Raw is War

Anaheim, California
September 23, 2002


Two Superstars ditched SmackDown! and the Tag Team Championship found itself in new hands during an unpredictable post-Unforgiven episode of RAW live from Anaheim, Calif., Monday night!

But the latest Superstar defections may be the last in the war between the RAW and SmackDown! brands, RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff announced early in the evening that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon declared all Superstar contracts binding. The only way Superstars can switch sides from now on, according to Bischoff, is through approved trades. Bischoff, however, stated that he had succeeded in luring away two talented athletes prior to the deadline.

Speculation ran wild all night as to who would be teaming with Kane against Christian and Lance Storm. Finally, after Kane made his fiery entrance, The Hurricane burst through the entranceway and made his way next to his new tag team partner! The newly formed tandem worked together like they were veteran teammates, fending off the Un-Americans' repeated attacks and outside interference from Test and William Regal. After the ref banished Regal and Test to backstage, The Hurricane and the Big Red Monster delivered simultaneous chokeslams to the champs which enabled Kane to pin Christian! The new WWE Tag Team Champions celebrated backstage later on, with Kane even planting a long kiss right on Terri's lips!

Ric Flair solidified his new allegiance with Triple H by promising to teach The Game how to be a dominant World Heavyweight Champion. It became clear early on that Flair and Triple H have a lot of work ahead of them if The Game is to hold the title for long. Bubba Ray Dudley teamed up with Rob Van Dam in tag team action against Flair and the Cerebral Assassin. Even though the Nature Boy and the Cerebral Assassin pulled out the win, it was Mr. Monday Night standing tall after putting the champ through a table at the end of the evening!

Trish Stratus fared much better in her title defense. Just one day after winning the WWE Women's Championship at Unforgiven, Trish faced a tough challenge by taking on Molly Holly and Victoria in a Triple Threat Match. She stepped up, though, and retained the title by shoving Molly into Victoria and then rolling up the former champ for the pinfall!

Explosive young Superstar Randy Orton also signed on with RAW and came away with a win in his first show by defeating Steven Richards in a match that showed sparks of excellent technical ability from both athletes.

In other action, Christopher Nowinski tried to teach Tommy Dreamer a lesson … literally. Unfortunately for the Harvard Graduate, it was Dreamer taking him to school in a wild classroom brawl! 

Match results

Trish Stratus def. Molly Holly & Victoria in a Triple Threat Match

Big Show def. Jeff Hardy

Randy Orton def. Steven Richards

Chris Jericho def. Goldust

Booker T def. Rico by DQ

Triple H & Ric Flair def. Bubba Ray Dudley & Rob Van Dam