Rosemont Horizon
Chicago, Illinois
October 18, 1998
Attendance: 18,153



The Undertaker vs. Kane
For the WWF Heavyweight Championship--Special Referee: Steve Austin

Kane Chokeslams Steve Austin. Paul Bearer comes out with a chair. Paul hit Kane! Kane is knocked out father a shot by Undertaker! Austin stunned Undertaker! Austin counted himself the winner! Austin goes looking for Mr. McMahon. Vince fires Stone Cold Steve Austin! He tells Vince that he hasn't seen the last of him.



Mankind vs. Ken Shamrock (Intercontinental Champion)

Shamrock won by Mandible Claw when Mankind put it on himself as Ken applied the Ankle Lock! Then Mankind used Mr. Socko on Ken Shamrock



Al Snow with Head vs. Marvelous Marc Mero with Jacqueline

Jeff Jarrett came out. Al Snow won with the Snow Plow after Marc Mero missed a Marvelocity



Taka Mitchinoku (WWF Light Heavyweight Champion) with Yamaguchi-San vs. Christian with Gangrel

Christian won after Taka missed a Mitchinoku Driver to become the new Light Heavyweight Champion!



D'Lo Brown (WWF European Champion) with Mark Henry vs. X-Pac with Chyna

X-Pac won with a face buster to become the New European Champion



Mark Henry with D'Lo Brown vs. The Rock

D'Lo comes out and holds the Rock's foot for the pin after a splash.



DOA and Paul Ellering vs. LOD 2000 and Darren Drozdov

LOD 2000 and Darren Drozdov defeated DOA after Animal and Droz did the Devastation Device. Hawk was mad that he didn't get to do the finisher.



The Headbangers vs. The New Age Outlaws (Tag Team Champions)

The Headbangers won by disqualification after the Road Dog used a Boom Box on one of the Bangers



Goldust vs. Val Venis with Terri Runnels

Goldust won after a Low Blow after Terri distracted the referee

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