RBC Center
Raleigh, North Carolina

October 8, 2006

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After a "feeling out process" in the opening two minutes, Hardy got in some big spots including a dive over the top rope. Helms went on sustained offense starting at 5:00. He settled into a chinlock at one point. At 7:00 the exchanged punches mid-ring. Hardy took control with several clotheslines and a running bulldog for a two count which got a nice pop from the crowd. Helms took control afterward and scored two near falls at 10:00. Hardy punched Helms as he dove off the top rope and then hit a Side Effect for at two count at 11:00. He hit a second Side Effect for another two count. He followed with a top rope moonsault, but Helms lifted his knees. Hardy ducked a shining wizard and schoolboyed Helms for a two count. Helms quickly kicked Hardy in the head and scored a two count. JBL called this a defining moment in their career and said they have more at stake in this match than they ever have in their career, adding that pride was all that was on the line, but to them that meant everything. Helms yanked Hardy off the top rope; Hardy crotched the top rope. Helms then dove off the top rope with a shining wizard for a near fall, but Hardy draped his left leg over the bottom rope. Hardy blocked a Helms kick and then surprised him with a Twist of Fate for the clean pin. JBL said, "Somebody call the sheriff. These two guys just stole Raleigh, North Carolina."

WINNER: Hardy in 13:00.

STAR RATING: **3/4 -- JBL's praise was overblown. Nice match for sure, but almost too typical for these two, who have been a bit overexposed against each other lately. They're almost too alike in style to have a match that really stands out.

-Backstage, Booker T, Sharmell, and William Regal talked backstage. Booker told Regal he is just the man to aid him in his match. Regal said whatever he needs from him, he's willing to do it. He told Regal to convince his old chum Finlay to put aside his love of fighting for one night.

2 -- BRIAN KENDRICK & PAUL LONDON (w/Ashley) (WWE Tag Team Champions) vs. IDOL STEVENS & K.C. JAMES (w/Michelle McCool) -- WWE Tag Team Title match

London opened with a sweet head scissors takeover on Stevens, then he and Kendrick hit him with stereo roundhouse kicks. JBL compared them to "a young Edge & Christian, a young Matt and Jeff Hardy, a young Steve and Scott Simpson." Wow, that was mean. The Simpsons, from the late World Class era, were not a standout team for their era. That was an "obscure wrestling reference" on a WWE PPV if I've ever heard one. After clearing the ring, London and Kendrick leaped into the air and clapped their feet together. JBL asked what that was all about. They dove onto the heels on either side of the ring. At 3:00, when London went to the top rope, McCool distracted him as James shoved him to the floor. That gave the heels a chance at offense. Stevens, wanting to impress the fans with his offense, went right into a side headlock. London went for a sunset flip, but Stevens broke it in a creative fashion by pounding on one of his hand and spinning out of it, then tagging in James. James immediately settled into a chinlock with a knee to the back, then a backbreaker for a two count. At 7:00, Kendrick got the hot tag and went on a flurry of offense for a minute. London dove through the ropes onto James at ringside when he tried to interfere. Kendrick avoided a two-on-one attack in the ring a minute later and planted James with a DDT. McCool draped James's leg over the bottom rope to break up the count. Stevens blindsided Kendrick with a backbreaker for a near fall. Ashley attacked McCool at ringside. London blocked a double suplex by the heels on Kendrick, then propelled Kendrick into a dropkick on both heels. He followed with slided bread and London hit a moonsault in mid-ring for the pin.

WINNERS: Kendrick & London in 10:00 to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles.

STAR RATING: *** -- Good tag match. This is an example of why the tag division should be cultivated and pushed. Even with two relatively green heels, they put together a very good ten minute match with the athleticism of Kendrick & London, the women at ringside playing their role well, and the overall added dimensions of a tag match.

-A commercial aired for "The Marine."

-William Regal searched backstage for Finlay. He said it "smelled of Guinness." He ran into Vito jump-roping. Regal said he didn't know how to jump rope correctly. Vito raised his skirt and revealed his white bikini briefs. Regal said he disgusted him. Regal quickly turned and fell onto a cart of ketchup and mustard. He slipped around in it for a minute and made facial expressions.

-A commercial aired for the Raw Homecoming.

-Teddy Long stood in center-ring with a huge gift wrapped box. Long said it was time for a 26th birthday party for a reality TV star, The Miz. Miz came out and acted as obnoxious as ever. Long said he's been hitting on one of his Smackdown divas lately. Long said even though she hasn't been receptive, she wants to come out and help him celebrate. Miz made ridiculous faces. Leila walked as Miz's jaw dropped. Miz said he got his birthday wish. She asked for a chair and gave Miz a lapdance. She put a blindfold on him, and then the bald fat guy in a g-string, "Big Dick Johnson," took her place. Miz reached out and fondled him, then Leila removed is blindfold. Miz tipped over in his chair and Cole laughed uproariously. JBL said he could watch that all night.

-A commercial aired for the Vince McMahon DVD.

-A commercial aired for Tuesday night's strip poker edition of ECW.

-JBL and Cole were still laughing at Vince McMahon Fetish Segment #2. (The Vito-Regal segment was Vince McMahon Fetish Segment #1.)


MVP came out first. Cole said nobody knows whom he's scheduled to face. MVP dressed in what looked like a blue scuba outfit adorned with more jewels than a Bobby Heenan jacket. MVP gave a brief cocky prematch statement, then his opponent, Marty Garner walked out. JBL and Cole bemoaned Garner as a weak mystery opponent for MVP. JBL said Garner is so skinny, he has to run around in a shower to get wet. Cue Jim Cornette's line about treading water in a garden hose. MVP slapped Garner to open the match, then did squats at 1:00. The crowd chanted boring. Cole acknowledged it. JBL said MVP talks trash, but hasn't accomplished anything yet. JBL said MVP's outfit was "blueberry bling" and looked like a costume from Battlestar Galactica. The crowd chanted "Power Ranger" at him. JBL said Garner has the body of a hunger strike victim and said he looks like he walked out of a concentration camp. That comment is just out of line. There's never a reason to use the holocaust as a wrestling jobber analogy. MVP finished Garner with his finisher after showing very little to set him apart, but they've set him up well as a mid-card house show act for fans to jeer. JBL said he takes personal offense at him walking around like he is a world champion. Cole said MVP has a big fat contract and will be on Smackdown for a long time to come. JBL said he can't believe he out-negotiated Teddy Long.

WINNER: MVP in 3:00.

STAR RATING: 1/2* -- Who's more disappointed? Smackdown fans in their big free agent signing, or Miami Dolphin fans?

-They went backstage to William Regal stepped out of a shower. He was wrapping his towel around his waist, but his penis was shown in full view for a second, which is a PPV first and will surely get them complaint calls and emails, especially from parents. If someone watched the replay, let me know if that's edited. There was no reason for that segment to be live, so it was probably pretaped and they probably had full knowledge of that brief but clear shot. Vito walked into the room and revealed himself to Regal and laughed at him, and asked Regal if he was shortchanged. Vito bragged about his size. Regal asked if his father was a donkey. Regal scurried out of the locker room, with his bare ass in full view. Long scolded him as women ran away from him. Long told him to cover himself. He told him to put his gear on because he had him booked in a match.

-A commercial aired for WrestleMania 23. They may be WWE-related, but some customers may be upset with being bombarded with so many commercials and promotional announcements.

-A vignette aired on Kennedy vowing to put an end to Undertaker. Kennedy said Undertaker doesn't scare him. He concluded, "The future is me, the future is Mr. Kennedy." Good preview segment.


Taker caught Kennedy with a big boot in the opening minute. Kennedy bailed out a minute later to regroup, but Taker followed him and threw him back into the ring. A minute later, Taker rammed Kennedy's shoulder into the ringpost. JBL said when he faced Taker, he merely survived. JBL said if Taker cared about championships, he'd have more than four reigns, but he "cares about causes." Kennedy favored his left shoulder as they returned to the ring. Taker climbed to the top rope, but Kennedy yanked him to the mat. Kennedy removed a turnbuckle pad. Taker dove at Kennedy with a boot in the corner, but Kennedy moved, then he knocked Taker to the floor. Kennedy stomped on Taker on the floor. He leaped off the apron at Taker, but Taker caught him and then rammed him back-first into the ringpost. Back in the ring, Kennedy went on sustained offense for two minutes. Taker fought back at 15:00 and clotheslined Kennedy over the top rope to the floor. Kennedy legdropped Kennedy off the ring apron guillotine style. As Taker returned to the ring, Kennedy kicked him in the gut and gave him a piledriver, which Cole called a Tombstone Piledriver even though it was a standard piledriver. He scored a two count. Taker powered out. Kennedy tried again. Taker again powered out. Kennedy settled into a choke sleeper at 17:00. Kennedy back suplexed Kennedy, but Kennedy was the first to his feet. Kennedy threw some punches. Taker punched back. JBL told Kennedy not to try to match fists with the Dead Man. Taker then hit a flying clothesline, followed by two running clotheslines in the corner. He followed with snake eyes and a big boot followed by a legdrop for a near fall. He set up a chokeslam, but Kennedy grabbed the referee. Kennedy then surprised Taker with a neckbreaker for a two count. JBL praised Kennedy for going move-for-move with Undertaker. Taker ducked an enzuigiri. Taker then chokeslammed him and set up a Last Ride. Kennedy powered out, but almost ran into the ref. Kennedy ran up behind Taker and rammed his head into the exposed turnbuckle. He followed with a clothesline and then went to the top rope. He flew off with a senton bomb for a near fall at 22:00. Taker then sat up. An intimidated Kennedy bailed out to ringside and grabbed his U.S. Title belt to use as a weapon. The ref yanked at it, so Taker hit a distracted Kennedy. Taker then grabbed the belt, looked at it, and KO'd Kennedy with it, prompting the DQ. Taker gave Kennedy a Tombstone, then did the same to ref Charles Robinson.

WINNER: Kennedy in 23:00.

STAR RATING: **1/2 -- It dragged at times, but at other points it was dramatic and well done. Above-average, and it achieved it's purpose of showing Kennedy could hold his own against Taker. The finish wasn't entirely unpredictable since they weren't going to beat Taker, but if Kennedy lost it defeated the purpose of the match.

-A long recap aired of the Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio feud.

5 -- REY MYSTERIO vs. CHAVO GUERRERO (w/Vickie Guerrero) - Falls Count Anywhere

Fast paced opening minutes. They exchanged punches on the top rope, and both knocked each other to the floor. Chavo took control as they brawled up the rampway. Rey swung himself from the entrance and kicked Chavo. He beat up Chavo as they worked their way back toward the ring. They detoured up the steps through the crowd. Rey dove off the lower deck bleacher railing onto Chavo to score the pin. Vickie tended to Chavo afterward.

WINNER: Rey in 13:00.

STAR RATING: **3/4 -- Just a stand up brawl right of Jeff Jarrett's "shortcut/taking the night off" handbook or Kevin Sullivan's "avoid-a-bump" match style. This version was better, but it was a long stretch of the same thing, just working their way through the arena. The finishing dive by Rey didn't look good, as Chavo caught him and rolled backward without any force. They replayed it twice, which only accentuated the soft fall. Overall, it was fine as it fit the intensity of the feud and WWE doesn't do matches like that all that often.

-A segment aired on the movie premiere of The Marine with hundreds of actual Marines in attendance. Hunter reviewed it, saying, "There's a lot of shooting, a lot of fighting, a lot of things blowing up. You've got to see it to appreciate it." Cena said it was great that the first time he saw the movie on the big screen was with actual Marines. That was a smart marketing move by WWE as it authenticates the movie by having actual Marines watching it and apparently approving of it.

-Cole and JBL talked about Mysterio victory.


Regal's surprise opponent was Benoit. Cole said Benoit took an extended sabbatical, and is now wrestling his first match in five months. Good move by WWE having Benoit return on PPV rather than on free TV. It's a reward for those who paid for this show to give them something extra, besides a lapdance by a fat guy in a g-string, Regal's penis and ass, and Vito in bikini briefs, of course. After some mat exchanges in the opening minutes, Benoit headbutted out of a Regal armbar, hit a German suplex, and then hit a top rope headbutt. Regal elbowed out of a back suplex attempt by Benoit off the apron, then dropped down and drove Benoit's face into the ring apron. Regal bled from the forehead from the headbutts. Benoit attempted a comeback, but Regal remained in control and applied an abdominal stretch. Benoit backed Regal into the corner and chopped Regal hard across his reddened chest. Regal came back with a couple overhead suplexes and a kneedrop, which JBL said reminded him of Bruiser Brody. He said, "These two broke in when it wasn't about the chicks, it wasn't about TV. It was about winning and losing. This is what is good about this business." He said this is the best he's seen Regal work. Regal controlled the next two minutes, but Benoit escaped a full nelson attempt by Regal and then slipped on a Crippler Crossface, after resistant from Regal, and Regal tapped out a few seconds later.

WINNER: Benoit in 10:00.

STAR RATING: ***1/4 -- Best match of the night so far. Surprisingly, the reaction for Benoit wasn't great. Part of the problem is that Regal has been so demeaned and discredited, that I think fans thought it was a letdown that he hung with Benoit like he did for ten minutes. That felt more real and more intense than anything yet on the show, and clearly these two are in a class above everyone else on the show in terms of brutal mat wrestling and just making it look like it hurts. If Regal had credibility and if something was at stake and if they gave them 20 minutes instead of 10, that type of match easily would reach four stars.

-Booker got upset at Regal because Regal made it clear he had too much going on to have that talk with Finlay. Finlay then walked up to them and said he was there to take Booker's title.

-Backstage Batista walked up to Bobby Lashley. Lashley said it was every man for himself. Batista calmly told him to remember that the name of the PPV is No Mercy.

7 -- KING BOOKER vs. BOBBY LASHLEY vs. BATISTA vs. FINLAY -- World Hvt. Title match

Fatal Four-way, so all four are allowed in the ring at once. JBL predicted some day Lashley will be the biggest star on Smackdown, and the question is whether it will be tonight. The match began at 10:20 p.m. ET. Finlay and Booker cornered Batista. Lashley made the save and tossed Finlay out of the ring. Lashley gave Booker an early spinebuster. Booker and Finlay isolated Batista in the ring after knocked Lashley to the floor. Finlay, though, surprised Booker with a clothesline at 5:00, then knocked Batista to the floor and shoulder-first into the ring steps. Finlay returned to the ring and went after Booker. Finlay gave Batista a Samoan drop, but Finlay turned it right into an armbar. Lashley returned to the ring and attacked Finlay. Finlay maneuvered Lashley into a half Boston crab. King Booker kicked Finlay to break that hold at 8:00. Batista broke up his pin attempt on Finlay. Booker nailed Batista with a leg lariat at 9:00. Lashley backdropped Batista over the top rope onto Booker at 11:00 as Batista charged him. Finlay brought a chair into the ring, but Lashley knocked the chair away and went on a flurry of offense against Finlay, including a military press into a gutbuster. Finlay's "little buddy" snuck out and low-blowed Lashley from behind. Booker broke up the pin attempt by Finlay and covered Lashley himself. Lashley kicked out. Batista returned to the ring and beat up Booker. He hit a jackhammer, but Finlay jumped in to stop the cover. Batista cleared the ring of Finlay, leaving Lashley and Batista. Batista speared Lashley for a two count. Batista drove his shoulder into Lashley's gut, then lifted him for a bodyslam. Lashley escaped and sidewalk slammed Batista. The ref checked on Batista, who suddenly was bleeding pretty heavily from the top of his skull. Lashley nailed Batista with a clothesline in the corner, then overhead suplexed him and clotheslined him over the top rope. When Finlay entered the ring, Lashley threw him out. Booker then surprised Lashley with a Book End at 15:00. After two minutes of brawling, Batista returned to the ring and cleaned house. He shook the ropes and signalled for the Batistabomb. He gave it to Finlay, but Lashley immediately speared him. Booker crawled over and covered Finlay for the win.

WINNER: King Booker in 17:00 to retain the World Heavyweight. Title.

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