Cleveland, Ohio
October 17, 1999


The Godfather with women vs. Mideon

The Godfather won with the Ho Train. The women celebrated by dancing in the ring



The Fabulous Moolah with Mae Young vs. Ivory (WWF Women's Champion)

The Fabulous Moolah won with a pin. She is the new WWF Women's Champion.



The Hollys vs. The New Age Outlaws

The Hollys won by disqualification after Billy Gunn did a Fameasser on a chair on Crash.



Chyna vs. Jeff Jarrett (WWF Intercontinental Champion) with Miss Kitty
Good Housekeeping Match

The match had various kitchen items in the ring. Chyna was thrown onto an ironing board. Chyna got a mixture of flour and eggs dropped on her, but she managed to throw flour in Jeff's eyes. Jeff got several pies thrown in his face. Miss Kitty gave Jeff the belt and he used it on Chyna and got the pin. As Jeff was leaving, another referee came out and said that a championship belt isn't a household item, so the match continued. Chyna managed to use Jeff's guitar on him and got the pin. Chyna became the first WWF Intercontinental Champion!



The British Bulldog vs. The Rock (Half of the WWF Tag Champs)

A Rock Bottom and a People's Elbow gave The Rock the win



The New Brood vs. Edge & Christian
Ladder Match Finals of the Terri Runnels Invitational

Many high flying moves off the ladder. The match ended when Matt Hardy got the money that was suspended off the ceiling.



Val Venis vs. Mankind

Mankind got Rocko back, but Val took it away again. Mankind gave Val two Mandible Claws. Mankind did Socko on Val and Val did Rocko on Mankind's crotch. Val won after Mankind fainted.



Kane vs. X-Pac vs. Faarooq vs. Bradshaw



Steve Austin vs. Triple H (WWF Champion)
No Holds Barred Match

Triple H came out with a sledgehammer, but Vince McMahon took it away. Triple H then slapped McMahon. The fight ended up mainly in the crowd. After the referee was knocked out, The Rock came out with the sledgehammer to hit Triple H with, since Triple H attacked The Rock with it earlier in the night. The Rock missed Triple H and got Austin. Triple H did the Pedigree and pinned Austin to retain his title.

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