Ford Center
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

September 18, 2005


WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Carlito (c) vs. Ric Flair

The bell rings and here we go. Flair moves around the ring, gets close to Carlito, backs off and struts followed by some "WOOOOOOO's." Flair then quickly takes down Carlito with a side headlock takeover. Carlito powers back up, but Flair takes him down yet again with another side headlock takeover. Carlito breaks it up and then stares down Flair. Both lock up, Flair gets behind with a hammerlock and Carlito grabs the ropes to break it up. Both lock up, Carlito gets a headlock followed by a hard shoulder block off the ropes. Carlito then mocks Flair with a strut of his own. Both lock up again, Flair applies another hammerlock and Carlito grabs the corner quickly. Flair shoves Carlito then lets out a "WOOOOOOO." Flair hits a quick shoulder block and backs Carlito into the corner. Carlito fights back with an elbow and a stiff right hand. Flair then comes back with a huge chest chop, goes for the figure four and Carlito slides out. Lawler said getting chopped like that is like getting struck by lightning. Carlito gets back in the ring, they lock up and Carlito backs Flair into the corner. Carlito gets in a few elbows and right hands in the corner on Flair. Flair fights back with a thumb to the eye and a few chops and right hands. Carlito fights back with a big clothesline.

Carlito gets some right hands on Flair in the corner, but Flair brings him down in an inverted atomic drop followed by another big chop. Flair goes for the figure four, but Carlito kicks him through the ropes to the outside. Carlito goes to the outside and throws Flair shoulder first into the ring post. Carlito rolls in to break the count, comes back out and launches Flair into the steel steps. Carlito breaks the count yet again and throws Flair back in the ring. Carlito covers, but only gets a two count. Carlito kicks Flair a few times on the ground and then applies an armbar lock. Flair fights back getting on his feet, adding in a few chops on Carlito. Carlito then pulls down Flair by his hair and nails him with some stiff rights. The referee breaks it up and Carlito goes back hitting a few more hard rights. A "LETS GO FLAIR" chant starts up as Carlito punches Flair in the corner. Carlito gets in a big high back body drop on Flair, covers, but only gets a two count. Carlito hits a quick armbar takedown, covers Flair, but gets another two count yet again. Carlito nails Flair with a knee to the gut as Flair attempts a comeback. Flair uses the top rope for leverage throwing Carlito down. Flair gets in a few hard chops and then struts.

Flair takes down Carlito a few more times with some chops. Flair goes up to the top, Carlito gets up, grabs Flair, Flair gets in a right hand and then comes off the top with success taking out Carlito! Flair holds up his arms in celebration that he was able to come off the top for the first time. Flair goes up to the top a second time, jumps and Carlito nails him with a big dropkick as he comes down. Carlito covers Flair, but gets another two count. Carlito leaves the ring, grabs an apple from ringside, comes back in, takes a bite, but Flair gets up and punches Carlito. Carlito grabs his throat like he is choking. Flair then applies the figure four and Carlito quickly taps! The crowd goes nuts in Oklahoma City!

Winner & NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion: Ric Flair


WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus & Ashley vs. Victoria & Torrie Wilson w/ Candice
Before the match can start, Torrie Wilson slaps Trish Stratus a few times. The bell rings and it starts with Trish and Torrie. Torrie then backs up and tags in Victoria. Both lock up and Victoria quickly takes down Trish. Victoria applies a full-body choke on Trish, flips back, but Trish works on her arm. Victoria counters working on Trish's arm. Trish then hits a head scissors takedown on Victoria followed by a Lou Thesz press. Trish attempts to hit Torrie off the ring apron, but Torrie still stays on. Trish gets in a few chops on Victoria and then tags in Ashley. Ashley gets in a clothesline on Victoria followed by a dropkick to the chest. Ashley covers, but Torrie throws her out of the ring. Candice chokes Ashley on the outside and then throws her back in. Victoria flips in from the ring apron hitting a legdrop on Ashley.

Victoria applies a headlock on Ashley, Ashley tries to fight back, but Victoria throws her back down. Torrie gets the tag and she kicks Ashley a few times on the mat. Torrie throws Ashley down on the mat face first two times. Victoria gets the tag again and she stops Ashley from tagging in Trish. Victoria hits a big knee to Ashley's face. Ashley crawls to tag in Trish, but Victoria prevents it again. Victoria picks up Ashley and Ashley pushes Victoria into the corner, allowing Trish to get the tag. The referee doesn't see it so he stops it from taking place. Victoria hits a snap suplex on Ashley, goes up to the top turnbuckle, but Ashley trips her up. Trish gets the tag, flips up and hits a hurricanrana on Victoria. Trish punches Torrie off the ring apron, but Victoria kicks Trish in the gut, puts her on her shoulders, but Trish counters into a head scissors. Trish hits a double clothesline on Victoria and Torrie. Trish hits a big spinebuster on Victoria, covers, but Candice distracts the referee. Trish throws her out and Ashley nails Candice off the ring apron. Trish uses Victoria to hit a head scissors on Torrie followed by a Chick Kick on Victoria. Trish covers and gets the pinfall.

Winners: WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus & Ashley


Big Show vs. Gene Snitsky
The match starts with both brawling right away as the bell rings. Big Show launches Snitsky towards the corner. Snitsky gets up and Big Show hits a big chop to his chest. Big Show launches Snitsky again towards the opposite corner and follows it up with a big headbutt. Snitsky comes back with some punches to the gut, but Big Show takes down Snitsky and then chokes him with his boot. Snitsky leaves the ring and starts heading up the ramp with Big Show cuts him off with a punch to the back. Big Show throws Snitsky back in the ring, picks him up and nails him face first off the corner. Big Show quiets the crowd and then chops Snitsky with huge impact. JR said that could stop someone's heart. Big Show looks to do it one more time when Snitsky rolls out. Big Show follows and Snitsky gets in a kick to the gut. Big Show charges, but Snitsky moves and Big Show hits the ring post shoulder post. Snitsky pulls Big Show by the arm one more time into the ring post. Big Show rolls back in holding his shoulder when Snitsky applies an armbar submission. Big Show fights out of it rolling towards the corner and flipping Snitsky. Big Show attempts a Chokeslam, but Snitsky breaks it up.

Snitsky nails Big Show in the knee when he charges at him. Snitsky then comes from behind Big Show and hits a huge back suplex! Snitsky covers Big Show...1...2...kick out. Big Show fights back with some chops. Snitsky comes off the ropes and hits a shoulder charge. Big Show stays up. Snitsky goes off the ropes and finally takes down Big Show with a big boot. Snitsky covers, but only gets a two count. Snitsky again applies a submission on Big Show's right arm that was slammed against the ring post earlier. Big Show fights back with some quick chops. As Snitsky comes off the ropes, Big Show executes a big spinebuster. Both men are down as the referee starts the count. The referee gets to 6 and Big Show flips up using the ropes! Big Show hits a big charge on Snitsky in the corner and follows it up with a quick clothesline. Big Show signals for the Chokeslam. Snitsky gets up, Big Show slaps his arm around his neck, lifts him up high and comes down with a big Chokeslam. Big Show covers...1...2...3.

Winner: Big Show


Shelton Benjamin vs. Kerwin White
The match starts with Kerwin White trying to get in the ring from the ring apron, but Benjamin slides under him and trips him up. Benjamin throws White into the ring barricade and then throws him back in the ring as the bell rings to officially start the match. Benjamin takes off Kerwin's polo shirt and hits an elbow to the face. Benjamin buries his knee into White's gut and follows that up with some stiff right hands. Benjamin hits a scoop slam on White followed by a running clothesline. White comes back with a dropkick to Benjamin's knee followed by some kicks on the mat. Benjamin then lifts White up in the air and White comes down hard. Benjamin covers, but only gets a two count. Benjamin misses a charge on White in the corner and White charges, taking out Benjamin by his knee. White kicks Benjamin a few times on the mat, picks him up and hits a quick uppercut. White drops Benjamin on his knee, attempts it a second time, Benjamin counters, but White gets in a knee submission over his neck. They throw it to the Spanish Announce Team for a bit and White hits a huge spinning head scissors on Benjamin.

White covers Benjamin, but only gets a two count. The crowd chants "CHAVO SUCKS" and Lawler said they are behind here in Oklahoma City. White hits a monkey flip on Benjamin, but Benjamin lands on his feet. Benjamin then hits a quick Samoa drop on White. White fights back with a kick to Benjamin's injured knee. Benjamin fights back with some right hands, sends White into the ropes and takes him out with a clothesline. Benjamin hits an elbow to the face followed by an inverted backbreaker. Benjamin covers, but only gets a two count. Benjamin hits a big high back body drop on White followed by a quick high back suplex. Benjamin goes up to the top turnbuckle, but White trips him up. White comes up to the top with Benjamin, hooks the arm and hits a big Superplex! White crawls over to Benjamin, covers...1...2...kick out. White comes back with a drop toe hold on Benjamin and then applies a half Boston crab. Benjamin tries to fight out of it reaching for the ropes. White pulls Benjamin back out to the middle of the ring when he gets close to the bottom rope. Benjamin refuses to tap out when the referee checks on him. Benjamin then counters, catapulting White into the corner. White then grabs his golf club that was hidden in the steel steps. White goes to use it when Benjamin throws White up in the air, catches him and hits the T-Bone Suplex. Benjamin covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin


Steel Cage Match
Matt Hardy vs. Edge w/ Lita

The bell rings and both lock up. They move around the ring and both exchange stiff right hands. Edge blocks some attempts by Hardy to nail him face first into the cage and he gets in a stiff right hand to Hardy. Hardy comes back with a stiff right hand to Edge's face followed by another. Hardy sends Edge into the corner. Edge jumps up on the corner and climbs up, getting to the top. Hardy jumps up and grabs Edge. Both brawl on the top rope and Hardy headbutt Edge. Edge falls down from the headbutt and Hardy comes down nailing Edge with a sledgehammer. Edge gets the cage door open and starts to crawl out when Hardy grabs him. Edge hits a back suplex on Hardy who has him in a headlock. Hardy keeps the headlock on despite the back suplex. Hardy takes out Edge with a shoulder block and applies another headlock. Hardy takes down Edge and Edge rakes the face of Hardy. Edge gets in some hard rights hands to Hardy followed by a stiff kick to the gut. Edge climbs up the opposite turnbuckle, but Hardy pulls him down and hits a clothesline off the ropes. Hardy covers, but only gets a two count. Hardy nails Edge off the corner and then gets in a few right hands.

Hardy gets up on the turnbuckle, jumps and takes out Edge with a flying clothesline. Hardy attempts the Twist of Fate, but Edge counters and sends Hardy face first into the cage. Hardy bounces off and Edge hits an inverted DDT for a two count. Edge climbs up the cage again, gets the top, starts to turn when Hardy gets up and grabs him. Hardy gets to the top and pulls Edge down to the turnbuckle. Hardy grabs Edge and tries to launch him off the top. Edge counters it and slams Hardy's head against the top of the cage. Hardy falls down to the mat, Edge jumps and misses part of a dropkick to the head. Hardy has a dazed look on his face as Edge grabs him and connects with some forearms to the back of the neck. Edge hits a quick back suplex on Hardy, picks up Hardy again and hits yet another back suplex. Edge gets in a few more hard rights as Hardy attempts to recover. Edge drops an elbow on Hardy and then applies a neck submission. Hardy tries to get on his feet using the ropes, but Edge slams him against the corner a few times. Edge charges at Hardy in the corner as the fans boo loudly.

Edge grabs Hardy and hits a big DDT on the mat. Edge rolls over Hardy, hooks the leg, but only gets a two count. Edge grabs Hardy, gets him up in the Powerbomb position and launches him back first into the side of the cage! As Hardy came down, the back of his head caught part of the cage and ropes as well. Hardy lifts up Edge again and Powerbombs him into the corner with force! Edge taunts at Hardy as he gets in some stiff shots to the back of the head. As Hardy gets on his feet near the corner, Edge charges and hits a big boot to the side of his head. Edge backs up and does this a second time in the corner. Edge props Hardy up on the turnbuckle. Hardy tries to climb out, Edge grabs him and Powerbombs him with force off the top turnbuckle! Both men are down, the referee starts the count, Edge gets life at 7, covers Hardy...1...2...Hardy kicks out. The fans in Oklahoma City chant "HARDY" loudly. Edge signals for the door to open. Hardy grabs Edge by the ankle to stop him. As Edge picks up Hardy, Hardy bite his fingers. Hardy then drops Edge face first off the turnbuckle. Edge then charges at Hardy and Hardy sends him into the corner. Hardy hits Edge with a big takedown, covers, but gets a close two count. Lita calls for the cage door to open as Edge crawls over. Hardy grabs Edge and stops him. Edge grabs his briefcase, but is unable to use it on Hardy as Hardy gets in some stiff right hands.

Edge then gets tied up in the ropes as Hardy explodes on him. Hardy then catapults Edge face first into the cage. Hardy then hits a running bulldog on Edge right on the briefcase. Hardy throws Edge face first into all areas of the cage. Lita starts climbing up the cage when Hardy hits the cage to make her fall off. Edge is now heavily busted open at this point after taking the shots to the side of the cage. As Edge looks dazed, Hardy nails him with some stiff shots to the head with his boot. Hardy grabs the briefcase, climbs up to the top rope, Edge shoves the referee into the ropes and Hardy gets tripped up. Hardy falls to the ring apron area against the cage. Edge then charges and hits a big spear on Hardy! Edge starts climbing up to the top near the top of the cage. Hardy then crawls over and jumps up with Edge. Hardy then hooks Edge and hits a big takedown off the top to the mat below! On the outside, Lita grabs a steel chair and tries to throw it in the ring. Hardy covers Edge...1...2...Lita nails Hardy breaking up the pinfall. Lita distracts Hardy and Edge starts to crawl out. Hardy grabs Edge and throws him into a corner. Lita tries to hit Hardy with the briefcase, but Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on her. Edge then hits a big spear on Hardy. Edge covers...1...2...Hardy kicks out! A bloody Edge crawls over to the corner and climbs up to the top as the crowd chants "HARDY." Hardy climbs up with, nails Edge off the cage a few times and Edge falls to the mat. Hardy gets to the very top of the cage, looks to go out, looks down at Edge, jumps and hits a huge leg drop from the top! Hardy covers Edge...1...2...3.

Winner: Matt Hardy


World Tag Team Championship Match
The Hurricane & Rosey (c's) vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

Before the match, a promo with Cade & Murdoch airs about how they beat the tag team champs in their debut match on RAW and how the titles were coming home tonight. The bell rings and we start with The Hurricane and Lance Cade for their respective teams. Both lock up and Cade takes out Hurricane with some stiff right hands and forearms. Cade gives Hurricane a scoop slam, misses an elbow drop and Hurricane fights back with a pose that scares off Cade. Hurricane arm drags both Cade and Murdoch when he comes in. Hurricane takes out Murdoch with a head scissors takedown. Murdoch shows his frustration on the outside of the ring and Cade calms him down. Cade gets back in and Hurricane applies a headlock. Cade takes out Hurricane with a shoulder block and tags in Murdoch. Hurricane gets in an elbow followed by a dropkick off the top on Murdoch for a two count. Hurricane throws Murdoch into the corner, tags in Rosey, Hurricane hits a drop toe hold and Rosey follows it up with a splash for a two count. Murdoch hits a headbutt on Rosey, but gets dazed from doing so. Rosey fights back with a headbutt of his own.

Rosey hits a big charge on Murdoch in the corner. Murdoch crawls over and tags in Cade. Cade hits a few elbow drops on Rosey, hooks the leg, but only gets a two count. On the outside, Murdoch leaves his ring post and tries to get Lillian Garcia to give him a kiss. Hurricane runs to the area and knocks out Murdoch. Hurricane checks on Lillian and then charges at Murdoch sliding through the ring to the other side. Murdoch grabs Hurricane who is partially in the ring and then DDT's him from the ring to the outside face first! Back in the ring, Rosey checks on Hurricane and then gives Cade a big high back body drop. Rosey hits a running clothesline on Cade followed by another clothesline on Murdoch on the ring apron. Rosey misses a charge on Cade when Murdoch pulls Cade out of the way. Murdoch gets the tag, runs in, covers Rosey, but only gets a two count. Murdoch drops an elbow, covers, but gets yet another two count. Murdoch hits a leg drop, covers again and gets a two count. Some trainers come to ringside and check on Hurricane. Rosey gets tossed to the outside and Cade jumps out throwing him into the side of the ring.

Trainers then take The Hurricane to the back as Rosey tries to fight off Cade and Murdoch in the ring. Cade gets in a neckbreaker on Rosey and tags in Murdoch. Both Cade and Murdoch attempt a double team on Rosey, but Rosey fights back with a double clothesline. Hurricane sees the TitanTron and wants to head back to the ring to helps his partner. Hurricane tags himself in and he nails Cade and Murdoch with some elbow shots. A dazed Hurricane then gets nailed with a huge clothesline shot from Murdoch. Murdoch then covers Hurricane...1...2...3.

Winners & NEW World Tag Team Champions: Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch


Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Masters
The match starts with Masters taking out HBK right away attempting the Masterlock. The bell officially rings and HBK gets in a boot to Masters from the mat. HBK gets in a few chops and then gets launched into the corner by Masters. HBK gets in a stiff kick to the face on Masters and then clotheslines him over the top rope to the outside. HBK uses the ropes to launch himself over to hit a cross-body on Masters on the outside. HBK chops Masters and then launches him into the steel steps with force. HBK rolls back in to break the count, comes back out and chops Masters again. HBK then grabs a steel chair and tries to use it when the referee takes it out of his hands. This allowed Masters to get in a cheap shot on HBK against the ring barricade. HBK gets in a chop on Masters, but Masters gets HBK in a Powerbomb position. Masters slams HBK two times against the ring post and then throws him back down to the mat. Masters rolls in the ring as the referee starts the count. HBK gets back in the ring and Masters hits a few stiff forearms to his back. Masters then drives his knee into the back of HBK followed by a leg drop. Masters hooks the leg, but only gets a two count.

Masters gets in a vertical suplex on HBK, covers again, but only gets a two count. Masters throws HBK into the ropes and when HBK bounces off, Masters nails him with a forearm to the back. Masters picks up HBK and does this one more time against the ropes. HBK prevents this for a third time by holding the ropes and coming back with a chop. Masters then follows this up with a high back body drop, covers, but only gets a two count. HBK charges at Masters, Masters catches him and hits a twirling backbreaker. Masters covers, but gets yet another two count. Masters nails HBK with a few hard rights. Masters picks up HBK and gives him a backbreaker, picks him up again and hits another backbreaker. Masters keeps HBK in the backbreaker position and applies pressure to his back. HBK fights back with some right hands to the face. Masters breaks the backbreaker submission and HBK gets in a few rights to the guts and some chops to the chest. HBK then wraps his body around Masters, HBK comes down and Masters gets half of the Masterlock locked in. HBK backs Masters up into the corner to break this up and hits a few chest chops.

Masters launches HBK into the corner who props up, comes back down, walks backward and Masters lifts him up onto his shoulders into a torture rack. The referee lifts HBK's arm once...twice...but HBK gets some life at the third lift. HBK gets in some hard rights, flips off the shoulders of Masters, gets in a sunset flip, gains a two count and then Masters responds with a huge clothesline taking HBK off his feet. Masters is now bleeding from his nose from some shots from HBK. Masters lifts up HBK and hits a modified military press slam. Masters then signals for the Masterlock. A dazed HBK gets on his feet, Masters runs up and attempts to lock in the Masterlock. HBK grabs the referee to prevent Masters from getting it locked in. As they move forward, HBK continues to grab the referee and then low blows Masters with his boot as he goes down with the referee. The referee gets back up as both men are down. The referee starts the count and both Masters and HBK get up at 8. Both exchange lefts and rights. HBK hits a flying clothesline off the ropes on Masters followed by an inverted atomic drop. HBK hits two clotheslines and gives Masters a scoop slam. HBK goes up to the top, jumps and connects with the flying elbow.

HBK "tunes up the band" in the corner, Masters gets up, HBK charges, Masters dodges the Sweet Chin Music and then locks in the Masterlock. HBK tries to use the corners to push off of to break it, but Masters keeps it locked on. HBK somehow leaps over the top rope and lands on the ring apron. Masters is forced to break the hold after three. When Masters approaches HBK, HBK drops him chin first off the top rope. HBK goes up to the top turnbuckle, Masters gets up, HBK jumps, Masters catches him and then counters into the Masterlock. HBK then finds a way to counter out of it, Masters turns around and HBK nails him with the Sweet Chin Music. Michaels covers...1...2...3.

Winner: Shawn Michaels


WWE Championship Match
John Cena (c) vs. Kurt Angle

The bell rings and here we go. Both lock up and Angle takes down Cena with a side headlock takeover. Angle stands up with it still locked in, goes off the ropes, takes out Cena, but Cena fights back with a jumping hip toss. Angle rolls to the outside recuperating as Cena jumps up yelling that he is okay. Both lock up again, Angle applies an armbar hammerlock takedown and keeps it locked on. Cena props up to attempt to break the move. Angle drives his knee into Cena's arm, but Cena fights back with a side headlock takeover of his own. Angle sends Cena into the ropes and Cena explodes back hitting a shoulder block. Angle goes to charge at Cena again and Cena stands his ground, causing Angle to back off and roll out of the ring. A frustrated Angle circles the ring and tells the camera man to get out of his face. A loud "ANGLE SUCKS" chant starts up as Angle gets back in the ring. Angle gets in a kick to the gut on Cena followed by a quick uppercut. Angle gets in a few hard rights in the corner on Cena, sends Cena into the opposite corner, charges, but Cena gets up his boots. Cena gives Angle a scoop slam and drops two elbows to Angle's chest for a two count.

Cena grabs Angle by the head and nails him face first off a few corners. Cena picks up a dazed Angle and executes a sideslam for a two count. Angle fights back with a release belly-to-belly suplex. As Cena gets up, Angle gets in another quick uppercut forearm. Angle kicks Cena on the ground near the corner and uses the rope for more leverage. Angle grabs Cena and hits a quick snap suplex, covers, but gets a two count. Angle applies a chokehold on Cena. Cena fights back with a sunset flip, but Angle breaks out of it. Angle then hits a huge overhead belly-to-belly suplex on Cena. Angle picks up Cena and then drives his knee into his head with force. Angle picks up Cena again and does the same. Angle applies a modified bear hug on Cena. Cena attempts a comeback, but Angle hits a quick German suplex into a cover for a two count. Angle applies a body scissors on Cena. Angle does his best to get both of Cena's shoulders on the mat for a pinfall. Cena sits up at two on a few attempts. Cena then fights out of the body scissors with a quick DDT. Both exchange some rights and lefts until Cena explodes with a few clotheslines. Cena connects with a flying shoulder block on Angle followed by a quick suplex for a two count.

Cena then signals for the FU. Cena gets Angle on his shoulders, but Angle drops down and applies the Ankle Lock. Cena counters out of it and connects with a spinebuster on Angle. Cena hooks the leg...1...2...Angle gets a shoulder up. Angle misses a charge on Cena in the corner, Cena gets Angle up on his shoulders for the FU, Angle counters out of it and hits the Angle Slam! Angle covers...1...2...Cena kicks out! Angle can't believe it. Angle then applies the Ankle Lock on Cena. Cena rolls out of it and kicks Angle to the corner. Cena hits a twirling slam on Angle in the middle of the ring and then does the "YOU CAN'T SEE ME" taunt. Cena goes off the ropes and hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena hooks the leg, but only gets a two count. Angle takes out the referee in the corner after Cena dodges him. Cena then lifts Angle up and connects with the FU! Cena covers, but the referee is knocked out in the corner. Cena then looks back at Angle, picks him up, but Angle low blows him. Angle grabs his gold medal from the ring post, wraps it around his knuckles and then nails Cena in the face. Angle then drops a knee over Cena's ankle, takes the straps down and taunts. Eric Bischoff comes down the ramp clapping as Angle applies the Ankle Lock.

Bischoff gets in the ring with the WWE Title and taunts at Cena with it. Cena grabs Bischoff a bit and continues to reach for the bottom rope. Bischoff tells Angle to pull Cena back. Cena gets the bottom rope, but Bischoff kicks his hand off the bottom rope. Cena then rolls out of the Ankle Lock sending Angle into Bischoff. Bischoff gets launched to the outside through the ropes. Cena grabs the WWE Title and nails Angle with it. When this takes place, the referee gets revived and calls for the bell.

Winner via DQ: Kurt Angle
Winner & STILL WWE Champion: John Cena


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