Pepsi Arena
Albany, New York

October 22, 2000


Dudley Boys d. Lo Down, Too Cool, Tazz & Raven, and Goodfather & Bull Buchanan
Dudleys Tag Team Elimination Table Match

The rules are: Two teams enter to begin, and once one team is eliminated, another comes ringside. Too Cool entered first, to new music. (Note: Rikishi had new music on Sunday Night Heat as well.) Too Cool's opponents were Lo Down. D'Lo and Chaz attacked Scotty Too Hotty and Grandmaster before the bell. The early attack didn't accomplish much, and Grandmaster came off the top with a dropkick on D'Lo. D'Lo hit the Lo Down on Grandmaster, but could not get him through a table fast enough. Before D'Lo could launch off the top and put Grandmaster through, Scotty had pushed Chaz through a table, eliminating Lo Down.
Too Cool remained in the ring, and was joined by Tazz and Raven. All four brawled outside, where Tazz hooked the Tazzmission on Scotty. Grandmaster broke up the hold, and both double-teamed Raven. Scotty hit the worm, going under a table before finally landing on Raven. Tazz regained himself, and with Raven, double suplexed Scotty through a table.
Out next were the Dudleys themselves, who wasted no time getting to the ring. It was an all out brawl between Tazz/Raven and the Dudleys, and D-Von nailed the top rope headbutt on Raven. Buh Buh called for a table, but fell into a Tazz takedown. Dudleys got a second wind and laid out Tazz on a table, and he became the third victim.
The final team to enter was Right to Censor's Goodfather and Bull Buchanan. RTC dominated the Dudleys inside and out, blocking any attempt to use tables. Bull set up two tables inside the ring, and accidentally knocked out the referee with a clothesline. With the ref down, Buh Buh put Bull through a table, and Goodfather blasted him with a chair! Since the referee hadn't see what actually happened, he woke up to see Buh Buh lying on a broken table, and declared the match over. A second referee came out and pleaded with the original ref. The match was ordered to restart. It didn't last long, and the Dudleys hit the 3D on Goodfather through a table to win.

Acolytes & Lita vs. T&A & Trish Stratus went to a no contest

Lita waited for the Acolytes to come out, but found that Bradshaw was attacked backstage by T&A. Faarooq attempted to rescue his partner, but Test knocked him down with a tire iron. T&A then slammed a huge file cabinet on Bradshaw's knee. Lita ran down the aisle to help the Acolytes, and was attacked by Trish. Trish beat her down to the ring, and gave her a bulldog. Albert helped out, attacking Lita. Finally, the Hardy Boys entered and stopped the carnage, planting T&A with dropkicks.

Chris Jericho d. X-Pac
Cage Match

Before the match, Jericho said he couldn't remember why he hated X-Pac so much since they had wrestled so many times. As X-Pac was about to enter the cage, Jericho hit a baseball slide dropkick. Jericho wore X-Pac down outside the cage, delivering knife-edge chops. X-Pac fought back, but missed Jericho with a chairshot. The ref restored order, and the match officially began. X-Pac had the advantage and choked out Jericho, attempting an early exit. Jericho got to his feet and stopped Pac from leaving, but found himself face down on the mat once again. X-Pac tried to climb over top of the cage, and Jericho dropkicked him down. Jericho tried to go over himself, but was stopped. Jericho missed a Lionsault, running into X-Pac's knees. X-Pac hit the cage hard after a backdrop, but was back on his feet quickly and hit Jericho with a spinning heel kick. It was followed with a bronco buster, and X-Pac again tried to go over top of the cage. Jericho followed to the top, and hit a HUGE Powerbomb off the top rope. X-Pac was able to get a chair from outside when the cage door was opened, and nailed Jericho. Pac climbed to the very top of the cage, and was met with a low blow from Jericho. Jericho got on top and put the liontamer on X-Pac! The hold lasted several seconds, until Jericho fell and did a flip, hitting the mat. X-Pac climbed over and fell on the door, crotched! Jericho slammed the door on Pac's leg and exited to win.

Val Venis & Steven Richards d. Chyna & Billy Gunn

Richards spouted off more RTC propaganda, saying they would never lay their hands on a woman unless it was necessary. Venis and Gunn tangled first, with a returning Mr. Ass taking Val off his feet and getting an early near pin. Val took over with closed fists, and fell to the outside. Chyna got involved and threw Val into the ring steps, then into the ring for Gunn to get another near pin. Richards became the legal man, and Chyna the legal woman. Chyna choked Richards by the tie and overpowered him, dropkicking him to the floor. Gunn jumped in and Val attacked his previously injured shoulder. RTC double teamed Gunn, working over the shoulder with an armbar and various submission moves. Gunn recovered and gave the hot tag to Chyna, who low blowed Steven and Gunn hit the fameasser. Bull Buchanan and Goodfather ran down to help their team, and Gunn took care of them both. Inside the ring, Chyna set up a pedigree on Val, when Eddie Guerrero blasted Chyna with flowers. Venis rolled up her up for the win. Afterwards, Gunn revealed the flowers contained a pipe.

Rikishi vs. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin went to a no contest after Austin was arrested
No Holds Barred

Rikishi came to the ring, dressed in what looked to be some sort of Samoan robe. Rikishi said that Stone Cold hadn't showed up, and that he was scared. He asked for Commissioner Foley to come out and declare him the winner of the match. The Commish came out, but before he could speak, Austin's music hit. Austin drove his truck in the building and attacked Rikishi! Using the truck door, Austin slammed Rikishi's head with it and punched him all the way round the ring. Rikishi was thrown into the Spanish announce table, and choked out with a set of headphones. Both men took a venture in the crowd, where Austin literally beat the hell out of Rikishi. Austin took off his belt and beat Rikishi back to the ring, where Austin pulled out a rope from underneath the ring. Austin choked Rikishi with the rope, but found himself the recipient of a brutal kick. Rikishi missed a chair shot, and Austin hit two of his own. Rikishi got up and was blasted again, and was busted open from ear to ear. Austin kept on with the chair shots, hitting at least seven more shots. Austin then tried to hit Rikishi with a sledgehammer, but was unable to do so. Austin loaded Rikishi up on the back of his truck and drove out! He stopped and unloaded Rikishi, and attempted to HIT RIKISHI HEAD ON! A police car ran in Austin's way, and cops surrounded Stone Cold! A dozen cops handcuffed Austin, and his rights were read!

William Regal d. Naked Mideon

Regal said Mideon was fouler than a box of frogs! He also said that Commissioner Foley had ordered Mideon to wear proper wrestling attire. Both men locked up and Regal slapped on an armbar, but dropped it after Mideon threatened to remove his clothing. Both exchanged more wrestling holds, with Mideon actually keeping up with Regal for several moves. Mideon finally took his shirt off and attacked Regal, hitting a lariat. He bit Regal on the face, but Regal hit a suplex and locked on a chinlock. Mideon stripped naked and kissed Regal. Now, we're talking completely naked here, everything showing (ugh). Mideon went up top and was crotched. Reluctantly, Regal pinned Mideon.

Los Conquistadors d. Hardy Boys to become the new Tag Team champions

Conquistadors paraded around the ring for several minutes before Matt Hardy clotheslined them both. Both Hardyz worked over Conquistador #1, delivering a hurricanrana and several dropkicks. Conquistadors attempted a double team on Jeff, but ended up knocking each other down. Hardyz continued for several minutes with the advantage, attempting to tear the masks off the men in gold. Conquistadors took over after throwing Jeff into the ring post, and #2 tagged in to hit a legdrop. Conquistadors continued for several plodding minutes, until Matt Hardy was tagged and the match picked up a little steam. Conquistador #1 hit a suicide dive, and Matt followed up with one of his own. Matt ripped off the mask of Conquistador #1, and there was a second one on underneath! The second conquistador hit a reverse DDT, and quickly scored the pin over Matt Hardy!

Triple H d. Chris Benoit

Both men locked up, and HHH took Benoit to the corner and worked him over with kicks. HHH worked on Benoit's knee, ramming it into the canvas several times. Triple H slammed Benoit's knee into the ring post, and followed up with several elbows. Crowd reaction to Triple H was tremendous; many times fans broke out into "Triple H, Triple H" chants. Attacks on Benoit's knee continued for several more minutes, with Triple H using a grapevine to out perform Benoit. Benoit was finally able to counter outside the ring, sling shotting The Game into the ring post. HHH's chest turned bright red after receiving knife-edge chops, followed by an arm bar. It was now Benoit's turn to work on Triple H, and he chose to wear down his opponent's shoulder. Benoit went up top and hit a huge headbutt to Triple H's arm. Benoit thought he had the match won, but HHH quickly rolled up Benoit and got a two. They both locked up again and HHH hit an inverted suplex. Punches were exchanged on both sides, and HHH hit a high knee, followed by a neckbreaker. HHH took Benoit up top and hit a Superplex, taking a lot out of each man.
Benoit still had it in him to nail three German Suplexes, but could not get the pin. Benoit shot Triple H into the ropes and hit the crossface. He had it solidly locked on, but Triple H worked his way out by turning his hands. Stephanie ran out and smacked the hell out of Benoit, and it provided just enough distraction for HHH try for the pedigree. He couldn't hit it, but did hit a low blow, and THEN got the pedigree. HHH pinned Benoit and Stephanie left smiling.

Kurt Angle d. The Rock
No Disqualification

It was announced before the match started that there would be no disqualification. Stephanie distracted Rock from the opening bell, allowing Angle to step in with right hands. Angle threw Rock outside and slammed him into the Spanish announce table, and hit him with a chair. A shot of HHH watching the match backstage was shown. Rock and Angle brawled up the entrance way and into the tech area, with Rock having the advantage. Rock then busted up the entrance set using Angle's head. Angle took control and led Rock back to the ring, chocking him out with his boot. Stephanie got involved again and choked Rock herself. Rock battle back and hit Angle with a dropkick to his knees, and slammed his leg on the ring post. Using a chair, Rock further damaged Angle's leg. Rock locked on the sharpshooter, and Angle tapped out…but Stephanie distracted the referee. Rock ran after Stephanie, and Angle hit a huge suplex. Angle locked on a chinlock, and Rock used the crowd's support to battle out.
Back outside, Angle worked over Rock more, using the safety rail and ring steps. Rock came back and spit water all in Angle's face, but Angle bounced Rock's head off the ring post. Stephanie retrieved the WWF title belt and put it inside the ring, and Angle got it. He went to hit Rock and missed, but hit his target in a second attempt. He didn't get the pin, despite help from Steph. Angle went up top and was knocked down; Rock followed up with him and hit a Superplex. Angle's left eye looked pretty bad; it was busted open and swelled shut. Angle went up again and missed a Moonsault. Rock took over, hitting a DDT and spinebuster. Stephanie ran in as Rock was about to get the People's elbow, and taunted Rock. Rock put her in the Rock Bottom and attempted the People's elbow, but was attacked by Angle. Triple H came out and attacked Angle, and HHH put Rock in the pedigree! He dragged his wife out of the ring, and Angle jumped in the ring to pin Rock. He only got a two count.
A bandaged Rikishi waltzed out, (who had a terrible makeup job to make him look injured) and attacked Angle. Rock hit the Rock Bottom, but could not follow up. Rikishi got in the ring once again and went for Angle, but sandwiched Rock! He then tried to superkick Angle, but hit Rock! Angle Olympic slammed Rikishi, and then got Rock in one as well! Cover, KURT ANGLE WINS THE WWF TITLE! Afterwards, Angle cried like he did at the Olympics!

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