Continental Airlines Arena
East Rutherford, New Jersey

October 3, 2004


Eddie Guerrero versus Luther Reigns with Mark Jindrack
There was a time when Jindrack was going to be the fifth member of Evolution. The crowd chanted Eddie from the start as Michael Cole talks about how Luther has been shot and stabbed. Eddie begun the match in control over the much, much larger Luther Reigns, using his speed to hit quickly and counter well. Luther ended the speed of Eddie by grabbed him and pressing him high above his head and slamming him down. He took control from there on in, grabbing a bear hug before having to break it when Eddie stuck his thumbs in the bigger man’s eyes. Cole said that Reigns has had his throat slit from ear to ear in his life. I say: Good for him! Luther started to work the lower back of Eddie, suplexing him down and bending him over his knee following a back breaker. After every move, Jindrack would call from ringside to a pin attempt and Luther complied. Eddie was forced to kick out of numerous near-falls. Luther hit his modified suplex slam, but Eddie kicked out. Luther was frustrated, and set up his swinging neck breaker. Eddie used high knees to counter, and then kicked off the ropes to flip over Luther’s head and slam him down. Eddie took control, and began to show boat with some silly looking repeated elbows. He was two into his three amigos snap Suplexes when Luther threw him face forward into the mat. Eddie rolled out of the ring to recover, and noticed a security guard keeping the crowd back. He stole the security guard’s collapsible baton and hid it in his boot. Eddie brought a chair into the ring and he and Luther fought over it. When Luther pulled it away, he nearly hit Mark who was on the apron. Eddie drop kicked Luther, chair and all, into Jindrack. Eddie missed a frog splashed, but while the referee was checking on Jindrack Eddie pulled the baton from his boot and knocked Luther over the head with it. Eddie hit the frog splash and got the victory.

A replay of the cat fight between Dawn Marie and Jackie was shown. Dawn was interviewed backstage by Josh Mathews. Dawn said that when Charlie Haas needed something, he came to her not Jackie. Dawn said she would tell Jackie the truth of their relationship face to face. Dawn went to Jackie’s dressing room and found her shirtless. Jackie covered her breasts with her hands while Dawn extolled that she knew that Jackie was the one who proposed, because Charlie told her the night before.

Cruiserweight Championship Match: Spike “The Boss” Dudley with the Dudley Boyz versus Nunzio with John Stambolli.
Words cannot describe how small Spike looks. I would say I could take him, but history has shown I could not hurt the man. Nunzio was able to outwrestle Spike from the start, countering and tossing the champ about and out the ring before hitting him with a pescado. Nunzio went to the top rope (Which Tazz rightly said was out of character for the Italian shooter) while Bubba Ray distracted the referee, allowing Devon to push Nunzio off. Spike took control, constantly reapplying a full nelson between attacks, but could not get a pin and was still being countered by the mat technician Nunzio. This greatly frustrated the Dudleyz outside the ring. Spike would begin feeding Nunzio to the Dudleyz outside the ring whenever possible. Still Nunzio fought back. He Irish whipped the champion to the corner, where Spike tried to jump to the top rope. Nunzio was right upon him, wrapping his arm under Spike’s crotch and slamming him down to the canvas. Nunzio went on offense with Suplexes and flips, but the Dudleyz became involved. Nunzio and Johnny tried to fight off them, but it was three on two. Nunzio was pulled crotch first into the ring post and Spike got a cheap cover over the challenger.

A video showing the Undertaker winning his first WWE Championship from Hulk Hogan is shown. A video detailing the disintegration of the tag team of Paul London and Billy Kidman and the leading to their match is shown.

Billy Kidman versus Paul London
London ran right down to the ring, and immediately took the fight to Kidman with his spectacular offense. He tossed Kidman outside the ring, and used a running springboard moonsault from the second rope over the top rope to the outside onto Kidman. Kidman took control once back in the ring, racking the eyes of London and kicking him in the face. Kidman’s offense was ground based, but vicious. It was comprised of stiff kick after stiff kick to the gut of London, and then following them up with placing his knee in London’s back and pulling his arms in the wrong way. When London tried to run at Kidman, Kidman caught him up in a fireman’s carry and dropped his opponent into a gut buster. Billy was working over the ribs of London, tossing him up into the air and letting him fall front first to the mat. Kidman seemed to be showing off the suffering his was inflicting and the announcers openly wondered if Kidman thought this is the blood thirsty fans wanted. London began to fight back with spin kicks and an enziguri. Paul attempted a power bomb… but you can’t power bomb Kidman. Billy and Paul started to trade flying kicks and counters, until Kidman had London down on the mat after a dropkick. Billy went to the outside for the Shooting Star, but decided against it and moved to leave. At the count of nine Kidman returned to the ring and resumed the action with London. Paul hit a super kick to the chest of Kidman and went to the top. Instead of the four-fifty splash, however, London preformed an absolutely perfect shooting star press. It was much better than the one Kidman does mind you. Unfortunately for London, Kidman got his knees up into the face of Paul London. Billy decided to give the fans what they wanted, and hit a shooting star of his own, no where near was well done as Paul’s and was mostly knees to the gut of Paul and got the pin fall. After the match, Paul was bleeding from the mouth and the paramedics were strapping him to a backboard. Billy Kidman took the microphone and asked the fans if that was what they wanted to see and if they were happy they made him do that. Billy climbed to the top rope and gave Paul another shooting star (Equally bad, please stop using that move) while he was strapped to the board.

Another video was shown, this one of the Undertaker winning the title from Psycho Side at WrestleMania XIII. JBL was interviewed backstage. He said that this Pay-Per-View had been biased for the Undertaker. He wondered if the videos were fair and balanced, or if this was more Dan Rather liberal media lying. He was too afraid to guarantee a victory though. Instead he said his loss would be over his dead body.

WWE Tag Championship Match: Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree versus Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio Jr.
Before the match, Rene said something in French and Kenzo did his impression of New Jersey’s Bruce Springsteen. RVD and Rene started the match off with a series of missed maneuvers on the canvas, with each man nimbly dodging from the other. Rey and Kenzo were tagged in, with Rey dancing around Kenzo and striking inward suddenly. He and RVD hit tandem topes onto the heel team. RVD had been tagged in and gone to the top rope, but Rene tossed him off (Flying over the head of Kenzo’s Geisha) and to the outside. Kenzo went on offense on RVD, using his awful offense on Rob and preventing the tag to Rey Rey. When Rey got the tag he hit a flying head butt from the top and a tornado DDT onto Kenzo. He knocked Rene off the apron and then launched himself back into the ring, onto Kenzo in a seat senton. Rey set up a 619 but Dupree ran in to interfere, bringing Rob Van Dam back in to double team first Dupree and then Kenzo. Rey hit the 619 on Kenzo, and set up the West Coast Pop but Rene pulled him from the ropes. Kenzo pinned Mysterio, held on the ropes and got the very cheap victory to retain the title belts.

An advertisement for the Interactive Taboo Tuesday was shown. A video detailing the feud between Kurt Angle and The Big Show was shown.

Kurt Angle versus the Big Show
The stipulation for the match was that anyone who interfered would be fired. The Big Show looked bigger (Read: Fatter) than ever, and had an ugly sun burn on his back. Slow and methodical action to start, with the Big Show throwing Angle across the anytime he got close. Angle was hiding in the corner, but Big Show threw him into the corner and then guerrilla press slammed him down. Angle had enough, and Kurt began to walk away from the match. Angle ran back to the ring and than counted along with the referee, waiting for the loss. Teddy Long came to ringside and declared that if Kurt ran away he would never wrestle on Smackdown again. Of course Kurt returned to the ring, actually tripping over the steel steps in the process. The beating resumed, with the Big Show actually standing on Angle at one point. Kurt tried to grab a steel chair, but the Big Show punched it into Angle’s face. Kurt tried to jump onto the Big Show from the second rope, but was caught and slammed down. The Big Show called for the choke slam – but Kurt actually countered it into the Ankle lock! The Big Show was diagonally away from the ropes, and was in the hold over a minute before he finally kicked out. The official was bumped, and evil Kurt Angle went after the downed Giant. He beat the injured ankle with a steel chair and wrenched the leg around in a variety of holds. He even hung upside from the apron to further aggravate the leg of the Big Show before the referee awoke. Still Angle could not get the victory. Frustrated, he went beneath the ring and grabbed the tranquilizer gun. The Big Show popped up, seemingly enraged. He grabbed the gun and broke it over his knee. The Big Show gave Angle the choke slam and pinned him for the 1, 2…3.

A vignette for Carlito was shown. Kurt Angle was shown being helped to the back. A video detailing the feud and best of five series between Booker T and John Cena was shown.

US Championship Match: Booker T versus John Cena
Cena struck first, landing enough blows to knock Booker T backwards over the top rope to the outside. Booker quickly fought back, sending Cena over the top to the outside, and pounding John’s head into the ring steps before being reversed into them himself. Back in the ring, Cena ran gut first into a shoulder block and was hung up on the ropes. Booker chained that into a thrust kick for a two count. Cena would later roll Booker into a pinning combination, but the official wouldn’t until Booker’s shoulders were completely down. Booker would then take control after more back and forth action, but missed a kick and ended up with his crotch connecting with the top ropes. The crowd began to die as the wrestlers appeared to be taking turns. Cena would pump up, hitting a flying shoulder block and the five knuckle shuffle for a two-count. Cena tried to follow up with an F-U (AKA: The worst finisher in professional wrestling) when Booker countered into the Book-end. Cena kicked out, and Booker was frustrated. He went for a chair and the official started to argue with him over it. This gave Cena the required recovery time to dodge the scissor kick, hit the F-U and be declared the undisputed United States Champion.

My name is Eugene is this month’s WWE Fanatic episode on Pay-Per-View. A video showing the ridiculously cheap victory the Undertaker had over Stone Cold Steve Austin to win his third WWE Championship was shown.

The Dudley Boyz and Dawn Marie versus Charlie Haas and Rico and Jackie
Dawn wore a belly shirt which read “Charlie <3’s Dawn” Charlie seemed to have no idea about the altercation between his fiancé and Dawn earlier in the night. Charlie was back body dropped and Dawn was tagged in to nuzzle her hurt love. Charlie backed away, looking confused to say the least. Jackie tagged herself in and the two girls ripped off each others tops and beat on one another. Bubba tagged himself in and demanded Jackie give him a kiss, and closed his eyes. Rico came in and kissed Bubba, prompting Bubba to run away and gag audibly. Rico wrestled against Devon, and was in control until Bubba returned so Devon and he could double team him. Bubba called for the flying head butt to the crotch of Devon, but Devon would not do it to Rico. Jackie and Dawn got to roll around the floor one last time before Charlie delivered the flying axe handle, setting up the legal Rico to hit a moonsault and get the victory. After the match, Charlie separated the women and took Jackie away with him.

The Undertaker winning the WWE Title another time was shown on video. A vignette detailing the feud and eventual build up to the last ride match was shown.

Last Ride WWE Championship Match: The Undertaker versus JBL
The only way to win this match The Dead Man began the match pounding on JBL in the corner, before twisting his arm around and dropping the hammer after walking the top rope. The referee tried to keep the action from getting too violent, but this was a no-disqualification match and so the Undertaker simply scared him away. Very early on the Undertaker choke slammed JBL, and then hit him with the leg drop off the ring apron. Outside the ring, JBL had still offered very little as offense while the Undertaker was throwing the champion against the rails and ring steps. The challenger was removing the camera from the Spanish announce table when the Champion recovered, running the steps into ‘Taker’s head. Bradshaw was on offense now, beating the Dead man against the barricades outside the ring. JBL tried to put the Undertaker in the hearse, but he began to fight back. So JBL took him back to the ring, and hit a sloppy flying shoulder block from the top rope. The Undertaker reversed the momentum though, tying JBL up in a triangle choke while he fruitlessly tapped out. The Undertaker continued to beat the snot (Yes, I said snot) out of JBL. Bradshaw tried to pile drive the Undertaker onto the steps, but the Undertaker back body dropped him off and resumed his attack. The Undertaker set JBL for a tombstone, and drove Bradshaw’s head into the steel steps. Ouch. The champion was bleeding heavily as he was tossed besides the announcer booth, where he grabbed a chair and desperately smacked it into Mean Mark. The two men climbed atop the announce tables, and the Undertaker choke slammed JBL through the other table. The Undertaker carried JBL to the hearse, and Jon Heidenreich popped out. The lunatic pounced onto the Undertaker and covered his mouth with a chloroform soaked rag. The Undertaker was placed into the hearse and drove off. Inside the hearse, for some reason, a camera was inside the hearse to show the Undertaker wake up and jump out to attack Heidenreich. JBL recovered, and delivered the clothesline from hell and helped shove ‘Taker back in the hearse to be driven away. JBL told the fans never to bet against him, the greatest WWE champion of all time. Backstage, Paul Heyman drove the hearse to the parking lot, where Jon Heidenreich drove his car into it at high speed. Jon looked hurt from the crash, and he and Heyman ran off.

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