Charlotte Coliseum
Charlotte, North Carolina
September 25, 1999


The WWF referees were on strike because of too many attacks and therefore scab referees were used. Earlier in the night on Heat, Jim Corderious crossed the picket line to referee some matches. Under each match, the referee's name is posted


Val Venis vs. Steve Blackman
Referee: Brooklyn Brawler

Val Venis comes out with a gym bag full of items. Val manages to get the win. Blackman then found Val's Kendo Stick and hit him with it. EMT's and security came out to help Val. Blackman wouldn't back up, so the head of security speared him.



Mark Henry (WWF European Champion) vs. D'Lo Brown
Referee: Tom Prichard

Before the match, Mark was interviewed. He said something secretly to Lillian and she slapped him. When he got to the ring, he said that he had a "brainurism" and couldn't wrestle. D'Lo came out anyway to fight him. D'Lo got the pin after the Lo Down. D'Lo is the new WWF European Champion!



Jeff Jarrett (WWF Intercontinental Champion) with Ms Kitty vs. Chyna
Referee Harvey Wimpleman

Chyna accidentally knocks out the referee. The Fabulous Moolah and Mae West come out and manage to Double Suplex Jarrett! But Jeff attacks them. Debra comes out, hits Kitty, and gets Jeff's guitar and uses it on the champ. Chyna crawls on top of Jeff and gets the pin. Head Scab Referee Tom Pritchard comes out and the two referees watch the video screen replay. Harvey reverses the decision. Jeff is still the Intercontinental Champion. Chyna then attacks Tom!



Dudley Boyz vs. Acolytes
Referee: Jim Corderious

The Acolytes won the match with Faarooq pinning D-Von after Stevie Richards Superkicked the Dudley. Richards had the UPN logo painted on his chest. The Acolytes then attacked Richards.



Luna vs. Ivory
Hardcore Match
Referee: Harvey Wimpleman

The match took place in the back. At one time Harvey counts when Luna pins Ivory against the wall. Tori comes out but is knocked out by Ivory. Ivory used a pole to hit Luna and get the pin to retain her title.



Edge & Christian vs. The New Age Outlaws (WWF Tag Team Champions)
Referee: Jim Corderious

During the match, the New Brood come out and Jeff dropkicked Edge. Billy Gunn then did the Fame-ass-er on him to retain the tag team titles.



Al Snow (WWF Hardcore Champion) vs. The Big Bossman
Kennel From Hell Match
Referee: Harvey Wimpleman

The ring has a cage on it and that is surrounded by the Hell in the Cell. Between the steel are a few vicious attack dogs. Both men end up lacerated. The Bossman handcuffs the champ to the turnbuckle, but he breaks free. Meanwhile the Bossman was cutting a hole in the roof. Al gets Head and uses her on the Bossman. He climbs on the Cell and kicks open the door to exit before the Bossman could have climbed out of the ceiling. Al Snow remains the Hardcore Champion.



Chris Jericho with Curtis Hughes vs. X-Pac
Referee: Tom Prichard

Curtis Hughes hits the referee and then he gets X-Pac. The Road Dogg comes out to make the save. X-Pac won this match by disqualification.



The Big Show vs. The British Bulldog vs. Kane vs. Mankind vs. the Rock vs. Triple H
Six-Pack Challenge for the WWF Championship
Referee: Jim Corderious; Enforcer: Stone Cold Steve Austin

The match started out with the Bulldog and the Rock in the ring, with any person tagging in anyone. During the match, the rest of the WWF referees came out. They pull out Corderious as he is counting. Steve Austin, who was doing commentary, knocks out the referees! The Bulldog uses a chair on the Rock and Steve Austin uses a chair on the Bulldog. Triple H Pedigrees the Rock and gets the pin with Austin counting. Triple H is the new WWF Champion.

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