This is TNA!

Spike TV
February 12, 2007

We open with Eric Young sitting in a room with dogs barking. Young said they're watching the dog show, but then he found TNA on the dial and decided to stick with the program.

They opened with a 1980's high school social studies-style video package that aired on PPV a few months ago. It presented TNA as the future of wrestling.

Mike Tenay and Don West did voice-overs welcoming us to the show as Christian Cage walked to the ring in slow motion for the King of the Mountain match from Slammiversary in June.

1 -- CHRISTIAN vs. ABYSS vs. STING vs. JEFF JARRETT vs. RON KILLINGS -- King of the Mountain match from the June 2006 Slammiversary PPV. Tenay discussed the differences between TNA's ring and an old-fashioned four-sided ring. They used some movie-style camera shots for big highspots. West patronized PPV buyers by saying TNA is going to air matches tonight that people had to pay to see previously. [Commercial Break] After the break, we saw all of the outside interference, over-booking, and lack of rules that fans can become accustomed to if they become regular TNA viewers. We saw Jeff Jarrett hang the title belt above the ring leading to the fans trashing the ring.

We saw a video package on big highspots from TNA PPV. They then focused on various celebrities and athletes who have appeared in TNA over the years. West then introduced the best of Paparazzi Productions, focusing on Alex Shelley as a rogue cameraman. Good feature on Shelley's work, but they didn't even mention that he can wrestle a heck of a match.

Eric Young talked to a sleeping dog leading to TNA's Top Moment number 5, which was Christian Cage debuting in TNA. In a separate interview, Christian said he was TNA's first big transaction and helped TNA take the next step.

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Moment #4 was A.J. Styles vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe from the Unbreakable PPV for the X Division Title. Styles did an interview calling it the best match of the year and the best match in TNA history. Samoa Joe said it let fans know what they would be willing to do to win a match. Daniels said it put the X Division on the map.

They aired a video package on the Ultimate X match to promote Destination X in March. Everyone from the X Division discussed the strategy behind the match. They then focused on Christopher Daniels, Jerry Lynn, Senshi, Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt, and Petey Williams as the men who laid the foundation for the X Division.

Tenay and West discussed the X Division as what separates the company from the competition. West teased the debut of a new concept before they went to a Halloween Haunt feature on the six sides of steel cage match.

2 -- LAX vs. A.J. STYLES & CHRISTOPHER DANIELS -- Six Sides of Steel from the Bound for Glory 2006 PPV. It felt like we were watching a video game with the slow motion camera changes and randomly piped in crowd noises. [Commercial Break] They showed Konnan helping LAX choke out Daniels leading to the Cop Killer by Homicide for the win.

Tenay and West discussed the April Lockdown PPV in St. Louis.

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Moment #3 was Jeff Jarrett attacking Hulk Hogan in Japan. Jarrett did a sit-down interview explaining that Hogan was negotiating with TNA to steal the spotlight and he didn't want to let that happen. The footage should have included extra bonus footage of Jarrett wearing a t-shirt reading: "I went all the way to Japan and all I got was this video that never led to anything." Of course, Jarrett has to look like a big star dealing with Hogan and there's always another tease of Hogan coming to TNA down the road.

They showed what led up to Sting vs. Jarrett at the Bound for Glory PPV.

3 -- JEFF JARRETT vs. STING -- NWA Title match from the Bound for Glory 2006 PPV. Kurt Angle was the enforcer here. We saw Sting no-selling the guitar shot to put Jarrett in the Scorpion Deathlock to win the title.

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We saw footage of the Christian vs. Rhino feud, then we went to their PPV match.

4 -- RHINO vs. CHRISTIAN CAGE -- Eight Mile Street Fight from the Bound for Glory 2006 PPV. The fight started outside the building like Sting-Abyss last night, then we saw Rhino use the Zamboni to bring Christian to the ringside area. [Commercial Break] We saw the infamous piledriver through the table that Christian quickly recovered from to beat Rhino with various weapons to win the match.

Borash made his first appearance at the show to recap the Top Five moments before introducing Sting's return to wrestling at the 2006 Final Resolution PPV as moment #2.

They recapped the Joe vs. Angle feud starting with the Big Announcement.

5 -- SAMOA JOE vs. KURT ANGLE I from the November 2006 Genesis PPV. We saw Angle take several hard bumps to the back of his head early on. [Commercial Break] Angle and Joe exchanged trademark submission holds before Angle finally grapevined the Anklelock to force the tap out.

They aired a video package on the violence, blood, and gore that's customary in TNA. The voice over man said the wrestlers put their bodies on the line not for money or glory, but because TNA wrestling is an addiction. Considering the top star in the company has a well-chronicled history of dealing with that, I wouldn't recommend using that slogan.

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They announced the new Elevation X concept match that looks like an Ultimate X, but with higher cables.

Mike Tenay stood center ring to introduce the top moment in TNA history. Christian Cage cut him off, though, and ripped on his cheap tuxedo. He then said his first two title victories are clearly the top two moments in TNA history. He asked for footage confirming that, but they rolled footage of TNA debuting on Spike TV in October 2005 and Kurt Angle being the Big Announcement in September 2006.

Fozzy's "The Test" closed the show with the song serving as a backdrop to video footage of big highspot moments from TNA's history. They didn't show Chris Jericho or his band during the video, as we only heard his voice.