Night of Champions 2014

Bridgestone Arena
Nashville, Tennessee
September 21, 2014


A video package runs focusing on the WWE Championship and the SummerSlam rematch tonight live in Nashville between Brock Lesnar and John Cena.

We go live inside the Bridgestone Arena where a display of pyro goes off. Michael Cole is the first to welcome us to the show.

WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos are out first to kick off the show.

WWE Tag Team Championships Match
The Usos (c's) vs. Goldust and Stardust

We start with Jey Uso and Goldust. Jey with big rights to Goldust early and follows with an elbow. Tag to Jimmy Uso who connects with a big elbow and chop to Goldust. Tag to Stardust who drops forearms over the back of Jimmy. Tag by Jey who drops Stardust over the top rope with help from Jimmy. Goldust with a cheap shot and tag. Quick tag to Stardust who drops elbows over Jey. Tag back to Goldust who eats some body shots from Jey. Goldust cuts him off with a knee. Tag to Jimmy who takes out Goldust and Stardust with shots. Jimmy with a high back body drop on Goldust. Jimmy jumps off the barricade and takes out Stardust. Goldust responds with a powerslam on Jimmy on the outside. Stardust and Goldust exchange more quick tags working over Jimmy. Goldust keeps Jimmy grounded with a headlock. Jimmy with shots to Goldust and Stardust in the corner. Goldust cuts off Jimmy with a big spinebuster. Tag to Stardust who works over Jimmy with body shots. Stardust catches Jimmy with a big neckbreaker for a close two count. Tag to Goldust who drops elbows over Jimmy. Stardust with a quick uppercut and misses a shot in the corner when Jimmy moves. Goldust cuts off Jimmy. Jimmy catches Goldust with a kick to the head. Hot tag to Jey. Jey with clotheslines to Stardust and a big kick to the gut. Jey with kicks to the leg of Stardust and then trips him up. Jey drags Stardust to the corner, drops his leg off the ring apron and then throws it against the steel post. Jimmy with a leap over the top rope taking out Goldust on the outside who tried to break it up. Jey with a top rope cross body for a two count on Stardust. Jey with a Samoan Drop on Stardust. Jey with a kick to the jaw of Goldust. Stardust with his inverted DDT on Jey for a close two count. Stardust wraps up the arms of Jey in the top and middle ropes. Stardust removes his glove and starts smacking Jey in the face with it. Jey with a close roll up after Jimmy broke the ropes up. Both Usos takes out Goldust and Stardust on the outside. Back in the ring, Stardust gets knees up when Jey comes off the top rope attempting a splash. Stardust rolls up Jey.

Winners and new WWE Tag Team Champions: Goldust and Stardust

After the match, Goldust and Stardust celebrate with the titles. We see a shot of an upset Usos at ringside as they head to the back.

Backstage, Byron Saxton is with WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler and R-Truth (aka R-Ziggler). Ziggler said Miz can pretend to be a movie star all he wants. He is the champion and "makes this look damn good each and every night."

WWE United States Championship Match
Sheamus (c) vs. Cesaro

Lock up and Sheamus pushes Cesaro against the ropes. Sheamus with a drop toe hold and exchanges holds with Cesaro. Cesaro with a slap to Sheamus. Sheamus fires back with shots and a big clothesline. Sheamus with a big kick to the back and then drops a knee over Cesaro. Cesaro responds with a sledgehammer shot. Sheamus and Cesaro fall over the top rope to the outside. Both exchange shots and Sheamus tosses Cesaro back in the ring. Sheamus launches himself over the top rope catching Cesaro with a shoulder block. Sheamus catches Cesaro with a boot in the corner, lifts himself up to the top turnbuckle and Cesaro takes him out with a huge uppercut. Cesaro with a sleeper on Sheamus to slow things down. Cesaro with a back suplex. Cesaro cuts off Sheamus again with a big clothesline. Cesaro with two uppercuts to Sheamus. Sheamus responds with the Irish Curse backbreaker. Sheamus with a second. Cesaro cuts off Sheamus' 10 chest chops at 8 and catches Sheamus with a kick to the head to send him down to one knee. Cesaro goes up top and Sheamus cuts him off with repeated uppercuts. Sheamus flips Cesaro off the top turnbuckle and gets a two count. Cesaro counters White Noise, avoids a Brogue Kick and catches Sheamus with his jumping uppercut. Close two count for Cesaro. Cesaro hooks the arms of Sheamus and Sheamus is trying to block it. Sheamus plants Cesaro with a quick powerslam. Cesaro with a rollup after avoiding a Brogue Kick for a close two. Cesaro avoids another Brogue Kick and drops Sheamus with a Torture Rack into a slam for another close two count. Cesaro is shocked. Cesaro with repeated slaps to the face of Sheamus. Cesaro with big body shots and a huge kick sending Sheamus to the corner. Sheamus shoves Cesaro away and calls for Cesaro to bring it. Cesaro with a huge boot to the face and body shots to Sheamus. Sheamus with a Brogue Kick out of no where. Sheamus hooks the leg and gets the win.

Winner and still WWE United States Champion: Sheamus

After the match, Sheamus has a big celebration retaining his title. In the ring, we see a shot of Cesaro just starting to recover and looking out of it.

The Sting WWE 2K15 commercial airs.

Backstage, we see a shot of Mark Henry pacing. Big Show walks up and asks if he is ready. Henry confirms his ready and focused. "This whole country is behind me. I can't, no, I won't let them down," said Henry. Big Show said 318 million Americans will be in his corner tonight. He added the only problem is Henry isn't dressed right for tonight. Big Show pulls out American flag ring attire and gives it to Henry.

Florida Georgia Line are introduced and come out to the ring. They are joining Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and JBL on commentary for the next match. Florida Georgia Line announce they will be part of WWE Tribute to the Troops this year.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Dolph Ziggler (c) w/ R-Truth vs. The Miz w/ Damien Sandow

Dolph Ziggler with a shoulder block early and follows with a Lou Thesz Press that Miz quickly breaks up. Ziggler with a quick hip toss and repeated elbow drops. Miz catches Ziggler with a big boot. Miz with boots to the chest of Ziggler keeping him grounded. Ziggler responds with some chops to the body. Ziggler with an exploding clothesline on Miz from the corner. Ziggler with more clotheslines on Miz including a corner splash. Ziggler with a quick neckbreaker and gets fired up. Miz counters a Fameasser and Ziggler counters into a close two count. Ziggler and Miz go over the top rope courtesy of another clothesline from Ziggler. Ziggler sends Miz back first into the barricade and tosses him back in the ring. Sandow trips up Ziggler on his way in and Ziggler drops face first off the ring apron. Sandow then attacks R-Truth sending him face first into the ring apron. Sandow gets in the face of Florida Georgia Line at ringside. They take off the headsets and get in Sandow's face. Both get in a shot on Sandow who goes down. R-Truth jumps up and chases Sandow backstage. Back in the ring, Ziggler catches Miz with a superkick and gets a shoulder up after two. Florida Georgia Line rejoin commentary. Miz with the Figure Four locked on. Ziggler gets a shoulder up when he falls to his back in the submission. Ziggler is reaching and pulling himself to the bottom rope. Ziggler gets to the bottom rope to break the submission. Ziggler with the Fameasser. Miz kicks out. Sandow runs back down. Ziggler with a superkick to Sandow on the ring apron. Miz rolls up Ziggler holding his tights for the win.

Winner and new WWE Intercontinental Champion: The Miz

After the match, The Miz and Damien Sandow celebrate. Dolph Ziggler can't believe it.

Video from the WWE Network on Saturday is shown regarding emergency surgery for Roman Reigns. We see a video of Reigns in the hospital describing the pain and having to undergo emergency hernia surgery. Despite stating four to six weeks, Michael Cole stated that he is expected out of action for "several months."

Seth Rollins is on his way out. Rollins grabs a mic and gets a negative reaction from the crowd in Nashville. He talks about how things change with his former partner, Roman Reigns, being rushed to a hospital in Nashville. "Emergency surgery is no excuse for not showing up here tonight," added Rollins. Rollins said he will give Reigns 10 seconds to get here and face him tonight - otherwise he will accept the forfeit and have his hand raised in victory. He has the referee ring the bell and count to 10. The referee reaches the 10 count and Rollins is announced the winner via forfeit. Rollins said Reigns isn't man enough to show up and face him and left him high and dry. He said The Authority is all about providing opportunity and issues an open challenge. "That's the kind of guy I am. That's the kind of competitor I am," adds Rollins. He says anyone from the back can come out right now. Backstage, we see a cab pull up. Dean Ambrose gets out and heads to the arena. Ambrose hits the ring and tackles Rollins dropping tons of rights and lefts. Ambrose clotheslines Rollins over the top rope and sends Rollins over the barricade into the audience. Ambrose brawls with Rollins in the crowd. Ambrose back drops Rollins over the concrete floor. We see Triple H and Stephanie McMahon trying to get security to break it up. Ambrose jumps off part of the stage and takes out security. Ambrose does the same to Rollins. Ambrose tosses Rollins to the ground and then clotheslines him back to the ringside area. Ambrose has a steel chair and slides in the ring where Rollins is. Ambrose is tripped up by security and WWE agents. They tie up the hands of Ambrose behind his back. Ambrose is pulled out of the ring and carried to the backstage area. Triple H and Stephanie check on an upset Rollins. They raise the hand of Rollins heading to the back.

We go to the Night of Champions panel with Renee Young, Booker T, Alex Riley and Big Show.

Mark Henry vs. Rusev w/ Lana

Lilian Garica sang the national anthem while an emotional Mark Henry stood nearby.

The bell rings and Rusev charges in. Rusev and Mark Henry exchange shots. Henry gets the better of Rusev sending him to the outside early. Rusev is back in. Henry with forearms and a big headbutt sending Rusev out. Henry cuts off Rusev when he jumps up on the ring apron. A frustrated Rusev regroups at ringside. Rusev then charges Henry back first into the steel steps at ringside to get the upper hand. Back in the ring, Rusev with a charge to Henry in the corner. Rusev with a second charge that drops Henry down this time. Rusev locks the head of Henry slowing things down. Henry breaks it up with a series of clotheslines. Henry with a splash to Rusev in the corner. Rusev avoids a scoop slam from Henry with Henry favoring his lower back. Rusev hits the ropes and catches Henry with a big spin kick. Rusev is trying to lock in the camel clutch. Henry blocks it, fights to his feet and Rusev with a kick to the mid section. Henry then catches Rusev and drops him with the World's Strongest Slam! Henry immediately favors his lower back. Rusev rolls out under the bottom rope. Rusev with a kick to the face of Henry. Back int he ring, Rusev catches Henry with a superkick. Rusev puts Henry on his stomach and gets the camel clutch locked in. Henry is screaming in pain. Henry taps out.

Winner: Rusev

After the match, the flag drops and Rusev celebrates with Lana in the ring.

Footage of Michael Cole's interview with Brock Lesnar this week is shown.

Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton

Chris Jericho with elbows and shoulder shots to Randy Orton early. Orton fires back with rights and tosses Jericho in the corner. Jericho responds with big chops. Jericho with a dropkick and then clotheslines Orton over the top rope. Jericho drops Orton face first off the announce table and then rib first into the steel ring steps. Back in the ring, Orton with a clothesline shot to Jericho in the corner. Jericho with more chops and catches Orton with boots in the corner. Jericho goes up top and Orton crotches him. Orton with a big superplex on Jericho. Jericho with more chops on Orton. Orton side steps Jericho and Jericho hits the corner with force flying over the top rope. Back in the ring, Orton only gets a two count on Jericho. Orton quickly tosses Jericho back out. Orton picks up JBL's cowboy hat and hands it to him. Orton drops Jericho back first off the announce table. Jericho tackles Orton down by his neck and gets a quick two count. Orton with a snap powerslam on Jericho. Jericho catches Orton with a quick boot to the head. Big right from Jericho, goes up top and drops a sledgehammer over Orton. Jericho with a bulldog, Orton avoids a Lionsault and Orton drops Jericho over his back. Jericho avoids an RKO and this time connects with the Lionsault. Two count. Jericho counters Orton's DDT from the ropes and Orton spins out of a Walls of Jericho attempt. Orton sends Jericho shoulder first into the corner. Orton backs up looking for his punt. Jericho counters into a roll up. Jericho gets the Walls of Jericho locked on. Orton is trying to get to the ropes. Orton gets close and Jericho drags him back out to the middle of the ring. Orton counters and kicks Jericho to the outside. Orton with his DDT on Jericho from the ropes. Orton is calling for an RKO. Jericho with the Codebreaker. Orton kicks out. Jericho goes up top and yells at Orton to get up. Orton gets up slowly and catches Jericho with an RKO from the top turnbuckle. Orton gets the win.

Winner: Randy Orton

A video package runs focusing on WWE Divas Champion Paige.

WWE Divas Championship - Triple Threat Match
Paige (c) vs. AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella

Paige gets in the face of Nikki Bella when the bell rings. AJ Lee is hanging back smiling and then kicks both when they go after her. AJ tosses Paige out and takes down Nikki with a head scissors takedown. AJ trips up Paige and tosses her into the barricade at ringside. AJ does the same to Nikki when she walks forward. Back in the ring, Paige wants AJ to kiss her hand. AJ with a big elbow to Paige and follows with a big kick to the face. Nikki trips AJ up off the top turnbuckle. Paige with a big kick to Nikki and AJ. Paige with headbutts to AJ. Paige with knees to AJ. Nikki drops AJ face first off her knee. Nikki puts AJ's wrist behind her back and then slams her down hard on the mat. AJ with the Black Widow on Nikki. Paige breaks it up with shots to AJ and a big kick to Nikki. Tower of Doom spot. Nikki drops Paige in a Torture Rack and AJ breaks up the pinfall. AJ tosses Nikki to the outside. AJ with the Black Widow on Paige. Paige tries to counter and then taps.

Winner and new WWE Divas Champion: AJ Lee

We go back to the Night of Champions panel to discuss the main event.

A video package runs hyping Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena tonight.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
Brock Lesnar (c) w/ Paul Heyman vs. John Cena

Justin Roberts did introductions for the challenger John Cena and champion Brock Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar picks up John Cena and launches him to the corner right away. Lesnar with big shoulder charges. Cena attempts a german suplex and Cena blocks holding the ropes. Cena with two clotheslines on Lesnar. Cena with an AA on Lesnar. Lesnar quickly kicks out after one. Lesnar grabs Cena and gets the kimura lock applied. Cena gets the bottom rope and is forced to break the submission. Lesnar with big knees to the ribs of Cena. Lesnar connects with his first german suplex of the night. Cena jumps up and charges Lesnar with shots in the corner. Cena grabs the ropes to break a standing submission attempt by Lesnar. Lesnar with a big knee to the ribs of Cena on the mat. Lesnar drops Cena down and applies the kimura lock again. Cena again gets to the ropes to break it up. Lesnar with a second german suplex. Lesnar with a suplex, hangs on, hits a second, hangs on and hits a third into a cover with Cena keeping his shoulders up. We see a nasty replay of Cena landing right on the back of his head on the release german suplex. Lesnar with shoulder charges to Cena in the corner. Cena backs up Lesnar with big rights. Lesnar drops Cena with a huge clothesline. Lesnar with forearms to the back of Cena. Cena uses the ropes to avoid another submission attempt from Lesnar. Lesnar with an overhead belly to belly suplex on Cena. Cena with right hands backing Lesnar to the corner. Lesnar with shoulder charges to Cena in the corner and Cena falls to the mat. Cena with an elbow and big rights to Lesnar. Lesnar with another german suplex. Lesnar has a bloody nose. They zoom in on a bruise on Cena's side from the knees from Lesnar. Lesnar removes his gloves, lifts Cena up and drives him back first into the corner. Cena with an AA out of no where on Lesnar and Lesnar quickly kicks out after two. Lesnar has Cena up. Cena counters and gets the STF applied. Lesnar fights out, rolls over and gets the kimura lock applied. Cena uses his strength to lift Lesnar up and push him to the corner. Lesnar keeps the kimura lock applied. Cena finally gets it broken up. Cena has Lesnar up and connects with a third AA. Cena with the STF back on Lesnar. Lesnar is pulling himself to the bottom rope. Cena breaks the STF, drags Lesnar back to the middle of the ring and reapplies the STF. Lesnar is dragging himself again to the ropes. Lesnar gets the rope. Cena pulls Lesnar back again and applies the STF. Cena breaks it and drops in a fourth AA. As Cena goes in for the cover, Seth Rollins rolls in and breaks it up cracking his "Money in the Bank" briefcase over the back of Cena. Rollins then hits Cena with the briefcase sending Cena to the outside.

Rollins is standing over Lesnar and goes to cash in. Lesnar is sitting up. Rollins with his Curb Stomp over Lesnar. Rollins jumps out and says he is cashing in his "Money in the Bank" briefcase. Cena then attacks Rollins and the bell didn't ring. Rollins runs to the back. Back in the ring, Lesnar with an F5 on Cena.

Winner via DQ: John Cena
Winner and still WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Brock Lesnar

After the match, we get a recap of how everything went down. The PPV comes to a close of a shot of a frustrated John Cena.


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