Copps Coliseum
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
September 27, 1998
Attendance: 17,405



Stone Cold Steve Austin (WWF Heavyweight Champion) vs. The Undertaker vs. Kane
If anyone interferes in the match, Steve Austin will be stripped of his belt

Kane pulled The Undertaker off. The Undertaker pulled Kane off. The Undertaker attacked Kane. Double Chokeslam. Austin looses to . . . both pinned him!?!? Howard Finkel announces: "Here is your winner, and new WWF Champion. . ." McMahon took the title and left in his limousine.



Southern Justice & Jeff Jarrett vs. The New Age Outlaws & X-Pac

Jeff Jarrett has the guitar and used it on X-Pac. Billy Gunn pinned one of Southern Justice. It appears that X-Pac got a splinter in his eye. He was carried back to the locker room by D-Generation X



D'Lo Brown vs. Gangrel

D'Lo won with the Lo Down after Mark Henry bearhugged Gangrel, then Gangrel spewed his red liquid into Mark's eyes


Vader vs. Bradshaw
One Fall to a Finish--No Disqualification

Bradshaw won after a neckbreaker



Val Venis vs. Dustin Runnels

Val Venis brings out Terri Runnels! Val Venis won with the Money Shot. Val kisses Terri in the ring and Dustin Runnels cries as he leaves.



Edge vs. Owen Hart

Someone who looks like Edge came out of the ring, and Owen Hart managed to get the pin while Edge was looking at him.



Darren Drozdov vs. Marvelous Mark Mero

Jacqueline kicked Drozdov with her heeled shoe and Mark Mero got the win



Too Much vs. Al Snow and Scorpio

Al Snow's team won with the Snow Plow after he accidentally hit Scorpio with his Head. He said it was the Head's fault and she apologized to Scorpio.



The Rock vs. Ken Shamrock vs. Mankind
Triple Threat Cage Match for the Number One Contendership

Double People's Elbow. Rock Bottom on Mankind. The Rock in an Ankle Lock Submission Hold. Mankind jumps off top of cage onto Shamrock but misses! The Rock pinned Shamrock after Mankind hit Ken with a chair as Mankind was climbing out of the ring.

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