Styles also welcome us to the show. They also toss it to the Spanish Announce Team.

- Todd Grisham is in the Control Area. They show the choices backstage: Christian, Matt Hardy, Hardcore Holly, JBL and Rey Mysterio. The winners are: Rey Mysterio & Matt Hardy.

RAW vs. SmackDown Tag Team Match
Edge w/ Lita & Chris Masters vs. Rey Mysterio & Matt Hardy
Before the match, Lita gets on the mic and says that it is a big surprise to see Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy. Lita says she has a surprise, Edge isn't wrestling tonight. Edge gets on the mic and said you heard her right, he isn't wrestling tonight. Edge said it would do nothing to further his career to beat Matt Hardy once again and beating Rey Mysterio would do nothing either. He said he doesn't care about Hardy, Mysterio, RAW or what the people voted for. Edge said he does care about one thing...me. He said they should be concerned about who his replacement is. Gene Snitsky's music hits and he is now teaming with Chris Masters.

RAW vs. SmackDown Tag Team Match
Chris Masters & Gene Snitsky vs. Rey Mysterio & Matt Hardy

The match then starts with Masters going after both Hardy and Mysterio. Masters takes out both and then grabs Mysterio and gives him a vertical suplex. Jerry Lawler notes there are two referees in the match, one from RAW and one from SmackDown. Snitsky gets the tag and he picks up Mysterio in a vertical suplex, but Mysterio counters into a small package. Both referees get in each others way. Snitsky gets back up and kicks Mysterio on the ground. Snitsky also chokes Mysterio with his boot. Snitsky hits a scoop slam on Mysterio, covers, but only gets a two count. Masters gets the tag and he picks up Mysterio, dropping his body over his knee a few times. Masters comes down one more time and works on the back of Mysterio stretching him out. Mysterio fights back with some knees and elbows. Mysterio attempts a body scissors off the ropes, but Mysterio botches it. Masters then grabs Mysterio, lifts him up and slams him back down hard on the mat. Masters covers, gets a two count and the referees still argue a bit. Masters applies a headlock, but Mysterio fights out of it. Mysterio then fights back with a big tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Matt Hardy gets the tag and he takes out both Masters and Snitsky. Snitsky gets the legal tag and Hardy gets in a few knees on him followed by a big takedown for a two count.

Snitsky gets tossed to the corner by Hardy. Hardy lifts Snitsky up and gets in a few punches. Hardy then hits a big Superplex from the top rope on Snitsky. Hardy covers, but only gets a two count. Masters comes in and tries to go after Hardy. Hardy almost gets in a Twist of Fate, but Snitsky comes back with a big boot. Snitsky drops a few elbows on Hardy, but only gets a two count after a pinfall. Both Snitsky and Masters double-team Hardy with a big hook suplex. Masters gets the legal tag and he works on the back of Masters. Hardy breaks out of it, both exchange punches and Masters comes back with a huge clothesline. Masters covers, but Mysterio breaks the pinfall. Snitsky gets the tag, takes out Hardy, covers, but only gets a two count. Snitsky works on the elbow of Hardy a bit. Hardy attempts a comeback, but Snitsky hits a huge spinebuster on Hardy. As Hardy is laying near the bottom rope, Snitsky grabs him by the legs and catapults his neck into the bottom rope. Masters gets the tag, works on Hardy on the ground a bit and then applies pressure on his neck. Hardy eventually gets to his feet, but Masters throws him into the corner. Masters Irish whips Hardy into the opposite corner, Hardy lifts an elbow and then hits a clothesline off the rope on Masters. Hardy covers, but only gets a two count.

Hardy tries to crawl over to tag in Mysterio, but Masters pulls him back and tags in Snitsky. Snitsky comes in and knocks Mysterio off the ring apron with a big right hand. Snitsky drops an elbow across the chest of Hardy, covers, but only gets a two count. Snitsky picks up Hardy, Irish whips him, Hardy gets in a boot to the face, jumps off the corner, Snitsky catches him, Snitsky throws Hardy over his shoulder and Hardy counters by hitting an inverted DDT on Snitsky. Hardy rolls over to the corner and tags in Mysterio as Masters gets the tag. Mysterio springboards in off the top rope and takes out Masters. Mysterio takes out Snitsky with a kick and then hits a springboard cross-body off the ropes on Masters. Mysterio also dropkicks Masters in the face, covers, but Snitsky breaks it up. Snitsky charges at Mysterio, Mysterio moves, attempts a tornado DDT, but Snitsky throws him off and Masters grabs Mysterio applying the Master Lock. Mysterio then kicks off the corner and Masters falls back. Masters shoulders are on the mat. The SmackDown referee counts, but the RAW referee stops it. Hardy comes in and drops a leg on Masters to break it up. Hardy and Mysterio then take out Masters and Snitsky on the outside with dives off the top turnbuckle. Hardy and Mysterio send Masters back in the ring. Mysterio attempts a springboard sunset flip attempt, Masters stays up, Hardy hits a clothesline and Mysterio gets the pinfall for a very close two count. When Mysterio goes off the ropes, Snitsky trips him up allowing Masters to hit a big turning flip on Mysterio. Hardy breaks up a pinfall on Mysterio by Masters. Hardy then takes out Snitsky and then gives Masters a drop toe hold to the ropes. Mysterio hits the 619. Masters bumps up and Hardy hits the Twist of Fate. Mysterio springboards off the top rope and hits a big splash on Masters. Mysterio covers and gets the pinfall.

Winners: Rey Mysterio & Matt Hardy

After the match, Mysterio and Hardy celebrate on opposite corners with the crowd in San Diego. Both then walk up the ramp and continue to celebrate.

- Backstage, Mick Foley is speaking to someone. He said he has worn some pretty crazy outfits, but has never worn anything like this. Foley reveals a woman's bra. It turns out he is talking with Maria who has on the Mankind mask. The camera turns and she offers Foley her bra and panties. She says, "Have a nice day." Foley responds with, "I think I just did."

- Todd Grisham is in the Control Area. He said it is time to find out which WWE Legend will team with Eugene tonight that was voted on by the fans. Our choices were: "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan (HOOOOOO!), Kamala or "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka. The winner is: "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka. Eugene walks up celebrating as they make their way to the arena.

Eugene & "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka vs. Rob Conway & Tyson Tomko
The match starts with Eugene and Tyson Tomko. Tomko grabs Eugene right away and hits a quick scoop slam. Eugene offers a test of strength to Tomko. Eugene changes his arm every time Tomko reaches up. Eugene gets in a scoop slam on Tomko after Snuka got in a cheap shot from the ring apron. Eugene looks to tag in Snuka when Conway runs in knocking down Eugene. Tomko then tags in Conway who punches Eugene in the gut followed by some right hands to the head. Conway then kicks Eugene on the ground a few times, sends Eugene into the ropes and hits him with an elbow. Conway kisses his bicep and then drops an elbow on Eugene. Conway covers, but only gets a two count. Conway argues with the referee a bit and then takes out Eugene with a big dropkick. Tomko gets the tag, lifts Eugene to his shoulder and comes down in a big Powerslam. Tomko covers, but only gets a two count. Conway gets the tag and Tomko holds Eugene allowing Conway to get in a kick to the face. Conway then applies a headlock on Eugene on the ground. Eugene tries to fight out of it, but Conway knocks down Eugene with a few kicks. Eugene gets in a few headbutts to Conway's gut, but Conway fights back with a knee to Eugene's face. Conway then gets in a cheap shot on Snuka on the ring apron and tags Tomko back in. Tomko works on Eugene a bit and Conway gets the tag again. Eugene fights back with a kick on Conway and Tomko missing a big boot and gets wrapped up on the top rope. Eugene takes out Conway with a big clothesline and then tags in Jimmy Snuka. Snuka chops Conway a few times followed by a headbutt.

Eugene then clothesline Tomko over the top rope and both Eugene and Snuka hit a few headbutts on Conway. Eugene hits the Rock Bottom on Conway. Eugene tells Snuka to go up to the top rope. Snuka goes up to the rope, gets his balance, jumps and connects with the splash off the top. Snuka hooks the leg on Conway...1...2...3.

Winners: Eugene & "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka

After the match, Tomko hits the ring and he starts beating down Eugene. Tomko then grabs Snuka and chokes him in the corner. Jim Duggan runs down to the ring along with Kamala. Duggan takes out Tomko with a big charge and Kamala follows that up with a big splash off the top rope. After the match, Eugene celebrates with Snuka, Duggan and Kamala.

- Todd Grisham is at the Control Area. The fans could choose Mick Foley to portray Dude Love, Cactus Jack or Mankind tonight. The winning character of the poll: Mankind. A promo then airs highlighting the events between Foley and Carlito in the last few weeks on RAW.

Mankind vs. Carlito
The old school Mankind music hits and out comes Foley. The bell rings and here we go. Carlito goes after Mankind right away with some right hands. Carlito adds in a few elbows. Carlito then hits a dropkick on Mankind and adds in some more rights. Mankind fights back with an elbow followed by a rake to the back. Mankind rakes the eyes of Carlito across the top rope. Mankind picks up Carlito and puts him into the tree of woe in the corner. Mankind backs up, gets a run and then drops an elbow across the face of Carlito. Carlito falls back off the corner and gets near the ropes. Mankind grabs Carlito and catapults him into the second rope. Mankind then hits a baseball slide on Carlito. Mankind slides out and gives Carlito a swinging neckbreaker. The referee starts the count, but Mankind breaks the count. Mankind grabs a steel chair near the Spanish announce table. Mankind approaches Carlito who drop toe holds Mankind into the steel steps with Foley hitting the steel chair on the way down. When Mankind recovers, Carlito nails him with a standing dropkick. When Mankind falls back, he hits the back of his head on the steel steps. Carlito throws Mankind back in the ring, covers, but only gets a 1 count.

They show another replay of Mankind's head bump against the steel steps. In the ring, Carlito hits a swinging neckbreaker, covers, but only gets a two count. Mankind gets near the corner. Carlito approaches, puts Mankind on his shoulders and falls back in an electric chair. Carlito covers, but only gets a two count. Carlito then sends Mankind into the ropes and then applies a choke hold that turns into a sleeper. Mankind falls to his knees as the referee raises his arm. Mankind shows he has some life keeping his arm in the air. Carlito jumps on the back of Mankind, but Mankind flips him off. Both Mankind and Carlito hit a double clothesline on each other and are knocked out. The referee starts the count and Mankind sits up first. He trips some hair out of his head and shows that he is bleeding from the mouth. Mankind then throws Carlito to the corner and gets in some stiff right hands. Mankind follows that up with a running knee to the head. Mankind then clotheslines Carlito over the top rope and Mankind goes over along, but lands on the ring apron. Still on the ring apron, Mankind backs up and hits the jumping elbow on Carlito!

Mankind throws Carlito back in the ring, covers, but only gets a two count. Mankind kicks Carlito in the gut and then hits the double underhook DDT. Mankind then reaches for Mr. Socko and pulls him out. Mr. Socko has fro hair on the top of the sock and applies the Mandible Claw on Carlito. Carlito falls to the mat and the referee calls for the bell as Joey Styles does his classic yell saying, "He got'em! He got'em!"

Winner: Mankind

After the match, Mankind heads up the ramp raising his arms in the air as Carlito is on the outside coughing near the ring.

- Backstage, Eric Bischoff is complaining on the phone having to put up with SmackDown's Teddy Long when Vince McMahon comes in. Bischoff smiles and welcomes him. McMahon said he knows he is late, but that he can't wait for the big RAW vs. SmackDown match. Bischoff said the match already happened. McMahon asks how it went. Bischoff said everything went to plan, until the end. McMahon asked how SmackDown could beat RAW. He asks who Bischoff has become, throwing out excuses. McMahon said this isn't the Eric Bischoff he knows. He asks what Bischoff will do about it. Bischoff said since Vince controls the WWE, he should do something. McMahon said Bischoff is on his own. Vince said he isn't here to clean up anymore messes and wants to see the old Eric Bischoff back. Before he leaves, Vince wishes Bischoff luck in the other RAW vs. SmackDown match with The Coach taking on Batista.

- Backstage, Mick Foley (as Mankind) is showing arriving backstage at the WWE Instant Access area.

- Todd Grisham is at the Control Area. He announces the choices for the WWE Championship Triple Threat Main Event tonight: Shawn Michaels, Big Show and Kane. The winner is: Shawn Michaels. HBK gets a handshake from Big Show and Kane just stares him down.

- With Shawn Michaels winning the poll, Big Show and Kane will now challenge Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch for the World Tag Team Titles next.

World Tag Team Championship Match
Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch (c's) vs. Big Show & Kane

The match starts with Kane approaching Cade & Murdoch on the outside. They back into Big Show and Big Show takes out both. Kane takes out Cade and Murdoch with both hit the ring. Murdoch stays in and Kane knocks him out with another big right. Murdoch looks to the corner, but Big Show is there. Murdoch throws a fit and then pushes Kane. Kane responds with a big right hand. Kane then hits a few elbows on Murdoch in the corner. Kane hits a running clothesline on Murdoch in both corners. When Kane charges, Murdoch gets in a big boot. Murdoch grabs Kane and moves towards the corner tagging in Cade. Kane hits a big right slap on Cade and then nails Cade face first off the boot of Big Show who lifts up his leg in the corner. Big Show gets the legal tag and he hits a big forearm to Cade's back. In the corner, Big Show quiets the crowd and then slaps Cade on the chest. Cade crawls to the opposite corner, hits a few forearms and then hits yet another chest slap. Murdoch hits Big Show from the outside and drops down when Big Show goes after him. Big Show then takes out Cade with a big boot to the face off the ropes. Murdoch gets the tag and he hits a few boots to Big Show in the corner. He attempts an Irish whip, but Big Show won't move.

Big Show then chops Murdoch on the chest and follows that up with a big headbutt. Big Show holds up Murdoch, who is flapping around and Big Show chops him on the chest yet again. Big Show stands on Murdoch walking towards Kane and tags him in. Kane goes after Murdoch and gets him in the corner. Murdoch gets in a thumb to the eye on Kane and then tags in Cade. Kane fights back with a boot to Cade's stomach off the ropes. Kane goes up to the top, Murdoch drops off and distracts Kane. Cade jumps up with Kane, but Kane pushes him off. Murdoch then pushes Kane off the turnbuckle to the outside. On the outside, Murdoch stands behind Cade as Cade charges with a clothesline, hitting the Sweet & Sour double-team move. They throw Kane in the ring and the legal man Cade works on Kane's back with a knee. Murdoch then gets the tag and he hits some forearms to Kane's back. Murdoch then applies a full nelson submission on Kane. Kane gets to his feet and backs Murdoch into the corner. Murdoch hangs on and Cade gets the tag. Cade gets in a few hard rights followed by a headbutt to Kane. Murdoch comes in, hits an inverted atomic drop on Kane and Cade follows up with a swinging neckbreaker on Kane. Cade taunts, but Kane sits up. Cade then hits a clothesline on Kane off the ropes. Kane sits up again.

When Kane tries to take out Cade, Murdoch comes in to prevent it and knocks Big Show off the ring apron. Kane fights off both Cade and Murdoch and tags in Big Show. Big Show throws both Cade and Murdoch into the corner. Big Show runs, Murdoch escapes and Big Show splashes Cade. Murdoch slaps Big Show on the back. Big Show turns around, Murdoch screams in horror, turns and Kane takes out Murdoch with a flying clothesline. Big Show and Kane then hits a double Chokeslam on Cade. Big Show covers and gets the pinfall.

Winners & NEW World Tag Team Champions: Big Show & Kane

After the match, Big Show and Kane shake hands showing off the world tag team titles. Todd Grisham comes to the ring and tries to get word from Big Show about the win when Trevor Murdoch is shown yelling at them from the ring apron. Both Big Show and Kane throw him back in and give him a double Chokeslam. Big Show and Kane celebrate some more.

- Backstage, Vader is shown preparing for tonight when Goldust walks up. Vader said he was born ready. The Coach walks up and said both guys better be ready. He said everyone has been talking about last night, the slap heard 'round the world when he slapped Batista. Coach said if all three take out Batista, there is no telling what they can do. He said he will make history tonight and said it won't be far away from hearing the words "Jonathan Coachman...WWE Champion."

- Todd Grisham is at the Control Area. Grisham brings out the WWE Divas involved in the Fulfill Your Fantasy Battle Royal: WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus, Mickie James, Victoria, Ashley, Candice and Maria. The winning stipulation is: Lingerie.

- A video package airs highlighting the events on RAW last night where The Coach called out Stone Cold Steve Austin. Vince McMahon then came out and announced Steve Austin would not be at Taboo Tuesday because of an accident over the weekend, announcing Coach the winner via forfeit. It was then announced that Austin's replacement would be World Heavyweight Champion Batista instead.

- Lillian Garcia first introduces Goldust who will be in The Coach's corner. WWE Legend Vader is out next as well who will also be in The Coach's corner tonight. The Coach is out next and he comes to the ring backed up by Goldust and Vader. Todd Grisham is in the Control Area. The choices were a verbal debate, arm wrestling match or a street fight. The winning stipulation: Street Fight.

Street Fight - Non-Title Match
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. The Coach w/ Goldust & Vader

The bell rings, but Goldust and Vader stay in the ring. With the Street Fight Rules, it turns out Goldust and Vader will be more involved than previously thought. Goldust and Vader approach Batista and Batista takes out both men. The Coach pep talks both men on the outside and they get back in attacking Batista in the corner. Coach yells at both to get Batista. Batista fights off Goldust with a kick and then some charges on Vader in the corner. Batista then takes out Goldust with a huge spear. Coach hits the ring and Batista takes him out with a big clothesline. Batista then looks to hit a suplex on Vader when Goldust comes in and nails Batista with a kendo stick. Goldust hits Batista a few more times with it and then Coach gets a belt from the ringside area. Both Goldust and Vader hold down Batista on his stomach as Coach whips Batista over the back with a belt. Goldust and Vader turn Batista over to his back. Batista then kicks away both Goldust and Vader. Batista clotheslines Goldust and Vader and then grabs the belt. Batista whips Vader, Goldust and finally Coach with the belt. Batista botches a spinebuster with Vader. Goldust comes in with a steel chair and Batista gives him a spinebuster. Vader then approaches again and Batista gives him a spinebuster. Batista grabs Coach and slaps him across the face. Batista then grabs Coach, lifts him in the air and hits the Batista Bomb. Batista hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Batista

After the match, Batista is handed the World Heavyweight Title and he raises it high in the air. A few camera shots are shown of The Coach, Goldust and Vader all knocked out. Batista stares down all three smiling and heads to the back.

- Backstage, Todd Grisham is with Shawn Michaels. Grisham said later tonight, HBK will be involved in the Triple Threat WWE Title Match along with John Cena and Kurt Angle. He asks HBK what it is like to be voted in by the fans for the second year in a row at Taboo Tuesday. HBK said he knows this is a tough guy business, but it does feel great to be the most popular kid in school. He said tonight, he will go out there and do what he does best. Kurt Angle walks up and said even though they don't agree on much, they both don't want to see John Cena walk out tonight the WWE Champion. Angle proposes they both take out John Cena and find who the best in the business is between the two tonight. He said they are both tied 1-1 and that they never finished the Iron Man Match on RAW a few weeks ago. HBK tells Angle he will think about it.

- "Twisted Transistor" by Korn is plugged as tonight's theme song for Taboo Tuesday.

WWE Women's Championship - Fulfill Your Fantasy Battle Royal
Trish Stratus (c) vs. Ashley vs. Candice vs. Mickie James vs. Victoria vs. Maria

The match starts with all Divas brawling separately. Victoria and Trish battle near the corner with Trish hitting a jumping head scissors, Victoria blokes it and Trish comes up with. Trish and Victoria exchange slaps. Mickie James helps Trish off the top and Trish kicks Victoria away who almost goes over the top. Candice then grabs Trish and Mickie, pulling them down by their hair. Victoria and Candice get thrown into each other by Maria and Ashley. Maria then gets tossed over the top rope.

Maria is eliminated.

Soon afterwards, Candice gets tossed to the ring apron by Ashley. Candice gets in a right hand and comes back in. Candice chokes Ashley in a tarantula type submission. When Candice celebrates, Ashley hits her out.

Candice is eliminated.

Back in the ring, Victoria gets in a big knee to Trish's face followed by a tilt-a-whirl slam. Mickie James then goes after Victoria who gets sent into the corner. James almost gets Victoria over the top with a head scissors, but Ashley gets involved to stop it. Victoria gets sent to the ring apron by James and Ashley. Victoria fights off both, comes in and catapults Ashley over the top rope.

Ashley is eliminated.

In the ring, Victoria takes out James with a tilt-a-whirl into a side slam. Trish comes back with a kick to the gut. Trish gets a handstand into a spinning head scissors with Victoria. Trish and Victoria brawl near the bottom rope and Trish almost gets tossed out. James gets involved taking out Victoria and helping Trish back in. Victoria clotheslines James. Trish attempts her Matrix counter, but Victoria takes her out. Victoria puts Trish on her shoulders, tries to throw her over, but James saves Trish and pulls her back in. Victoria slaps James. James then charges at Victoria and both go through the ropes to the outside.

Victoria & Mickie James are eliminated.

Winner & STILL WWE Women's Champion: Trish Stratus

After the match, Todd Grisham interviews Trish about her win when Mickie James walks up, taking the mic and saying Trish out lasted everyone to still remain the greatest Women's Champion ever. Grisham thanks Mickie for the comment and then goes to ask Trish more when James cuts her off a second time. Trish's music hits and Grisham said they are out of time. Trish leaves along with Mickie right behind her clapping.

- Members of the NFL's San Diego Chargers are shown at ringside.

- A video package airs highlighting the events between Ric Flair and Triple H in the last few weeks on RAW.

- Todd Grisham is at the Control Area. The choices for the Ric Flair vs. Triple H match was 1 fall to a finish, submission or a steel cage. The winning stipulation: Steel Cage Match.

WWE Intercontinental Championship - Steel Cage Match
Ric Flair (c) vs. Triple H

The bell rings and here we go. Both taunt each other a bit, move forward, lock up and Flair breaks it up with a chest chop. Flair tells Triple H to bring it on. Triple H approaches and Flair fights back with some more chest chops and some right hands. Triple H sends Flair into the corner, gets in a few right hands, but Flair fights back with some more chest chops. Flair then backs Triple H to the middle of the ring with some right hands and a big chest chop taking Triple H down. Triple H responds with a big high knee to the face. Triple H picks up Flair, nails him off the corner face first and then gets in some right hands. Triple H then chokes Flair in the corner a bit until the referee breaks it up. Triple H gets in the referees face, walks back and Flair chops him. Flair gets in some more chops, but Triple H fights back with a big spinebuster. Flair crawls and rests against the bottom rope. Triple H walks up and gives him some hard right hands. Triple H picks up Flair and then sends him face first into the side of the cage. Flair is now busted open at this point. Triple H gets in a right hand on Flair, Flair chops him, Triple H grabs Flair and sends him into the cage face first once again. Triple H gives Flair a snapmare, backs up and hits a jumping knee to the head. Flair then crawls to the ring apron and stands up near the steel cage. Triple H grabs Flair by the head and rakes his bloody forehead across the cage. Triple H then bounces Flair's head off the cage a few times, backs up, hits the ropes and then splashes Flair against the cage with force.

Triple H follows that up with some stiff right hands to Flair's already bloody forehead. Triple H then pulls down his knee pad, runs and hits a big high knee to the forehead of Flair. Triple H picks up Flair and again sends him face first into the side of the steel cage. Triple H then waves goodbye to the crowd and starts to climb up the steel cage. Flair gets up on the top rope, walks over and gets near Triple H on the top rope chopping him a few times on the chest. Triple H headbutt Flair and Flair continues his chest chops. Both men lose their balance and get crotched on the top rope. Flair falls off the top rope to the ring. Triple H then gets back to his feet and grabs a chain that was at the top of the cage. Triple H wraps it around his fist, jumps, but Flair lifts up his boot and Triple H hits it face first. Flair then gives Triple H some chest chops followed by a knee drop into the Figure Four. When Flair goes to lock it on, Triple H nails Flair in the face with the chain wrapped around his fist. Triple H again nails Flair in the face with the chain and Flair screams out in pain. The referee then takes away the chain from Triple H and gives it to the second referee on the outside near the door. Triple H then slaps Flair a few times and then gets in some stiff right hands. Flair crawls to the corner, stands up, but Triple H gets in some more hard right hands. A bloody Flair walks forward and stumbles to his face. Triple H then drops a knee to the back of Flair's head and then does the Flair strut.

Triple H then locks on the Figure Four on Flair. Flair continues to set a record for how many curse words he can yell out that the camera audio can pick up. Flair kicks out of a few pinfalls when falling to his back. Flair gives Triple H the finger and then turns counters by turning the Figure Four over. Triple H stands up, pulls Flair forward to the middle of the ring, mocks Flair, goes to lock on the Figure Four, but Flair kicks Triple H face first into the steel cage. Triple H is now busted open at this point when Flair jumps at him and starts to bite his forehead. Flair takes down Triple H with a chest chop followed by some hard right hands. Flair bites Triple H again on the head and then sends Triple H into the steel cage who goes over the top rope in doing so. Flair then grabs Triple H by the head and rakes his forehead across the cage. Flair bounces Triple H face first off the side of the cage and pulls him back by his hair, getting in a hard right hand. Flair gets in a chest chop followed by a big hanging vertical suplex. Flair drops a knee to Triple H's head and gets pumped up. Flair drops a knee a second time as a bloody Triple H sits up in pain. Flair chops Triple H a few more times, gets in a right hand and a combination of both. Flair then drops Triple H on his bad quadriceps and then starts to go after it with some right hands. Flair takes down Triple H with a big chop block to that same knee. Flair then drops his body weight on the knee as well following that up with some stiff kicks.

When Triple H grabs Flair, Flair kicks him in the face and then applies the Figure Four in the center of the ring. Triple H flops around and screams out in pain. A bloody Triple H continues to scream as the referee asks him if he wants to submit. Triple H falls back on his shoulders and the referee makes the count to two. Triple H reaches for the bottom rope, falls back again on his shoulders and again the referee only counts to two. Triple H then grabs the referee and shoves him on Flair to break the Figure Four. Flair then follows that up with a knee drop to Triple H's lower quadriceps. Flair then goes up to the top turnbuckle as a limping Triple H approaches. Flair rakes the eyes of Triple H and comes off the top rope with a big sledgehammer! Flair covers...1...2...Triple H gets a shoulder up. Flair then gives Triple H a big low blow and it is all legal inside a steel cage. Triple H goes down with force in the ring. The cage door opens and Flair crawls over to it. Flair is almost out when Triple H grabs him by the boot. Triple H drags Flair back in, but Flair pulls in a steel chair along with him. Flair has the chair in his hands and Triple H stomps on the chair and Flair's hand at the same time. Flair flops up grabbing his hand in pain. When Triple H comes back up with the steel chair, Flair squeezes the "balls of Triple H" as Joey Styles said. Triple H then attempts the Pedigree, but Flair counters that into a high back body drop that sees Triple H land on top of the steel chair. Flair then nails Triple H with the steel chair once, twice and a third time with force! Flair then goes to the cage door and jumps out of the cage.

Winner & STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: Ric Flair

After the match, a bloody Ric Flair is handed the WWE Intercontinental Title and walks up the ramp in celebration. A shot of a bloody Triple H being helped up by WWE referees is shown. Each time Triple H gains strength to stand up, he falls back down with the WWE referees behind him. Triple H then crawls outside of the cage through the door. The fans in San Diego clap for Triple H. Both WWE referees help Triple H to the back as the fans in San Diego continue to clap.

- A promo for the WrestleMania Anthology DVD set is shown.

- P.O.D. is shown in the crowd. Their song "Lights Out" will be used as the theme song for Survivor Series this month on November 27.

- A graphic hits the screen showing that 6,351,188 votes were cast tonight, setting a new record for Taboo Tuesday.

WWE Championship - Triple Threat Match
John Cena (c) vs. Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels

The bell rings and all three men stare each other down. Angle attacks HBK right away, sending him through the ropes to the outside. Angle then goes after Cena in the corner with some hard rights. HBK gets up on the ring apron and HBK punches him off. Angle gives Cena an uppercut followed by a hard right hand. Cena fights back with an elbow on Angle, a punch on HBK on the ring apron and then a fisherman suplex on Angle. HBK runs in to break the pinfall. HBK chops Angle and then kicks Cena on the ground. When Angle ducks a clothesline attempt, Angle hits a back suplex, but HBK counters into a cross-body for a two count. Angle fights back hitting HBK with a hard elbow to the back. Angle then front kicks Cena, but Cena responds by giving Angle a high back body drop over the top rope to the outside. HBK then chops Cena and throws him to the corner. HBK chops Cena, sends him face first into the opposite corner and gets in another chop. HBK chops Cena into the ropes, Cena counters an Irish whip and HBK baseball slides Angle. Cena then comes back with a backslide pin for a close two count. HBK fights back with a clothesline on Cena followed by a choke in the corner with his boot. When Angle comes back in, he gives Cena a German suplex. Angle does the same to HBK and then gives Cena and HBK both overhead belly-to-belly Suplexes. A pumped up Angle grabs HBK, attempts the Angle Slam, but HBK counters into a sunset flip that Angle counters into an Ankle Lock. HBK rolls through it and Cena gets Angle ready for the FU. HBK attempts the Sweet Chin Music, but Cena drops Angle and grabs HBK by the leg to counter it. Cena takes out HBK and gets in a small package on Angle for a two count. Angle attempts a sunset flip on Angle, but HBK hits a cross-body that Angle counters into a two count pinfall.

Angle and HBK then start to work together and both beat down Cena with some stiff forearms. HBK speaks with Angle and both get in some hard kicks to Cena on the ground who is trying to crawl away. Angle gets on Cena and gives him some hard right hands. HBK picks up Cena and Angle helps. Both Angle and HBK send Cena shoulder first into the ring post. Cena is on the outside holding his shoulder in pain. Angle goes to the outside area to grab Cena. Angle throws Cena face first off the steel steps. While this is going on, HBK clears off the top of the Spanish announce table as Angle continues to work on Angle with some punches and a quick uppercut. Both Angle and HBK grab Cena, lift him in the air face first and then drop him down over the Spanish announce table sternum first. Cena crashes through the table with force. As soon as this happens, Angle chops HBK. HBK chops Angle back and both hit the ring. Angle takes out HBK with an elbow as HBK came off the ropes. Angle grabs HBK by the head and hits a quick knee lift to the face. Angle throws HBK face first off the corner and then follows that up with some stiff right hands. HBK fights back with some chops of his own, but Angle hangs in and kicks HBK to the mat. Angle grabs HBK and hits a quick snap suplex, covers, but only gets a two count when HBK kicks out. Angle then applies a body scissors submission on HBK and applies a headlock in the same process. HBK rolls over and gets Angle on his shoulders while he applies the submission. Cena is still out on the outside knocked out as the fans chant his name loudly. HBK then breaks the body submission by Angle by hitting some stiff right hands. HBK then gives Angle some stiff chest chops, but Angle fights back with a big overhead belly-to-belly suplex.

Angle throws HBK face first off the corner and puts him on the top turnbuckle. Angle gives HBK some hard right hands, jumps up, tries to launch HBK off, but HBK uses his feet to hold onto the ropes. HBK pushes Angle off who hits the mat with force. HBK starts to stand up on the corner looking to hit an elbow drop when Angle jumps up and hits a huge Angle Slam off the top rope! Angle covers...1...2...HBK kicks out. Angle can't believe it. Angle looks to apply the Ankle Lock when Cena hits the ring clotheslining Angle over the top to the outside. Cena takes out HBK with a high back body drop followed by a spinning slam. Cena was about to hit the five knuckle shuffle on HBK when Angle trips him up and pulls him to the outside. Angle throws Cena into the crowd and then HBK jumps over the top taking out Angle! HBK throws Angle back inside the ring and gets in a chop followed by a flying clothesline off the top rope. HBK nips up, hits an inverted atomic drop and two clotheslines on Angle. HBK gives Angle a scoop slam and then chops Cena when he comes in. Angle then gives HBK a huge overhead belly-to-belly suplex over the top rope to the outside! Angle taunts HBK, but Cena hits Angle with a big modified sit-down Powerbomb. Cena does the five knuckle shuffle to Angle. Cena grabs Angle, looks to hit the FU, but Angle counters down into the Ankle Lock! Cena rolls out of it, tries to kick Angle away, but Angle keeps it locked on. Cena tries the same thing again, but Angle continues to hold on and keep the Ankle Lock applied. Angle falls to his back and applies more pressure. Cena lifts his hand in the air to tap when HBK goes up to the top, jumps and connects with the flying elbow on Angle. HBK backs up, Angle stands up and HBK connects with the Sweet Chin Music. Right after this takes place, Cena grabs HBK and connects with the FU! Cena covers HBK...1...2...3.

Winner & STILL WWE Champion: John Cena

After the match, John Cena celebrates with the WWE Championship in the corner holding it high in the air. Some highlights from the match are shown. Back live, Cena refuses help from the WWE referee and limps to the middle of the ring holding the WWE Title high in the air. The PPV goes off the air with Cena falling to the ground in pain holding the WWE Title close to him...

Taboo Tuesday 2004
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