US Bank Arena
Cincinnati, Ohio
November 5, 2006

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Umaga vs. Kane

Kane is voted into take on Umaga with 49% of the vote, he makes his way to the ring. The two stare each other down and Umaga charges Kane. They exchange blows in the center of the ring. Umaga goes for a punch and its blocked. Kane throws a few of his own. Umaga backed in the corner now and Kane goes to work on him. Kane with a choke and takes Umaga to the other corner. Umaga fights back with a head butt. Knife-edge chop on Kane, another attempted but blocked. Kane fights back with a barrage of punches, but Umaga hits a head butt. Kane fights back with more punches and kicks. Kane whipped to the corner, Umaga charges, Kane reverses with an elbow. Umaga hits a HUGE belly-to-belly suplex. Kane sits up and Umaga with a kick to the face. He bounces off the rope and hits a leaping head butt splash to Kane. Kane battles back with an uppercut, and another, he goes to the rope but Umaga hits a spinning heel kick. Fans chanting, “KANE KANE KANE.” Umaga to the ropes, Kane hits a big boot, but Umaga then hits a Flatliner Facebuster. Pace slowed. The two exchange chops now. Umaga rakes the eyes of Kane to slow his offense. Scoop slam by Umaga. Umaga climbs the ropes, but Kane is nearly all the way across the ring. He hits a flying head butt and gets a two count. Umaga with a knee to the head of Kane who is down, and another. Now a punch to the bald head of Kane, and another and another. Kane seated in the corner, and woozy. Umaga charges and runs into Kane, behind-first. Kane falls outside. Umaga tries a Samoan Spike but Kane moves, and Umaga connects with the ring post instead. Kane on the offensive now with a punch, and he rolls Umaga into the ring. He lays Umaga hanging half in half outside the ring, face up and he hits two elbows to the throat. Back inside now, Umaga in the corner and Kane with fists of fury. He climbs the ropes and pummels with about 12 punches. Umaga is woozy now. Fans are cheering on Kane. Kane with an uppercut, he walks to the corner and charges to the opposite corner where Umaga stands and he connects on a big splash, and he does it again! Kane goes to the ropes, reversed and Umaga with a big reversal into a Samoan Drop. Armando calls for the finish! Kane sits up!! Kane slaps on a choke, but Umaga rakes the eyes! Kane hits a big back suplex. Umaga is in trouble here. Kane goes up high to the ropes. Estrada tries to interfere but Kane kicks him off. Kane flies and Umaga reverses with a punch to the throat. Umaga now calls for the Spike and hits! 1-2-3! Umaga wins! Your Winner: Umaga

Cryme Tyme vs. Viscera & Charlie Haas vs. Murdoch & Cade vs. The Highlanders [Texas Tornado Match]

All of the men are in the ring to begin. As soon as it is announced to be a Texas Tornado Match they all start beating on each other. Pandemonium in the ring right now. In the ring Cryme Tyme double-teams Viscera with a move where J.T.G. straddled Chad’s shoulders and was whipped onto Viscera as a splash. In the ring now Highlanders battle Murdoch and Cade, they clothesline each man out then go to each side of the ring and perform simultaneous suicide dives on opposite sides of the ring. Haas in the ring with JTG now, delivering kicks to his head. JTG gets a German Suplex by Haas. Chad then runs in and attacks Haas from behind. Viscera slides in and Chad delivers punches to Vis. Chad goes to the ropes and Vis hits a swinging Bossman Slam. He then runs to the corner and splashes Charlie Haas by accident, intending to splash JTG. The Highlanders in and they double dropkick Vis out of the ring. Cade and Murdoch in. They get rid of Rory and then hit a double team move on Robbie. Cade hits a big Lariat on Robbie, but Cryme Tyme slides in. JTG covers Robbie and Chad holds him on top to ensure the pin. Your Winner: Cryme Tyme

Jeff Hardy [c] vs. Carlito [ Intercontinental Championship Match]

Carlito is announced as the fan’s choice with 62% of the vote. They lock up, Carlito with a snap mare, two count for Carlito. Hardy with an inside cradle, one count. Quick start. Carlito with a backslide and a two count. They break. They circle and lock up. Headlock for Hardy. Hardy sent to the ropes, shoulder block. Rope to rope he goes again, Carlito tries a hurrincanrada but Hardy reverses but catching him and they run into the ropes and are forced to break. Carlito then hits a snap dropkick to the legs. Carlito with a suplex and a two count. Hardy battles back now with a snap dropkick to the midsection, he sends Carlito to the ropes and hits a clothesline, two count. Carlito the ropes, springboard Moonsault, but Jeff sidesteps, Carlito lands on his feet. Jeff goes tot the ropes, dropkick sends Carlito outside. Jeff sizes him up and runs to the ropes and hits a dropkick through the ropes to Carlito on the outside. Jeff then leaps up to the top of the fan barricade, charges Carlito and flies, but Carlito reverses with a dropkick to the midsection of Hardy. In side the ring now and Hardy has a choke on Hardy to slow the pace. Hardy battles back to his feet. Carlito in the corner, Hardy climbs the ropes and pummels, then tries to hit some sort of Vader Bomb while Carlito is fallen in the corner but Carlito gets his feet up as a reversal. Back in the middle of the ring and Carlito has a rear bear hug on Hardy who is in a seated position. Hardy fights out, to his feet and hits a sit down jaw breaker. Hardy then tries a Twist of Fate but Carlito reverses but shoving Jeff into the turnbuckle, on the recoil, Carlito rolls up Jeff and gets a two count. Another two count by Carlito. Carlito back to the rear-bear hug on the mat. Fans are chanting “BORING BORING!” Jeff to the ropes, Carlito catches Jeff and lifts him over his shoulder, hitting a flapjack and then gets a two count. Carlito with a two count, and another submission on the mat in the middle of the ring. Hardy fights back, kick to the gut of Carlito, and a front face plant suplex. Two count! Hardy climbs the ropes and hits a Swanton, but Carlito gets the knees up! Carlito covers. 1….2…KICK OUT! Carlito visibly frustrated. He positions Hardy in the middle of the mat, Carlito goes to one rope hits a springboard centon, then the other rope and hits a springboard Moonsault and only gets a two count. Carlito tries a maneuver but Hardy reverses, Carlito to the ropes, tries a springboard, Jeff ducks and he misses. Hardy goes for a Twist of Fate, reversed, shoved into the corner, Hardy springs off the turnbuckle and hits a Whisper in the Wind and only a two count. Hardy goes back to the top rope. Fans are going nuts! Carlito catches Hardy with a punch while on the ropes. Hardy sitting on the top ropes now, and Carlito climbs tries a Hurrincanrada but Jeff blocks it and hits a Swanton Bomb, 1….2……3! Your Winner and Still Champion: Jeff Hardy

DeGeneration X vs. Edge & Randy Orton

Eric Bischoff is selected as special guest referee with 60% of the vote. Edge and HBK start off by locking up. Edge with punches to Michaels in the corner. Opposite corner now, more punches. HBK whips Edge to the corner, Edge reverses by back springing out of the corner, HBK doesn’t bite. Knife Edge onto Edge. Edge into the ropes, HBK with a sunset flip and he yanks down the tights of Edge in the process exposing his bottom. Two count. HBK into the corner, Edge charges, Shawn reverses with a sunset flip and a two count. Both back to a vertical base and HBK with a drop toehold into an armbar, he tags Triple H in who bluffs at a top rope maneuver and instead enters the ring and goes to work on Edge. Big clothesline, then in the center of the ring, Dust Rhode-like punches one after another, a crotch chop, and a big right hand to finish it off. Edge with a thumb to the eye and tags in Orton who goes to work on Hunter. Hunter sent corner to corner, reverses out with a clothesline. Shawn tagged back in now, knife-edges on Orton. Orton reverses, sending Shawn into the corner, but nothing happening there. Triple H tagged back in. Some punches, Edge hits a few of his own and tags in Orton. Orton does a little work on Hunter and quick tag back to Edge. Edge pummels Hunter in the corner, Irish whip reversed to the opposite corner. Edge goes to the second rope, leaps off with a double axe handle, and Triple H meets Edge’s mid-section with a kick. Both men down for a count. Shawn Michaels tagged in. He sends Edge to the ropes and hits a Flying Forearm, Nip-up by Shawn and an Inverted Atomic Drop on Edge, then one for Orton. The Game in he slams Edge. Shawn goes to the top ropes. He hits a Flying Elbow Drop. Shawn is tuning up the band. Edge slowly gets to his feet but Orton, who is on the outside, trips Shawn and yanks his legs so as to force HBK to straddle the ringpost. Edge tags in Orton now and he hits a big knee drop to the head. Two count for Orton. Shawn is in trouble. Randy in charge with punches in his own corner. He tags Edge, and Orton chokes Shawn for a few seconds. Edge slows the pace with a mat choke on Shawn.
Shawn tries a tag, but Edge yanks him back and a two count. Orton back in now, standing dropkick on Shawn. Two count for Orton. Orton with a choke on the mat now. Bischoff counts Shawn two separate two counts. Shawn now gets an adrenaline rush and gets to his feet chops to Orton, Orton then reverses an Irish Whip into a back breaker maneuver. Edge tagged in he is waiting to Spear Shawn. Shawn sidesteps and sends him into Bischoff. Shawn the hits an Insiguri Kick on Edge and both men are down. Both Triple H and Orton tagged in. Hunter sends Orton to the ropes; he ducks one clothesline but gets hit with a High Knee on the other end. Edge in and Hunter hits an Atomic Drop on him. Orton charges Hunter, and he gets a Spinebuster for his troubles. Hunter goes for a Pedigree but Edge hits a Spear on Hunter. Shawn flings Edge out of the ring and follows him with a Flying Crossbody to the outside. In the ring Orton awaits an RKO, which Hunter walks right into. He goes for a pin, a new referee slides in and gets only a two count! Huge crowd pop! Orton is beside himself. Orton goes for another RKO; Hunter catches him and shoves him forward into an awaiting Shawn Michaels Sweet Chin Music. Hunter gets an arm on Orton, referee counts and Eric Bischoff yanks him out of the ring and clocks him. Shawn sees it and as Bischoff backs up around the corner, Edge clocks Shawn with a steel chair right in front of Bischoff. Edge brings the chair in the ring. Hunter kicks Edge sets up a Pedigree but Orton clocks Hunter with the chair! RKO ON THE CHAIR FOR ORTON! 1….2……3.. Orton gets the pinfall. Your Winner: Randy Orton & Edge

Lita vs. Mickie James [Women's Championship Lumberjack Match]

All of the WWE Divas come to the ring to look on. Lita sends Mickie James right out of the ring and she battles her way back into the ring. Lita then sent outside, and she battles back into the ring as well. Side headlock by Lita. Mickie battles free, sends Lita to the ropes. Shoulder block by Lita, she tires to go to the ropes but Mickie trips her. Dropkick by Mickie, and she goes for a punch but Lita falls to her feet back-peddling. She tries to slide outside the ring but the Lumberjacks keep her in. Lita in charge now, driving Mickie’s head into the turnbuckle, and then raking her in the eyes. Lita with a sleeper hold on while on the back of Mickie, who falls backwards, but Lita hangs on. Mickie on the top ropes and straddles Lita, she hurricanradas Lita to the outside. The Diva Lumberjacks go wild on them both and send them back inside. Mickie tries a spinning DDT but Lita spins her around and plants her. Lita goes for a pin, tries to use the ropes, but Mickie kicks out. Mickie now with punches to Lita, she goes to the ropes, and Victoria tries to trip Mickie. Lita then takes advantage and hits a DDT and scores the pinfall for the victory. Your Winner and New Women’s Champion: Lita

Spirit Squad [c] vs. Ric Flair & Roddy Piper [Tag Team Championship Match]

Piper is selected as Flair’s partner with 46% of the vote. All five members of the Squad come out. Suddenly Sgt. Slaughter and Dusty Rhodes make their way to the ring. Kenny and Flair start off. They lock up, Kenny to the ropes and a shoulder block. Flair hits a hip toss and a side headlock takeover. Flair to the ropes, and he shoulder blocks Kenny. Kenny leapfrogs Flair, hits a dropkick and a two count. Pretty quick pace. Mikey tagged in, elbow drop but Flair moves and tags a grossly out of shape Piper. Piper delivers some punches to Mikey, then to the rest of the Squad as they leap on the apron. Mikey to the ropes, Piper with a Sleeper Hold. Kenny enters the ring and breaks that up. Piper brought into the corner of the Squad and they double team him. Kenny tagged in. Kenny taunts Piper while he punches him. Mikey tagged in and a double team maneuver on Roddy. Mikey with an elbow drop and a two count. Another two count for Mikey. Mikey tries a swinging Neckbreaker but reversed into a backslide for Piper, and a two count. Kenny tagged in, and a rear chinlock applied to Piper by Kenny in the center of the ring. Referee Jack Doan checks the arm…1….2……Piper keeps it up on the third arm drop…Piper tries to walk to his corner to tag but cannot make it. Kenny gets Piper in an arm bar and tags in Mikey who stomps Roddy Piper. Piper with an eye polk on Mikey and has a leg grapevine on Roddy and tags in Kenny. Mikey on the shoulders of Kenny on the top ropes and they try a double team front face pancake, but Piper moves. Flair tagged in and he cleans house. double clothesline on Kenny. Double Back Elbow smash on Mikey, followed by a double suplex. Flair now with a Figure Four on Mikey. Kenny breaks it up with a big Flying Legdrop from the top ropes. Flair tries an inside cradle on Mikey but a two count only. A few chops and another figure Four. Piper intervenes and keeps Kenny away. Mikey Taps!! We have new champions!! The rest of the squad enters the ring and starts to beat on Piper and Flair but here comes Rhodes and Sarge making the save. Your Winner and New Tag Team Champions: Ric Flair and Roddy Piper After the match they all celebrate in the ring and dance. Biggest pop of the night so far.

John Cena vs. King Booker vs. Big Show [World Championship Champion of Champions Match]

With 67% of the vote King Booker’s World Title is up for grabs. They three men circle the center of the ring. King Booker tries to get Cena on his side but instead Cena throws a punch at Booker and he rolls out of the ring. Show and Cena go at it. Cena to the ropes and a big elbow by Show. Booker still looks on. Cena whipped to the corner and he falls to the ground on the recoil. Cena up, he tries to fight back, but Show clotheslines Cena down. Show with a powerslam. Big chest chop by Show on Cena. Cena tries to fight back but it is quelled by Show again. Show keeps looking over toward Booker. Cena falls outside the ring, Show reaches over the top rope to the outside to try to bring Cena back in but King Booker takes advantage and hits an Axe Kick across Show’s back while he is bent over the top rope. In the ring Booker and Show go at it. Big chest chop by Show. Show fights back with chops but Show stops him. Big powerslam on Booker. Show with the Modified DDT and a two count when Cena interrupts. Show fights off Cena and Booker now, but they are double teaming Show with punches. They double clothesline Big Show out of the ring and Booker quickly rolls up Cena for a two count. Cena rope to rope and a back elbow by Booker. Chop by Booker on Cena. Rope to rope, tries a hip toss, reversed, Cena with a kick and a Fisherman’s Suplex, tries a pin but Show yanks Cena out of the ring, and clotheslines him. Big Show goes for the ring steps now. He lifts it up and charges Cena who takes out the legs. Show falls forward, face-first into the steps. Cena inside now and Booker hits a Book End. Two count. Harlem Side Kick on Cena and a two count. Punches exchanged by the two men. Booker with a headlock on Cena, tries to chain wrestle him, and has a rear chinlock on him now. Cena powers out and hits a suplex. He climbs the ropes now and flies, trying a splash, but Booker T moves, he then tries a pinfall and hits only two. Booker calls for a Scissors Kick but Cena reverses into a set-up for an FU. Booker swings around and reverses into a swinging DDT and a two count for Booker. Cena slaps on an STFU but Booker gets to the ropes. Booker in charge, sends Cena to the ropes, tries an Axe Kick but Cena ducks, comes back with a clothesline on Booker and then an elbow smash. Cena with a suplex and a two count. Cena mounts the ropes with Booker on top. Big Show enters the ring and puts Cena on his shoulders. Booker hits a dropkick from the top rope to the face of Big Show. Cena falls off the Big Show’s shoulders and all men are down. Cena and Booker double Team Show again. Double Suplex attempted, reversed into a double suplex of Big Show’s own. He is cleaning house. He has Cena and Booker in the corner together and Show hits a big Splash on them both then shoulder blocks them both to the mat on the recoil. Show calls for a Chokeslam. He hits it on Booker. Cena turns Show around and throws punches. He goes to the ropes and Show Spears him. Show pulls off the cover of the announce table. Cena sends Show’s head into the table repeatedly. Show lifts Cena over his shoulder for a potential ram into the ring post, but Cena wriggle free and shoves Show into the post headfirst. He blocks it, but Cena tries again and sends Show into the post. Inside the ring now. Cena and Booker battle. Cena hits a spinning Back Drop. He calls for the Elbow Drop, he hits one rope, as he goes to the opposite rope he kicks a chair into Show’s face who is standing by the rope son the outside. Cena hits the elbow drop. Charmell now tries to hit Cena with the belt but gets caught. He FU’s Charmell! King Booker charges Cena and Cena hits a drop toehold and slaps on an STFU. Referee attending to Charmel. Kevin Federline appears and clocks Cena with the belt. Cena is not phased and charges K-Fed, who slips out of the ring and up the aisle. Cena back to work on Booker, but Booker hits him in the face with the belt and lays atop for the cover and scores the pinfall for the victory to retain the World Championship. Your Winner and Still World Champion: King Booker After the match K-Fed taunts a fallen Cena by doing his “You Can’t See Me” hand motion, and leaves.


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