Rose Garden
Portland, Oregon

September 12, 2004


Chris Benoit & William Regal vs. Batista & Ric Flair

The show kicks off with it’s usual montage of highlights leading up into the PPV. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler introduce the show and the Spanish Announcers. Evolution’s music hits as Ric Flair and Batista make their way to the ring to face William Regal and Chris Benoit. Batista is sporting some new Yellow trunks as he and Benoit tie it up and Benoit tries a quick Crossface, but Batista gets the lower rope. Batista and Benoit lock hands again in the middle of the ring and Batista gives Benoit a low knee. Batista then takes Benoit into the corner. Regal gets a tag and works over Batista before tagging in Benoit once again. Batista finally gains the advantage and gets a tag to Ric Flair who meets Benoit with some knife edge chops, which Benoit quick returns. Flair’s chest is beaten red before he is elevate with a back body drop and then worked into the corner or Regal and Benoit. Regal gets the tag and picks Flair up off the canvas before pushing him into the corner where he gets a thumb to the eye and a chop block and then begins to work over Regal. Batista gets the tag where he continues to work on Regal. Regal is finally able to get a front face lock and push Batista into the corner where he gets a tag to Benoit. Benoit hints at a sharpshooter, but Batista is able to fight out of it and lays an elbow into Benoit. Benoit gets a quick tag to Regal before he is taken right into the corner of Flair and Batista and Flair comes in with his chops and a little strutting. Flair takes Regal to the mat. Flair hooks on a figure four in the middle of the ring on Regal. Benoit comes in and breaks up the hold and Batista gets a tag where he continues to work on Regal. He gets a suplex and goes for a cover, but Regal is able to kick out. Regal and Batista collide as both go their respective corners and both get a tag. Benoit comes in on the hot tag and clears the ring of Flair. Batista rolls out as well as Regal and Flair and Benoit go at it. Benoit is working over Flair with and hits the crossface. Batista then rolls back in the ring and hits a huge Powerbomb and spinebuster. Regal is able to draw Batista to the outside where he tosses Batista over the barricade. Flair then hooks on the figure four in the middle of the ring.  Benoit reverses the figure four in the middle of the ring and hooks on a crippler crossface where Ric Flair finally taps out!

Winners: Chris Benoit & William Regal

Trish Stratus vs. Victoria

Backstage we see Tyson Tomko, Christian, & Trish Stratus, where Christian and Trish fight over who Tyson should come with down to the ring. Finally Trish encourages Tyson to come down to the ring with her in her match and Christian looks upset. Next up is the Women’s Title Match as Victoria comes out with a mission and presses Trish above her head and drops her to the ring. She then tosses Trish to the outside of the ring. As Victoria goes up to the top rope, Tomko picks Trish up and moves her where Victoria jumps down and begins to whale away on Trish. Trish finally gets the advantage as they roll back in the ring and she completely takes apart Victoria with several mat moves. She goes for a cover but Victoria is able to kick out. Trish is becoming frustrated as she cannot keep Victoria grounded. Victoria all but has the match won with a beautiful sidewalk slam. Victoria then goes over the top rope and leaps onto Tomko, where he catches her and tosses her back into the ring and she is quickly met with a running bulldog from Trish Stratus. After the match, the mystery woman comes out to the ring and DDT’s Tomko as he is about ready to attack Victoria.

Winner: Trish Stratus

Next we have an impromptu match when Tyson Tomko calls out the “mystery woman” only to reveal that it is Steven Richards. Tomko begins to strip off all of the clothes on Steven Richards and Steven Richards is left wearing a pair of woman’s panties, or so it seems. You can see for yourself below. Tomko continues to wear down Richards as the crowd begins to chant “boring".

As the match continues the crowd gets extremely quiet, but Richards hooks on a claw right into Tomko’s “nuts", but Tomko quickly picks him up and hits a swinging neckbreaker and then gets the 3 count.

Winner: Tyson Tomko


Chris Jericho vs. Christian (Ladder Match)

Next up is the ladder match between Chris Jericho and Christian as both men make their way to the ring. The title is hanging over the middle of the ring. Jericho immediately takes the advantage with some stiff chops too Christian, who then returns a few right hands. Christian then gets Jericho the mat where he uses the ropes to choke him. Jericho gets control again and rolls Christian to the outside, but he is tossed over the barricade. Christian grabs a ladder and so does Jericho. Both men trying to use them to their advantage. Jericho runs at Christian with one of them, who then ducks and the ladder hits the ring post. Christian hits a running enziguri on the outside and takes Jericho down, where he gets a ladder and brings it into the ring. Christian sets up the ladder in the ring and is almost to the belt when Jericho is able to grab his feet. Christian kicks him down and then takes another ladder and sets it up in the corner. He picks Jericho up and begins to toss him into the ladder, but Jericho reverses and Christian is laid out. Jericho then drops the ladder on Christian. Christian gets a foot up this time and does the same exact thing to Jericho, sending him into the corner face first into the ladder.  Christian now goes and sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring, but it is very unstable, so he backs Jericho into the corner with a ladder in front of him but it works against him as he comes into the corner as it is tossed right into his face. Chris Jericho takes a ladder from the outside and rides it over the top rope where he smashes Christian into the mat. Both men are down as it appears that Jericho may have hurt his leg on that last move. Christian is the first up and he hooks Jericho's leg into the corner where it is hung up on the ladder and he sets up another ladder in the middle of the ring as he goes for the belt. Jericho is finally able to get unhooked from the ladder in the corner and knocks the ladder over and Christian is laid out. Jericho then drives Christian’s face into the ladder. Christian is able to again regain strength and tosses Jericho off the ladder and then sets it up himself. Jericho is trying to chase him up the ladder but Christian grabs onto the harness holding the belt. Christian is dangling as Jericho grabs a ladder and nails him and he falls straight to the mat. Y2J chants start up! Crazy action, Jericho goes for the belt and Christian pushes the ladder over the top rope and then Jericho hits the steel step on the outside. Christian now goes up top, where Jericho fights to catch him and he hooks on a reverse Walls of Jericho on the top of the ladder. Christian falls down and Jericho tries to grab the belt, but Christian knocks the ladder out from under him and both men our down and out. Now both men have a ladder as they both try to go up after the Ladder and then both men take a tumble back down to the mat. Jericho sets up another ladder and climbs it and reaches for the belt. He is trying to undo it before Christian gets to him and he does! The NEW IC Champion is Chris Jericho.

Winner: Chris Jericho


Kane vs. Shawn Michaels

Michaels & Kane are up next as they show the highlights leading up into this match. Michaels makes his way to the ring, looking good as ever, IMHO. The crowd gives Michaels a big applause as he works the ring. Kane is out next and we are ready to get underway. The two men square off and Michaels moves back a bit. They continue to eye one another as the crowd begins to chant “Michaels". Kane charges in and forces Michaels into the corner with some big right hands, but he fights back with a few right’s of his own. Michaels goes after Kane and nails him with several rights and down to the mat in the corner. Kane rolls out of the ring and then back in as he gains the upper advantage on Michaels. Michaels is able to reverse and hits a flying splash over the top rope onto Kane. Lita begins to cheer for Michaels. Kane is able to get up and uses the announce table to his advantage as he lays Michaels out on it and now he is going to suplex Michaels through the table and the thing just falls apart. Remember, this is now a NO DQ match, so anything goes in this match. Kane is now in complete control as he just works over Michaels with several sidewalk slams and a few pin attempts. Kane now has a headlock locked in the middle of the ring as Michaels tries to fight his way back up. Michaels is able to roll out of a pinfall and hit a right hand, before another choke hold is applied and then a slam. Michaels finally gets some offense, when he hits a DDT and then a flying forearm. He finally is able to take Kane off his feet as both men are now down. Both men are down and the ref is not counting because this is a No DQ match. Kane rises up and as he goes over to Michaels, Michaels pops up and nails Kane. They exchange blows before Michaels is taken to the outside by Kane and then face first into the steel steps. Michaels is now busted open badly. Michaels is rolled back in the ring and bleeding very badly. He dodges a chair shot from Kane and hits him with a few rights and now has some sort of momentum. He takes Kane down but Michaels is hurt and bleeding badly. Great images of Michaels bloody. Michaels starts to chime up the band as he is gonna deliver the Sweet Chin Music, but Kane blocks it and sets up the Chokeslam from Hell. Michaels hits a low blow and both men are down. Kane goes for a chair shot, but Lita jumps up on the apron and grabs the chair. As Kane and Lita argue, Michaels is able to pull himself up. He goes for the Sweet Chin Music, but Kane dodges and hooks on the Chokeslam. Michaels ducks out of it and nails a Sweet Chin Music and gets a 3 count.

Winner: Michaels


Tajiri & Rhyno vs. La Resistance

Up next is La Resistance taking on Tajiri and Rhyno as both Tajiri and Rhyno charge out to the ring and clear out La Resistance. Tajiri and Sylvain tie it up in the middle of the ring as they exchange moves on one another. Both men displaying their wrestling ability in this match. Tajiri then hits some nice armdrags and takes the upper advantage. Conway gets the tag in and Tajiri does an armdrag takedown on him as well and then tags in Rhyno where he pounds away on Conway. La Resistance gets the advantage and take Rhyno down to the mat and work on his arm. He is able to get the tag to Tajiri as Conway hammers on him in the middle of the ring. Conway goes for a cover, but Tajiri is able to kick out and he then hits vertical suplex and we have another near fall. Tajiri and Sylvain tie it up in the ring and Tajiri hits a huge thrust kick to the jaw of Sylvain. Tajiri gets the tag to Rhyno as Rhyno comes in and takes out both members of La Resistance. Rhyno hits a belly to belly and almost gets a 3 count of Sylvain. Then he follows up with a spinebuster and Rob Conway breaks up the count.  Rhyno hits a gore, but Sylvain hooks Conway’s leg on the ropes and the ref breaks up the count. Rhyno is then nailed with the flag pole and that’s it! La Resistance gets the 3 count on Rhyno and they remain the tag champions.

Winners: La Resistance


Randy Orton vs. Triple H

Both men make their way to the ring as Orton holds up the belt for all the fans and Triple H just gives him a dead stare. Earl Hebner is the official for this match. Both men continue to stare at one another. The tie up in the corner, but Hebner brings them apart. Triple H then shoves Orton, who slaps Triple H and both men continue to stare at one another. Triple H hits a sidelock which Orton counters and then Orton smacks Triple H right in the face one more time. Randy Orton then spits on Triple H and then hits him with some right hands and then into the corner with some kicks with a hard Irish whip and uppercut forearm with a snapmare takeover. Orton has all the offense thus far. Quick pin cover by Orton. Randy Orton sends Triple H to the outside and follows him out there with a few more blows. He then rolls him into the ring and continues to work on him, before Triple H gets a shot to Orton’s knee. Triple H then brings Randy Orton to the steel post but Orton counters and sends Triple H to the canvas outside the ring. Triple H now has the advantage as he begins to work over Randy Orton’s leg. Triple H plants a knee into Orton’s leg and then pulls him into the middle of the ring where he falls over the knee with an elbow and hooks on an ankle lock. Triple H now has Orton grounded. Triple H now hooks on the figure four in the middle of the ring as he is basically taking Orton to school. Orton is struggling to get out of the figure four but has refused to tap out up to this point. Orton is trying to roll Triple H over and is unable to do it and as the referee checks on Orton, Triple H grabs the rope for an unfair advantage. Orton still trying to fight out of the figure four.  The referee finally sees Triple H holding the ropes and breaks off the hold. Orton gets up and counters Triple H sending his head into the steel ring post and Triple H is busted open badly. Triple H already has blood caked on his face which you can see. Randy Orton is now trying to open up the cut even more on Triple H’s forehead as blood is streaming down his face. Triple H then hits a thumb to the eye, but Orton then hits a dropkick and a quick cover, but both men lay on the mat as they are out of energy. Both men exchange counter moves, before Orton pulls himself up and is going to the top rope. Orton hits the cross body off the top rope but Triple H is able to kick out at 2. Orton gets back to his feet and clothesline’s Triple H over to the outside. Orton goes to the outside with a strong limp in his step but gets over to Triple H trying to open up the bloody forehead of Triple H. Orton then takes Triple H’s head into the steel steps. The referee is knocked down and out and Randy Orton hits an RKO, but there is no ref. Flair and Batista are now down to the ring, but no ref. Orton tries to fight both of them, but a low blow ends that. Triple H rolls over onto Orton as the Coach runs down with a referee shirt and makes a 2 count. Orton gets up and knocks out Coach, but Batista comes in and hits a huge spinebuster on Orton as Coach makes another count, but Orton once again kicks out. Chaos breaks out as in one motion Orton counters the Pedigree and then hits the RKO on the coach. He then hits one on Batista and nails Flair. While all of this happens, Triple H nails Orton with a steel chair. Triple H then gets up and hits Orton with a Pedigree with a steel chair. Batista rolls in the referee and he counts the three, we have a new champion!

Winner: Triple H

Theme Song: "Survival of the Sickest" by Saliva - Buy from Survival of the Sickest

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