First Union Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

September 24, 2000

The Dudley Boys & The APA vs. The Right To Censor

Steven Richards comes in the ring and hits Buh Buh with a Steviekick.  Val Venis pins Buh Buh for the win.  After the match the Dudleys & APA Attack the winners then put Steven through a table.

Jerry Lawler vs. Tazz
Leather Strap Match

Lawler gives Tazz three Piledrivers. The referee gets knocked out while Lawler tries to drag Tazz to the fourth corner.  Lawler is about to make it when Raven comes in and gives Lawler an Evenflow DDT. Tazz puts Lawler in the Tazzmission and gets him to submit.

Al Snow vs. Crash vs. Test vs. Saturn vs. Funaki vs. Steve Blackman (WWF Hardcore Champion)
10 Minute Hardcore Invitational

6:05 Crash pins Blackman.  5:58 Saturn pins Crash after he got hit with a trash can. 1:00 Blackman pins Saturn.  Steve Blackman Leaves with the Hardcore Title.

X-Pac vs. Chris Jericho

X-Pac hits Chris with a X-Factor, but only gets a 2 count. Later X-Pac uses nunchucks.  Jericho then uses the Walls of Jericho and X-Pac taps out.

Edge & Christian (WWF Tag Team Champions)  vs.  The Hardy Boyz
Steel Cage Match

Jeff goes for a jump from the top of the cage but Edge knocks him off and on the floor.  Matt is then suplexed from the top of the cage.  Jeff unlocks the cage door.  Matt ends up bleeding.  Jeff throws the ladder at Christian and knocks him off the cage and on the floor. Jeff climbs up the cage and hits Edge with a Corkscrew Moonsault.  Christian tries to enter from the ladder but Lita stops him with a Hurricanrana.  The Hardyz hit Edge with a double chair shot and they leave the ring to become the new WWF Tag Team Champions.

Eddie Guerrero (Intercontinental Champion) with Chyna vs. Rikishi

Eddie tries to leave the ring but Chyna throws him back in.  Chyna interrupts the count when Rikishi was pinning the champion.  Rikishi then attacks Chyna and gets disqualified.

Kurt Angle vs. Triple H with Stephanie
Referee: Mick Foley.  No Disqualifications  

The match quickly ends up on the outside as both men dismantle the commentator's tables.  Triple H goes for a Pedigree on the English table, but Kurt reverses it into a Belly to Belly Suplex on the Spanish table!!! Triple H hits Angle with the Pedigree.  Stephanie comes in and kicks Kurt in groin.  Another Pedigree from Triple H for the win.

Who Hit Steve Austin? ? ?
Shane McMahon comes out and says he has his video footage of Steve Blackman hitting Ken Shamrock with a car and says it was Blackman who hit Stone Cold.  Stone Cold comes out and so does Blackman. Stone Cold hits Blackman with a Stunner.  Shane and Stone Cold then drink beers and then Stone Cold hits Shane with two Stunners.

The Undertaker vs. Kane vs. Chris Benoit vs. The Rock (WWF Heavyweight Champion)

The referee is knocked out during the match.  The Undertaker gets knocked out by Benoit and Benoit pins him. Chris Benoit is the new WWF champion! Commissioner Foley then interrupts his celebration and restarts the match, as the Undertaker's leg was on the ropes.  All the men do their finishers to each other, but the pins are interrupted.  The Rock hits the Rock Bottom and pins Benoit as The Undertaker tried to stop the pin as Kane stopped him.

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