Hell in a Cell 2012

Phillips Arena
Atlanta, Georgia
October 28, 2012


A video package opens focusing on CM Punk vs. Ryback for the WWE Championship and Sheamus vs. Big Show for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

A graphic opening hits welcoming us to Hell in a Cell. We go live to the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia where a huge display of pyro goes off. Michael Cole is the first to welcome us to the show. Cole is joined by Jim Ross and John "Bradshaw" Layfield on commentary tonight.

Alberto Del Rio is out first to kick off the show.

Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez

Randy Orton goes after Alberto Del Rio with a series of right hands and quick uppercuts. Orton tosses Del Rio out quickly and drops him with a clothesline over the floor. Orton tosses Del Rio back in and begins to stomp over different parts of his body. Orton with kicks and more shots backing Del Rio to the corner. More rights from Orton in the opposite corner. Del Rio drops the left arm of Orton off the top turnbuckle. Del Rio with a kick to the left shoulder of Orton on the outside and then drops his left arm off the ring apron. Back in the ring, Del Rio works over the left arm of Orton. Del Rio with an arm bar dropping over the ropes on Orton in the corner. Del Rio breaks it up and then tosses Orton shoulder first into the corner and Orton hits the steel ring post. Del Rio follows with a big kick to the back of Orton. Del Rio goes back to working over the left arm/shoulder of Orton. Orton with headbutts to Del Rio. Orton with a rollup in the corner resulting in a two count. Del Rio drops Orton's left arm over his knees, covers and gets a two count. Del Rio goes back to work on Orton's shoulders. Del Rio again applies the armbar on Orton over the ropes.

Orton is able to dump Del Rio to the outside by breaking up the armbar. The referee starts the count. Del Rio is up at four and takes a series of clotheslines from Orton when he returns to the ring. Orton misses a powerslam attempt and Del Rio gets the armbar locked on. Orton immediately gets to the bottom rope to break it up. Orton with a quick backbreaker, cover and gets another two count. Del Rio counters a DDT attempt from Orton and then kicks him in the gut. Del Rio mocks Orton dropping to the mat and slamming his fists into the mat. Ricardo cheers him on at ringside. Del Rio attempts an RKO, Orton counters, sends Del Rio through the ropes, Del Rio is on the ring apron, Orton pulls him through and connects with a big DDT. Orton drops to the mat and is calling for an RKO. Del Rio counters with a backstabber. Del Rio with a cover and Orton kicks out after two. Orton with a quick snap powerslam, hooks the leg and Del Rio kicks out after two. Orton with kicks to Del Rio in the corner. Orton props Del Rio up on the top turnbuckle. Del Rio drops Orton down, Orton is hanging on by his legs and Del Rio jumps down stomping over Orton's chest!

Del Rio goes for the cover and Orton gets a shoulder up. Del Rio gets frustrated and stomps over Orton. Del Rio goes back up top, jumps, lands on his feet, looks like they botched whatever they were going for and Orton catches Del Rio with a quick dropkick. Del Rio dumps Orton to the corner, Orton gets an elbow up and Ricardo interferes bringing Orton into the steel ring post with his bad left shoulder. Del Rio then locks on the armbar. JBL on commentary adds, "It's in deep. He's got to tap!" Orton turns Del Rio over on his shoulders and gets a close two count. Del Rio scales up Orton in the corner going for a kick to the head, but Orton ducks and catches Del Rio with an RKO as he is coming down. Orton gets the pinfall.

Winner: Randy Orton

After the match, we see highlights including the unique finish.

Footage from the YouTube pre-show is shown of Dolph Ziggler trying to attack John Cena.

Backstage, Josh Mathews is with Raw's Managing Supervisor Vickie Guerrero. Vickie says she has the proof that AJ Lee and John Cena had an affair. She invites AJ to Raw to defend herself in person. Paul Heyman interrupts and tries to get the main event canceled. Vickie refuses and says CM Punk must be afraid of Ryback. Heyman says she is doing a good job and she "wouldn't want to do anything to mess that up."

WWE Tag Team Championships
Kane and Daniel Bryan (c's) vs. Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes

We start with Daniel Bryan and Damien Sandow. Bryan with kicks to Sandow in the corner. Sandow with an elbow and Bryan follows with a big knee to the gut. Tag to Kane and Cody Rhodes also gets the tag. Kane tosses Rhodes in and kicks him in the face. Early cover and Rhodes kicks out. Kane with kicks to Rhodes in the corner and then follows with a clothesline. Tag to Bryan who dropkicks Rhodes in the face with an assist from Kane. Cover and Rhodes kicks out again. Bryan with a big stomp to the chest of Rhodes. Bryan with uppercuts and kicks to Rhodes in the corner. Tag to Kane who gives Rhodes a big boot. Kane drops an elbow, covers and Rhodes gets a shoulder up. Rhodes with right hands, Kane shoves him, tag to Sandow and chop blocks Kane. Sandow with kicks to Kane in the corner and quick tag to Rhodes. Rhodes with kicks and then quick tag back to Sandow. Sandow locks up with Kane in the corner and tags Rhodes. Rhodes with a dropkick to the knee and tag back to Sandow. Sandow with an elbow and kicks to Kane. Kane with an uppercut and tags in Bryan. Bryan with kicks to Sandow in the corner. Bryan flips off the corner.

Bryan catches Sandow with a big flying clothesline. Bryan with kicks to Sandow. Bryan knocks Rhodes off the corner and then tosses Sandow out. Bryan with a suicide dive to Sandow. Back in the ring, Sandow with a snapmare and tag to Rhodes. Rhodes catches Bryan with a running knee. Tag to Sandow who drops his weight over the back of Bryan. Sandow brings Bryan out to the ring apron and drops an elbow. Sandow drops a knee and tags in Rhodes. Rhodes grounds Bryan working over his left shoulder. Rhodes with a knee to Bryan, cover and Bryan gets a shoulder up after two. Sandow tags himself in and drops knees to the body of Bryan. Sandow drops his big elbow, covers and gets a two count. Sandow with a headlock to keep Bryan grounded. Sandow counters a No Lock attempt, but Bryan drop toe holds Sandow into the corner. Tag to Rhodes and hot tag to Kane. Kane with uppercuts to Rhodes. Kane with a high back body drop and clothesline combo on Rhodes. Kane drops Rhodes with a side slam. Kane goes up top, Rhodes cuts him off, Kane pushes Rhodes off and Kane connects with his flying clothesline from the top turnbuckle.

Kane is setting up for a chokeslam when Bryan tags himself in and comes off the top rope with a flying headbutt. Bryan goes for the cover on Rhodes and Kane breaks it up. Kane and Bryan start arguing. Sandow pulls Kane out of the ring and Kane drops him with a right hand. Bryan tosses Rhodes over the top rope and Rhodes takes outs Kane. Bryan jumps off the ring apron going for a knee to Rhodes, but he takes out Kane instead. Rhodes slides back in the ring. Kane pulls Bryan off the ring apron and pushes him. Bryan pushes Kane back. They continuing pushing each other when Sandow and Rhodes take out Kane. Rhodes tosses Bryan back in. Rhodes with Cross Rhodes on Bryan. Rhodes hooks the leg and Kane is in to break it up. Kane goes after Rhodes in the corner. The referee is trying to pull him off. Kane pulls Sandow in and starts taking out both Sandow and Rhodes in the corner. Kane is not the legal man and the referee calls for the bell.

Winners via DQ: Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes
Winners and still WWE Tag Team Champions: Kane and Daniel Bryan

After the match, Kane pushes down Daniel Bryan. Kane gives Damien Sandow a chokeslam. Kane and Bryan start to argue more when Kane drops his arms to set off the pyro.

Backstage, Josh Mathews is with The Miz. Miz says tonight he will win back his title.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Kofi Kingston (c) vs. The Miz

The Miz drops Kofi Kingston to the mat early on. Miz goes for an early Skull Crushing Finale and Kofi counters. Kofi also goes for a Trouble in Paraside early and Miz barely avoids it. Miz with big left hands to Kofi in the corner. Kofi with a big takedown and Kofi drops some right hands. Kofi tosses Miz over the top rope with force. Miz with a big boot to the face of Kofi on the outside near the steel ring steps. Back in the ring, Miz applies a headlock to ground Kofi. Kofi tries to break it up when Miz pulls him to the mat by his hair. Miz with his running clothesline in the corner on Kofi. Miz goes up top, jumps and connects with a sledgehammer to the head on Kofi. Miz goes for the cover and Kofi kicks out after two. Miz with a kick to the gut of Kofi. Kofi out of no where with a huge clothesline on Miz. Kofi with a Boom Drop. Kofi with a rollup resulting in two. Springboard cross body by Kofi resulting in another two count. Miz with a backbreaker, Kofi counters and connects with the S.O.S. for a two count. Miz drops the left leg/knee of Kofi over his shoulder. Miz pulls off Kofi's kneepads and boot to expose the left knee. Miz puts pressure on the left knee in the corner.

Kofi tries to sit up on the top turnbuckle, but Miz drops him down on the mat. Miz pulls Kofi to the middle of the ring and applies a Boston Crab submission. Kofi is reaching for the bottom rope. Kofi gets close to the rope and Miz pulls him back out to the middle of the ring applying more pressure. Kofi is screaming out in pain. Kofi with a counter and gets a close two count with an inside cradle. Miz with a quick DDT on Kofi, hook of the leg and Kofi kicks out after two. Kofi counters another Skull Crushing Finale into a rollup for two. Miz dodges a Trouble in Paraside. Kofi counters another Skull Crushing Finale. Miz keeps it locked in. Kofi kicks Miz to the outside. Miz is back in and Kofi connects with Trouble in Paraside on his good leg. Kofi hooks the leg and gets the win.

Winner and still WWE Intercontinental Champion: Kofi Kingston

After the match, we see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Matt Striker is with WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston. Striker congratulates him on his first successful title defense. Kingston thanks The Miz for bringing out the "wildcat" in him. He said he is so proud to be your Intercontinental Champion.

A promo for Wrestlemania 29 in New Jersey airs. Tickets on sale 11/10.

Backstage, WWE Tag Team Champions Kane and Daniel Bryan are arguing. Bryan said it is Kane's fault they lost. Kane said Bryan was distracted and calls him a goat face.

WWE United States Championship
Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. Justin Gabriel

Antonio Cesaro with a quick takedown on Justin Gabriel early on. Gabriel with a few chops and follows that up with a quick monkey flip. Gabriel sits up on the top turnbuckle and Cesaro knocks him off to the outside. Back in the ring, Cesaro with a quick leg drop. Cesaro with a big uppercut that drops Gabriel. Cesaro holds Gabriel down into a pinfall and Gabriel gets a shoulder up. Cesaro with an uppercut to the back of Gabriel's head. Cesaro drives his knee into the back of Gabriel and pulls back in a clutch. Cesaro lifts up Gabriel and drops him over the corner. Cesaro follows that up with a high knee. Cesaro with a fallaway slam into a cover for a two count. Cesaro with jumping stomps over the chest of Gabriel repeatedly. Gabriel with a few kicks to the head of Cesaro. Cesaro works over the left arm of Gabriel. Gabriel with a kick to the face, springboards off the ropes and connects with a quick moonsault. Gabriel gets a two count. Cesaro takes out Gabriel with a huge clothesline. Gabriel with a tornado DDT. Gabriel with a springboard inverted DDT. Gabriel with a springboard and Cesaro catches him with an uppercut. Cesaro with his Neutralizer for the win.

Winner and still WWE United States Champion: Antonio Cesaro

After the match, we see a replay of the uppercut and finish. Back live, Antonio Cesaro is celebrating up on the corner with his title.

Video airs of WWE Diva Layla talking about her late mothers battle with breast cancer.

A video package runs focusing on Ryback's time in WWE.

Backstage, Paul Heyman again approaches Vickie Guerrero. Heyman has the impression that the Punk vs. Ryback main event is off. Guerrero said the match is still on.

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. The Prime Time Players

We start with Sin Cara and Darren Young. Sin Cara with a quick huricanrana takedown on Young and a tag to Rey Mysterio. Mysterio and Sin Cara with a leg drop and moonsault combo over Young. Young with a big overhead suplex on Mysterio. Tag to Titus O'Neil who gets in a quick stomp. Titus drops Mysterio with an uppercut. Tag to Young who catches Mysterio with a shoulder block. Young with a headlock on Mysterio to keep the action grounded. Mysterio with kicks to the face to break it up. Tag to Titus who hits a few rights to Mysterio in the corner. Mysterio with kicks to Titus and knocks Young off the ring apron. Tag to Sin Cara who connects with a dropkick and springboard elbow to Titus. Sin Cara with a superkick to Young and kick to the head of Titus. Sin Cara with a cross body from the ring apron to Titus for a close two count. Titus catches Sin Cara and slams him into the corner. Titus hangs on and drops Sin Cara over his knee repeatedly. Tag to Young who connects with a back suplex on Sin Cara. Young again keeps it grounded applying a headlock on Sin Cara and wrapping his legs around his body. Sin Cara with elbows.

Young with knees to Sin Cara. Sin Cara with a counter into a cross body on Young for a two count. Sin Cara with chops to Young on the ring apron. Sin Cara knocks Titus off the ring apron. Young then drops Sin Cara back first off the ring apron. Young with a cover and Mysterio breaks it up. Titus presses Young over Sin Cara. Sin Cara with right hands attempting a comeback. Young cuts him off with a quick clothesline. Sin Cara with a kick to the chest of Young when Young starts to show off. Tag to Titus. He cuts off a comeback by Sin Cara with a big kick to the gut. Titus with a big vertical suplex, hooks the leg and Sin Cara kicks out. Titus drops Sin Cara with a huge right hand. Tag to Young who connects with a backbreaker on Sin Cara over his knee. Quick tag back to Titus who drops an elbow over Sin Cara. Titus misses a charge to Sin Cara in the corner. Titus pulls Sin Cara back from getting the hot tag to Mysterio. Sin Cara flips over Titus with an inverted DDT. Hot tag to Mysterio. Mysterio with huricanrana to Young. Mysterio off the top rope with a seated senton to Young. Mysterio with a big torando DDT on Young for a two count.

Mysterio with a huge kick to the head of Young. Mysterio pulls down the top rope and Titus goes flying over to the outside. Sin Cara jumps off the top turnbuckle to take out Titus on the outside. In the ring, Mysterio is up on the shoulders of Young. Mysterio with a huricanrana into the ropes on Young. Mysterio connects with 619. Mysterio comes off the top turnbuckle with a body splash and gets the pinfall.

Winners: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara

After the match, Sin Cara is being attended to by WWE officials and referees. We then see a replay of the finish. Back live, Sin Cara rolls back in the ring favoring his neck. He seems to be okay celebrating with Mysterio. We see that Sin Cara landed right on top of his head when flipping over Titus O'Neil.

A video package runs hyping Sheamus vs. Big Show tonight.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Sheamus (c) vs. Big Show

Tony Chimel handled ring introductions for the challenger Big Show and champion Sheamus.

Lock up and Big Show pushes Sheamus down with force. Sheamus with a shoulder block that drops Sheamus. More offense from Big Show with forearms to the back and body shots in the corner. Big Show with a huge chop to the chest in the corner. Big Show with another big chop. We see a shot of Dolph Ziggler looking on backstage with his "Money in the Bank" briefcase in hand. Sheamus with a chop block that drops Big Show. Big Show bails to recover. Back in the ring, Sheamus is all over Big Show with right hands. Sheamus with repeated charges to Big Show in the corner. Big Show tosses Sheamus over the top rope quickly. On the outside, Big Show tosses Sheamus with force into the padded guard railing. Big Show tosses Sheamus back in the ring and chokes him against the second rope. Big Show with a quick side slam resulting in a two count. Big Show stands over the body of Sheamus briefly applying pressure. Big Show with another big chop to the chest. Big Show applies pressure on the neck of Sheamus with his boot. Big Show with a quick knee to the head. Big Show pulls Sheamus out and sends him over the announce table with force.

Big Show tosses Sheamus back in the ring. Big Show pulls back on the head of Sheamus and drops an elbow over his body to the mat. Big Show then tosses Sheamus over the top rope to the outside. Back in the ring, Big Show connects with a quick kick. Sheamus fights to his feet using the ropes and Big Show drops him with a big headbutt. Big Show with a big knee as Sheamus again starts to recover. Sheamus attempts a comeback with right and left hands to the body. Big Show with a bearhug on Sheamus. Big Show keeps it locked on and drops to one knee to apply more pressure. Sheamus attempts a comeback lifting up Big Show, but Big Show's weight is too much and Sheamus falls back. Big Show with a second rope splash over Sheamus in the corner. Big Show is calling for the chokeslam. Big Show gets Sheamus up for the chokeslam, but Sheamus counters into a DDT. Sheamus hooks the leg and Big Show kicks out pushing Sheamus to the outside through the ropes. Sheamus drops Big Show off the top rope. Sheamus climbs up on the top turnbuckle and starts dropping forearms to the chest. Big Show counters and starts to choke Sheamus.

Sheamus kicks Big Show away, misses a splash from the top rope and Big Show catches Sheamus with a chokeslam. Big Show hooks the leg and Sheamus kicks out after two. Big Show goes for a clutch, but Sheamus starts fighting back. Big Show misses an elbow, Sheamus drops a knee to the head and Sheamus attempts a Texas Cloverleaf. Big Show counters kick Sheamus out of the ring. Sheamus with a shoulder block sending Big Show into the steel ring post. Sheamus does this a second time. Big Show slides back in the ring. Sheamus is up top, jumps, Big Show catches him, Sheamus counters with high knees and then a series of sledgehammers to the chest to drop Big Show. Sheamus shows his power lifting up Big Show and dropping him with White Noise. Sheamus covers and Big Show kicks out after two. Sheamus is calling for the Brogue Kick. Big Show blocks the kick and Big Show connects with his knockout punch. Big Show hooks the leg and Sheamus kicks out after two! Big Show is shocked. Big Show stands up and is ready for another knockout punch. Sheamus fights to his feet. Sheamus with a Brogue Kick. Big Show kicks out after two.

Sheamus is shocked. Big Show is recovering in the corner. Sheamus is calling for another kick. Sheamus charges in with another Brogue Kick, Big Show side steps him and catches him with another knockout punch. Big Show covers Sheamus to get the pinfall.

Winner and NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Big Show

After the match, Big Show clutches his fists in victory. He grabs the WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt and starts to celebrate. We then see a replay of Sheamus kicking out of a knockout punch, Big Show kicking out of a Brogue Kick and Sheamus unable to answer a second knockout punch. Back live, Big Show has the title over his shoulder as he heads to the back. Sheamus is just starting to recover.

Backstage, WWE Divas Champion Eve is trying to get word with Booker T. Booker cuts her off and says he needs to check on Sheamus. Teddy Long walks up and says Eve screwed over Kaitlyn and Layla. He said tonight they get to return the favor. Zack Ryder walks in dressed like a witch. He said he is dressed as the scariest witch in WWE - Eve. Santino shows up dressed as Lady Gaga. Ron Simmons walks up and drops a damn!

Backstage, we see Vince McMahon on the phone when WWE Champion CM Punk interrupts him. He tells Vince to call the match off tonight. Vince asks if he is intimidated by Ryback. Punk says no. Vince says Punk needs to prove to Ryback and everyone that CM Punk is the best in the world. Punk walks away upset.

WWE Divas Championship - Triple Threat Match
Eve (c) vs. Layla vs. Kaitlyn

Layla and Kaitlyn go after Eve right away. Eve bails quickly. Eve pushes Layla down on the outside and Kaitlyn with a clothesline to Eve on the floor. Everyone returns to the ring and Layla with a big dropkick to Eve. Kaitlyn with a splash. Layla with a rollup on Kaitlyn for two. Layla and Kaitlyn cover Eve at the same time. Eve kicks out. Layla and Kaitlyn exchange pinfall attempts. Eve with a facebuster on Layla. Eve with a knee to Kaitlyn and then drops her down on her bad ankle. Eve throws the ankle down on the mat. Eve continues to work over the ankle of Kaitlyn. Layla is up on the ring apron and kicks Eve in the chest. In the ring, Layla with a big side kick that sends Eve to the corner. Layla with big kicks and elbows to Eve. Layla with a cross body on Eve for a two count. Layla and Eve end up doing the splits and Kaitlyn drives both of their heads into each other. Kaitlyn working over the left arm of Layla. Kaitlyn with a big backbreaker on Layla. Layla catches Kaitlyn with a kick to the head. Eve breaks up the pin. Kaitlyn with a powerslam on Layla. Eve flips off the corner over Kaitlyn and covers Layla to get the pinfall.

Winner and still WWE Divas Champion: Eve

A promo for the "WWE '13" video game airs.

Backstage, Josh Mathews is with the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion Big Show. Big Show says that sounds great and he has reached the top of the mountain. He adds, "The giant is the World Heavyweight Champion. And I dare anyone in our locker room to try and take it away from me."

Backstage, Matt Striker is checking on the status of Sheamus who is being attended to backstage.

The WWE Survivor Series PPV on 11/18 is plugged.

A video package runs hyping CM Punk vs. Ryback tonight.

WWE Championship - Hell in a Cell Match
CM Punk (c) vs. Ryback

CM Punk had a chat with Paul Heyman during Ryback's entrance. Heyman is standing outside the cage. Justin Roberts handled the ring introductions for the challenger Ryback and champion CM Punk. Ryback starts a loud "FEED ME MORE" chant during the introduction. We see a shot of the door being locked.

The bell rings and here we go. CM Punk bails immediately. Punk slides back in, circles the ring, avoids a lock up and Punk again bails out of the ring. We hear Paul Heyman at ringside adding, "I believe in you! I believe in you! You are the best in the world!" Punk returns to the ring. Punk avoids a charge in the corner. Punk with a quick chop to Ryback. Ryback grabs Punk, lifts him up, throws him into the ropes and then catches Punk with a big boot. Ryback throws Punk to the mat repeatedly. Ryback sends Punk into the corner and Punk bounces off. Punk catches Ryback with a big boot in the corner, sits up top and Ryback tosses him away. Ryback clotheslines Punk over the top rope and Punk falls into the cage. Punk is trying to open the cage door and Ryback tosses him into the side of the cage. Ryback does this a second time. Punk crawls under the ring. Heyman pleads with Ryback, "He is a human being!" Ryback pulls back the ring apron and Punk shoots a fire extinguisher into the face of Ryback. Punk pushes Ryback into the cage and throws some big knees to the body of Ryback. Punk grabs a steel chair and Ryback ends up kicking it back in the face of Punk!

Ryback lifts up Punk and tosses him back in the ring. Ryback presses Punk and drops him back down on the mat. Ryback with a charge, Punk moves and Ryback hits the corner face first. Punk drops Ryback off the top rope. Punk connects with a springboard flying clothesline. Punk with a glancing sledgehammer blow from the top rope on Ryback. Punk goes up top on the other corner and connects again. Ryback falls to a knee and is back up. Punk goes for a third, Ryback catches him and shoulder charges him in the corner. Ryback hits the ropes and Punk catches him with a kick to the face. Punk with a suicide dive sending Ryback into the side of the cage. Ryback remains standing after taking the shot. Punk hits Ryback in the gut with the steel chair and then connects with a neckbreaker on the floor. Punk attempts another neckbreaker and Ryback counters. Ryback charges at Punk and he ends up hitting the steel steps shoulder first. Ryback is back in the ring and Punk takes his back applying a headlock. Ryback stands up with Punk on his back and he drops down with his modified stunner. Ryback misses a charge to Punk in the nearby corner.

Punk with a running high knee in the corner. Punk with a clothesline to Ryback. Punk goes up top, jumps and connects with his flying elbow. Punk goes under the ring and pulls out a kendo stick. Punk is back in the ring with the kendo stick in hand. Punk with shots to the back of Ryback. Punk now cracks it across the chest of Ryback. Punk with more shots to the body and Ryback is taking them with ease. Ryback takes the stick away from Punk and throws it out of the ring. Ryback fires himself up, connects with clotheslines and then a high back body drop on Punk. Ryback with a big spinebuster on Punk. Ryback connects with his powerful clothesline. Ryback screams, "FINISH HIM!" Ryback picks up Punk, stomps around the ring, referee Brad Maddox stops Ryback from connecting with the Shell Shock and gives Ryback a low blow. Punk rolls up Ryback and gets the pinfall.

Winner and still WWE Champion: CM Punk

After the match, Paul Heyman is pleading for them to open the cage door. CM Punk is nearby trying to get it open when Ryback gets back up. Ryback throws down referee Brad Maddox and then takes out Punk. Ryback tosses the referee back in the ring and levels him with a huge clothesline. Ryback then picks up the referee and launches him from the ring to the side of the cell. Punk is starting to crawl out of the cage door when Ryback stands on Punk's back. Heyman bails. Ryback picks up Punk and Punk starts climbing up the Hell in a Cell. Ryback follows. Punk is now at the top. Ryback is up top as well. Ryback has Punk up for the Shell Shock. Ryback connects with the Shell Shock on Punk at the top of the Hell in a Cell! A loud "FEED ME MORE" chant starts up.

We then see a replay of the referee interfering in the match setting up CM Punk's win. They show footage of Ryback taking out the referee and Ryback giving CM Punk a Shell Shock at the top of the Hell in a Cell. Back live, we go off the air with Ryback leading a "FEED ME MORE" chant from the top of the cell.

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